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General Papers

3D Cellular Automata Finite Element Simulations of Cleavage Fracture Initiation in the Transition Region PDF
R. Cuamatzi-Melendez, J. R. Yates
3-D Local Hybrid Method Based on Surface Displacement Measurement for Structural Health Monitoring PDF
Kenji Machida
3D Cellular Automata Finite Element Simulations of Cleavage Fracture Initiation in the Transition Region PDF
Ruben Cuamatzi-Melendez, John Yates
3-D Local Hybrid Method Based on Surface Displacement Measurement for Structural Health Monitoring PDF
Kenji Machida
3D-Simulation of Ductile Cracking in Two-Phase Structural Steel with Heterogeneous Microstructure PDF
Mitsuru Ohata, Midori Suzuki, Anna Ui, Fumiyoshi Minami
3D-Simulation of Ductile Cracking in Two-Phase Structural Steel with Heterogeneous Microstructure PDF
Mitsuru Ohata, Midori Suzuki, Anna Ui, Fumiyoshi Minami
A Consistent Anisotropic Brittle Damage Model Based on Growing Elliptical Microcracks PDF
Kianoush Molla-Abbasi, Henning Schütte
A Crack Growth Modelling in Materials with Heterogeneous Microstructure PDF
Vladislav Kozák, Ivo Dlouhý
A Discussion on Fracture Energy of Vertical Joint in Concrete PDF
Ayumi Satoh, Kanji Yamada, Satoru Ishiyama
A Mechanical Model of the Four-point End Notched Flexure (4ENF) Test Based on an Elastic-brittle Interface PDF
Stefano Bennati, Luca Taglialegne, Paolo S. Valvo
A Mechanistic Understanding of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Mg-Al Alloys PDF
Nicholas A. Winzer, A. Atrens, Wolfgang Dietzel, V. S. Raja, G. Song, K. U. Kainer
A Mode I Fracture Behaviour Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Joints PDF
Vincent Cooper, Alojz Ivankovic, Aleksandar Karac
A Modified Three Point Bend Specimen PDF
Kjell Eriksson
A New Look at Cleavage Crack Formation in Semi Brittle Materials PDF
Stephen Antolovich, Kip Findley
A New Method for Diagramming Fatigue Strength of Metals Based on the Equivalent Stress Ratio Parameter and Characterization of Fatigue Strength Diagrams PDF
Hiroshi Matsuno
A Numerical Analyse of Plane Crack in Strain Gradient for Fracture Prediction in Brittle Material PDF
Thi Thanh Thao Pham, Jia Li, Radhi Abdelmoula
A Plasticity-like Framework for Fracture Mechanics PDF
Alberto Salvadori
A Probabilistic Model to Simulate Slender Reinforced Concrete Columns using Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods within SSJ Technology PDF
Ronald Schwuchow
A Regression Model for Statistical Assessment of Fatigue Strain- and Stress Lifetimes PDF
Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, Enrique Castillo, Manuel López-Aenlle, Hernán Pinto
A Simple Prediction of the Theoretical Tensile Strength of Cubic Crystals based on the Shear Strength Calculations PDF
Miroslav ?erný, Jaroslav Pokluda
A Stedily Propagating Crack in Planar Quasicrystal with Fivefold Symmetry PDF
Enrico Radi, Paolo Maria Mariano
A Study of the Fracture Toughness on Hybrid Syntactic Foams PDF
José Ferreira, Carlos Capela, José Costa
A Study of the Mode I and Mode II Interlaminar Fracture of Carbon/epoxy Bi-directional Composites PDF
Paulo Reis, José Ferreira, Fernando Antunes, José Costa, Carlos Capela
About the Dependence between Exponent and Constant in the Paris Law for Fatigue Crack Growth Rate PDF
Jan Kohout
About Unambiguity and Reliability of the Solution for Plastic Zone Magnitude around Crack Tip in Isotropic Strain-Hardening Material PDF
Dragan Pustaic, Martina Lovrenic-Jugovic
An Analysis of Cutting and Machining using Fracture Mechanics Concepts PDF
Gordon Williams, Yatish Patel, Bamber R. K. Blackman
Analyses of Fatigue Behaviour of a Low-Carbon Steel In-Air and Corrosion Medium PDF
Aleksander Davidkov, Donka Angelova
Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation and Crack Shielding in Super Duplex Stainless Steel and its Welds PDF
Karel Sláme?ka, Guocai Chai, Jaroslav Pokluda
Analysis of Multiple Cracks in Thin Coating on Orthotropic Substrate PDF
Michal Kotoul, Tomáš Profant, Old?ich Ševe?ek
Analysis of the Behaviour of Crack Emanating From Microvoid in Cement of Reconstructed Acetabulum PDF
Bel Abbes Bachir Bouiadjra, Smail Benbarek, Mohamed Belhouari, Tarik Achour, Boualem Serier
Analysis of the Cyclic Stress Ahead of Short Cracks PDF
Mauro Madia
Analytical-numerical Hybrid Method to Determine the Stress Field in Front of the Crack in 3D Elastic-plastic Structural Element PDF
Andrzej Neimitz, Marcin Graba
Applicability of the Cohesive Model to Engineering Problems: on Parameter Identification for Ductile Materials PDF
