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General Papers

Introduction to Fatigue Crack Paths in Metals
L. P. Pook
Crack Path and Branching from Small Fatigue Crackunder Mixed Loading PDF
Y. Murakami, K. Takahashi, K. Toyama
Crack Paths in Friction Stir Welded 5083-H321 and 5383-H321 Aluminium Alloys PDF
G. R. Bradley, D. G. Hattingh, T. C. Yio, M. N. James
Fatigue Crack Paths under Complex Loading PDF
H.A. Richard, M. Sander, M. Fulland
Numerical Determination of Crack Paths in Three-DimensionalStructures with the Program System ADAPCRACK3D PDF
M. Fulland, H.A. Richard
Fatigue Crack Growth Predictionby the Non-local Critical Plane Model PDF
Z. Mróz, A. Seweryn, A. Tomczyk
Cyclic Crack Propagation at Geometric Discontinuities PDF
Guido Dhondt
Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Path in Al Alloys PDF
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Ordered Alloys Based on Fe3Al PDF
M. Karlík, I. Nedbal, J. Siegl, H. Lauschmann, J. Prahl, T. ?ernoch
Stress Distributions for the Analysis of Early Crack Formationand Propagation in Notched Components Under Bending PDF
B. Atzori, S. Filippi, P. Lazzarin
Fatigue Crack Growth Trajectories under Biaxial and MixedMode Loding PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov
A Parametric Fracture Mechanics Analysis of a Single FilletWelded T- Joint PDF
T. Nykänen, T. Björk, G. Marquis
Square and Slant Crack Growth in (Thin) Sheets PDF
Jan Zuidema, Fred Veer, Kees van Kranenburg
Numerical Modelling of Gear Tooth Root Fatigue Behaviour PDF
D. Jelaska, S. Glodež, J. Kramberger, S. Podrug
Prediction of Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior from aPre-Crack under Combined Torsional and Axial Loadings PDF
Keisuke TANAKA, Takuya KATO, Yoshiaki AKINIWA
A Cohesive Model for Fatigue Crack PDF
Anna Pandolfi, Michael Ortiz
Some Peculiarities of Fatigue Crack Propagation at Different Stages of its Development PDF
V. T. Troshchenko, G. S. Pisarenko
Numerical Simulation of Delamination Growth under FatigueLoading PDF
Y. Ousset
Fatigue Strength of Welded Lap Joints PDF
S. Beretta, G. Sala
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Mode II and SequentialMode I-II in Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel PDF
V. Doquet, S. Pommier
Fatigue Crack Paths in Sintered Duplex Stainless Steels PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, M. Cavallini, T. Marcu, A. Molinari
Material Fatigue Properties for Assessing Mechanical Components Weakened by Notches and Defects PDF
B. Atzori, G. S. Meneghetti, L. Susmel
Crack Paths in Sharply Notched Specimens under In-Phase Biaxial Loadings PDF
L. Susmel, D. Taylor, R. Tovo
The Effects of Loading Waveform and Microstructure on theFatigue Response of Ti-Al-Mo Alloys PDF
A.A. Shaniavski
Mode II Fatigue Crack Growth as Influenced by a Compressive Stress Applied Parallel to the Crack Path PDF
A. Otsuka, Y. Fujii, K. Maeda, T. Ogawa
Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis using TSA PDF
F.A. Diaz, E.A. Patterson, J.R. Yates
Identification of Fatigue Fracture Plane Positions with the Expected Principal Stress Directions
A. Karolczuk, E. Macha
Fatigue Crack Path Development in a One-Sided Restrained Bar with a Rectangular Section and Stress Concentratorunder Bending PDF
E. Macha, D. Rozumek
Crack Path Simulation by the MVCCI Method and Experimental Verification for Curved Fatigue Cracksin the Neighbourhood of a Circular Hole PDF
H. Theilig, M. Wünsche, R. Bergmann
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Fatigue CrackGrowth in Elastic-Plastic Materials PDF
Shixiang Ma, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Jia LI
