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General Papers

The invariant integral: Some news PDF
Genady P. Cherepanov
The characterization of dominating region of fracture (process region) around a crack tip based on the concept of mechanical similarity and atomic mechanics PDF
Toshimitsu Yokobori, Yoshiko Nagumo, Takahiro Yajima, Toshihito Ohmi
Numerical and analytical prediction of GB microcrack initiation: Effect of material and microstructure parameters PDF
Mohamed Ould Moussa, Maxime Sauzay, Kokleang Vor
Strain concentration in tensile, fatigue and fracture behaviour PDF
Stephen D. Antolovich, Ronald W. Armstrong
The Cottrell Legacy: Metamorphosis of ICF into the World Academy of Structural Integrity 2011-2021 PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, David M.R. Taplin
Sir Alan Cottrell and the dislocation mechanics of fracturing PDF
Ronald W. Armstrong
A pipeline approach to developing virtual tests for composite materials PDF
Brian Cox, Hrishikesh Bale, Matthew Blacklock
A Vibration Energy Harvester with Internal Impact and Hybrid Transduction Mechanisms PDF
Songmao Chen
Effects of electric field and poling on the cyclic bending fatigue in cracked piezoceramics PDF
Yasuhide Shindo, Fumio Narita, Masayuki Sato
Three-phase elliptical inclusions with an internal stress field of linear form PDF
Xu Wang
Evaluation of strength recovery and analysis of damage progression of notched unidirectional carbon/epoxy composites encompassing selfhealing of interfacial debonding PDF
Kazuaki Sanada, Yuta Mizuno, Yasuhide Shindo
Anti-plane moving polarization saturation crack in ferroelectric solids PDF
Hao-Sen Chen, Dai-Ning Fang
Fracture criteria for piezoelectric ceramics PDF
Leslie Banks-Sills
Experimental and analytical study of the effect of variable amplitude loadings in VHCF regime PDF
Manuela Sander, Thomas Müller
Is there a threshold for PSB formation in iron PDF
Chong Wang, Danièle Wagner, Qingyuan Wang, Claude Bathias
Subsurface non defect fatigue crack origin and local plasticity exhaustion PDF
Guocai Chai
Application of Dang Van criterion to rolling contact fatigue in wind turbine roller bearings PDF
Michele Cerullo
Effects of microstructure on very-high-cycle fatigue crack initiation and life scatter for a high strength steel PDF
Zhengqiang Lei, Youshi Hong, Jijia Xie
Very high cycle fatigue for single phase ductile materials: Microplasticity and energy dissipation PDF
Veronique Favier, Ngoc L. Phung, Nicolas Ranc
Evaluation of an ultrasonic device to test fretting-fatigue in very high cycle regime PDF
Pedro Filgueiras, Claude Bathias, Ernani Palma
Gigacycle fatigue behaviors in Fusion Zone and Heat Affected Zone of Q345 LA steel welded joints PDF
Liu Yongjie, Tian Renhui, He Chao
Very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) behavior of structured Al 2024 thin sheets PDF
Sebastian Stille, Tilmann Beck, Lorenz Singheiser
Effect of yttrium content on the ultra-high cycle fatigue behavior of Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloys PDF
Daokui Xu, Enhou Han
Influence of high mean stresses on lifetime and damage of the martensitic steel X10CrNiMoV12-2-2 in the VHCF regime PDF
Beck Tilmann, Stephan Kovacs, Lorenz Singheiser
Effect of aging condition on fatigue strength of maraging steel in long life region PDF
Qiang Chen, Qingyuan Wang, Norio Kawagoishi
Influence of deformation-induced alpha prime martensite on the crack initiation mechanism in a metastable austenitic steel in the HCF and VHCF regime PDF
Martina Zimmermann, Andrei Grigorescu, Carsten Mueller-Bollenhagen
Very high cycle fatigue strength of a high strength steel under sea water corrosion PDF
Palin-Luc Thierry, Claude Bathias
Study of fatigue crack mechanism on an armco iron in the gigacycle fatigue by temperature recording and microstructural observations PDF
Danièle Wagner, Chong Wang, Qingyuan Wang
Defect induced scaling in gigacycle fatigue PDF
Vladimir Oborin, Mickail Bannikov, Oleg Naimark
The effect of damage accumulation in slip bands on the resonant behavior in the very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) regime PDF
Philipp Hilgendorff, Andrei Grigorescu, Martina Zimmermann
Very high cycle fatigue behabvior of plasma nitrided 316 stainless steel PDF
Daisuke Yonekura, Kei Ozaki, Ryota Shibahara
Experimental investigation on effects of various factors on very high cycle fatigue property for spring steels PDF
Taku Miura, Tatsuo Sakai, Takayuki Sakakibara
Surface crack initiation pehenomenon in very high cycle fatigue PDF
Muhammad Kashif Khan, Qingyuan Wang
Finite element modeling of the coupling between thermal dissipation and fish-eye crack growth in very high cycle fatigue regime PDF
Laurent Gallimard, Quan H. Nguyen, Claude Bathias
Investigations of subcritical crack propagation under high cycle fatigue PDF
Attilio Arcari, Nagaraja Iyyer, Kittur Madan
The significance of two-phase plasticity for the crack initiation process during very high cycle fatigue of duplex steel PDF
Alexander Giertler, Marcus Söker, Benjamin Dönges
Microplasticity, microdamage, microcracking in ultrasonic fatigue PDF
C. Bathias, D. Field, S. Antolovich, P.C. Paris
An interaction integral method for 2D elastodynamic crack problems PDF
Zhiyong Wang, Li Ma, Linzhi Wu
The eXtended Finited Element Method for frictional contact problem PDF
Zhiqiang Hu, Guogang Fan, Gao Lin
Implementation of the extended finite element method for hydraulic fracture problems PDF
Zuorong Chen
Thermal shock residual strength of ultra-high temperature ceramics with the consideration of temperature PDF
Dingyu Li, Weiguo Li, Ruzhuan Wang
UHPC precast product under severe freeze-thaw conditions PDF
Ming-Gin Lee, Kun-Long Lee, Mang Tia
Novel direct method on the life prediction of component under high temperature—creep fatigue conditions PDF
Haofeng Chen
Creep crack initiation and growth behavior in weldments of high Cr steels PDF
Ryuji Sugiura, Toshimitsu Yokobori, Kazuto Sato
Three-dimensional vacancy diffusion analysis related to micro damage of C(T) specimen for P92 steel under creep condition PDF
Haruhisa Shigeyama, A. Toshimitsu Yokobori Jr., Ryuji Sugiura
Evaluation of creep damage and fracture in high Cr steel welds PDF
Masaaki Tabuchi
Fracture based testing and modelling, and component fracture based testing and modelling, and component life assessment of welds PDF
Kamran Nikbin
Integrity increasing of damaged steel pipelines using external and internal reinforcing PDF
Janos Lukacs, Gyula Nagy, Imre Torok
Based on cycle strain damage prediction of the crack growth behavior of elliptic surface crack PDF
Long Chen, Lixun Cai, Kaikai Shi
Effect of pitch difference on anti-loosening performance for high strength bolts and nuts PDF
Xin Chen, Yu-Ichiro Akaishi, Nao-Aki Noda
Research on the new low temperature self-protective pasty boronizing processes of thermal power plant economizer pipe PDF
Jianjun He, Jian Chen, Yan Ren
LCF behavior and life modeling of DZ125 under complicated load condition at high temperature PDF
Jia Huang, Xiaoguang Yang, Duoqi Shi
Effect of SiC partilces on fatigue crack propagation of spray-formed SiC particulate-reinforced Al–Si alloy composites PDF
Wei Li, Jian Chen, Jianjun He
Interlaminar shear strength for three kinds of ceramic matrix composites at 1173K PDF
Jianjie Gou, Chengyu Zhang, Shengru Qiao
Atomistic simulation of fatigue crack growth in α-Fe under high temperature PDF
Tong Liu, Minshan Liu
Comparing crack growth testing and simulation results under thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions PDF
Ramesh Chandwani, Christopher M. Timbrell, Steve Jacques
Reliability of micro/macro-fatigue crack growth behavior in the wires of cable-stayed bridge PDF
Keke Tang
Development of classical boundary element analysis of fracture mechanics in gradient materials PDF
Quentin Z.Q. Yue Quentin Z.Q. Yue, Hong Tian Xiao
A BEM for transient coupled thermoelastic crack analysis of homogeneous/functionally graded bimaterials PDF
Chuanzeng Zhang, Alexander Ekhlakov, Oksana Khay
Crack growth-based fatigue life prediction using spline fictitious boundary element method PDF
Cheng Su, Chun Zheng
Null-field integral approach for the piezoelectricity problems with arbitrary elliptical inhomogeneities PDF
Ying-Te Lee, Jeng-Tzong Chen, Shyh-Rong Kuo
Modeling the effect of residual stress on the ductile fracture behavior of an aluminum alloy 5083-H116 PDF
Xiaosheng Gao, Jun Zhou
Parameters affecting cleavage fracture in duplex stainless steels PDF
Guocai Chai, Peter Stenvall
Cleavage modelling with experimental particle size distribution and novel particle failure criterion PDF
Andrey P Jivkov, Peter James
Load history effects on fracture toughness of RPV steel PDF
Jérémy Hure, Benoît Tanguy
Fracture Toughness Predictions Using the Weibull Stress Model with Implications for Estimations of the T0 Reference Temperature PDF
Claudio Ruggieri, Rafael Savioli, Robert H. Dodds Jr.