Ingo Scheider, Norbert Huber, Karl-Heinz Schwalbe, Rajkumar Gurunathan
Assessment of Sub-Clad Flaw based on Finite Element Analyses PDF
Szabolcs Szávai, Róbert Beleznai, Tibor Köves
Automatic Diagnostic System for Fatigue Damage with Statistical F test PDF
Masataka Yatomi, Atushi Iwasaki, Tadashi Kimura
Behavior of Cracks in Cladded Components under Consideration of Residual Stresses PDF
Jörg Hohe, Marcus Brand, Dieter Siegele
Bending Strength and Failure Behaviour of Welded Borosilicate Glass PDF
Fred Veer, Cecile Giezen, Freek Bos, Christian Louter, Ton Riemslag
Bending Strength of Annealed, Heat Strengthened and Fully Tempered Float Glass PDF
Fred Veer, Christian Louter, Ton Romein, H. van Ginkel, Ton Riemslag
Bridged and Cohesive Crack Models for Fracture in Composite Material Systems PDF
Roberta Massabò
Cement-carbon Nanotubes Based Composite PDF
Giuseppe Ferro, Simone Musso, Alberto Tagliaferro, Jean-Marc Tulliani
Characterisation of Reactor Vessel Steels in the Brittle-Ductile Transition Region PDF
Thomas Linse, Meinhard Kuna
Characteristics of Internal Fatigue Fracture of Shot-Peened Spring Steels PDF
Maya Sugimoto, Kenji Kanazawa
Characterization of Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses for Ni-Co Thin Films PDF
Joong-Hyuk Ahn, Hong-Ryul Bae, Yun-Jae Kim, Jun-Hyub Park
Characterization of the Cold Ductility Degradation after Aging of a Centrifugally Cast 20Cr32Ni+Nb Alloy
Luis Monobe, Cláudio Schön
Characterization of the Fracture Behaviour of NBR and FKM Grade Elastomers for Oilfield Applications PDF
Zoltan Major, Reinhold W. Lang
Compression Precracking Methods to Generate Near-Threshold Fatigue-Crack-Growth-Rate Data PDF
James Newman, Y. Yamada
Computational Model for Load Capacity of Large Slewing Bearings PDF
Rok Poto?nik, Jože Flašker, Sre?ko Glodež
Computer Aided Optical Method For Aircraft's Components Fatigue Life Estimation PDF
Sergey Ignatovich, Michail Karuskevich, Tatijana Maslak
Cone Crack Development during Ball on the Three Balls Test PDF
Zden?k Chlup, Walter Harrer, Vladislav Kozák, Lukáš ?eho?ek
Constraint Effect in Tensile to Shear Type Transition PDF
Mahmoud Mostafavi, David Smith, Martyn Pavier
Constraint Effects in Creeping Solids under Biaxial Loading PDF
Valery Shlyannikov, Nataly Boychenko
Constraint Evaluation and Effects on J-R Resistance Curves for Pipes under Combined Load Conditions PDF
Sebastian Cravero, Richard Bravo, Hugo Ernst
Contact Materials for Structural Glass PDF
Bernhard Weller, Stefan Reich, Jan Ebert
Corrosion and Fracture of Ti Bioalloys PDF
Andrzej Zielinski, Sylwia Sobieszczyk
Corrosion, Fatigue and Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour of Metal Implant Materials, Especially Titanium Alloys PDF
Claudia Fleck
Corrosion-enhanced Fracture of the Cr-Ni-Mn Steel in Liquid Hydrocarbons PDF
Andrzej Zielinski, Beata Swieczko-Zurek
Crack Analysis in Magneto-electro-elastic Solids PDF
Jan Sládek, Vladimír Sládek, Peter Šolek
Crack Closure Phenomenon in a Carbon Cast Steel with Practical Engineering Impacts PDF
Ivo ?erný, Václav Linhart
Crack Induced Stress and Generation of Twins and Dislocations in bcc Iron PDF
Alena Spielmannová, Anna Machová
Crack Initiation at the Inclusions under Static Loading PDF
Victor Sylovanyuk, Roman Yukhym
Crack Initiation at Thin-film Edges with Weak Singularity PDF
Lingyun Shang, Zhiliang Zhang, Bjorn Skallerud
Crack Initiation Life of Notched Specimens PDF
Janina Menke, Manuela Sander, Hans A. Richard
Crack Kinking out of an Interface, Influence of the T-stress PDF
Sébastien Murer, Dominique Leguillon
Crack Opening and Crack Flank Displacements in the Prefracture Zone when Branching and Kinking PDF
Vladimir Kurguzov, Vladimir Kornev
Crack Propagation in Anisotropic Inhomogeneous 2-D-Structures PDF
Martin Steigemann, Markus Fulland, Maria Specovius-Neugebauer, Hans A. Richard
Creep Fracture Mechanisms in Selected Discontinuously Reinforced Magnesium Metal Matrix Composites PDF
Václav Skleni?ka, Kv?ta Kucha?ová, Milan Svoboda
Damage Analysis of Fibre-matrix System PDF
Jan Klusák, Zden?k Knésl
Damage Evolution on Different Scales PDF
Ludmila Botvina
Damaging Micromechanisms in a Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Ornella Di Bartolomeo, Vittorio Di Cocco, Valentino Piacente
DCB- and TENF-Specimens - Made of Textile Reinforced Wood PDF
Robert Putzger
Delayed Cracking in a Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel PDF
Petr Haušild, Philippe Pilvin, Michal Landa
Determination of a Limit State of Elastic Solids with Thin-Walled Elastic Inclusions Using the J-integral PDF