Effect of Environmental Condition and Frequency Variations on the Fatigue Crack Path in Aluminum Alloy PDF
S. A. Michel, R. Kieselbach, M. Figliolino
J-Integral Applied to Sharp V-Shaped Notches PDF
P. Livieri
Review of the Subsurface Strain Path Approach to Component’s Fatigue Life Assessment PDF
G. Shatil
Applications of Image Analysis in Fractography of Fatigue Failures PDF
H. Lauschmann, I. Nedbal
Optimizing 3D Crack Front Shapes by a Predictor-Corrector Scheme for 3D Mixed-Mode Problems PDF
K. Kolk, G. Kuhn
Experimental Investigations of 3D Fatigue Crack Propagation PDF
M. Heyder, G. Kuhn
Computational Simulation and Experimental Results on 3D Crack Growth in a SEN-Specimen under Torsion Loading PDF
F.-G. Buchholz, V. Just, H.A. Richard
Crack Path Predictions on Modified C(T) Specimens under Variable Amplitude Loading PDF
A. C. O. Miranda, M. A. Meggiolaro, T. P. Castro, L. F. Martha
The Effect of Microtexture Evaluated by EBSD (ElectronBack-Scatter Diffraction) Method on Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior in Rolled Copper Film PDF
K. Shimizu, T. Torii
Complete and Incomplete Self-Similarity in Fatigue Damage PDF
G. F. Royer-Carfagni
Fatigue Behaviour of a Sharply Notched Carbon Steel under Torsion PDF
B. Atzori, P. Lazzarin, M. Quaresimin
Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Crack Propagation under Mixed-Mode(I+III) Cyclic Torsion and Axial Loading PDF
Hirohisa Kimachi, Keisuke Tanaka, Yoshiaki Akiniwa, H. Yu
Damage Evolution in Woven Composite Laminates under Fatigue Loading PDF
M. Quaresimin, M. Ricotta
An Analysis of Fatigue Crack Path in Welded Rails PDF
S. Beretta, M. Boniardi, M. Carboni, H. Desimone
Fatigue Crack Paths in Notched Shells PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori
Why Threshold Stress Intensity Range is a Function of the Crack Length: an Explanation using Fractals PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori
Fatigue Growth of Surface Cracks in Notched Round Bars PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori
Fatigue and brittle fracture propagation paths of planar tunnel-cracks with perturbed front under uniform remote tensile loadings PDF
E. Favier, V. Lazarus, J.B. Leblond
Crack Shape Control using Cold Rolling PDF
S.S. Ngiam, F.P. Brennan
Crack Growth in Bimaterial Joints with Crack Perpendicular to Interface PDF
A. Cirello, A. Pasta
Static Analysis and Fatigue of Cracked Circular Arches PDF
E. Viola, L. Panzacchi, F. Ubertini
Fatigue Crack Growth Effect on the Dynamic Behaviour ofFrame Structures PDF
E. Viola, G. Colella, P. Ricci
Fatigue Crack Propagation and Path Assessmentin Industrial Structures PDF
D. Lebaillif, S. Ma, M. Huther, H.P. Lieurade, E. Petitpas, N. Recho
Fatigue Crack Path in Non-Standard Fracture Mechanics Specimen PDF
I. Kovše
Study of Interaction of Short Fatigue Cracks in 2024T351 Aluminium Alloy PDF
H. Proudhon, J-Y. Buffière
An Integrated Approach for the Prediction of Fatigue Crack Paths in Face Gears for Aerospace Transmissions PDF
Mauro Filippini, Marco Giglio, Carlo Gorla, Francesco Rosa
Investigation of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth in 35CD4 Steel by Infrared Thermography PDF
Oleg Plekhov, Sergey Uvarov, Thierry Palin-Luc, Oleg Naimark
Fatigue Crack Sizing of Skew and Thumbnail Cracks Using an AC Potential Drop System PDF
R.B. Tait, D. Bright
3D Crack Walk in Copper-Nickel-Molybdenum Alloyed PM Steel PDF
A. Bergmark, U. Persson, L. Alzati
Fatigue Crack Growth in Metals under Pure Mode III:Reality or Fiction? PDF
J. Pokluda, R. Pippan, K. Slámecka, O. Kolednik
Forced Crack Path Deviation PDF
