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General Papers

An overview of failure mechanisms in creep PDF
G. W. Greenwood
An overview on fatigue problems in the car industry. PDF
A. Bignonnet
Current airframe fatigue problems. PDF
P. Poole, R. Cook
Multiple cracking in thermal fatigue. PDF
A. Fissolo, B. Marini
Microfracture mechanics based modelling of fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloy AL7010 T74S1 under random loading. PDF
L. Wei, E. R. de los Rios
Fatigue crack propagation in notched stainless steel specimens under variable amplitude loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, Y. A. Davidov, T. Z. Kamenova
Experimental statistical analysis of scatter in fatigue crack growth life under stationary random loading. PDF
B. Moreno, J. Zapatero, J. Domínguez
The stress intensity factor for small cracks at micronotches under torsion. PDF
S. Beretta, Y. Murakami
Short fatigue crack propagation from notches in N18 Ni based superalloy. PDF
F. Sansoz, B. Brethes, A. Pineau
Crack branching and threshold conditions of small cracks in biaxial fatigue. PDF
Y. Murakami, K. Takahashi
A review of highcycle fatigue models under nonproportional loadings PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha
A study of multiaxial fatigue damage accumulation in carbon steel. PDF
D. K. Suker, M. W. Brown, J. R. Yates, U. S. Fernando
Fatigue limit of nodular cast iron containing casting defects. PDF
Y. Nadot, J. Mendez, N. Ranganathan, A. S. Beranger
Fatigue surface cracks in cast iron with nodular graphite. PDF
M. Schleicher, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Fatigue damage analysis of austenitic stainless steel by magnetic force microscope. PDF
T. Suzuki, K. Hirano
Fatigue crack propagation in FeAl and TiAl alloys as influenced by environment and temperature. PDF
A. Tonneau, G. Henaff, C. Mabru, J. Petit
Thermal ageing and anisotropy effects on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of duplex stainless steels. PDF
A. Mateo, N. Ramirez, L. Llanes, Y. Houbaert, M. Anglada
Fatigue strength of annealed 0.37% carbon steel containing small defect under combined axial and torsional loading. PDF
M. Endo
Crack propagation prediction of practical fatigue defects using a crack shape following technique. PDF
X. B. Lin, R. A. Smith
Improvement of fatigue strength and fracture surface morphology of hard shotpeened type 316L steel. PDF
Y. Ochi, K. Masaki
Environmental effect on the growth of microstructurally small cracks in stainless steels. PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji
Effect of a small blind hole on the fatigue strength of heattreated steel plain specimens in NACL solution. PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, N. Kawagoishi
Application of microstructural fracture mechanics to shotpeened components. PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, E. R. de los Rios
Component lifing by shotpeening. PDF
S. Kyriacou
Surface treatment and residual stress effects on the fatigue strength of carburised gears. PDF
B. A. Shaw, A. M. Korsunsky, J. T. Evans
Evaluation of fatigue strength of arbitrarily notched specimens with small defects based on linear notch mechanics. PDF
F. Takeno, H. Nisitani
Assessment of the period to fatigue macrocrack initiation near stress concentrators. PDF
O. P. Ostash, E. M. Kostyk
Fatigue crack growth in round bars under rotary bending. PDF
R. Brighenti, A. Carpinteri, G. Filippini, A. Spagnoli
Prediction of the evaluation of semielliptical defect shape during crack propagation. PDF
T. Boukharouba, K. Azouaoui, J. Gilgert, G. Pluvinage
An alternative crack path stability parameter. PDF
L. P. Pook
Fatigue strength of material at the weld toe in the presence of surface microdefects. PDF
V. Gliha
Inservice cracks growth in shafts of aircraft structures under simultaneous rotation or torsion and bending. PDF