Viktor Bozhydarnyk, Iaroslav Pasternak, Heorhiy Sulym
Determination of Low-Cycle Fatigue Parameters with Rotating Bending Test PDF
Marko Knez, Sre?ko Glodež, Janez Kramberger
Discrete Numerical Simulation of Fracture Propagation in Disordered Materials: Mesh Dependency PDF
Jan Eliáš, Miroslav Vo?echovský
Disturbance of Long-range Order and Single Crystal State under Plastic Deformation in Ni3Fe PDF
Svetlana Starenchenko, Vladimir Starenchenko, Irina Radchenko
Does Shear Deformability Influence the mode II Delamination of Laminated Beams? PDF
Paolo S. Valvo
Ductile Tearing Resistance of Metal Sheets PDF
Wolfgang Brocks, Paul Anuschewski, Ingo Scheider
Ductile-to-brittle Transition in Tensile Deformation of Particle Reinforced Metals PDF
Aude Hauert, Andreas Rossoll, Andreas Mortensen
Dwell-Fatigue Behavior of a Near Alpha-Ti 6242 Alloy PDF
Pierre Lefranc, Christine Sarrazin-Baudoux, M. Gerland, Véronique Doquet, Jean Petit
Dynamic and Static Characterization of Recent Crack Arrest Tests of Navy and Nuclear Steels PDF
James A. Joyce, R.E. Link, C. Roe, J. C. Sobotka
Dynamic Crack Propagation: an Experimental-Numerical Approach PDF
Jesus Mediavilla, Jaap Weerheijm, Ronald van der Meulen, F. Soetens, C. Wentze, J. van Deursen
Effect of Aging Treatment on Fatigue Behaviour in Extruded AZ61 and AZ80 Magnesium Alloys PDF
Yoshihiko Uematsu, Keiro Tokaji, Masahiro Matsumoto
Effect of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Surface Treatment and Humidity Levels on the Interfacial Fracture Toughness of Co-Cured Composite Joints PDF
Joseph Mohan, Darragh Carroll, Neal Murphy, Alojz Ivankovic, Denis Dowling
Effect of Hydrogen on Fatigue Crack Growth of Metals PDF
Yukitaka Murakami
Effect of Hydrogen on Mode II Fatigue Behavior of Bearing Steel under Cyclic Torsion with Compressive Mean Stress PDF
Shinji Fujita, Saburo Matsuoka, Yukitaka Murakami
Effect of Intercritical Annealing on Fracture Behaviour of 10GN2MFA Grade Steel PDF
Ladislav Kander, Karel Matocha, Aleš Kor?ák
Effect of Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of 15Ch2MFA Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel PDF
Št?pán Válek, Petr Haušild, Miloš Kytka
Effect of Notch Shape and Absorbed Hydrogen on the Fatigue Fracture below Fatigue Limit PDF
Yoshiyuki Kondo, Hikaru Eda, Masanobu Kubota
Effect of Particles Size and Density on Fracture Toughness of Polypropylene Particulate Composite PDF
Eva Nezbedová, Zden?k Knésl, Pavel Huta?, Zden?k Majer, Petr Veselý
Effect of Pressure on the Temperature of Brittle–Ductile Transition in bcc Crystals PDF
Arkadiy Dobromyslov, Ravil Churbaev
Effect of Prestrain on Ductility of a X100 Pipeline Steel PDF
Jacques Besson, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Thilo Morgeneyer, Yazid Madi
Effect of Specimen Thickness on Plastic Zone PDF
Shashidhar Kudari, Krishnaraja Kodancha
Effect of Temperature on the Cyclic Stress Components of Inconel 738LC Superalloy PDF
Martin Petrenec, Miroslav Šmíd, Karel Obrtlík, Jaroslav Polák
Effect of Variuos Drilling Procedures on Fatigue Life of Rivet Holes PDF
Mohamed Elajrami, Mohamed Benguediab, Ronald Guillen
Effects of Internal Hydrogen on Fatigue Strength of Commercially Pure Titanium PDF
Hideaki Nishikawa, Yasuji Oda, Hiroshi Noguchi
Effects of Tangential Strains and Shielding in Large Scale Yielding in Multi-Layered Architectures for Bearings
Allan Burke-Veliz, Stavros Syngellakis, Philippa Reed
Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Cracks on Metal/Ceramic Joints PDF
Mohamed Belhouari, Bel Abbes Bachir Bouiadjra, Kacem Kaddouri, Kouider Madani
Electromagnetic Radiation Method for Identification of Multi-scale Fracture and Dynamic Parameters of thin Fibers PDF
Igor Simonov
Engineering Methods for Stress Intensity Factor Calculation and their Practical Application PDF
Igor Orynyak
Enhancing Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy through Inhibiting Recrystallization PDF
M. Bobby Kannan, V. S. Raja
Environmental Effects upon Fatigue and Fracture Propagation of A1N Grade Railway Steel PDF
Stefano Beretta, Michele Carboni, A. Lo Conte
Environmentally Assisted “in-bulk” Steel Degradation of Long Term Service Gas Trunkline PDF
Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn, Ellina Lunarska, Maria Elena Gennaro, Giovanna Gabetta
ESIS TC5 European Round Robin on Dynamic Compression Testing PDF
Jan Džugan, Hugh MacGillivray, Uwe Mayer, Václav Mentl, Celia Watson
Estimation of Apparent Fracture Toughness of Ceramic Laminates Based on Generalized Strain Energy Density Factor PDF
Luboš Náhlík, Lucie Šestáková, Pavel Huta?