C. van Kranenburg, J. Zuidema, F.A. Veer
Evaluation of the Crack Growth for an Ellipsoidal SurfaceCrack Subjected to Fretting Loading PDF
A. Cadario, B. Alfredsson
Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation under Circumstances of Residual Stress Produced by Shot Peening PDF
K. Kanazawa, A. Tange
Effect of Fatigue Crack Path on Statistical Distribution of the Fatigue Lifetime PDF
A. V. Romanovskaya, L. R. Botvina, A.A. Baikov
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Aluminium Alloys Subjected to Block Loading PDF
L. P. Borrego, J. M. Ferreira, J. M. Costa
Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth in Concrete PDF
F. Barpi, S. Valente
Fatigue Crack Growth in Drill Collars Conical Threaded Joints PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, M. Pagliaro, A. Barishnikov
Strain Energy Density Based Modeling of Crack Growth forSugar Mill Roll Shafts PDF
Nelson Arzola de la Peña, Gary B. Marquis
Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete under Fatigue Loading PDF
N. Banthia, S. Cangiano, R. Cucitore, G.A. Plizzari, L. Sorelli
Parametric Analysis of Oblique Edge Cracks under Cyclic Surface Loading PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Fatigue Crack Paths in a Welded Structure PDF
J. Martinsson
Computational Crack Path Prediction for Ship Structural Details PDF
Y. Sumi
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Fatigue CrackPaths in Welded Structural Joints PDF
M. Mouri, Y. Sumi, Y. Kawamura
Effects of the Non-Proportional Loading Path on the Fatigue Crack Path PDF
M. de Freitas, L. Reis, M. Leite, B. Li
Crack Initiation and Propagation in a Martensite-Bainite Steelunder Rotating Bending Fatigue PDF
G. Chai, J. Lindén
Numerical and Experimental Investigation to Evaluate Shape Evolution of Fatigue Cracks in Notched Elements PDF
G. Augugliaro, M.E. Biancolini, A. Mancini
Damage Accumulation and Crack Paths under Variable Loading Modes PDF
F. Morel, L. Flacelière
Soft Zone Effects on Fatigue and Fracture of β Ti-Alloys PDF
M. Benedetti, J. O. Peters, G. Lütjering
Environmentally Influenced Fatigue Crack Path in Titanium Alloys PDF
C. Sarrazin-Baudoux
Influence of Stable Crack Propagation Characteristics on Fracture Toughness of Polycrystalline Ceramics PDF
K. Mori, I. Torigoe, T. Iwamoto
Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of SuperplasticFormed/Diffusion Bonded Structures: BEMAnalysis PDF
C. Di Pisa, M.H. Aliabadi, A. Young
Stresses and Strains in Correspondence of a TransverseCrack in a Shaft: Effect of Crack Closure PDF
N. Bachschmid, E. Tanzi
Calculating the Dynamic Behaviour of Rotating BeamsAffected by Transverse Cracks PDF
N. Bachschmid, E. Tanzi
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Measurement in Welded Joints PDF
P. Žlábek, V. Mentl
Surface Crack Subject to Mixed Mode Loading: NumericalSimulations and Experimental Tests PDF
Roberto Citarella, Michele Perrella
Application of Local and Non-Local Approaches to Multiple Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation PDF
S.E. Mikhailov, I.V. Namestnikova
Fatigue Crack Paths in Coarse-Grained Magnesium PDF
G. Nicoletto, R. Konecna, A. Pirondi
Fatigue Crack Resistance of Aluminum Alloy - Alumina Particulate Composites PDF
L. Collini, A. Pirondi, G. Nicoletto
Analytical and Experimental Approach to Evaluate theCumulative Damage of Medium and High Strength Steel Welded Plates PDF
A. Reali, S. Budano
Fatigue Crack Paths in Ferritic-Perlitic Ductile Cast Irons PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco
Method for Estimation of Crack Path Stability PDF
D.A. Zacharopoulos