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Creep comparative behavior of HMPE (high modulus polyethylene) multifilaments when submitted to changing conditions of temperature and load
L. E. N. Caldeira, P. P. Lucas, F. E. G. Chimisso

Last modified: 2010-09-06


The use of synthetic ropes technology has been substantially established on the petroleum field, especially in platforms situated in ultra deep waters. The polyester has been one of the most used materials for this purpose, however other synthetic ropes are offering improvements on the mechanical properties in some aspects. A material that could replace the use of polyester is the HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene). Even it has a similar tenacity of the steel, it shows a decrease on the weight and dimension of these fibers. However, the creep that was not appreciable in polyester fibers has an important value on the HMPE fibers life. In this paper, experiments on HMPE yarns are made, analyzing the creep behavior in different environments (changing temperature and load); it is wise to expect that these changes can lead to different responses. Three different fibers of HMPE produced by different suppliers were tested, allowing the analysis of the creep behavior of these materials. An apparatus presented on “CREEP ANALYSIS OF HMPE MULTIFILAMENTS IN LOW TEMPERATURE” Rochedo, I. B. et alii, YSESM, 2008, has been used to allow this study.