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Yarn-on-yarn abrasion behavior for polyester, with and without marine finish, used in offshore mooring ropes
S. S. Soares, V. Fortuna, F. E. G. Chimisso

Last modified: 2010-09-06


In Brazil, the use of synthetic ropes for mooring platforms in deep and ultra deep water has
increased. So, the knowledge of the behavior of materials used for the anchoring is very important and
motivates our study. A considerable problem with synthetic ropes on load in service is the friction among
multifilaments. Apparently to reduce the friction it is applied a lubricant product called Marine Finish. In this
study, was investigated the abrasive behavior of polyester multifilament yarn-on-yarn in air environment, with
and without the use of this lubricant. To perform it,
were taken into account standards rules like as CI - Cordage Institute and ASTM - American Society for Testing
and Materials.
The apparatus and devices used for the experiments was made into POLICAB and for the specimens tested was
follow the same procedures used by Talgatti, O.L. & Chimisso, F.E.G.. The specimens tests were performed
with loads changing from 2% to 6% of the YBL (Yarn Break Load), the tensile strength of multifilament, with
constant increment. For both tests (with and without marine finish), curves of life were obtained. This paper
aims to present the results of the two specimens used and to verify if they are agree with the suggestions of

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