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General Papers

Some Experiences with Crack Path Issues PDF
L. P. Pook
Progress in Identifying the Real ΔKeffectivein the Threshold Region and Beyond PDF
C. Paul, Diana Lados, Hiroshi Tada
Crack paths under mixed mode loading PDF
J.R Yates, M. Zanganeh, R.A. Tomlinson, M.W. Brown, F.A. Diaz Garrido5
Crack Path in Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites PDF
Fernand Ellyin
Fatigue Strength Assessments of Welded Joints: from the Integration of Paris’ Law to a Synthesis Based on the Notch Stress Intensity Factors of the Uncracked Geometries PDF
B. Atzori, P. Lazzarin, G. Meneghetti
Fatigue Crack Path and Threshold in Mode II and Mode III Loadings PDF
Y. Murakami, Y. Fukushima, K. Toyama, S. Matsuoka
Examples of Fatigue Crack Growth in real Structures PDF
H. A. Richard, M. Fulland, M. Sander, G. Kullmer
Fractal Modelling of Kinked Cracks and its Implications for their Fatigue Propagation in Concrete PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori, Danilo Viappiani
Crack Growth Prediction in Aluminium Alloy at Different Environmental Temperatures PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Roberto Brighenti, Sabrina Vantadori, Danilo Viappiani
Mode I Fatigue Growth Analysis of a Sickle-shaped Surface Crack in a Cylindrical Bar PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Roberto Brighenti, Matteo Boni, Sabrina Vantadori, Danilo Viappiani
Fatigue Damaging Mechanisms in a Hot-Dip Zinc Coated Steel PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, S. Natali
Fatigue Damaging Micromechanisms in Ductile Cast Irons PDF
M. Cavallini, O. Di Bartolomeo, F. Iacoviello
Hydrogen Influence on Fatigue Crack Paths in 25 Cr 7 Ni Superduplex Stainless Steel PDF
V. Di Cocco, E. Franzese, F. Iacoviello, S. Natali
Probable Cracking Development in Axial Dovetail Joints of Aero Engine Compressor Discs PDF
M. M. I. Hammouda, R. A. Pasha, I. G. El-Batanony
The crack path growth in aluminium alloy rectangular specimens under proportional bending with torsion PDF
Dariusz Rozumek, Ewald Macha
Modelling of Crack-Face Interference Free Biaxial Crack Propagation in Smooth Normalized SAE 1045 Steel Tubes PDF
John J.F. Bonnen, Timothy H. Topper
A Fracture Mechanical Model and a Cohesive Zone Model of Interface Fracture PDF
Henrik Myhre Jensen
Fretting damage influence of the fatigue crack initiation and growth in High-Cycle- and Very-High-Cycle-Fatigue areas of peened and unpeened Al-based alloys PDF
A. Shanyavskiy, M. Artamonov, M. Artamonov
Two Parameter Fracture Mechanics: Fatigue Crack Behavior under Mixed Mode Condition PDF
S. Seitl, Z. Knésl
Fatigue crack propagation in the frame of a hydraulic press PDF
M. Fulland, H.A. Richard, M. Sander, G. Kullmer
The Prediction of the Crack Propagation Direction According to the Criterion of Maximum Energy Dissipation PDF
O. Kolednik, J. Predan, N.K. Simha, F.D. Fischer
Fatigue Crack Growth Paths in Al-Si-Mg Cast Alloys PDF
Diana A. Lados, Diran Apelian
Modelling of the Transition from Stage I to Stage II Short Crack Propagation PDF
P. Koester, B. Kuenkler, O. Dueber, U. Krupp, C.-P. Fritzen, H.-J. Christ
Fractal Variability and Heterogeneity of Fracture Surfaces inSteel PDF
B. Strnadel, I. Dlouhý
Fatigue Fracture Planes and the Critical Plane Orientations in Multiaxial Fatigue Failure Criteria PDF
A. Karolczuk, E. Macha
Prediction of Fatigue Crack Propagation Path under Combined Torsional and Axial Loading PDF
K. Tanaka, Y. Akiniwa, S. Wakit
Harmfulness and crack path prediction of branched and radial cracks in disks of shrunk-on disk rotors PDF
C. Stoisser, I. Boutemy, F. Hasnaoui
Brittle crack initiation at a V-notch under mixed mode loading PDF