A Local Approach to Creep-Fatigue -Oxidation Interactions in Inco 718 Alloy PDF
André Pineau, Raul De Moura Pinho, Stéphane Pierret
On Modeling of Thermal Embrittlement in PWR Steels using the Local Approach to Fracture PDF
Antoine Andrieu, André Pineau, Pierre Joly
Hierarchical Damage Simulation to Correlate Micro-structural Characteristics of Steel with Ductile Crack Growth Resistance of Component PDF
Mitsuru Ohata, Hiroto Shoji, Fumiyoshi Minami
Integrated Damage Mechanics Approach to Brittle and Ductile Crack Propagation PDF
Geralf Hütter, Thomas Linse, Uwe Mühlich
Application of damage models to the ductile-brittle transition region of Reactor steels PDF
Thomas Linse, Meinhard Kuna
Application of the Local Approach for Prediction of Ductile Fracture of Highly Irradiated Austenitic Steels PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Sorokin, Victor Kostylev
Stress-Controlled and Stress-and-Strain Controlled Criteria of Brittle Fracture in Local Approach PDF
Victoria Shvetsova, Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko
Scatter of measured KIC related to the scatters of local parameters Xf, σf and εpc PDF
Jian Hong Chen, Rui Cao
The Elusive Temperature Dependence of the Master Curve PDF
Kim Wallin
Local Approach Applied to the Fracture Toughness of Resistance Spot Welds PDF
Florent Krajcarz, Anne-Françoise Gourgues-Lorenzon, Emmanuel Lucas
Analysis of a singular stress field near the edge of joint using molecular dynamics PDF
Hideo Koguchi, Nobuyasu Suzuki
Chirality and Size Dependent Elastic Properties of Silicene Nanoribbons under Uniaxial Tension PDF
Yuhang Jing, Yi Sun, Hongwei Niu
Dislocation dynamics analysis of hydrogen embrittlement in alpha iron based on atomistic investigations PDF
Shinya Taketomi, Honami Imanishi, Ryosuke Matsumoto
Finite Element Simulation of Crack Propagation for α-Ti Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Yi Liao, Xiangguo Zeng, Jun Chen
Finite Element Simulation of Interfacial Fracture between Fe3C and α-Fe Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Taolong Xu, Xiangguo Zeng, Anlin Yao
Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio of 3D Spanned-Fullerene Nanotube Nanotruss PDF
Jianyang Wu, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Influence of Interfacial Mechanical Properties on Elongation of Multilayered Composite Metals PDF
Tomotsugu Shimokawa
Failure mode transition of Zr-based bulk metallic glass PDF
Fan Zeng, LanHong Dai
On bifurcation of homogenous deformation in metallic glasses PDF
Yan Chen, Lanhong Dai
Mesh Dependence of Transverse Cracking in Laminated Stainless Steel with both High Strength and High Ductility PDF
Xian Guo, Wenjun Zhang, Jian Lu
Hamiltonian analysis applied to the dynamic crack growth and arrest in a Double Cantilever Beam PDF
The concepts and properties of nanoskin materials and components created by ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification PDF
Young Shik Pyoun, Qingyuan Wang, Muhammad Kashif Khan
Efficient simulation of crack growth in multiple-crack systems considering internal boundaries and interfaces PDF
Paul Judt, Andreas Ricoeur
Crack Growth Life Assessment on Turbine Component under Combined Fatigue Loading PDF
Dianyin Hu, Rongiqao Wang, Huawei Liu
NUmerical investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale PDF
Christopher Bohnert, Sabine M Weygand, Nicola J. Schmitt
Mechanics Mechanism of Re-fracturing in Inclusion Reservoirs PDF
Xue Shifeng Xue Shifeng, Chen Xinmin, Han Zhongying
On propagation of interface cracks parallel to free boundaries in relation to delamination of multilayered coatings PDF
Konstantin B. Ustinov, Robert Goldstein
On the Formation of Regular Crack Networks around a Circular Hole under Uniform Compression PDF
Ilya Nickolaevich Dashevskiy
Fatigue Crack Growth Modelling in Welded Stiffened Panels under Cyclic Tension PDF
Željko Božić Željko Božić, Siegfried Schmauder, Marijo Mlikota
Numerical study of the fracture behavior of an electron beam welded steel joint by cohesive zone modeling PDF
Haoyun Tu, Siegfried Schmauder, Ulrich Weber
Solidification Cracking of IN 718 TIG Welds PDF
Myriam Brochu, Alexis Chiocca, Rafael Navalon-Cabanes
Evaluation of fracture toughness and impact toughness of laser rapid manufactured Inconel-625 structures and their co-relation PDF
Ganesh Puppala Ganesh Puppala, Aniruddha Moitra, S. Sathyanarayanan
Mechanical properties of lattice truss structures made of a selective laser melted superalloy PDF
Håkan Brodin, Jonas Saarimäki
Evaluation of Optimal Condition in Laser Shock Peening Process by AE Method PDF
Tomoki Takata, Manabu Enoki, Akinori Matsui
Low Frequency Laser Ultrasonics for Evaluation of Internal Cracks in Multi-layered Steels PDF
Sho Ikeda, Kaita Ito, Shoichi Nambu
Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in a Welded Cruciform Joint under Biaxial Stresses PDF
Xiang Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Rui Bao
Ultrasonic Spot Welding of Lightweight Alloys PDF
V.K. Patel, S.D. Bhole, D.L. Chen
Analysis and residual strength prediction for multiple site damage in aircraft structures by using weight function method PDF
X.R. Wu, W. Xu, H. Wang
Effect of welding defects on plastic behaviour and fatigue lifetime of friction stir welded Al-Cu-Li alloy PDF
Thomas Le Jolu, Thilo F. Morgeneyer, Anne Denquin
Fibre Bridging and Crack Tip Shielding in Glare: Numerical and Experimental Validation PDF
Sunil Bhat
Short/Small Crack Model Development for Aircraft Structural Life Assessment PDF
Min Liao, Guillaume Renaud, Yan Bombardier
Deformations and Damage Evolution of Austenitic Steel AISI304 with Martensite Phase Transformation PDF
Gang Han, Huang Yuan
The local concept to assess weldment with help of nano-indentation and FEM simulation PDF
Jie Fang, Huang Yuan
Application of Fluid-Solid Couple on Multidisciplinary Optimization Design for Turbine Blade PDF
JIA Zhi-gang, WANG Rong-qiao, HU Dian-yin
Influence of high temperature ageing on the toughness of advanced heat resistant materials PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai, Sten Johansson
Experimental Studies of Thermal Aging Effects on the Tensile and Tearing Fracture Behavior of Carbon Black Filled Rubbers PDF
Xiaoling Hu, Yan Li, Xiu Liu
A fracture-based model of periodic-arrayed indentation for rock cutting PDF
Yu Jun Xie, Bo Yang Xiang, Xiao Zhi Hu
Theoretical Analysis of Effects of Confining Pressure on the Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Brazilian Disk PDF
Jigang Xu, Shiming Dong, Zhenlin Wang
Separation of the Energy Release Rate of Fracture PDF
Tianmin Guo
Fracture Analysis of Particulate MEE Materials Using a Domain-Independent Interaction Integral Method PDF
Hongjun Yu, Linzhi Wu
Buckling Analysis of a Nanowire Lying on Winkler-Pasternak Elastic Foundation PDF
Tiankai Zhao, Jun Luo
Effect of thermally activated energy on dislocation emission from a blunted crack tip PDF
X. Zeng, Q.H. Fang, Y.W. Liu
Effect of cooperative grain boundary sliding and migration on emission of dislocations from a crack tip in nanocrystalline materials PDF
H. Feng, Q.H. Fang, Y.W. Liu
Flat-tipped Indentation Fracture Mechanics PDF
Xiaozhi Hu, Yujun Xie
Free edge coupling effect of piezoelectric cross-ply laminated plates PDF
Chao Han Chao Han, Zhangjian Wu
Improvement of crack-tip stress series with Padé approximants PDF
Gaëtan Hello, Mabrouk Ben-Tahar, Jean-Marc Roelandt
On Symmetric Crack Formation in Plates under Central Bending PDF
Ilya Nickolaevich Dashevskiy
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Multi-scale modeling and diffraction-based characterization of elastic behaviour of human enamel PDF
Tan Sui, Michael A. Sandholzer, Nikolaos Baimpas
Fracture toughness measurements on bovine enamel by indentation techniques PDF
J. Rodríguez, M.A. Garrido, L. Ceballos
Study of the Mechanical Properties of Bones Under Fracture Healing Conditions with Specific Medical Treatments, Using 4 Point Bending Tests and Ultra-Micro Indentation Techniques PDF
Soraya Diego, Estela Ruiz, José A. Casado
Determination of the mechanical properties of normal and calcified human mitral chordae tendineae PDF
José A. Casado, Soraya Diego, Diego Ferreño
Understanding Backspatter due to Skull Fracture from a Ballistic Projectile PDF
Raj Das, Justin Fernandez, Alistair Collins
All-Atom CSAW: An Ab Initio Protein Folding Method PDF
Weitao Sun