A. A. Shaniavski, A. L. Toushentsov
Weight function method for determination of critical plane position under multiaxial loading. PDF
R. Brighenti, A. Carpinteri, E. Macha, A. Spagnoli
Low cycle fatigue and fracture toughness behaviour of a nonmagnetic austenitic CrMnN steel. PDF
L. V. Vareda, D. Spinelli
Modelling the effect of micropores on the fatigue life of AA7050 aluminium alloy thick plates. PDF
J. C. Ehrstrôm, D. Roy,, M. Garghouri, R. Fougères
The influence of retained austenite on short fatigue crack growth in case carburized steel. PDF
V. F. da Silva, O. R. Crnkovic, W. W. Bose Filho, D. Spinelli
Prediction of fatigue crack behaviour in elastoplastic materials. PDF
V. V. Panasyuk, O. Ye. Andreykiv, O. I. Darchuk
Damage tolerance prediction using probabilistic modelling of a random stressstrain response. PDF
J. Cacko
A high magnification Moiré interferometer for microstructural strain field analysis. PDF
F. A. La Porta, J. M. Huntley, T. E. Chung, R. Faulkner
Fatigue threshold behavior of thin metallic foils. PDF
A. Hadrboletz, G. Kathibi, B. Weiss, R. Stickler
Fatigue crack initiation stage in polycrystalline copper. PDF
H. Alush, A. Bussiba, Y. Katz
A study of fatigue crack under block loading spectrum. PDF
B. M. Elsehily
Effect of baseline loading on fatigue crack growth retardation due to an overload. PDF
X. Decoopman, A. imad, M. NaitAbdelaziz, G. Mesmacque
Basic mechanisms of fatigue crack kinetics in metals. PDF
N. V. Tumanov, S. A. Cherkasova
Fatigue strength and fatigue crack initiation of steel notched plates under cyclic and random loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, A. Ohta, N. Suzuki, Y. Maeda
Some aspects of small fatigue cracks under variable stress ratios. PDF
H. K. Kotoguchi, T. Wakasugi, H. Okamoto
The use of fatigue to design structures under variable loading. PDF
L. C. H. Ricardo, A. H. P. Andrade
High temperature mechanical testing: review and future directions. PDF
M. S. Loveday, R. P. Skelton
Low cycle fatigue behaviour and lifetime prediction of a SiC particulate reinforced aluminium alloy at elevated temperatures. PDF
A. Jung, H. J. Maier, H.J. Christ
Low cycle fatigue strength of high temperature welded joints: an efficient method to predict the life of austenitic 316L(N) weldments. PDF
L. Le Ber, C. Sainte Catherine, N. Waeckel, M. Turbat
Fatigue crack growth behaviour at elevated temperatures of titanium alloys. PDF
C. SarrazinBaudoux., Y. Chabanne, J. Petit
Effect on inclusions on gigacycle fatigue of a nickel base alloy. PDF
C. Bathias, J. Bonis
Mechanism map of U72ULi superalloy at 650°C. PDF
J. Tong, J. Byrne
Creep fatigue crack growth of semielliptical defect in austenitic stainless steel plates. PDF
F. Curtit, L. Laiarinandrasana, B. Drubrav, B. Martelet
Creep and creep-fatigue behaviour of UD1MET 720 at 850°C. PDF
E. Chateau, L. Remy
Creep behaviour of a Ti6A14V alloy in different heat treating conditions. PDF
F. J. Seco, F. Zapirain, F. Penalba, A. M. lrisarri
Modelling of microstructural creep damage in welded joints of 316 stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, V. Lezaud, R. Piques
Fatigue crack initiation in a ferritic-martensitic steel under irradiated and unirradiated conditions. PDF
J. Bertsch, A. Moslang,, H. Riesch-Oppermann
Fatigue fracture of low alloy steel at ultrahighcycle region under elevated temperature condition. PDF
k. Kanazawa, S. Nishijima
Fatigue fracture of power engineering structures. PDF
V. N. Shlyannikov, A. V. Tchadaev, V. A. Kalatchev
Fatigue strength of ionnitrided steel at elevated temperature. PDF
A. Onuki, Y. Numazaki
High temperature fatigue crack growth behaviour of the UDIMET 720 Li alloy. PDF
G. Onofrio, V. Lupinc
Lifetime prediction under cyclic loading for a class of elasto-viscoplastic damaged model. PDF
S. Bezzina