D. Leguillon, E. Priel, Z. Yosibash
Crack propagation on helicopter aluminum panel with bolted stringers PDF
M. Giglio, A. Manes
Effect of initial overload and antibending system on the fatigue behaviour of friction stir welded overlap joints PDF
D. Fersini, A. Pirondi
Determination of Bridging Stress from Bending of a Deep- Notched Specimen PDF
K. Mori, I. Torigoe, S. Hashimura
Fatigue and Toughness Behaviour of Large Blooms for Plastic Molds and Relation with the Microstructure PDF
D. Firrao, P. Matteis, M.R. Pinasco, E. Stagno, R. Gerosa, B. Rivolta, G. Silva, A. Ghidini
Influence of Small Variations of Initial Defects upon Crack Paths in Creeping Plates PDF
A. Bodnar, M. Chrzanowski, K. Nowak
Crack Paths from Weld Details in Three-dimensional Plate Structures PDF
Y. Sumi, T. Okawa
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate, Crack Paths and Microstructure Changes in TRIP Steel PDF
Michael Janssen, Xu Cheng
Crack monitoring around a hole under mixed mode (I+II) loading by image correlation PDF
P. López-Crespo, A. Shterenlikht, J. R. Yates, A. Patterson, P. J. Withers, R. Burguete
On the influence of crystallographic texture on HIC in low carbon steels PDF
V. Venegas, F. Caleyo, J. M. Hallen, T. Baudin
R. Gerosa, B. Rivolta, A. Tavasci, G. Silva
Prediction of Crack Pattern in Reinforced Concrete Members Under in-Plane Stresses PDF
R. Cerioni, I. Iori, E. Michelin, P. Bernardi
Prediction of Crack Pattern in Reinforced Concrete Members Under in-Plane Stresses PDF
R. Cerioni, I. Iori, E. Michelini, P. Bernardi
3D-Fractography in Bending-Torsion Fatigue PDF
Št?pán Major, Petr Ponížil, Karel Sláme?ka, Jaroslav Pokluda
Microcracked Elastic Media PDF
M. M. Brigante
Crack propagation path in lubricated rolling-sliding contact PDF
B. Zafošnik, M. Ulbin, J. Flašker
Critical Aspects of the Crack Development in the Delayed Fracture of Structural Steels PDF
Yuki KOMATSUZAKI, Haengsik JOO, Kunihiro YAMADA
A Study of Curved Crack Paths in Cold-Formed Corners of High Strength Structural Steel PDF
S. Heinilä, G. Marquis, T. Björk, J. Lepistö
Experimental investigations on crack initiation and threshold values PDF
M. Sander, J. Menke, H.A. Richard
Residual strength and crack path predictions by the cohesive model PDF
I. Scheider, W. Brocks
Modelling of Ductile Rupture of Bi-Material Components Using Local Approach PDF
Y. Madi, J. Besson
Influence of Microstructure on Crack Paths in a Ferritic- Martensitic Steel PDF
A. Brückner-Foit, Y. Motoyashiki, A. Sugeta
Crack Path and Fracture Toughness Predictions for Welded Aluminium Sheets PDF
D. Steglich, P. Nègre, W. Brocks
Crack Paths and Fatigue Strength Assessment of Notched and Un-notched Nodular Cast Iron Components PDF
J. Lepistö, G. Marquis, S. Heinilä
The Fracture Peculiarities of Trunk Pipeline Steels after their Long Term Service PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. T. Tsyrulnyk, D. Yu. Petryna, M. I. Hredil
Account of Stress Corrosion Crack Morphology on the Mechanical Situation at the Crack Tip PDF
O.Z. Studen, O.T. Tsyrulnyk
Numerical Modelling of Crack Path in the Contact Area of Gear Teeth Flanks PDF
S. Glodež, G. Fajdiga, J. Flašker
Modeling the influence of pores on fatigue crack initiation in a cast Al-Si alloy PDF
P. Baicchi, G. Nicoletto, E. Riva
Fatigue Notch Behavior of Gray Cast Iron PDF
L. Collini, G. Nicoletto, E. Riva
Hydraulic fracture at dam-foundation joint PDF
F. Barpi, S. Valente
Numerical Simulation of 3-D Crack Growth in Thin-Rim Gears PDF
J. Kramberger, J. Flašker
Fatigue Behavior and Fracture Mechanisms of Nitrided Nodular Cast Iron PDF
G. Nicoletto, R. Kone?ná, V. Majerová
B. Birgisson, A. Montepara, E. Romeo, R. Roncella, R. Roque, G. Tebaldi
E. Romeo, R. Roncella, G. Tebaldi, G. Nicoletto
