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Injuries of previously stent stabilized left ventricular pacemaker lead during simulated lead extraction
Romola Laczko?, Tibor Bala?zs, Eszter Bogna?r, Ja?nos Ginsztler

Last modified: 2010-09-06


During biventricular pacemaker implantation stents can be applied for coronary sinus lead stabilization to prevent lead dislocations. A lot of issues occurred in connection with the use of the stent. In some cases the implanted left ventricular lead must be explanted. The removal of the electrode without any injury of the heart is substantial. An other very important question is that, what kind of injuries could the electrode get during the removal process. An extraction model had been prepared including a specified curve and using a polymer tube. After extraction of the pacemaker leads different microscopic examinations were executed. The results can make the operations more successful by making the electrode in a more stabile position and keeping the injuries during operation in a minimum level.