Biomechanical Evaluation of the Osseointegration of Biologically Coated Open-Cell Titanium Implants PDF
Teodolito Guillén Giron, Arne Ohrndorf, Hans-Jürgen Christ
Technology in Locomotion and Domotic Control for Quadriplegic PDF
Mauricio Plaza, Oscar Avilés, William Aperador
The Crack Growth Behavior in electrolyte membrane under Mechanical-electrochemical Loading PDF
Yun J Chen, Yi Sun, Yi Z Liu
Mechanisms of failure in porcelain-veneered sintered zirconia restorations PDF
Tan Sui, Kalin Dragnevski, Tee K. Neo
Cracking simulation of ceramic materials under thermal shock by a non-local fracture model PDF
Li Jia, Song Fan, Jiang Chiping
Mechanical Characterization of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Cement Mortar PDF
Roberto Fujiyama, Fathi Darwish, Marcos Pereira
Analysis of stress singularity field near the cross point of inclusion and free surface by 3D element free Galerkin method PDF
Yasuyuki Tsukada, Takahiko Kurahashi, Hideo Koguchi
Finite element analysis of erosive wear for offshore structure PDF
Z.G. Liu, S. Wan, V.B. Nguyen
Computational Method for Crack Layer Model PDF
Haiying Zhang Haiying Zhang, Alexander Chudnovsky
Modelling Damage in Nuclear Graphite PDF
Thorsten Becker, James Marrow
A Stabilized Sequential Coupling Algorithm for Hydro-mechanical Systems using Reproducing Kernel Particle Method PDF
Yongning XIE, Gang WANG
Random elasto-plastic lattice modeling of damage in fibrous materials PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen, K. C. Li
Cohesive Zone Analysis of Crack Propagation on a Hierarchical Structured Interface PDF
Xiaoru Wang, Akihiro Nakatani
Modeling of cracked structures containing voids subjected to fatigue and dynamic loads using XFEM PDF
Mohamed Riad KIRED, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Mixed mode computation of the dynamic stress intensity factor for cracked 2D structures with inclusion using XFEM PDF
Alaa Eddine HOUA, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Size Effect Analysis of Recycled Concrete Fracture based on Micromechanics Using the Base Force Element Method PDF
Yijiang Peng, Nana Dang, Lijuan Zhang
Identification of fracture process under moisture variation in wood materials PDF
Frédéric Dubois, Rostand Moutou Pitti, Eric Fournely
T-stress evaluation in nonhomogeneous materials under thermal loading by means of interaction energy integral method PDF
Fengnan Guo, Licheng Guo, Hongjun Yu
Torsional properties of bamboo-like structured Cu nanowires PDF
Haifei Zhan, Yuantong Gu
Computational prediction of fracture toughness of polycrystalline metals PDF
Yan Li, David L. McDowell, Min Zhou
Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue cracks in the weld of a CA6NM stainless steel PDF
Alexandre Trudel, Myriam Brochu, Martin Lévesque
Cutting zone temperature and specific cutting energy measurements and evaluation in machining metals PDF
Y. Yifrach, U. Ben-Hanan
Modeling of Damage Evolution in Particulate Reinforced Composites with VCFEM PDF
Ran Guo, Wenyan Zhang, Benning Qu
A New Interface Element for Shell Structures Delamination Analysis PDF
Biao Li, Yazhi Li, Jie Su
Advanced remeshing techniques for complex 3D crack propagation PDF
Vincent Chiaruttini, Vincent Riolo, Frederic Feyel
Time-Domain BEM for Dynamic Crack Problems in Thin Piezoelectric Structures PDF
Hongjun Zhong, Jun Lei, Chuanzeng Zhang
Transient Dynamic Crack Analysis in Decagonal Quasicrystal PDF
Vladimir Sladek, Jan Sladek, Slavomir Krahulec
Finite Deformation Modeling of Crystalline Defects in Hyper-elastic Material PDF
Akihiro Nakatani, Mitsuhiro Akita
Investigation on 3D fatigue crack propagation in surface-cracked specimens PDF
X. Li, H. Yuan, J.Y. Sun
Wedge Splitting Test on Fracture Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced and Regular High Performance Concretes PDF
Kamil Hodicky, Thomas Hulin, Jacob W. Schmidt
Instability and failure of particulate materials caused by rolling of non-spherical particles PDF
Elena Pasternak, Arcady V. Dyskin
Mechanism of in-plane fracture growth in particulate materials based on relative particle rotations PDF
Arcady V. Dyskin, Elena Pasternak
Simulation of Damage and Crack Propagation in Three-Point Bending Asphalt Concrete Beam PDF
Guowei Zeng, Xinhua Yang, Fan Bai
A New LEFM Based Description of Concrete Fracture and Size Effects PDF
Kim Wallin
Effect of Characteristic Specifications on Fracture Toughness of Asphalt Concrete Materials PDF
Hamid Behbahani, MohammadReza. M. Aliha, Hassan Fazaeli
A constitutive approach to fracture simulation based on augmented virtual internal bond method PDF
Zhennan Zhang, Shaofeng Yao
Investigation on the Failure Mechanisms in Sandstones under Uniaxial Compression by Digital Image Correlation PDF
Ganyun Huang, Hao Zhang, Haipeng Song
Rock fracture toughness testing using SCB specimen PDF
M. R. Ayatollahi, M. J. Alborzi
Modeling Fracture Processes in Numerical Concrete PDF
Zhiwei Qian, Erik Schlangen, Guang Ye
Stability and fracture analysis of arch dam based on deformation reinforcement theory PDF
Yuanwei Pan, Yaoru Liu, Qiang Yang
I. Iturrioz, G. Lacidogna, A. Carpinteri
Particle simulation of AE statistics and fracture in concrete TPB test PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Stefano Invernizzi
Numerical Modeling on the Stress-Strain Response and Fracture of Modeled Recycled Aggregate Concrete PDF
Wengui Li, Jianzhuang Xiao, David J. Corr
Determination of Residual Fracture Toughness of Post-fire Concrete Using Analytical and Weight Function Method PDF
Kequan YU, Zhoudao LU, jiangtao YU
Initiation and Propagation Behavior of a Fatigue Crack of Maraging Steel in High Humidity PDF
Qiang Chen, Takanori Nagano, Yuzo Nakamura
Crystallographic texture helps reduce HIC cracking in pipeline steels PDF
José M. Hallen, Victoria Venegas, Francisco Caleyo
Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ31 and AZ61 under Controlled Cathodic Potentials PDF
Toshifumi Kakiuchi, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Masaki Nakajima
The influence of sea water corrosion on the resistance cracking performance of carbon steel PDF
Wang Limin, Han Daoping, Zhang Donghuan
Cohesive Zone Model for Intergranular Slow Crack Growth in Zirconia and Ceramic: Influence of the water concentration and Microstructure PDF
Bassem El Zoghbi, Rafael Estevez, Christian Olagnon
Performance Deregulation Rule of Aircraft Fatigue Critical Components in Consideration of Calendar Environment PDF
Chao Gao, Yuting He, Haiwei Zhang
Developing New Innovative Descaling and Corrosion Inhibiting Solutions to Protect Steel Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry PDF
Abdulghani A. Jaralla, Muhannad M. Al-Darbi
Mimoun Elboujdaini, Bingyan Fang, Rrg Eadie
Recent developments in brittle and quasi-brittle failure assessment of graphite by means of SED approach PDF
Filippo Berto, Paolo Lazzarin, M.R. Ayatollahi
Stress state dependent failure loci of a talc-filled polypropylene material under static loading and dynamic loading PDF
Shaoting Lin, Yong Xia, Chin-Hsu Lin
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Fracture of Graphene PDF
M. A. N. Dewapriya, R. K. N. D. Rajapakse, A. Srikantha Phani
Experimental study of heat dissipation process into fatigue crack tip in titanium alloys. PDF
M.V. Bannikov, A.I. Terekhina, A.Y. Fedorova
CTOD fracture toughness assessment method of High-strength steel based on BS7910 PDF
Ziyu Xia, Zhangmu Miao, Tao Ma
Crack Nucleation in Phase Field Fracture Models PDF
Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Müller
G Pluvinage, J Capelle, Z Azari
Yevgeny Deryugin
A coupled stress and energy model for mixed-mode cracking of adhesive joints PDF
Philipp Weißgraeber, Wilfried Becker
Plastic factor of front face compact tension specimens PDF
Continuous vs. Discontinuous Crack Extension: Characterization of Ductile Tearing in Thin Plates PDF
Volodymyr P. Naumenko
Influence of the residual stresses on the crack deflection in ceramic laminates PDF
Oldrich Sevecek, Michal Kotou, Tomas Profant
Application of a novel finite element method to design of splices in a fiber metal subjected to coupled thermo-mechanical loading PDF
XueCheng Ping, MengCheng Chen, BingBing Zheng
Examination on a Criterion for a Debonding Fracture of Single Lap Joints from the Intensity of Singular Stress Field PDF
Tatsujiro Miyazaki, Nao-Aki Noda, Rong Li
Fatigue delamination growth of composite laminates with fiber bridging: Theory and simulation PDF