Sub-Surface Crack Propagation in Hypoid Gear PDF
M. Guagliano,, L. Vergani, M. Vimercati
Theoretical analysis of a subsurface crack under cyclic surface loading PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Fatigue Crack Paths in Shafts Subjected to Bending and Torsion PDF
T. Lassen, A. Spagnoli
Fractures and stability of the French Panthéon PDF
C. Blasi, E. Coïsson, I. Iori
A coupled FEM-BEM approach for crack growth simulation under fatigue load spectrum PDF
C. Calì, R. Citarella, G. Cricrì, M. Perrella
Analysis of the failure mechanisms of a weak rock through photogrammetrical measurements PDF
A. M. Ferrero, M. Migliazza, R. Roncella, G. Tebaldi
The Influence of Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Resistance of Axles Used in the Construction of Railway Equipment PDF
A. Raduta, A. Nicoara, C. Locovei
Some Aspects Regarding the Fracture of Welding Joints Applied on Austenitic Steels and INCOLOY Alloys PDF
The Path of a Growing Crack – A Simulation of the Fracture Process PDF
C. Bjerkén, P. Ståhle
Fatigue Crack Path in 2xxx Aluminum Alloys at 223K PDF
Crack Path Development and Related Safety Considerations for Heavy Duty Railroad Wheels PDF
H.P. Rossmanith, F. Loibnegger, H. Huber
An accelerated predictor-corrector scheme for 3D crack growth simulations PDF
W. Weber, G. Kuhn
Computational Simulation of Crack Propagation Trajectories by Means of the Contour Element Method PDF
J. Jackiewicz, H. Holka
Simulation of fatigue crack paths using a continuous dislocation distribution formulation PDF
P. Hansson, S. Melin, C. Persson
Image analysis of scanning electron microscope images to determine crack-opening stress, crack shape and strain field of fatigue cracks exposed to overloads PDF
L. Jacobsson, C. Persson, S. Melin
Ductile-Brittle Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of aluminium/PMMA Bimaterial 3PB Specimens PDF
G. Shatil, A. Saimoto
Slightly helicoidal crack versus planar transverse crack effects in rotating shafts PDF
N. Bachschmid, E. Tanzi, S. Audebert
Effect of shear forces on cracked beam deflections PDF
N. Bachschmid, E. Tanzi
Theoretical Prediction of the Crack Paths in the Damaged Ashlars of the French Panthéon PDF
G. Lancioni, G. F. Royer-Carfagni
Fracture Mechanics Investigations of Structural Steels with the Yield Stresses between 265 and 1000 MPa PDF
J. Vojvodi?, B. Šuštarši?
Influence of the slot inclination angle on crack path under cyclic tension PDF
Dariusz Rozumek
Saw-tooth softening model for reinforced concrete structures PDF
J.G. Rots, B. Belletti, S. Invernizzi
Mixed mode crack propagation in cold drawn tubes subjected to torsional fatigue PDF
S. Beretta, A. Cerrini, H. Desimone
Crack Trajectories in Ductile Materials Under Unsymmetric Conditions: Theory and Numerical Simulation PDF
M.M. Rashid, V. Tvergaard
Fatigue Crack Shape Control under Bending by Cold Working PDF
F.P. Brennan, S.S. Ngiam
Inflence of Grain Arrangement and Crack Propagation Path on Crack Propagation Rate in Fatigue of Directionally Solidified Superalloy PDF
M. Yamamoto, T. Kitamura, T. Ogata
Relationships among FSW Process Parameters, Defects, Crack Paths and Fatigue Strength in 5083-H321 Aluminium Alloy PDF
L. Lombard, D.G. Hattingh, A. Steuwer, M.N. James
Crack growth simulation by BEM for SEN-specimens undergoing torsion or bending loading PDF
R. Citarella, F.G. Buchholz
Experimental Determination of Crack-Face Interference-Free Mode I and Mode II Crack Propagation Behaviour of Normalized SAE 1045 Steel. PDF
John J.F. Bonnen, Timothy H. Topper
Crack Growth Estimation of Steel Pipes with a pre-crack PDF
Lichun Bian, Farid Taheri
Experimental Prediction of Potential Fatigue Crack Path on Concrete Surface PDF
Guo Li-ping, Sun Wei, He Xiao-yuan