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Loading force reconstruction and impact location identification for unidirectional carbon/epoxy wide beam
T. Kroupa, J. Bartosek, R. Zemcik

Last modified: 2010-09-06


Identification of impact force history and impact location is the first important task in structure health monitoring (SHM) processes. The task is critical in cases, when it is not possible to measure the impact force directly and the knowledge of intensity and position of loading is necessary for damage prediction of the structure. Number of methods for identification of impact event exists (see [1–5]). This paper shows method for reconstruction of impact force and location, which is based on decomposition of impact force and responses with the use of so-called base functions. Finite element (FE) analysis is successfully used for acceleration of the process. The method is tested on an orthotropic prismatic wide beam with rectangular cross-section. The beam is fixed on both sides and impact force is applied perpendicularly to the beam axis. Three piezoelectric patch transducers are bonded to the beam bottom-surface to measure deformations.