Lei Peng, Jifeng Xu
Microstructure and properties of welding joint of 8%Ni high strength steel PDF
R. Cao, J. H. Chen, Y. Peng
A fracture-mechanics-based non-local damage model for crack prediction in brittle materials PDF
Zhang Xiao-Bing, Li Jia
Ferritic-pearlitic ductile cast irons: is ΔK a useful parameter? PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Alessandra Rossi, Mauro Cavallini
Modeling of Strain Localization and Failure in Vanadium under Quasistatic Loading PDF
Anastasia Kostina, Yuriy Bayandin, Oleg Plekhov
Electrification of Glass by Fracture PDF
Li Xie, Dewen Sun, Jun Zhou
Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture Toughness of Large Ti-6Al-4V Cast Structure PDF
Xin Feng, Anqi Wang, Yingjie Ma
A New Damage Identification Strategy for SHM based on FBGs and Bayesian Model Updating Method PDF
Yanhui Zhang, Wenyu Yang
Сriticality of Damage-Failure Transitions under Dynamic and Fatigue Loading PDF
Oleg Naimark
Dynamic fracture of metals in wide range of strain rates PDF
Alexander E. Mayer
An Equivalent Strain Gradient Theory for Evolvement of Damage in void Material PDF
Hong Zuo, Fangwen Wang, Teng Hou
Singular Thermo-Elastic Stress Analysis of An Irregular Shaped Inclusion PDF
MengCheng Chen, XueCheng Pin
A Mechanism-Based Approach for Predicting Ductile Fracture of Metallic Alloys PDF
Xiaosheng Gao
Effect of pre-existing microcrack on the cyclic displacement instability in thermal barrier coating systems PDF
Luochuan Su, Weixu Zhang, T.J. Wang
New strategy for identification parameters of a micromechanical model coupled with ductile damage PDF
Jean-Claude Rakotoarisoa, Donné Razafindramary, Akrum Abdul-Latif
Advanced Assessment of Ductile Tearing in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Using X-ray Tomography PDF
Michael Daly, Fabien Leonard, John K Sharples
3D synchrotron laminography assessment of damage evolution in blanked dual phase steels PDF
Mouhcine Kahziz, Thilo Morgeneyer, Matthieu Mazière
Numerical Simulation Method of radiation damage effects in plate-type dispersion nuclear fuel elements PDF
Yunmei Zhao, Shurong Ding, Xin Gong
Effect of interfacial defect on surface crack behavior of an air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating PDF
Xu Rong, Zhang Weixu, Fa Xueling
Experimental observation and constitutive equations of fracture propagation PDF
Aleksander Chudnoysky
Investigation of Void Linkage in Magnesium Using SEM and Micro Computed X-ray Tomography PDF
Michael J. Nemcko, David S. Wilkinson
A new macroscopic model based on non-local interactions to predict damage and failure in quasibrittle materials PDF
Laura B. Rojas-Solano, David Grégoire, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot
Thermomechanical fatigue life of a TBC – comparison of computed and measured behaviour of delamination cracks PDF
Sören Sjöström, Håkan Brodin, Magnus Jinnestrand
General laws of multiple fracture at static, cyclic and dynamic loading PDF
Luidmila R. Botvina
In-situ SEM/EBSD Study of Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Flake Cast Iron PDF
Mattias Lundberg Mattias Lundberg, Mattias Calmunger, Ru Lin Peng
An Advanced Damage Percolation Model of Ductile Fracture PDF
Cliff Butcher, Zengtao Chen, Michael Worswick
Strength properties of a Drucker-Prager porous medium reinforced by rigid particles PDF
Zheng He, Luc Dormieux, Kondo Djimedo
Elasto-Dynamic Behaviour of Interacting Inhomogeneities and Cracks PDF
Shaker A. Meguid, Xiaodong Wang
Fracture Behavior in Timber Element Under Climatic Variations PDF
Frédéric Lamy, Frédéric Dubois, Octavian Pop
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Recovery of ductility observed in liquid gallium induced embrittlement of polycrystalline silver PDF
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Review of Hydrogen Diffusion Models for the Analysis of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials PDF
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Study on damage tolerance properties of fiber metal laminates PDF
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Simulating the bluntness of TBM Disc Cutters in Rocks using Displacement Discontinuity Method PDF
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Modeling the propagation mechanism of two random micro cracks in rock Samples under uniform tensile loading PDF
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A strain based criterion for creep crack initiation PDF
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CMOD-Based J Integral Measurement for Surface Cracked Specimens PDF
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Determination of crack surface displacements for a radial crack emanating from a semi-circular notch using weight function method PDF
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Acoustic Emission Technique (AET) for Failure Analysis in wood materials PDF
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Analysis of Metallic Ductile Fracture by extended Gurson models PDF
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Strain Rate Effect on the Failure Behavior of Kevlar 49 Fabric and Single Yarn PDF
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Three-dimension dynamic simulation of thin epoxy-resin plate and comparison with experiment PDF
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Calculation of bearing loads for fractured specimens by FRASTA simulation PDF
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Research on the mechanical properties of the CNT composites PDF
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Failure Analysis Procedure of Steel Wire Drawing Fracture PDF
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The Effect of the Changing State of Stress Around the Crack Tip on the Determination of Stress Intensity Factors by the Method of Caustics PDF
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Transition of ductile and brittle fracture during DWTT by FEM PDF
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Structure responses in the riveted and the friction stir welded stringer panel under the tensile loading PDF
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Modeling of deformation and failure behavior of dissimilar resistance spot welded joints under shear, axial and combined loading conditions PDF
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Comparative Study on Fatigue Properties of Friction Stir Welding Joint and Lap Joint PDF
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Effects of loading rate and temperature on crack arrest behavior of hull steel in stiffened plate construction PDF
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Fatigue Failure of Outlet Pipe Work of Flare System at Natural Gas Processing Plant PDF
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Ductile to brittle transition concept on fracture behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) / poly(methyl methacrylate) blend PDF
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Fracture of Metallic Ring Samples under static and dynamic loading PDF
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Several kinds of Calculation Methods on the Crack growth Rates for Elastic-Plastic Steels PDF
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Effect of corrosion pits on fatigue life and crack initiation PDF
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Using Triaxiality Dependent Cohesive Zone Model in Low Cycle Fatigue PDF
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Healing of fatigue crack treated with surface activated pre-coating method by controlling high density electric current PDF
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Fatigue Life Prediction of Polycrystals under Multiaxial Straining PDF
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Variability of the Fatigue Driving Force within Grains of Polycrystals PDF
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Dissipated Energy Measurements of Metal Material during High-cycle Fatigue Test Process PDF
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Measurement of Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range of Mode II Fatigue Crack Growth using Hysteresis Loop PDF
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On the tolerance to short cracks departing from notch roots PDF
