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Hybrid thermographic-FEA method for evaluation of the plastic strains in the vicinity of the crack in loaded specimen
M. Žárský, J. Valach

Last modified: 2010-09-06


The development of reliable method to measure deformations belongs to the most important tasks in study of
constructions and materials nowadays. The availability of these methods is a prerequisite for effective application
of materials in all technical areas because they the reliable knowledge of true state of constructions allows us to use
them safely and extend their life span. The one of way how to reach these goals is an analysis of behavior of metals during
large plastic deformations. If we will know the processes which are responsible for cumulations and growth of defects in
materials we can identify the undesirable symptoms prior catastrophic failure. The aim of the presented research is to find
out more about the plastic strain processes by using thermo-camera and FEM.

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