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Fatigue behavior of aluminum foam sandwich panels
C. Casavola, F. Renzoni

Last modified: 2010-09-06


Metal foams represent a new class of materials that seems to be very promising for light
structural applications. Recently different technological processes have been developed to build metal foams
and the principally goal pursued was to decrease as much as possible their production costs. Therefore the
interest for their mechanical properties and potential engineering applications is greatly increased. In their
applications, such materials are loaded not only by quasi-static forces but also by cyclic forces.
Due to the lack of official standards specific for this new material, tensile and compression tests (edgewise and
flatwise), shear, bending and fatigue tests have been executed in order to understand the mechanical response of
aluminum foam sandwich (AFS). The aim of this work was to study the fatigue behavior of AFS panels through
shear fatigue tests. The closed cells foam studied in this work has been produced by the Fraunhofer Institute
in Brema (IFAM) by adopting the powder-rolling technique. Mechanical behavior of AFS appear to be strongly
related to the manufacturing process, particularly to cells distribution and morphology.

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