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General Papers

Computational and theoretical studies on dynamic fracture mechanics and three-dimensional crack problems PDF
S. N. Atluri, T. Nishioka
The analysis of stable crack growth with isotropic and kinematic hardening PDF
Du Shanyi
The discontinuity in quasi-static plastic fields PDF
Gao Yuchen, Hwang Kehchih
Fully plastic analysis of mixed mode plane-strain crack problems PDF
He Mingyuan
Some theoretical works on fracture mechanics in China PDF
Hwang Kehchih, Liu Chuntu
An application of J integral to finite element analysis of stress intensities of mixed mode cracks PDF
Haruo Ishikawa
On the three dimensional crack growth analysis PDF
Masanori Kikuchi, Hiroshi Miyamoto
A finite element analysis of nonplanar crack growth in a linear elastic and in an elastic-plastic material PDF
A.P. Kfouri
Mode III problems of doubly-periodic rhombic and rectangular array of equal cracks in an infinite plate PDF
Kuang Zhenhang, Li Xiaoming, Fan Rongchang
A computer simulation of ductile behaviour in a high strength steel PDF
Li Guochen, H.C. Howard
The stress strain fields at crack tip and stress intensity factors in Reissner's plate PDF
Liu Chuntu, Li Yingzhi
Finite element analysis of mode-I steady crack growth in plane stress PDF
Luo Xuefu, Zhang Xiaoti, Hwang Kehchih
The nonlinear line-spring model for surface crack analysis with particular reference to work hardening materials PDF
Lu Yinchu, Ning Jie
J-integral for surface cracked body PDF
Toshiro Miyoshi, Masaki Shiratori
Plastic deformation and hardening characteristics in three-dimensional fracture specimens PDF
E. Thomas Jr Moyer, H. Liebowitz
Non-coplanar crack growth PDF
S. Nemat-Nasser
Some theorems in mathematical theory of nonlinear fracture dynamics PDF
C. Ouyang
A comparison of three design methods for estimating values of J and COD applied to a crack with yielded ligament PDF
C.E. Turner
Characteristics of brittle fracture under general combined modes PDF
Yukio Ueda
Elastic-plastic analyses of stress and strain fields around crack tip PDF
Wang Tzuchiang
On inclined crack under compressive loading PDF
C.W. Woo, C.L. Chow
Power-law anisotropic hardening effect on mode-III crack growth PDF
Xie Huicai, Hwang Kehchih
An elastic-plastic fracture investigation on stable crack growth for plane stress PDF
Xu Jilin, Xue Yinian, Han Jirthu
The analysis for the corner region and crack tip of plate with transverce shear deformation PDF
Yang Wei, Yu Shouwen
Near-tip fields for plane-strain mode-I steady crack growth in linear hardening material with Bauschinger effect PDF
Zhang Runfu, Zhang Xiaoti, Hwang Kehchih
The generalized J-integral of combined modes PDF
Zhang Xing, Wu Shaofu
Stress-intensity factors for radial cracks around circular holes-method of evaluation and computing graphs PDF
Zhang Yongyuan, Zhao Yi
Dynamic emission of dislocations from a crack tip - a computer simulation PDF
Rui-Huan Zhao, Shu-Ho Dai, J.C.M. Li
Stress concentration and stress intensity factors for elliptic holes and cracks in an infinite plane PDF
Zhou Chengfang, Guan Changwen
An analysis of non-homogeneous materials by fracture mechanics PDF
Zhou Chengti, Hu Yixiang
Adhesively bonded and bolted steel joints PDF
P. Albrecht, A. Sahli, D. Crute, J.G. Cheng
On the JIC concept for the prediction of crack growth initiation in complex structures PDF
Ad Bakker
Fracture characterization of pipeline steel PDF
M.N. Bassim
Fracture mechanics applications in rock mechanics problems PDF
E.P. Chen
Some applications of fracture mechanics in China PDF
He Qingzhi
Probabilistic fracture mechanics of fatigue crack propagation and its application to damage tolerance design PDF
Masahiro Ichikawa, Mituo Hamaguchi, Takeo Nakamura
The safety of joint components of hoisting device employed in a coal mine shaft PDF
Li Jinghui, Li Jingbo, Wu Chengjian
Application of the equivalent displacement of crack tip to pressure vessel with slant crack PDF
Li Zezhen, Chen Shuyi, Zhou Zegong
Residual strength analysis of riveted stiffened panels PDF
Lu Fumei, Li Guangquan
Determination of the critical crack length aIC in turbine discs PDF
Nie Jingxu, Hong Qilin, Me Cong
Development of body force method and its application to crack problems PDF
