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Evidence of piezonuclear fission reactions: Neutron emissions, microchemical analysis, geological transformations PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello
Stand and preliminary testing results on disc-shape hardwood specimens obtained with video image correlation method PDF
Botond Gálfi, János Száva, Lajos Borbás, József Szalai, Katalin Harangus
Fracture mechanics analyses of the slip-side joggle regions of wing-leading edge panels PDF
Ivatury S. Raju, Norman F. Knight, Jr., Kyongchan Song, Dawn R. Phillips
Damage tolerance analysis of aircraft reinforced panels PDF
F. Carta, A. Pirondi
Damage analysis of composites by means of thermography PDF
F. Libonati
Hybrid thermographic-FEA method for evaluation of the plastic strains in the vicinity of the crack in loaded specimen PDF
M. Žárský, J. Valach
Mode III stable crack propagation of specimens containg shallow micronotches and submitted to out phase multiaxial loading PDF
G. Tarantino
Fatigue crack growth of a gamma titanium aluminide alloy PDF
L. Patriarca
Fatigue behavior of aluminum foam sandwich panels PDF
C. Casavola, F. Renzoni
Crack propagation in micro-chevron-test samples of direct bonded wafers PDF
Klaus Vogel, Alexey Shaporin, Dirk Wuensch, Detlef Billep
Micromodel for failure analysis of textile composites PDF
R. Zem?ík, K. Kunc, T. Kroupa, R. Kottner, P. Janda
Degraded and non-degraded mooring ropes jackets: a comparative study of wearing behavior PDF
B. P. Lucas, P. P. Lucas, F. E. G. Chimisso
Yarn-on-yarn abrasion behavior for polyester, with and without marine finish, used in offshore mooring ropes PDF
S. S. Soares, V. Fortuna, F. E. G. Chimisso
Experimental study of friction in aluminium bolted joints PDF
D. Croccolo, A. Freddi, M. De Agostinis, N. Vincenzi
Nonlinear modeling and experimental evaluation of fluid-filled soft pads for robotic hands PDF ()
Giovanni Berselli, Gabriele Vassura
Geometrical optimization for notches based on multi axial fatigue criterion PDF ()
R. Ghelichi
Material and manufacturing issues of a laser ranged satellite PDF ()
C. Vendittozzi, F. Felli, A. Paolozzi, I. Ciufolini
Method development for the reliability testing of printed circuit boards under dynamic loads PDF ()
P. Fuchs, Z. Major
Design and experimental characterization of a 350 W high temperature PEM fuel cell stack PDF ()
Nicola Zuliani, Robert Radu, Rodolfo Taccani
Setting of on board noise sources in numerical simulation of airborne outdoor ship noise PDF ()
Lorenzo Moro
Creep comparative behavior of HMPE (high modulus polyethylene) multifilaments when submitted to changing conditions of temperature and load PDF ()
L. E. N. Caldeira, P. P. Lucas, F. E. G. Chimisso
The AISI H11 creep-fatigue behaviour: an innovative experimental design PDF ()
B. Reggiani, L. Donati, L. Tomesani
Nanocrystalline cobalt-phosphorous alloy plating for replacement of hard chromium PDF ()
Katarzyna Rymer, Andrzej Przywóski
Mechanical characterization of hybrid welded titanium joints PDF ()
C. Casavola, V. Giordano, C. Pappalettere
Material law for numerical analysis of rapid prototype products PDF ()
Ficzere Péter, Borbás Lajos
The use of thermoelasticity and photoelasticity to investigate the mechanical properties of polymeric materials PDF ()
A. Sciuccati
Determination of the true stress-strain curve for steel sheets, used in cold-drawing machining, by means of experimental tests and Yun Ling theoretical model PDF ()
M. Labanti, E. Monno, G. Raiteri, M. Scafe?, D. Trestini, M. Villa, R. Morsiani, A. Coglitore
Non-uniform residual stress fields on sintered materials PDF ()
C. Casavola, C. Pappalettere, F. Tursi
Preliminary vibration testing and analysis for automotive electronic control units PDF ()
S. Jovanovic, M. Milovanovic, P. Milenkovic
A new loading-constraining device for mechanical testing with misalignment auto-compensation PDF ()
G. Olmi
Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behaviour PDF ()
D. Kytyr, T. Doktor, O. Jirousek, P. Zla mal, D. Pokorny
Assessment of pore size distribution using image analysis PDF ()
T. Doktor, D. Kytyr, J. Valach, O. Jirousek
Improvements in processing technique of digital image correlation data for optical measurement of mechanical properties of materials PDF ()
J. Jahoda, J. Valach
Mechanical characterization of orthotropic materials with speckle interferometry and numerical optimization PDF ()
C. Barile, C. Casavola, G. Pappalettera, C. Pappalettera
Characterization of duplex steels through analysis of image-based on co-occurence matrix (GLCM) PDF ()
F. R. Renzetti, L. Zortea
Optical measuring system for equibiaxial test of hyperelastic rubber-like materials PDF ()
Attila Bojtos, Abraham Dr. Gyorgy
Synthetic ropes jackets made of polyester and high modulus polyethylene (HMPE): comparison of abrasion wearing behavior. PDF ()
M. A. Pereira, F. E. G. Chimisso
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of composite/metal clamped joint PDF ()
R. Kottner, A. Stekl, R. Zemcik
Low cycle fatigue behaviour and anisotropy of two steels for turbogenerator coil retaining rings and rotors PDF ()
G. Olmi, A. Freddi
Mechanical and microstructural properties of linear friction welded Al-based metal matrix composites PDF ()
F. Rotundo, L. Ceschini, A. Morri, G.L. Garagnani, M. Merlin
Acoustic emission based damage analysis of pultruded glass fiber reinforced materials PDF ()
D. Crivell
Loading force reconstruction and impact location identification for unidirectional carbon/epoxy wide beam PDF ()
T. Kroupa, J. Bartosek, R. Zemcik
Applied methodology to design a machine to test the strength of offshore synthetic mooring ropes PDF ()
A. Goncalves, F. E. G. Chimisso
How to harmonize design and production process in modern boatbulding PDF ()
Marco Biot, Renato Fioretti
The mechanical properties of fibres and yarns in different group of animals PDF ()
Magorzata Zak, Magdalena Kobielarz
Mechanical and structural properties of porcine coronary arteries PDF ()
M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa, R. Be?dzin?ski, P. Kuropka, M. Pfanhauser
Analysis of spine’s transpedicular stabilizer PDF ()
M. Kiel, J. Marciniak
Influence of the carbon dioxide emissions on selected mechanical properties of wood PDF ()
Jozsef Garab, Zsolt Karacsonyi, Antal Kannar
Injuries of previously stent stabilized left ventricular pacemaker lead during simulated lead extraction PDF ()
Romola Laczko?, Tibor Bala?zs, Eszter Bogna?r, Ja?nos Ginsztler
Strain-stress analysis of the new type composite hip joint endoprostheses PDF ()
A. Morawska-Chocho, B. Szaraniec, K. Migacz, J. Chopek, M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa
Numerical and experimental investigation on the behavior of wood-composite T joints PDF ()
M. Arnesano, V. Dattoma, R. Nobile, W. Panella
Knot strenght in fishing nets: testing a new device developed at POLICAB PDF ()
Vini?cius Wrubel, Cla?udio A. Kucharski, F. E. G. Chimisso
Analysis of short glass fibre orientation in samples from a PA6.6 GF35 car clutch pedal PDF ()
S. Scozzese, F. Cosmi, A. Bernasconi

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