Modelling of the strain rate effect on the lifetime of austenitic steels under 399 cyclic loading at the high temperatures. PDF
A. G. Gulenko, B. Z. Margolin
The influence of service and manufacturing defects on cyclic life of gas turbine engine blades. PDF
B. A. Gryaznov, Yu. S. Nalimov, G. V. Tsyban'ov
Low cycle fatigue of platinum aluminide coated MARM002 nickelbase superalloy in a sulphidizing atmosphere at 870°C. PDF
G. Govender, E. Aghion, N. Comins
Creep-fatigue crack growth modelling based on local and global approaches for 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
L. Laiarinandrasana, R. Piques, J. P. Polvora, B. Martelet
IDENT 1D Identification of material constitutive parameters. PDF
L. Le Ber, E. Champain, L. Nicolas, C. Sainte Catherine
Influence of ageing on intergranular cracking of 321 heat affected zones. PDF
M. Chabaud, L. Allais, I. Chu, P. Dubuisson, A. Pineau
Assessments of cracks under transient thermalmechanical loading conditions in ductile engineering materials. PDF
H. Yuan, D. Kalkhof
Experimental setup for dynamic fracture of materials at high temperature. PDF
L. Guillaumat, F. Coilombet, J. L. Lataillade
Influence of temperature on fatigue microcracks kinetics in a titanium alloy. PDF
S. Mailly, J. Mendez
The peculiarities of designing with brittle materials weak points and deficiencies. PDF
D. Rubesa, R. Danzer
Hidden defects: Griffith's laws in silicate glasses. PDF
R. J. Hand
Crystallographic fractometry of TiAl fracture surfaces. PDF
T. Hebesberger, C. O. A. Semprimoschnig, R. Pippan, O. Kolednik,, H. Clemens
Modelling the fracture behaviour of CMCs. PDF
A. MartinMeizoso, J. M. MartinezEsnaola, M. R. Elizalde, I. Puente, M. Fuentes
Point contact fatigue in polycrystalline alumina. PDF
J L. Henshall, M.O. Guillou, R. M. Hooper
Fracture resistance of YTZP materials: influence of microstructure. PDF
D. Casellas, L. Llanes,, M. Anglada
A method for fracture toughness testing of ceramics ready for standardisation. PDF
R. J. Damani, R. Danzer
Crack healing behaviour of Si3N4 ceramics and its application to structural integrity. PDF
K. Ando, S. Sato, Y. Kobayashi, M. C. Chu
Development of Batdorfs approach for multiaxial fracture of ceramics. PDF
W.S. Lei, W. Dahl
Subcritical crack growth in three engineering ceramics under biaxial conditions. PDF
L. Guerra Rosa, J. Cruz Fernandes, I. Alexandrine Duarte
Modeling of crack system formation in a ceramic disk under a thermoshock. PDF
R. V. Goldstein, N. M. Osipenko
Ceramics and cermet composites: comparison from the position of fracture mechanics. PDF
O. M. Romaniv, B. D. Vasyliv
Method for investigation of the longterm fracture and reliability of brittle materials. PDF
V. A. Osadchuk, A. M. Margolin, R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn
Determination of the float glass fracture toughness with notched specimen, microstatistical approach. PDF
H. Gouair, Z. Azari, A. Kifani, G. Pluvinage
Effects of notch root radius on both crack initiation sites and fracture toughness of ceramics and steel. PDF
K. Tsuji, K. Ando
Fracture toughness and work of fracture of SiCfibre glass matrix composite aged in nonoxidising atmosphere. PDF
I. Dlouhy, M. Reinisch, B. Vlach, A. R. Boccaccini
Effect of temperature and strain rate on the interfacial sliding stress of a GCMC. PDF
I. Puente, M. R. Elizalde, J. M. Sánchez, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. M. Martinez-Esnaola
Glass strengthening with epoxy based coatings: a fractographic study. PDF
R. J. Hand, F. H. Wang, B. Ellis, A. B. Seddon
Influence of microstructure on fatigue fracture characteristics of AI2O3. PDF
M. Kido, G. Katayama, Y. Tsuchibushi, N. Inoda
Probabilistic study on fatigue life of proof tested ceramics spring. PDF
K. Ando, S. Sato, T. Soné, Y. Kobayashi
Progress towards a unified structural integrity assessment procedure the SINTAP project. PDF
A.C. Bannister, S. E. Webster, M. Koiak, R. A. Ainsworth, K. Wallin, J. Y. Barthelemy