Evaluation of Experiments on Semi-large Scale Specimens with Underclad Cracks with Focus on Constraint and RPV Integrity Evaluation PDF
Dana Lauerová, Vladislav Pištora
Evaluation of Hydrogen Resistance of 18Mn-18Cr Stainless Steels and its Welding Joining by Fracture Mechanics Approaches PDF
Alexander Balitskii
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Composite Ni Base Coatings using Small Punch Test Method PDF
Ladislav Kander, David Mikuláš, František Kristofory
Evaluation of the Influence of Processing Conditions on the Peel Properties of PE-LD/iPB-1 Peel Systems PDF
Michael Nase, Beate Langer, Hans Joachim Baumann, Wolfgang Grellmann
Evaluation of Toughness Anisotropy on Doped PZT Ceramics as a Function of Load and Temperature PDF
Raúl Bermejo, Hannes Grünbichler, Josef Kreith, Robert Danzer
Experimental and Numerical Study of Behaviour, Damage and Crack Propagation of PA6 PDF
Cedric Regrain, Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Sophie Toillon
Experimental Determination of J-integral at Elevated Temperatures PDF
Ljubica Milovic, Milorad Zrilic, Stojan Sedmak, Aleksandar Sedmak, Meri Burzic
Experimental Study of Mechanically Stressed Composite Materials PDF
Pavel Koktavý, Bohumil Koktavý
Fabrication and Fatigue Behavior Study of Metal Matrix Composite AA6063 /MgO PDF
Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, T. S. Mahmoud, A. M. Gaafer
Fabrication of Vertically Aligned Arrays of Metal Nanorods and Nanotubes by Template-Based Electrodeposition Method PDF
Marina Vorozhtsova, Kate?ina Klosová, Jaromír Hubálek
Failure Analysis of Brittle Elastic Notched Structures Utilising Finite Fracture Mechanics Procedures PDF
Jochen Hebel, Wilfried Becker, Dominique Leguillon, Zohar Yosibash
Failure Analysis of Two Sets of Aircraft Blades PDF
Elena Silveira, Garbi?e Atxaga, Angel M. Irisarri
Failure of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding Tubes under RIA Loading Conditions PDF
Matthieu Le Saux, Jacques Besson, Sébastien Carassou, Christophe Poussard, Xavier Averty
Failure of Polyamide 11 using a Damage Finite Elements Model PDF
Guillaume Boisot, Christophe Fond, Gilles Hochstetter, Lucien Laiarinandrasana
Failure of Sandwich Beams PDF
Emmanuel Gdoutos, I. M. Daniel
Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of a Thin Aluminium Alloy Sheet
Miraj M. Jan, Hans-Peter Gaenser, Wilfried Eichlseder
Fatigue Behavior and Fracture Mechanism of Al Alloy 7075-T6 under Ultrasonic Cycling Deformation PDF
Qiang Chen, Norio Kawagoishi, Gen Hashiguchi, M. Oki, Kazuhiro Kusukawa
Fatigue Behavior of High-chromium Alloyed Cold Work Tool Steel in the Gigacycle Regime PDF
Christian Sohar, Agnieszka Betzwar-Kotas, Christian Gierl, Brigitte Weiss, Herbert Danninger
Fatigue Behavior of Nodular Cast Iron after Gas Nitriding PDF
Radomila Kone?ná, Gianni Nicoletto, Viera Konstantová, Peter Jan?ovi?