H. Nisitani, Y. Murakami, Chen Daiheng
Negative pressure-fracture strain-temperature diagram PDF
Sakae Saito, Muneaki Shimura
A fracture mechanics analysis of buried defects in turbine discs PDF
R.A. Smith
A new method of calculating fracture parameters for a stiffened panel with a crack - a mixed method PDF
Wang Xiaowan
Fracture toughness and resistance to fatigue crack growth of three vessel steel welded joints with different welding procedures PDF
Wu Qingke, Xing Peizhao, Zhang Yuhuai
Research of fracture mechanics properties of ZGOCr13Ni4Mo PDF
Wu Youxuan, Zhang Zhongqiu, Sun Yufiu
Application of boundary element method to stress intensity analysis for surface cracks PDF
Rvoji Yuuki, Hideo Kitagawa, Hiroyuki Kisu
The critical area of journal of the hub-arms of helicopters PDF
Zhao Tingshi, Wang Yuanhan
Photoelastic stress intensity factor determination for circular-sector cracks PDF
C.L. Chow
The fracture-resistant characteristics of medium-strength plates with regard to the initiation, stable and unstable propagation of surface cracks PDF
Cui Zhenvuan
An investigation on the nonlinear stress fields near crack tip using photoelastoplastic analysis PDF
Gu Shaode
Studies on the procedure for the determination of ductile fracture toughness value JIC using J-R curve at low temperatures PDF
Guo Hengjia
Drop weight J -R curve testing using the key curve method PDF
James A. Joyce, EM. Hackett
On the blunting line in the JIC test - the comparison of theories and experiments PDF
Hideo Kobayashi
Experimental studies of stable crack growth in a single TPB specimen PDF
Lai Zuhan
Strain-field around crack-tip during crack growth and some observations PDF
Liu Baochen
The thickness effect of the CCT specimen PDF
Kenji Machida
Elastic-plastic fracture toughness JIC test method recommended in Japan PDF
Hiroshi Miyamoto
Influence of high loading rate on the fracture toughness of steels PDF
G. Pluvinage, V. Gamier
The shape variation of a surface crack subjected to repeated general eccentric tension PDF
Sun Xunfang
Crack tip plasticity under mixed mode loading PDF
Y.J. Sun
A study on chevron-notched short rod and short bar fracture toughness specimens PDF
Wang Chizhi
A simple method for measuring KIIIC of ductile metals and its some applications PDF
Wu Jieqing
Application of acoustic emission technique to fracture test PDF
Zhu Zuming
Programmed block loading fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloys PDF
C. Bathias, M. Gabra
Initiation of short cracks at notches by fatigue PDF
R. Brook, A. Cadman, C.E. Nicholson
Multiaxial cumulative damage in low cycle fatigue PDF
M.W. Brown, K.J. Miller, H.W. Liu
Correlations of fatigue crack growth rate parameters at cryogenic temperatures PDF
Y.W. Cheng
Computer controlled monitoring of the fatigue crack shape PDF
W.D. Dover
Effects of nominal compressive load on various stages of crack growth PDF
Fu Xiangjiong
Fatigue crack growth under non-proportional loading PDF
Gao Hita, M. W. Brown, K.J. Miller
Fatigue thresholds of a low-alloy steel with shallow semi-elliptical surface crack PDF
Gu Haicheng
Shapes and coalescence of surface fatigue cracks PDF
Kunihiro Iida
Small cracks and multiple cracks problems in fatigue PDF
Hideo Kitagawa
Effect of specimen size and configuration on fatigue crack growth behavior of welded joints PDF
Yoshio Kitsunai
Transition from fatigue to ideal cracks PDF
Hideo Kobayashi
Oxide induced fatigue crack closure and near-tlueshold characteristics in A508-3 steel PDF
Hideo Kobayashi
Study on the distribution rule of fatigue residual strength PDF
Ling Shusen
Near threshold fatigue crack growth in steels - an analysis based on crack tip plastic deformation PDF
H. W. Liu
A simple and direct method for calculating fatigue crack propagation rate using low cycle fatigue properties PDF
Liu Yuanyong
Size effect in impact tensile fatigue PDF
I. Maekawa
On the role of crack closure in fatigue crack growth PDF
A.J. McEvily
Effect of overload ratios on fatigue crack growth behavior in Ti-6Al-4V alloy PDF
Ouyan Jie
Fatigue crack propagation rate of AISI type 304 stainless steel at 570°C in air PDF
Alan Plumtree
Fatigue crack growth in unstress-relieved welded joints under non-stationary narrow-band random loading PDF
