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Method development for the reliability testing of printed circuit boards under dynamic loads
P. Fuchs, Z. Major

Last modified: 2010-09-06


The reliability of printed circuit boards under dynamic loads is a key issue in the handheld
electronic products industry. To be able to predict the performance of the boards in their application lifetime
different tests were developed. The current industry-wide standard testing method is a drop-shock-test. In this
test the boards are dropped under defined conditions till failure in the board is detected. The main failure driver
is a flexural oscillation of the board due to the impact event. As this test method has a number of drawbacks in
this work an alternative test method was evaluated. A cyclic-bend-test was used and the results were compared
with the results of the drop-shock-test. A very good correlation between the methods could be observed,
approving the applicability of the cyclic-bend-test for the determination of the drop test