Fatigue Behaviour of DLC Coated Magnesium Alloy in Laboratory Air and Demineralized Water PDF
Yoshihiko Uematsu, Keiro Tokaji, Hideaki Takekawa
Fatigue Behaviour of Ultrafine Grained Light Alloys PDF
Yuri Estrin, Alexei Vinogradov
Fatigue Characteristics of Bolted Joints under Transverse Vibration PDF
Shinji Hashimura
Fatigue Crack Growth - As a Macroscopic Damage Process PDF
László Tóth
Fatigue Crack Growth in the Vicinity of a Grain Boundary Modelled using a Discrete Dislocation Technique PDF
Per Hansson, Solveig Melin
Fatigue Crack Growth of Different Aluminum Alloy 2024 PDF
Mustapha Benachour, Mohamed Benguediab, Abdelhamid Hadjoui, Nadjia Benachour, Féthi Hadjoui
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in Non-proportional Bending with Torsion Loading PDF
Dariusz Rozumek, Zbigniew Marciniak, Ewald Macha
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in the Cruciform Specimens under Proportional Tension-Compression PDF
Dariusz Rozumek
Fatigue Crack Propagation Micromechanisms in a Ferritic and in a Ferritic-pearlitic Ductile Cast Iron PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesca Franzese
Fatigue Crack Propagation Micromechanisms in High Temperature Embrittled Duplex Stainless Steels PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Ester Franzese, Stefano Natali
Fatigue Damage in Copper Polycrystals Subjected to Ultrahigh-cycle Fatigue below the PSB Threshold PDF
Anja Weidner, Dorothea Amberger, Florian Pyczak, Bernd Schönbauer, Stefanie Stanzl-Tschegg, Haël Mughrabi
Fatigue Fracture and Damage of Engineering Polymers PDF
Keisuke Ishikawa, Yasuo Kobayashi
Fatigue Fracture of Materials in the Region of Solids Cyclic Contact PDF
Volodymyr Panasyuk, Olexandra Datsyshyn
Fatigue in PMMA: the Effect of Notches and Pores Predicted using the TCD PDF
David Hoey, Peter O'Reilly, David Taylor
Fatigue Life Analysis of Damaged Structural Component using Strain Energy Density Method PDF
Stevan Maksimovic, Slobodanka Boljanovic, Vladimir Orovic, Milorad Komnenovic
Fatigue Life Assessment of Structural Component with a Non-uniform Stress Distribution Based on a Probabilistic Approach PDF
Aleksander Karolczuk, Thierry Palin-Luc
Fatigue Reinforcement in Natural Rubber Containing Carbon Black Fillers PDF
Jean-Yves Rouvière, Jacques Besson, Sabine Cantournet
Fatigue Strength for Shallow Defects under Torsion PDF
Stefano Beretta, Khaydar Valiullin
Fatigue Strength of Small-Defect-Containing Specimens under Combined Loading Involving Phase Difference and Mean Stress PDF
Masahiro Endo, Isao Ishimoto, Ken-ichi Iseda, Yuki Sakamoto
Fatigue Strength Reduction of Notched Component in Hydrogen Gas after Multiple Overloading PDF
Masanobu Kubota, Junichiro Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Kondo
Fatique Properties of AISI 316 Grade Steel after ECAP Technology
Ladislav Kander, Miroslav Gréger
FEM Model of the Low-Cycle Damage at the Fatigue Crack Tip PDF
Aleš Materna, Vladislav Oliva
Finite Element Modeling of Plain Weave Composites for Flexural Failure PDF
Omer Soykasap
Finite Element RCC-MR Creep Analysis of Circumferentially Cracked Cylinders under Combined Residual Stress and Mechanical Load PDF
Yuebao Lei, David Dean
Fractographical Analysis of Fish-eye Formation under Multiaxial Fatigue PDF
Št?pán Major, Karel Sláme?ka, Marta Kianicová, Jaroslav Pokluda
Fracture Analysis of NiTi Alloys by Finite Element Method PDF
Andrea Falvo, Franco Furgiuele, Alessandro Leonardi, Carmine Maletta
Fracture Behavior of EUROFER´97 Steel After Thermal Ageing PDF
Hynek Hadraba, Ivo Dlouhý
Fracture Behaviour and Defect Assessment of Brazed Steel Joints PDF
Christian Leinenbach, Hans-Jakob Schindler, Tanya Baser, Niklaus Rüttimann, Konrad Wegener
Fracture Behaviour of Phosphorus-doped Polycrystalline Fe-2.3%V Alloy PDF
Pavel Lej?ek, Jaroslav Pokluda, Pavel Šandera, Jana Horníková, Bohumil Vlach, Monika Jenko
Fracture Evolution in Small Punch Tests under Constant Deflection Rate Conditions PDF
Petr Dymá?ek, Karel Mili?ka, Vojt?ch Hrubý
Fracture Mechanical Investigations of Polymeric Nanocomposites PDF
Andrea Monami, Katrin Reincke, Wolfgang Grellmann, Bernd Kretzschmar
Fracture Mechanics Assessment of Railway Axles Based on Experimental and Computational Investigations PDF
Michael Luke, Igor Varfolomeyev, Kai Lütkepohl, Alfons Esderts
Fracture Mechanics Concepts Applied on PVDF Polymeric Material Exhibiting Porosity, Time and Temperature Dependence PDF
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Mélanie Lafarge, Gilles Hochstetter
Fracture of Conductive Ceramic Thin Film on Polymer Substrate in Opto-electric Devices PDF
Masaki Omiya
Fracture of Ultrafine Grained Magnesium Alloy AZ31 under Superplastic Deformation Conditions PDF
Rimma Lapovok, Tim Williams, Yuri Estrin
Fracture Process Zone Size and Energy Dissipated during Crack Propagation in Quasi-brittle Materials PDF
Ladislav ?outil, Václav Veselý, Zbyn?k Keršner, Stanislav Seitl, Zden?k Knésl
Fracture Surface Analysis of Elastomers PDF
Thomas Horst, Katrin Reincke, Gert Heinrich, Wolfgang Grellmann
Fracture Toughness and Fracture Surface Morphology of Cold Forging Die Steels PDF
Ryuichiro Ebara, Keisuke Takeda, Yasuo Ishibashi, Atsushi Ogura, Yasuyuki Kondo, Shinichi Hamaya