Defect assessment procedure for strength mismatched structures SINTAP. PDF
Y.J. Kim, R. A. Ainsworth, M. Kocak
Development of methods for including constraint effects within the SINTAP procedures. PDF
R. A. Ainsworth, I. Sattari-Far, A. H. Sherry, D. G. Hooton, I. Hadley
Fracture toughness estimation methodology within the SINTAP project. PDF
K. Wallin, A. C. Bannister, P. Nevasmaa
New welding residual stresses compendium incorporated into the SINTAP structural integrity assessment procedure. PDF
A. Stacey, J. Y. Barthelemy
A CTOA description of size effects in R-curves for large growth. PDF
R. M. Curr, C. E. Turner
Fracture mechanics assessment of components. PDF
E. Roos, K. Kussmaul
Contribution to the development of a J estimation scheme for circumferential throughwall cracks in pipes. PDF
Ph. Gilles
Investigations towards J-R curves independence of the specimen size PDF
A. Neimitz, R. Molasy
Transferability of planestress R-Curves: effects of specimen size and crack length. PDF
V. P. Naumenko, O. Kolednik, N. P. O'Dowd, G. S. Volkov, A. I. Semenets
A local approach to cleavage fracture of A508 steel. PDF
A. Rossoll, C. Berdin, P. Forget, C. Prioul, B. Marini
Cracks and strain energy. PDF
D. S. Dugdale
Fracture toughness evaluation using circumferentially cracked cylindrical specimens. PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker
Tests of full scale structural members for the verification of annex C, to Eurocode 32. PDF
B. Kalinowski, P. Langenberg, W. Dahl, G. Stotzel, N. Stranghoner, G. Sedlacek
Brittle and ductile failure under mixed mode loading. PDF
D. J. Smith, T. D. Swankie, M. Ayatollahi, M. J. Pavier
Relation between the crack tip displacement vector and the J-integral in mixed mode ductile fracture. PDF
C. Dalle Donne, A. Pirondi
Ductile fracture toughness under biaxial loading. PDF
S. Arndt, A. G. Atkins
Anisotropic fracture behaviour of eutectoid steels with different degrees of drawing. PDF
J. Toribio, M. Toledano
Modelling of the ductile to brittle transition of a low alloy steel. PDF
S. Carassou, S. Renevey, B. Marini, A. Pineau
The effect of section size on the transition fracture toughness of a silicon killed CMn plate steel. PDF
R. H. Priest, R. Moskovic
Prediction of cleavage fracture in welded wide plates by the J-Q-M approach. PDF
C. Thaulow, Z. L. Zhang, M. Hauge
Brittle fracture of duplex stainless steels. PDF
T. J. Marrow
Anisotropic ductile rupture. PDF
A. A. Benzerga, J. Besson, R. Batisse, A. Pineau
Damage kinetics in ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron. PDF
C. Guillemer-Neel,, X. Feaugas, V. Bobet, M. Clavel
Crack length effect on fracture behaviour of duplex steels. PDF
I. Dlouhy,, Z. Chlup, M. Holzmann
A crack closure in combined tension and bending of plates PDF
I. P. Shatsky
Fracture study of human bones by optical methods. PDF
M. Konsta-Gdoutos, E. E. Gdouto, D. D. Raltopoulos, J. Meissner
A mechanism of 3-D crack growth and splitting in biaxial compression. PDF
E. Sahouryeh, A. V. Dyskin, L. N. Germanovich
Application of local approach to the cleavage fracture behaviour of F82Hmod ferritic-martensitic structural steel. PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, E. Diegele, A. Brückner-Foit
Local approach of fracture in gray cast iron. PDF
V. Vasauskas,, S. Baskutis
Localisation of deformation viewed as a loss of quasi-staticity. PDF
V. Keryvin, J. L. Hanus, T. Désoyer
Assessment of the crack resistance behaviour of martensitic steels by fracture toughness and in situ tensile tests. PDF
D. Regener, E. Schick
The fracture resistance of bimaterial copper-stainless steel interfaces with three-point bend configuration. PDF
A. Laukkanen, P. KarjalainenRoikonen, P. Moilanen, S. Tahtinen
Characterisation of constraint effects based on micromechanical modeling. PDF
H. Yuan, D. Kalkhof