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Some Microstructural Aspects on Humidity-Enhanced Deterioration in the Fatigue Strength of Age-Hardened 7075 Al Alloy PDF
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Influence of Surface Rolling Time on Short Fatigue Crack Behavior of LZ50 Axle Steel PDF
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Effect of Humidity on Fracture Mechanism of Age-hardened Al Alloys under Ultrasonic Loading PDF
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Determination of statistical secured residual lifetime based on sensitivity analysis and stochastic crack propagation simulation PDF
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Fatigue crack growth in a metastable austenitic stainless steel PDF
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Creep-fatigue interaction model for crack growth of nickel-based superalloys with high temperature dwell time PDF
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Analysis of the transition from flat to slanted fatigue crack growth in thin metallic sheets PDF
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Evaluation of resistance to fatigue due to thermal shock in ceramic facade coating system PDF
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Statistical Model of Submicrocrack Evolution under Cyclic Loading PDF
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Formulation and Characterization of Fatigue Strength Diagrams of Notched Specimens Based on Equivalent Cyclic Stress Ratio, Attending Especially to Material Dependence and Notch Size Effects PDF
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Crack growth rate in friction stir welded nugget under different R ratio fatigue load PDF
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Effect of Loading Frequency in Fatigue Properties and Micro-Plasticity Behavior of JIS S15C Low Carbon Steel PDF
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On the effect of fatigue crack plastic dissipation on the stress intensity factor PDF
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Rotating Bending Fatigue Tests of PH-42 steel Plasma Nitrided PDF
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Study of Stored Energy Evolution at Fatigue Crack Tip Based on Infrared Data PDF
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Fatigue life prediction based on a mechanism-based simulation of crack initiation and short crack growth in forged Ti-6Al-4V PDF
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Fatigue Behavior Investigation and Micro-Analysis of X80 High-Strain Linepipe PDF
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Fracture mechanisms during intergranular hold time fatigue crack growth in Inconel 718 superalloy PDF
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Fatigue life and initiation mechanisms in wrought Inconel 718 DA for different microstructures PDF
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Effect of Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification to the Fatigue Properties of S45C with Different Surface Hardness PDF
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Research on Fatigue Damage and Crack Propagation of GH4133B Superalloy Used in Turbine Disk of Aero-engine PDF
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Xiaobin Lin
Characterization of the fatigue behavior of brazed steel joints by digital image correlation (DIC) PDF
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Study on Delamination Behavior and Crack Opening Contour of Advanced Hybrid Laminates during Fatigue Crack Propagation Process PDF
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Subcycle fatigue crack growth mechanism investigation for aluminum alloys and steels PDF
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Application of Weakest Link Probabilistic Framework for Fatigue Notch Factor to Turbine Engine Materials PDF
Oluwamayowa A. Okeyoyin, Gbadebo M. Owolabi
A Prediction Model for Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation under Axial Loading PDF
Yajun Zhang, Lingqing Gao, Chunfen Wang
Surface layer modification of 12Cr1MoVand 30CrMnSiNi2 steels by Zr+ ion beam to improve the fatigue durability PDF
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Effects of Short-Time Duplex Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy PDF
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Effect of different micro-arc oxidation coating layer types on fatigue life of 2024-T4 alloy PDF
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Three-dimensional Fatigue Crack Growth Path Simulation under Nonproportional Mixed-mode Loading PDF
Ying Yang, Michael Vormwald
Effect of Levels of Residual Stress at Notch on Fatigue Crack Growth PDF
M. Benachour, M. Dahaoui, N. Benachour
Determination of fatigue crack propagation limit curves for high strength steels, and their applicability for structural elements having crack like defects PDF
János Lukács
Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Coke Drum Materials PDF
Jie Chen, Zihui Xia
Application of a non local fatigue stress gradient- weigth function approach to predict the crack nucleation risk induced by Fretting Fatigue PDF
Siegfried Fouvry, Bruno Berthel
Analysis of the multiaxial fatigue strength at the mesoscopic scale using 3D microstructure modeling and extreme value statistics PDF
Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier, Camille Robert
Fretting fatigue analysis on nuclear fuel cladding tubes PDF
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A Model Allowing for the Influence of Geometry and Stress in the Assessment of Fatigue Data PDF
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Property for Fatigue Crack Propagation of Friction Stir Welded 2024-T3 Aluminum alloy PDF
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Development and several additional performances of dual spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine GIGA QUAD PDF
Taizoh Yamamoto, Akio Kokubu, Tatsuo Sakai
High Cycle Fatigue Simulation using Multi-temporal Scale Method coupled with Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
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Study on the fatigue crack growth behavior of 30CrMnSiA Straight Attachment Lugs PDF
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Fatigue damage indicators based on the infrared thermographic method PDF
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Fatigue Cracking Paths and Compliance Analysis in Round Bars under Tension and Bending PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Role of Surface Defects in the Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in Pearlitic Steel PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Impact Fatigue Life Prediction of the Wind Tunnel Balance PDF
Ding CHEN, JunHui Bu, FengJing SHEN
Fatigue performance analysis of frictional type high strength bolts of overlapped joints PDF
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Elastodynamic analysis of a finite crack at an arbitrary angle in the functionally graded material under in-plane impact loading PDF
Sheng-Hu Ding, Xing Li
Marcos F. Odorczyk, José D. Bressan, Luiz C. Fontana
A Periodic Array of Parallel Edge Cracks in a Functionally Graded Plate Subjected to Finite Cooling Rates PDF
Yuezhong Feng, Zhihe Jin
The Higher Order Crack Tip Fields for FGMs Spherical Shell with Reissner’s Effect PDF
Yao Dai, Xiao Chong, Lei Zhang
Three dimensional finite element study of crack in functionally graded material under thermal loading PDF
Parya Aghasafari, Vahid Arabzadeh, Ali Daraei
The thermal effect of anti-plane crack in a functionally graded piezoelectric strip under electric shock PDF
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Experimental investigations on the crack growth behavior in graded ferritic martensitic steel PDF
Tobias Stein, Frank Zeismann, Angelika Brückner-Foit
M. Rekik, S. El-Borgi, Z. Ounaies
Subcritical Crack Propagation and Coalescence Induced by the Oil-Gas Transformation PDF
Zhi-Qiang Fan, Zhi-He Jin, Scott E. Johnson
On Incorrectness in Elastic Rebound Theory for Cause of Earthquakes PDF
Zhong-qi Quentin Yue
Effects of a newly incorporated with a stress-weakening term in a revised RSF on earthquake nucleation PDF
Nobuki Kame, Satoshi Fujita, Masao Nakatani
XFEM modelling of degradation-permeability coupling in complex geomaterials PDF
B. Sonon, B. François, A.P.S. Selvadurai