Fracturing of Brittle Materials in a Mixing Process with Water Jet PDF
Libor Hlavá?, Jaroslav Vašek, Irena Hlavá?ová, Petr Janda?ka, Vilém Mádr
From Nonlocal Damage to Fracture PDF
Milan Jirásek
Geometric Dependence of Fracture Criteria in AL2024 PDF
Simon Lewis, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Martyn Pavier, David Smith, Christopher Truman
Gigacycle Fatigue of Metallic Aircraft Components PDF
Claude Bathias, Paul C. Paris
Growth of Short Fatigue Cracks Emanating from Notches in a Two-phase Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel PDF
Ond?ej Kotecký, Suzanne Degallaix, Jaroslav Polák
High Cycle Fatigue of IN 713 LC PDF
Ludvík Kunz, Petr Lukáš, Rastislav Mintách, Radomila Kone?ná
High Cycle Fatigue Property and Micro Crack Behaviors in Non-combustible Magnesium Alloy PDF
Yasuo Ochi, Kiyotaka Masaki, Toshifumi Kakiuchi, Takashi Matsumura, Yoshinobu Takigawa, Kenji Higashi
Hydrogen Effect on the Mechanical Properties and Fracture Mechanism of the Degraded Welded Joints from Steam Pipeline PDF
Oleksandra Student, Andriy Markov
Hydrogen Induced Cracking in Duplex 00H18N5M3S Stainless Steel PDF
Krystyna Lubli?ska, Andrzej Szummer, Krzysztof Jan Kurzyd?owski
Ideal Cleavage Process in Weakly Stable Systems PDF
Vaclav Paidar
Identifying Cracks in Gears Using Wavelet Analysis PDF
Aleš Belšak, Jože Flašker
Implementation of Damage Tolerance Concepts into Stress-Based Fatigue Dimensioning Guidelines PDF
Hans-Peter Gaenser, Juergen Froeschl, Wilfried Eichlseder
In Situ SEM/EBSD Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of a Super Duplex Stainless Steel PDF
Guocai Chai, Ru Lin Peng, Karel Sláme?ka, Sten Johansson
Incubation Time Criteria for Fracture and Structural Transformations PDF
Yuri Petrov, Vladimir Bratov
Influence of Low-angle Grain Boundaries on Short Fatigue Crack Growth Studied by a Discrete Dislocation Method PDF
Christina Bjerkén, Solveig Melin
Influence of Microstructure and Stress on Short Intergranular Stress Corrosion Crack Growth in Austenitic Stainless Steel Type 304 PDF
Salaheddin Rahimi, Thomas J. Marrow
Influence of Pre-FPP (Fine Particle Peening) on Fatigue Fracture Mechanism of Nitrided AISI 4135 Steel PDF
Shoichi Kikuchi, Keita Ishii, Jun Komotori
Influence of the Geometry on the Essential Work of Fracture of Polypropylene Materials PDF
Ralf Lach, Thomas Koch, Sabine Seidler
Instability Analysis for a C(T) Specimen Undergoing Stable Crack Extension and the Crack Growth Law Concept PDF
Juan Donoso, John Landes
Investigation of Branching in Polycarbonate Due to Stress Corrosion PDF
Ulf Hejman, Christina Bjerkén
Investigation of Elastic and Strength Properties of Nanoobjects PDF
Olga Loboda, Galina Krohaleva
Investigation of Energy Balance in Metals under Cyclic Loading PDF
Oleg Plekhov, Ivan Panteleev, Vladimir Leontiev, Oleg Naimark
Investigations on Initiation and Growth of Fatigue Cracks PDF
Manuela Sander, Hans A. Richard, Janina Menke
Jump-like Crack Growth Models or Theory of Critical Distances. Are They Correct? PDF
Andrzej Neimitz
Kinetic Description of Dynamic Crack Propagation PDF
Arseny Kashtanov, Yuri Petrov, Leonid Isakov
Loading Rate Dependence of the Fracture Toughness of Polycrystalline Tungsten: Experiments and Modeling PDF
Daniel Rupp, Xiaohui Zeng, Sabine Weygand, Alexander Hartmaier
Localised Effects in Sandwich Structures – Load Response, Failure and Fatigue PDF
Ole T. Thomsen, Elena Bozhevolnaya, Anders Lyckegaard
Measurement of the Interfacial Shear Strength of a PEO Coated Aluminium Alloy PDF
Dave Asquith, Yee-Han Tai, C. X. Wong, John Yates, Allan Matthews, Aleksey Yerokhin
Mechanical Properties of the Cell Wall Material of Closed-cell Al Foam PDF
Insu Jeon, Kiyotaka Katou, Tsutomu Sonoda, Tadashi Asahina
Mechanical Strength of Nano-Elements PDF
Takayuki Kitamura, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Takashi Sumigawa, Takahiro Shimada
Mechanisms of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Hydro Pumps NP-89D of Aircraft Tu-154M of Cast Aluminum Alloy AL5 PDF
Andrey Shanyavskiy, Alexandre Toushentsov
Mechanisms of Fatigue Crack Initiation Subsurface and Growth of the Surface Hardened Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-3Mo-0.4Si PDF
Andrey Shanyavskiy, Tatiana Zaharova, Yuriy Potapenko, Maxim Artamonov
Mechanisms of Strain Localization, Crack Initiation and Fracture of Polycrystalline Copper in the VHCF-Regime PDF
Stefanie Stanzl-Tschegg, Bernd Schönbauer
Mesomechanics of Multiple Cracking of Nanostructured Gradient Coatings under Loading PDF
Sergey Panin, Victor Panin, Alexey Panin, Victor Sergeev, Evgenii Evtushenko, Dmitrii Moiseenko
Methods for Introducing Pre-Cracks in Fracture Mechanics Testing of Polymers PDF
Joelmir Souza, Fabiano Peres, Cláudio Schön
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Migration-Driven Hierarchical Crystal Defect Aggregation - Symmetry and Scaling Analysis PDF
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Modeling an Interaction between a Phase Transforming Inclusion and a Crack PDF
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Modeling of Brittle Fracture of Porous Materials (media) under Multi-axial Compression PDF