Ductile tearing of thin sheets: a comparison of three plane stress toughness characterisation parameters. PDF
A. Galarza, A. Martín Meizoso, J. M. Martínez Esnaola, J. Gil Sevillano
Probabilistic model for fracture toughness prediction. PDF
U. Z. Margolin, A. G. Gulenko, V. A. Shvetsova
Simulation of room temperature sustained load cracking of commercial purity titanium. PDF
G. Shatil, D. J. Smith
Investigation of the plastic deformation during cleavage fracture. PDF
C. O. A. Semprimoschnig, R. Pippan
Effective stress intensity factor of a reallike 3D intergranular crack front. PDF
P. Sandera, J. Hornikova, J. Pokluda
Flaw assessment in structures of strain hardening material. PDF
S. Kovchyk, R. Risnytchuk
Master curve methodology and fracture behaviour of the cast steel. PDF
M. Holzmann, V. Kozak, I. Dlouhy
Fracture mechanics methods for residual stress evaluation in plane problems. PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, F. Di Puccio
The inner-cut-off-radius in the Ritchie-Knott-Rice model of cleavage fracture. PDF
F. O. Riemelmoser, R. Pippan
The correlation between Charpy fracture energy and fracture toughness from a theoretical point of view. PDF
H. J. Schindler
Two-parametric elastic-plastic fracture criteria. PDF
A. Ziliukas
Crack growth initiation of asymmetrically branched crack in an infinite elastic medium. PDF
G. Papakaliatakis
On the ductile tearing initiation: comparison between a complex structure and CT specimen. PDF
S. Chapuliot
Crack behaviour analysis in the heat affected zone of microalloyed steels. PDF
K. Geric, S. Sedmak
Fracture toughness of thin nodular cast iron. PDF
M. Janssen, H. Boone
Microstructural effects on damage mechanics in constructional steel. PDF
U. Achenbach, S. Klingbeil, U. Prahl, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Preliminary study of the toughness dependence on the heat treatment of a nodular cast iron. PDF
U. Ferraz, M. Pereira, F. Darwish, S. Paciornik
Some critical remarks on the Dugdale strip yield model for the crack tip plasticity. PDF
D. Pustaic,, B. Stok
Fracture toughness of thick plates of Ti6A14V weldments. PDF
I. Eizaguirre, F. Santamaria, A. M. Irisarri, L. M. Plaza
Influence of metallurgical parameters on the fracture toughness of stainless steel welds. PDF
P. Ould, P. Balladon
Influence of the stress state in mismatched weld joints on fracture resistance under tension. PDF
E. Ranatowski
Kinetics of damage accumulation in a material at high strains. PDF
A. A. Lebedev, N. G. Chausov, I. O. Boginich
Recent developments in numerical fracture methods within the R6 procedure. PDF
R. A. Ainsworth, A. H. Sherry, R. Koers
A comparison of geometrical parameter and Gurson's model approaches to simulations of ductile fracture in pipelines. PDF
A. Corigliano, G. Maier, S. Mariani
Two models of ductile fracture in contest: porous metal plasticity and cohesive elements. PDF
T. Siegmund, G. Bernauer, W. Brocks
Experiments on warm prestress effect and their numerical simulation based on local approach. PDF
E. Roos, U. Alsmann, K. Elsasser, U. Eisele, M. Seidenfuss
Fatigue cracks at sharp notches. PDF
S. Sahn, V. B. Pham, B. Wurm, T. Hamemik
Numerical method for determination of the mixed mode crack behaviour 951 in elastic-plastic materials. PDF
J. Li, X. B. Zhang, N. Recho
An interface model based on damage coupled to slip and dilatation. PDF
P. Cannmo
Two and three-dimensional effects in the simulation of wide plate tests. PDF
I. C. Howard, Z. H. Li, D. P. G. Lidbury, A. M. Othman, R. Patel, A. H. Sherry, J. Simpson
Study on the process of intrusion formation using crystalline FEM analysis. PDF
N. Osawa, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto
The influence of defects on intergranular fracture in polycrystalline materials at low temperatures. PDF
P. E. J. Flewitt, G. E. Smith, R. Moskovic, A. G. Crocker