Boundary Fractures and Indentation Tests PDF
A.P.S. Selvadurai
Applications of Fracture Theory to Instability Co-seismic Fault Problem PDF
TianYou Fan, ZhuFeng Sun, ZhongLei Du
Dynamic Fracture Associated with Shallow Dip-Slip Seismic Faulting PDF
Koji Uenishi, Keisho Yamagami
Fracture damage identification of pile using element strain energy method based on sensitive modals PDF
Wenjuan Yao, Xiaozhong Zhang
Theoretical and Numerical Study of Symmetric, In-plane, Free Vibration of Timoshenko Portal Frame with Open Crack PDF
Sandeep Kumar, Nikam M Satyavan
Accuracy of Acoustic Emission Localization for Masonry Structures Monitoring PDF
Jie Xu, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri
Multiscale strain investigation of stressed carbon fiber reinforced composites based on data of strain gauging, digital image correlation, acoustic emission PDF
Sergey Panin, Mikhail Burkov
Dynamic Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Process of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Structure with Acoustic Emission PDF
Yuling Zhang, Qiao Rong
Development of a Wireless Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Fatigue and Corrosion PDF
Fang Yuan, Takayuki Shiraiwa
Near-threshold Fatigue Crack Behavior of Thin Copper Sheet and its Application for Structural Health Monitoring PDF
Takayuki Shiraiwa, Manabu Enoki
A validation study for a new SHM technology (ICM) under operational environment PDF
Zhi Wang, Jiakun Cai
In situ monitoring of fatigue of metastable austenitic steels with electromagneric acustic transducers, EMATs PDF
Andreas Sorich, Marek Smaga
Correlation between Acoustic Emission and Seismicity in the Sacred Mountain of Varallo Renaissance Complex in Ital PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna
Measurement of Internal Stress and Internal Resistance Resulting from Creep of Type 316H Stainless Steel PDF
Bo Chen, David J. Smith
Creep fracture mechanims of polycrystalline Ni-Based superalloy with diffusion coating PDF
Kang Yuan, Ru Ling Peng
Creep and fracture behaviors of an advanced heat resistant austenitic stainless steel for A-USC power plant PDF
Guocai Chai, Patrik Kjellström
Damage and fracture behaviours in advanced heat resistant materials during slow strain rate test at high temperature PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai
High temperature stress relaxation of a Ni-based single-crystal superalloy PDF
Mikael Segersäll, Johan J. Moverare
Modeling of Inclined Crack Growth under Creep Conditions PDF
Vladimir I. Astafiev, Alexey N. Krutov
Effect of Notch Severity on Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of a Directionally-solidified Ni-base Superalloy PDF
Patxi Fernandez-Zelaia, Richard W. Neu
Tensile mechanical behavior of as-cast AA7050 alloy in the super-solidus temperature range PDF
T Subroto, A Miroux
Orientation and temperature dependences on fatigue crack growth (FCG) behavior of a Ni-base directionally solidified superalloy PDF
Yangyang Zhang, Huiji Shi
Analysis of Creep Crack Growth in Surface Cracked Specimens: Comparisons between Approaches of Fracture Mechanics and Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
Jian-Feng Wen, Shan-Tung Tu
Mechanical testing of a selective laser melted superalloy PDF
Håkan Brodin, Olov Andersson
Creep-Fatigue Interactions in P91 Steel PDF
Magdalena Speicher, Andreas Klenk
A New Method of Introducing Long Range Residual Stresses to Study Creep Crack Initiation PDF
A. M. Shirahatti, Y. Wang
Yiqiang Wang, David J Smith
Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth Using Digital Image Correlation PDF
Jeffrey L. Evans
Creep Strength of Dissimilar Welds for Advanced USC Boiler Materials PDF
Masaaki Tabuchi, Hiromichi Hongo
EPRI Initiatives related to Flexible Operation of High Temperature Power Plant PDF
Jonathan Parker, John Shingledecker
Experimental requirements of small and large scale dynamic fracture mechanics testing PDF
Wolfram Baer
Metallic melt fracture and fragmentation under the high-current electron irradiation PDF
Polina N. Mayer, Alexander E. Dudorov
Dynamics of Fragmentation of Fused Quartz Rods PDF
Sergey Uvarov, Marina Davydova
Threshold Fracture Energy for Differently Shaped Particles Impacting Halfspace (Erosion-Type Fracture) PDF
Grigory Volkov, Yuri V Petrov
Quantitative analysis of microcracks ensemble induced by shock-wave loading of metallic targets (vanadium and iron). PDF
Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
Strain Rate Concentration Factor for Double-Edge-Notched Specimens Subjected to High Speed Tensile Loads PDF
Nao-Aki NODA, Yoshikazu SANO
Experimental observation of phase transformation front of SMA under impact loading PDF
He Huang, Dominique Saletti
Pre-kinking analysis of a cracked piezoelectric strip under impact loadings PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Digital Speckle Interferometry Method for Research of Dynamic Processes PDF
Michael N. Osipov, Anton N. Chekmenev
Crack Propagation in PMMA Plates under Various Loading Conditions PDF
Ivan Smirnov, Yuri Sudenkov
Equivalent dynamic mechanical properties of grid cylindrical structure PDF
Lin Xiao-hu, Gao Xuan
Mode I Fracture Toughness of Nanorubber Modified Epoxy under Wide loading Rate PDF
Ying-Gang Miao, Hong-Yuan Liu
Low velocity perforation of an aluminum alloy: experiments and simulations PDF
Leonard Antoinat, Regis Kubler
Numerical Simulations on the Perforation of Metal Plates under Normal Impact by Conical-nosed Projectiles PDF
Wu Qiaoguo, Wen Heming
Dynamic fracture of advanced ceramics under impact loading conditions using a miniaturized Kolsky bar PDF
Declan McNamara, Patricia Alveen
Behavior of interface crack in layered structure under actions of both stress wave and residual stress PDF
ChenWu Wu, XinXin Cheng
Experimental and numerical investigation of fibre-metal laminates during low-velocity impact loading PDF
Yu E Ma, HaiWei Hu
Analysis of the synergetic effects of blast wave and fragment on concrete bridges PDF
Haiqing Zhu, Xiedong Zhang
Effect of Plastic Anisotropy on Shear Localization and Fracture in Automotive Sheets PDF
Jidong Kang, Raja K. Mishra
Crack growth stability analysis with respect to boundary disturbance PDF
Hao Chen
Wrinkling and Delamination of Thin Films on Compliant Substrates PDF
Haixia Mei, Rui Huang
Estimation of Wheel/Rail Contact Forces Based on an Inverse Technique PDF
Tao Zhu, Shoune Xiao
Seismic Inversion using full wavefied data PDF
XiaoLiang Duan, Yibo Wang
The Attenuation and Dispersion Analyses in Porous and Fractured Medium with Arbitrary Fracture Fill PDF
Liyun Kong, Boris Gurevich
Analyses of dynamic response and sound radiation of sandwich plate subjected to acoustic excitation under thermal environment PDF
Yuan Liu, Yueming Li
Characterization of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Silica Aerogels Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation PDF
Jingjie Yeo, Jincheng Lei
Damage Identification and Influence on Mechanical Properties of Closed Cell Rigid Foams PDF
Liviu Marsavina, Dan M. Constantinescu
Optimal Design of Metallic Corrugated Sandwich Plates to Blast Loading PDF
Jianxun Zhang, Qinghua Qin
Evaluation of Microstructure Effect on Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled AZ31 by AE Analysis PDF
Kousuke Matsumoto, Takashi Yasutomi
Mechanical properties of natural fiber polyester composite sandwich panels PDF
Jie Lu, Bing Yang
Thermal Stability of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Pure Titanium PDF
Shankun Chen, Qiaoyan Sun
New Trends in the Fracture of Lightweight Structures PDF
Efstathios E. Theotokoglou, Gavriil E. Theotokoglou
Effect of Post-Weld Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Properties of Dissimilar Titanium Alloy Joints PDF
S.Q. Wang, J.H. Liu
Performance of Sandwich Components with Chiral Topology Cores PDF
Marin Sandu, Adriana Sandu
Tensile Deformation Behavior of a Nickel-base Superalloy under Dynamic Loads PDF
Lei Wang, Yang Liu
Electrical Breakdown of a Metallic Nanowire Mesh PDF
Yuan Li, Kaoru Tsuchiya
Growth of Grass Like Architectures on Si Substrate and Its Mechanism Study PDF
Lijiao Hu, Yang Ju
Monte Carlo Simulation of Fatigue Crack Initiation at Elevated Temperature PDF
Feifei He, Cher Ming Tan
Numerical Study of Allowable Current Density for Electromigration Damage of Multilevel Interconnection in Integrated Circuit PDF
Kazuhiko Sasagawa, Kazuhiro Fujisaki