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Modeling of Interface Crack Growth using Discontinuous Galerkin Method PDF
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Modeling of S/N Curves for Flawed Materials in the VHCF Regime PDF
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Models of Nanofibrous Composite Fracture Toughness PDF
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Multiscale Damage Evolution as Structural-Scaling Transitions in Mesodefects Ensembles PDF
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Nanoscopic Multimode Fracture Mechanisms in Anisotropic Silicon PDF
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New Correlations for the Cyclic Properties of Engineering Materials PDF
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New Techniques for In-situ Observations of Crack Growth Behaviour PDF
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Nonlocal Damage Modelling Using the Element-free Galerkin Method in the Frame of Finite Strains PDF
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Numerical Determination of Fatigue Crack Growth in 3D Structures Consisting of Non-homogeneous and/or Non-isotropic Materials PDF
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Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Failure between Copper and Porous Low-k Dielectrics PDF
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Optical Based Characterisation of an Aluminium Alloy PDF
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Orientation Dependence of the Temperature of Brittle–Ductile Transition of Molybdenum Single Crystals PDF
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Percolation of Intergranular Fracture Dependent on Grain Boundary Microstructures during Superplastic Deformation in Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr Alloy PDF
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Performance Comparison of Railway Wheel in Terms of Fracture Mechanics and Flat Generation PDF
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Periodic Set of the Interface Cracks with Contact Zones in an Anisotropic Bimaterial PDF
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Plastic Limit Loads for Idealized Branch Junctions under Combined Pressure and Bending PDF
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Plastic Limit Pressures of Circumferential Cracked Pipe Bends PDF
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Plasticity, a Major Agent in Triggering a Brittle Fracture Mode PDF
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Predicting Fatigue Crack Retardation in 7150 Aluminum Alloy PDF
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Prediction of Crack Growth in Higher Strength Steels Subjected to Constant Amplitude Loading with Overloads PDF
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Pseudo-Shell Model for Crack Analysis of Tunnel Linings PDF
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Ratcheting of High Temperature Materials at Thermal Cyclic Loading PDF
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Redundancy of Composite Glass Beams at Extreme Conditions PDF
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Relationship between J-integral and CTOD for a C(T) Specimen: a 3D FE Analysis PDF
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Reliability Estimation for Structure under Fatigue Load Using Probability Theory and Fatigue Crack Growth Model PDF
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Residual Stress and Reduction of the Stress Concentration Factor in Rivet Holes of 2024–T3 Aluminium Alloy PDF
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Residual Stress-induced Crack-tip Constraint: A Parametric Study PDF
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Response of Inherently Brittle Materials on Higher Loading Rates PDF
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RMS SIF Weight Functions for Surface Cracks: an Illustration of Capabilities and Limitations PDF
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Shielding Effects in Multiple Fatigue Cracks: an Experimental Simulation of Thermal Fatigue Effects, in Stainless Steel 304 PDF
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Short Crack Growth Behavior and Its Relation to Notch Sensitivity and VHCF PDF
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Silicon Nitride Materials for Hot Working of High Strength Metal Wires PDF
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Simulation of Crack Growth due to Hydrogen-Induced Stress-Corrosion Cracking on a High-Strength Steel FeE690T PDF
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Simulation of Failure in Porous Elastic Solids Incorporating Size Effects PDF
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Simulation of Fatigue Fracture Propagation in Concrete using a Lattice Model PDF
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Single Overload Effect in Short Crack PDF
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Size Effect on Strength and Lifetime Distributions of Quasibrittle Structures Implied by Interatomic Bond Break Activation PDF