A comparative study of the Rice & Tracey and Rousselier models in the analysis of the ductile tearing. PDF
J. Wilsius, A. Imad, M. Nait Abdelaziz, G. Mesmacque, C. Eripret
A numerical method to simulate ductile crack growth. PDF
S. Marie, S. Chapuliot
A numerical model to analyze the effect of hydrogen on ductile fracture behaviour. PDF
M. A. Astiz, J. A. Alvarez, F. Guttierrez-Solana
Analog of deltac model for elasto-plastic piecewise-homogeneous plates and shells with cracks. PDF
R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn, R. A. Bodnar
The solutions of elasticity problems for cracked plates stiffened by patches. PDF
M. P. Savruk, V. S. Kravets
Analysis of failure loadings at contact of anisotropic and isotropic half-planes with local surface recess-type flaws. PDF
A. A. Kryshtafovych, R. M. Martynyak, R. M. Shvets
Notches and kinked cracks in materials with general anisotropy. PDF
C. Blanco, J. M. MartinezEsnaola, C. Atkinson
Stress intensity factors for oblique edge crack under travelling load. PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Stress intensity factors for a semielliptical crack under various stress distribution. PDF
S. Pommier, C. Sakae, Y. Murakami
Crack tip fields in coarse two phase materials under creep loading conditions. PDF
C. Broeckmann, O. Liisebrink
The variation of the neartip parameters of a growing crack in a plain sided CT specimen. PDF
W.Y. Yan, O. Kolednik, F. D. Fischer
Study of ductile fracture of austenitic stainless steels by local approach. PDF
C. Geney, S. Degallaix-Moreuil, Y. Desplanques, T. Millot
FE-simulation of crack growth using damage parameter and cohesive surface concept. PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, O. Mintchev, S. Schmauder
High-resolution numerical modelling of stress-strain fields in the vicinity of a crack tip subjected to fatigue. PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Numerical approach for the prediction of fatigue crack growth in microelectronics solder joints. PDF
K. Kaminishi, M. lino, M. Taneda
Prediction of fatigue crack growth under complex loading with the software system FRANC/FAM. PDF
H. A. Richard, B. May, M. Schollmann
A statistical model for coalescence of dispersed flaws. PDF
S. Ignatovich, F. F. Ninasivincha -Soto
Why and how the elastic response of an ideal crack is to be harmonized with that of an actual crack. PDF
V. P. Naumenko
Near-neutral stress corrosion cracking of buried pipelines: field experience and research results. PDF
V. Pistone
Current issues in hydrogen embrittlement. PDF
A. Turnbull
Competition between sensitisation and environmentally induced grain boundary damage in 304 stainless steel. PDF
K. Wolski, A. Harabasz, M. Biscondi, T. Magnin
Environmental aspects of the sustained-load cracking in a mill annealed titanium alloy. PDF
Y. N. Lenets, A. H. Rosenberger, T. Nicholas
A mechanical approach to the prediction of stress corrosion crack initiation of alloy 600. PDF
G. Barbier, P. Bystricky
Formation and characteristics of quasi-cleavage crack in hydrogen damaged low strength steel. PDF
Y. Nakatani, H. Matsuoka, K. Yamada
Hydrogen assisted cracking of high-strength steels for civil engineering purposes. PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero
Electrochemical approach to the development of a simulating physiological environment for strength evaluation of hard tissue replacement materials PDF
B. J. Lee, J. Komotori, M. Shimizu
Thermocycling in hydrogen environment as simulation method of pipeline steam steel's damages. PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. Z. Student
Degradation of corrosion fatigue crack growth resistance of a power plants pipe-line steel under operating conditions PDF
I. M. Dmytrakh, A. B. Vainman, R. I. Vovk
Influence of the intermetallic phases precipitation on the corrosion behaviour of a duplex stainless steel PDF
A. M. Irisarri, E. Erauzkin
