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How to harmonize design and production process in modern boatbulding
Marco Biot, Renato Fioretti

Last modified: 2010-09-06


The aim of the study is to provide an analytical tool to manage together design process and production methods in the construction of technologically advanced crafts made in composite materials. The main objective is to introduce, in an medium size company, where even today decisions are often based just on experience of manufacturers and on empirical criteria, a new approach which could allow to quickly control and enhance products quality by minimizing at the same time production costs. The proposed approach is based on a objective comparison of different possible manufacture solutions.
To achieve this goal, it is necessary to combine a variety of different engineering subjects: technology and theory of composite materials, finite element based design methods, multi-attribute decision-making theory. The work here presented deals with the definition of a method for harmonizing design and production process, that combines all those engineering skills.
In the paper, after a brief introduction to the whole procedure, special attention is given to the setting of parameters for the multi-attribute approach. Procedure is discussed by making reference to a case study where extensive FE analyses have been carried out.