Wear Life Test and Mechanisms of Silicon MEMS Devices under Different Gas Environments PDF
Sihan Shen, Yonggang Meng
Study on Radiation induced Mechanical Degradation of Amorphous Silicon Carbide Films PDF
Bo Meng, Wei Tang
Droplet Ejection and Liquid-solid Separation from Covered Microfluidic Systems PDF
Weiqiang Wang, Thomas B. Jones
Core Shell Nanowire Surface Fastener Used for Mechanical and Electrical Room Temperature Bonding PDF
Peng Wang, Yang Ju
Anchor Design for Microdevice Fabricated by Silicon-on-Glass Process Based on Bonding Strength Consideration PDF
Jun He, Fang Yang
Experiments on the mechanical behavior of anodically bonded interlayer of Pyrex Glass/Al/Si PDF
Yu-Qun Hu, Ya-Pu Zhao
Micromechanical modeling and numerical simulation of ablation of 3D C/C composites PDF
Na Liu, Qingsheng Yang
The interphase elasto-plastic damaging model PDF
Giuseppe Giambanco, Giuseppe Fileccia Scimemi, Antonino Spada
The damage evolution of 2D-Woven-C/SiC composite under tension loading PDF
Min-ge Duan, Fei Xu
Structure of micro-crack population and damage evolution in concrete PDF
Andrey P Jivkov
Meso-scale features and couple stresses in fracture process zone PDF
Craig N Morrison, Andrey P Jivkov
Virtual Crack Closure Technique Based on MSIM Method PDF
Feng Su, Jie Wu PDF
Bin Zhang, Lanjv Mei
Fracture initiation and size effect in V-notched structures under mixed mode loading PDF
Pietro Cornetti, Alberto Sapora, Alberto Carpinteri
Three-parameter approaches for three-dimensional crack-tip stress fields PDF
Chongmin She, Junhua Zhao
In-situ Observation of Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Heat Affected Zone of a Welded Joint PDF
Ming-Liang Zhu, De-Qiang Wang
Experimental Determination of Mode II Fracture Resistance in Asphalt Concretes PDF
M.R. Ayatollahi, Sadjad Pirmohammad
A New Test Method for High-Temperature Fracture of Alloys and Some Corresponding Results PDF
Shaoqin Zhang, Wanlin Guo
On Mixed-Mode Fracture PDF
Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey, Liangliang Guan
Coupled fracture mode associated with anti-plane loading of cracks and notches PDF
Filippo Berto, Paolo Lazzarin
Numerical Solutions of Second Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Parameter in Test Specimens under Biaxial Loading PDF
Ping Ding Ping Ding, Xin Wang
Experimental and numerical analysis of mixed mode fracture PDF
Octavian POP, Mamadou Méité
Cracks under Mixed Mode loading: Questions and solutions for isotropic and graded materials PDF
Hans. A. Richard, Britta Schramm
A CMOD-Based Hybrid Approach to Determine Fracture Resistance Curve PDF
Wuchao Yang, Xudong Qian
Simulation of fracture and fatigue damage in stainless steel 304 using a cohesive zone model PDF
Huan Li, Huang Yuan
The effect of thickness on components of the non-singular T-stress under mixed mode loading PDF
Yury G. Matvienko, Alexander S. Chernyatin
Experiments on cracks under spatial loading PDF
Hans A. Richard, Alexander Eberlein
Constraint Effect in Fracture: Investigation of Cruciform Specimens using the J-A2 Method PDF
Larry Sharpe, Yuh Chao
Fracture analysis in plane piezoelectric media using hybrid finite element model PDF
Hui Wang, Qing-Hua Qin
Thermo-elastic analysis of a cracked substrate bonded to a coating using the hyperbolic heat conduction theory PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Numerical simulations of thermo-electro-magnetic phenomena in YBCO films subjected to strains PDF
Jing Xia, You-He Zhou
J-integral Calculation of Nonlinear Fracture for Colloidal Soft Material PDF
Hongyan Wang, Jun Lei
Pre-kinking analysis of a mixed-mode crack in a magnetoelectroelastic layer PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen
Three-dimensional annular saturated crack propagation in ultralow permeability rock under wave & electro-magneto-thermo-elastic fields PDF
BoJing Zhu, YaoLin Shi
Interaction between an Annular Crack and the Imperfect Interface in Magnetoelectroelastic Layers PDF
Yansong Li, Longjiang Bian
Numerical simulations of interface cracks in layered magnetoelectroelastic solids under dynamic loadings PDF
Michael Wünsche, Chuanzeng Zhang
Micromechanical modelling of advanced ceramics PDF
Patricia Alveen, Declan McNamara
Experimental Investigation on Deformation and Failure of Rock under Cyclic Indentation PDF
Hao Zhang, Haipeng Song
Investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale PDF
Nicola J. Schmitt, Christoph Bohnert
Prediction Model of Cleavage Fracture Toughness of Ferrite Steel PDF
Kazuki Shibanuma, Shuji Aihara
Investigation of grain-scale surface deformation of a pure aluminium polycrystal through kinematic-thermal full-field coupling measurement PDF
X.G. Wang, J.F. Witz
Experimental Study on Propagation Rule of Semi-elliptical Surface Crack in Steel Plate Strengthened with FRP under Cyclic Bending Load PDF
Zhao Chuanyu, Huang Peiyan
Numerical Analysis of KI of Semi-elliptical Surface Crack in X80 Steel Plate Strengthened with FRP under Tensile Load PDF
Zheng Xiaohong, Huang Peiyan
A Self-consistent Model in the Local Residual Stress Evaluation of 316H Stainless Steel PDF
Jianan Hu, Bo Chen
Fracture Toughness of SE(B) Specimens of Steel in the Presence of Splitting PDF
Pablo J. Lara Melcher, Enrique M. Castrodeza
Local approach of fracture on semi-crystalline polymers: contribution of X-ray laminography technique PDF
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Thilo F. Morgeneyer
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Based on Micromechanical Damage of Q345 Specimen’s Acoustic Emission Quantitative Assessment in Tensile Process PDF
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Critical Strain Based Ductile Damage Criterion and its Application to Mechanical Damage in Pipelines PDF
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API 579 G-factors for K Calculations and Improvements For Assessment of Crack-like Flaws in Pipelines PDF
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Constitutive modeling and Computational Simulations of the external pressure induced buckling collapse of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners PDF
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Time dependent ratcheting-fatigue interactions of tempered 42CrMo steel: Experiments and constitutive model PDF
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Grain size dependence of the yield stress for metals at quasistatic and dynamic loadings PDF
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Evolution of perturbations of temperature and dislocation density at high-rate shear deformation of pure metals and alloys PDF
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A thermo-mechanically coupled cyclic plasticity model at large deformations considering inelastic heat generation PDF
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Influence of Free Surface Roughening on Ductile Fracture Behavior Under Uni-axial Tensile State for Metal Foils PDF
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Combined Self-Consistent and Mori-Tanaka Approach for Evaluation of Elastoplastic Property of Particulate Composites PDF
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Numerical simulation of the influence of particle clustering on tensile behavior of particle reinforced composites; Study of shape of the particles PDF
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Assessment of damage and long-term strenght of polyethylene PDF
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Observations and Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Circular Notched Polyethylene Specimens PDF
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Fracture of rubbers under biaxial loading: A criterion based upon the intrinsic defect concept PDF
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Fatigue crack growth in the contact wire of railway catenary PDF
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Analysis of fatigue crack initiation and propagation in ship structures PDF
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Pit-To-Crack Transition and Corrosion Fatigue of 12% Cr Steam Turbine Blade Steel PDF
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Reliability-based Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Compressor Wheel Rub of Turbocharger for Vehicle Application PDF
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Residual Stresses Induced by Surface Enhancement Processes PDF