Evaluation of the effect of geothermal environment on corrosion fracture of titanium alloy and steel. PDF
V. I. Pokhmurskii, O. S. Kalakhan
EAC of austenite in hot water crevices measured by rising displacement test method PDF
A. Brozova, K. Splichal
Some problems of the cold cracking in weld joints in aspect of fracture mechanics PDF
E. Ranatowski
Assessment of residual life of main gas pipe-lines with corrosion-fatigue damages PDF
Yo. L. Zubyk, O. Ye. Andreykiv, O. I. Darchuk
Predicted and experimental corrosion fatigue crack growth rates of anodically polarised steel in deaerated sea water PDF
C. J. van der Wekken, P. C. H. Anient, M. Janssen, J. Zuidema
Determination and prediction of corrosion fatigue cracks nucleation from surface of a semicircular notches PDF
V. V. Panasyuk, I. M. Dmytrakh
Identification of corrosion-mechanical fracture mechanism of structural steels PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. T. Tsyrulnyk
Corrosion fatigue at notches in high strength aluminium alloy PDF
E. M. Kostyk, O. P. Ostash, I. R. Makoviychuk, R. V. Chepil
Combined effect of hydrogen and stress concentrations in austenitic stainless steel PDF
L. Caballero, A. Valiente, J. Ruiz
Effect of specimen size and hydrogen exposure condition on KiH test PDF
N. Ohtsuka, Y. Shindo, H. Yamada
Fish eye formation in A508.3 and 18MND5 steels after hydrogen charging PDF
J. Sojka, M. Sozanska, J. Galland, L. Hyspecka, M. Tvrdy
Influence of transient near-tip stress field on hydrogen assisted tracking PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Local versus global decarburization during hydrogen attack in a vessel PDF
S. M. Schlogl, E. van der Giessen
Numerical simulations of hydrogen/dislocation interactions at a stress corrosion crack tip PDF
J.-Ph. Chateau, A. Paret, D. Delafosse, Th. Magnin
The role of structural defects in hydrogen induced cold cracking of steel weldments PDF
I. K. Pokhodnya, V. I. Shvachko, S. M. Stepanyuk
Determination of the characteristic yield force (Fzy) and displacement (Sj,) for instrumented mini charpy-V specimens PDF
H. Taylor
Instrumented impact testing of sub-size Charpy-V notch specimens: final results of the ESIS TC5 round-robin PDF
E. Lucon
Simplified fracture toughness measurement by drop weight loading PDF
J. D. G. Sumpter
Dynamic fracture mechanics testing of the HSLA steel PDF
Z. Radakovic, G. B. Lenkey, A. Sedmak
The “Small Punch” technique for evaluating quasi non-destructively the mechanical properties of steels PDF
V. Bicego, E. Lucon, C. Sampietri
Effect of crack depth on fracture mechanics properties estimated from instrumented precracked Charpy-tvpe tests PDF
H.-J. Schindler, Ph. Bond.G. Prantl
Modelling of the effect of irradiation on Charpy impact properties of steels PDF
R. Moskovic
Calculation of the asymptotic crack tip fields for a dynamic crack growth in ductile porous solids PDF
B. Potthast, K. P Herrmann
Strain/strain-rate controlled and geometry/microstructure dependent dynamic material failure PDF
C. H. Nguyen
Acoustic emissions in epoxy adhesive dynamic peel specimens containing interfacial layers PDF
H. Taylor, W. C. Law, J. P. E. Pyykko, D. L. Chadwick, R. E. Davis
Comparison of dynamic and static environmentally assisted cracking test methods for aluminium alloys PDF
M. G. Burns, D. Sarchamy, L. Schra, R. Braun
Influence of post weld heat treatment on the HAZ toughness of a C-Mn microalloyed steel PDF
V. L. O. Brito, H. J. C. Voorwald, N. Neves, L. F. G. Souza, J. M. A. Arneiro
Investigations of the warm prestress effect by the precracked instrumented Charpy tests PDF
H. Blumenauer, B. Eichler, J. Ude
Temperature effects in spall mechanics PDF
P. Chevrier, J. R. Klepaczko
Deformation and fracture of polymers: relativistic approach PDF
G.M. Kerch
Dynamic compression testing of plain carbon steel PDF
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