L. P. Pook
Low cycle fatigue with hold-periods at high temperature for an iron-base superalloy GH36 PDF
Qiao Shengru
Correlation between fracture toughness and final fatigue fracture of cast steels at room temperature and -45°C PDF
R. I. Stephens
Fatigue propagation of an inclined crack in uniaxial tension stress field PDF
Sun Xunfang
Material parameters specifying the delayed retardation phenomenon of fatigue crack growth after a single application of overload PDF
Kohichi Tanaka
Fatigue cavitation at high temperature PDF
D.M.R. Taplin, T.H. Topper, N.Y. Tang
The characteristics of threshold DKth value for fatigue crack propagation of shallow crack PDF
Wang Cheng
Investigation on LCF crack growth rate at elevated temperature PDF
Wang Shuanzhu
On the effect of an overload to fatigue crack growth PDF
Yang Bingxian
Investigations on the crack growth retardation behavior and fatigue life prediction in structural materials PDF
Yan Minggao
Models for predicting fatigue crack growth under spectrum loading PDF
Zhang Yongkui
On shear failure in round bar tensile tests of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys PDF
Chen Changqi
A continuous model for creep crack growth in damaged material PDF
M. Chrzanowski
Fatigue crack initiation from a notch tip under a cyclic compressive load PDF
Chu Wuyang
Energy-release rates of diffusional crack growth PDF
Tze-jer Chuang
Elevated temperature cavitation in creep and superplasticity of Ti-6Al-4V alloy PDF
Giora Gurewitz, Norman Ridley
Nucleation mechanism of stress corrosion cracking from notches PDF
Y. Hirose
Time dependent quasifracture nucleation and propagation PDF
C.C Hsiao
The inter-relation of deformation-induced martensite, stretch zone formation and fracture toughness in Fe-Ni-C alloys PDF
N. J. Hurd, R. Brook
High temperature creep crack growth of austenite stainless steel 1Cr 18Ni 9Ti PDF
Jiang Weizhi
Criterion of "Maximum failure ratio" and failure at the corner of the square void PDF
Jin Zongzhe
Dislocation-shielding analysis of a blunt-notched brittle crack embedded in a ductile material PDF
I. -H. Lin
A study of fracture characteristics of dual phase steels PDF
Ma Mingtu
Some consideration about the behaviour of voids PDF
Hiroshi Miyamoto
Quantitative investigation of initiation and early growth process of fatigue microcracks in low carbon steel PDF
Yasuo Ochi
On the cleavage fracture criterion based on statistical model PDF
Qu Ding
An analysis of time dependent ductile fracture PDF
V. M. Radhakrishnan
The use and the limitations of C* in creep crack growth testing PDF
Hermann Riedel
A study on characteristics of SCC propagation da/dt for welded joint PDF
Song Jiayin
Dislocation shielding of cracks and the fracture criterion PDF
Robb Thomson
Hold time effects on high temperature crack growth rate in creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction in stainless steel PDF
Takeo Yokobori, A. Toshimitsu Yokobori, Hiroshi Sakata
Delayed crack instability of viscoelastic bodies PDF
Zhang Chunyuan
Fatigue crack propagation mechanisms map for low alloy structural steels PDF
Zhang Pingsheng
The formation of voids in the ductile fracture of low alloy steel PDF
C. Q. Zheng
The correlation of triaxial states of stress and the failure strain PDF
C. Q. Zheng
Thermal crack propagation in different shaped two-phase composite structures: Analysis and experiment PDF
K. P. Herrmann
Interpretation of crack initiation in the composites caused by the flow-states during press moulding process PDF
Tsuneo Hirai
A study on the correlation of polystyrene (PS) film craze to its fracture behaviour by TEM PDF
Lu Xici
Crack propagation in fibrous and particulate composites PDF
Mao Tianxiang
A study on fracture model of cross-ply composite laminates PDF
Xue Yuande
Fracture behavior of fused quartz particulate composites PDF
Wang Rurtze
A simple estimation model for a center cracked panel in tension PDF
Karl-Heinz Schwalbe
Evaluation of SIF for a three-dimensional flat crack by variational method
Luo Haian, Luo Zudao
On the numerical evaluation of C*-integrals for creep fracture analysis PDF
Liu Yuanjie, T.R. Hsu, Z.H. Zhai
The nonlinear line-spring model for elastic-plastic analysis of surface cracks PDF
Lu Yinchu, Jiang Zhendong