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Determination of Residual Stresses in Structural Elements Using Electron Speckle Interferometry Method PDF
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Surface Integrity and the Influence of Tool Wear in High Speed Machining of Inconel 718 PDF
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Isolation of Contributions of Residual Stress andWeldMicrostructure to Fatigue Crack Growth Rates inWelds PDF
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Polymeric Fiber Arrays for Adhesion PDF
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Influence of Surface Effects and Flexoelectricity on Vibration of Piezoelectric Nanobeams PDF
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Revisit on the fractal dimension in damage and fracture PDF
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Scaling Behavior in Quasi Static and Impact Fragmentation of Brittle Materials PDF
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Structural Hierarchy and Dynamic Size Effect of Rock Strength PDF
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Effect of Stress Singularities on Scaling of Quasibrittle Fracture PDF
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Experimental Validation of the Relationship between Parameters of 3P-Weibull Distributions Based in JC or KJC PDF
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Scale Effect of the Tensile Strength of Aligned-Flax-Fiber Reinforced Composite PDF
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Dynamic response of an interface crack between magnetoelectroelastic and functionally graded elastic layers PDF
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Parameter identification of a modified dynamical hysteresis model with immune clone algorithm PDF
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An opening crack model for thermo-magneto-electro-elastic solids PDF
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Physical mechanisms of magnetostriction or electrostriction induced interfacial fracture in a bi-layered multiferroic smart composite PDF
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On the Dynamic Behaviour of Surface-Bonded Piezoelectric Sensors/Actuators with Partially Debonded Adhesive Layers PDF
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Modeling of isothermal stress cycling degradation of shape memory alloys using non-constant material parameters PDF
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Ideal strength of twinned and perfect NiTi martensite crystal PDF
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Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Gelatin Gels M. PDF
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Large Deformation Study of Temperature-Sensitive Hydrogel PDF
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Analytical solution of swell-induced surface instability for graded hydrogel layers PDF
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ECM-Based Statistical Simulation of Progressive Failure in Symmetric Laminates Damaged by Transverse Ply Cracking PDF
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Non-Gaussian statistics and extreme events on experimental facture surfaces PDF
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Modeling of Mechanical Response and Progressive Failure of Tri-axially Woven SiCf-SiC Composites PDF
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Evaluation of Strength Statistics of Quasibrittle Structures Based on Mean Size Effect Analysis PDF
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Size effects on compressive strength from a statistical physics perspective PDF
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Acoustic Emissions in Fracturing Paper PDF
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Thickness-dependent lower bounds of fracture toughness of ferritic steels in the ductile-to-brittle transition regime PDF
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Experimental verification of optimal strain gage locations for the accurate determination of stress intensity factors PDF
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Analysis of Crack Retardation Effects and Crack Path in Ship Structure Members on Different Routes PDF
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AWeight Function for Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Burst Test Specimens PDF
Steven X. Xu, Douglas A. Scarth
Study on CTOD and microstructure in flash welded joints for 630-730 MPa grade mooring chains PDF
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Fracture mechanics model for predicting fracture strength of metallic alloys containing large second phase particles PDF
Uwe Zerbst, Mauro Madia
Strain gage radial locations for the accurate determination of mode I stress intensity factors PDF
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Effect of the pearlite content of ferritic cast iron material on the crack resistance behaviour under dynamic load PDF
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Study of Fracture Mechanics Assessments in Industrial Applications PDF
Thorsten Prothmann, Bartolomeus Irwanto
Safety Assessment and Fatigue Life analysis of Aged Crane Structures PDF
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Local fracture behavior and integrity assessment of a dissimilar metal welded joint in nuclear power systems PDF
Guozhen Wang, Haitao Wang
AE monitoring and structural modeling of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Giuseppe
Multiscale monitoring of interface failure of brittle coating/ductile substrate systems: a non-destructive evaluation method combined digital image correlation with acoustic emission PDF
Weiguo Mao, Duojin Wu
Interfacial mechanics of fiber push-out test: nano-indention technique and cohesive element modeling PDF
Xi Li, Qingsheng Yang
Interfacial Delamination of SMA Reinforced Composite under Low Velocity Impact PDF
Jun Luo, Dongjie Liang
ECCI and EBSD Study of Subsurface Damages in High Speed Turning of Inconel 718 under Different Tools and Machining Parameters PDF
Zhe Chen, Ru Lin Peng
Modelling of molecular bonding with a cohesive zone model strategy PDF
R. Estevez, G Parry
Contact Fracture Mechanism of Electroplated Ni-P Coating on Stainless Steel Substrate PDF
Akio Yonezu, Michihiro Niwa
Influence of Interface Roughness on the Fatigue Life of Thermal Barrier Coatings PDF
Robert Eriksson, Sören Sjöström
Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Adhesion of PVD Coatings on Minting Dies PDF
Jason Tunis, Xin Wang
Experimental study of the influence of thermal shock on mechanical properties of ceramic coating systems PDF
Xiaona Li, Lihong Liang
Asymptotic solutions for buckling delamination induced crack propagation in the thin film- compliant substrate system PDF
Tongqing Lu, T. J. Wang
A Simplified Approach for the Evaluation of Nearly singular integrals in Boundary Element Method PDF
Yu Miao, Jiahe Lv
Evaluation of the Strength of Thin Metallic Films Coated on Brittle Materials by using an Indentation Fracture Method PDF
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Crack and defect formation in diamond films PDF
Duosheng Li, Qing H. Qin
Mechanics of Graphene Bubbles PDF
Peng Wang, Wei Gao
Crack Healing Behavior of SiN/SiC Nano-Laminated Films PDF
Masanori Nakatani, Junki Nishimura
Mechanical Properties and Fracture Behavior of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nanocomposites by Nanotensile Testing PDF
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Fracture behavior of thin aluminum films on soft substrate PDF
Dan Wu, Huimin Xie
Self-patterning through thin film buckling PDF
Jean-Yvon Faou, Guillaume Parry
Towards interface toughness measurement in nanometric films PDF
Guillaume Parry, Jean-Yvon Faou
Zhou Zhigang, Feng Lin
Analysis on Arithmetic and Application of Rigidity Distribution for Simply Supported Structure PDF
Ling–bo WANG, Xin Kang
Fatigue Safety Monitoring and Fatigue Life Evaluation for Existing Concrete Bridges PDF
Chun-Sheng Wang, Mu-Sai Zhai
Application Research of Elastic-plastic Fracture Toughness Index CTOD in the Design of Railway Steel Bridge PDF
Yuling Zhang, Jiyan Pan
Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life Evaluation of National Cultural Relic Steel Bridges PDF
Chun-Sheng Wang, Lan Duan