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Some Critical Aspects of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Metallic Materials PDF
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Some Feature of Fretting Fatigue Strength/Life and it's Mechanical Clarifications PDF
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Strength Mis-Match Effects on Limit Loads for Surface Cracked Tensile Plates PDF
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Strength Reduction Produced by Shallow Notches: an Asymptotic Matching Approach PDF
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Stronger and Weaker Singularity of an Inclined Crack Terminating at the Orthotropic Bimaterial Interface PDF
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Structural Integrity Assessment of Heat-and-Power-Engineering Pipelines with Corrosion Defects PDF
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Structure and Properties of Materials after Pressing by the ECAP PDF
Miroslav Gréger, Vlastimil Vodárek, Ladislav Kander
Study of Interface Delamination by a Newly Designed Miniature Mixed Mode Bending Setup PDF
Murthy Kolluri, M.H.L Thissen, J.P.M Hoefnagels, J.A.W.van Dommelen, M.G.D Geers
Study on Establishing Creep Testing Method using Miniature Specimen of Lead Free Solders PDF
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Study on Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Growth Property Based on Stress Triaxiality Factor PDF
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Sufficient Criterion of Quasi-brittle Fracture for Complicated Stress State PDF
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Surface Damage Evolution Of Graded Materials PDF
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Temperature Dependence of Beremin-Model Parameters for RPV Steel PDF
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The Behavior of Statically-Indeterminate Structural Members and Frames with Cracks Present PDF
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The Damage Mechanics of Creep Thickness Effects of the Single Crystal Superalloys PDF
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The Decrease of Tensile Strength for the Notched Specimens in the Hydrogen Gas PDF
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The Effect of Electromagnetic (i.e. Induction) Stirring of the Melt of Concast Billets on the Reduction of their Surface Defects PDF
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The Equivalent Stress on the Critical Plane Determined by the Maximum Covariance of Normal and Shear Stresses PDF
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The Evaluation of the Service Life of Thermal Cut Components PDF
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The Influence of Bi-material Interface on Crack Propagation Paths PDF
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The Influence of Twinning in B19' Martensitic Structure of NiTi Alloy on Mechanical Properties from First Principles PDF
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The Influence of Vertex Singularities on Fatigue Crack Shape PDF
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The Regularities of the Acoustic Emission at High-temperature Deformation and Fracture PDF
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The Role of Process Models, Flow Charts and Material Databases on the Structural Integrity of Transporting Steel Pipeline Systems PDF
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The Small Punch Test as a Tool for Basic Structural Integrity Assessments PDF
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The Specific of the Creep Process in Hydrogen of the Degraded in Service 2.25Cr-Mo Steel PDF
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The Use of the Master Curve in Structural Integrity Assessment PDF
Kim Wallin
Theoretical and Experimental Study of Nonequilibrium Structural-Scaling Transitions in Metals PDF
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Thermal Fracture of a FGM/Homogeneous Bimaterial with Defects PDF
Vera Petrova, Siegfried Schmauder
Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Crack Propagation Experiments in IN718 PDF
Lars Jacobsson, Christer Persson, Solveig Melin
Threshold of Shear-mode Fatigue Crack Growth in Bearing Steel PDF
Hisao Matsunaga, Satoshi Muramoto, Masahiro Endo
Transition of Acceleration Behavior and Life Time Prediction of Mg-Al Solution Hardened Alloys at around 0.6Tm PDF
Hiroyuki Sato, Takaya Miyano
T-stress Determination using TSA and DIC PDF
Mohammad Zanganeh, Rachel Tomlinson, John Yates
Two Methods for Determination of Fatigue Crack Propagation Limit Curves and their Applicability for High Strength Steels PDF
János Lukács
Universality of Fluctuation Statistics under Plastic Deformation of Metals PDF
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Weak Fiber\matrix Interface Degradation and the Crack Tip Energy Dissipation. PDF
Kirill Khvostunkov, Aleksey Shpenev
Wear Corrosion Characteristics of Various Biomedical Materials in Quasi-Human Body Environment PDF
Yuji Kimura
Yield Load Solutions of Heterogeneous Welded Joints PDF
Drazan Kozak, Nenad Gubeljak, Pejo Konjatic, Josip Sertic