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General Papers

A complex variable formulation for the interactions between rigid inclusions and cracks PDF
K. T. Chau, W. B. Wang
A J estimation scheme and its application to low cycle fatigue crack growth PDF
G. G. Chell, R. C. McClung, Y.-D. Lee
A mesoscopic theory of damage and fracture in heterogeneous materials PDF
A. Carpinteri, B. Chiaia, P. Cornetti
A possible explanation of size effect in fatigue strength of metals PDF
A. Carpinteri, A. Landini, A. Spagnoli
A variational principle for finite transformation gradient plasticity to model ductile fracture PDF
E. Lorentz, V. Cano
Aircraft structural integrity: the impact of corrosion PDF
G. Clark, P. K. Sharp, T. Mills
Alternative methods for deriving and fitting J-R curves: How they affect structural integrity assessment PDF
J. R. Tarpani, A. A. Colafemea, W. W Bose Filho, D. Spinelli
An element-free Galerkin method for dynamic fracture in functional graded material PDF
H. Peixiang, L. Ziran, W. Changchun
An experimental model of void growth and coalescence during ductile fracture PDF
C. R. Colapietro, P. A. Kirkham, D. A. Koss
An extended void growth model for ductile failure - assessment for non radial loadings and application to fracture toughness prediction PDF
T. Pardoen, J. W. Hutchinson, L. Cousin-Cornet
An interface element for the numerical analysis of fibre reinforced concrete PDF
M. Cuomo
Analysis of subsonic interfacial fracture using strain gages in an isotropic-orthotropic biomaterial PDF
V. Ricci, K. H. Lee, A. Shukla, V. Chalivendra
Anti-plane shear crack growth in piezoceramics: change of electric field and displacement direction PDF
B. Liu, S. Y. Cheng, Z. F. Song, W. F. Ren
Atomistic simulations of the mechanical response and modes of failure in metals at finite strain PDF
J. Zhao, S. Chantasiriwan, D. Maroudas, F. Milstein
Beam theory and weight function methods for mode I delamination with large scale bridging PDF
R. Massabo, B. N. Cox
Comparison of experiment and theory for crack tip fields in ductile single crystals PDF
W. C. Crone, W. J. Drugan
Continuum-atomistic modeling for crack initiation and propagation in polycrystals PDF
E. Iesulauro, K. Dodhia, T. Cretegny, C.-S. Chen, C. Myers, A. R. Ingraffea
Crack deflection in layered, graded composites PDF
J. Chapa-Cabrera, I. E. Reimanis
Cyclic thermal loading of ceramic matrix composites: constitutive models and design strategies PDF
A. C. F. Cocks, M. E. Booker, F. A. Leckie
Deformation of [001] NiTi single crystals PDF
H. Sehitoglu, X. Zhang, J. Jun, I. Karaman, K. Gall, Y. Chumlyakov
Design of experiments for reliability assessment of active mechanical structures PDF
R. Kouta, H. Fall, W. Charon
Development of cohesive models from the study of atomic scale fracture processes PDF
P. A. Klein, J. A. Zimmerman, E. P. Chen
Ductile fracture analysis of structural steel by application of micromechanical modelling PDF
M. Rakin, Z. Cvijovic, A. Sedmak, M. Zrillic, Z. Putic
Ductile rupture of aluminium sheets PDF
J. Brocks, J. Besson, O. Chabanet, D. Steglich
Dynamic delaminatin in through-thickness reinforced DCB specimens PDF
N. Sridhar, B. N. Cox, I. J. Beyerlein, R. Masa
Dynamic fracture and fragmentation brittle spheres subject to double impact test PDF
K. T. Chau, S. Z. Wu, X. X. Wei
Effect of predeformation on fatigue life - experimental characterisation and description by means of a new parameter PDF
H.-J. Christ, K. Schoeler
Effect of test rate on tensile strength of various continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic composites at elevated temperatures PDF
S. R. Choi, J. P. Gyekenyesi
Experimental research on fracture and fatigue of SCT specimen simulating high-strain region of pressure vessel nozzels PDF
X. Chen, T. Yang, W. Jin, J. Jiang, C. Cheng
Experimental study on the effect of plastic constraint on ductile tearing PDF
Q.-F. Li, L. Li, S.-l. Yang, P. Long, X.-T. Han, H.-G. Cao
Fatigue behaviours of a martensitic compressor valve stainless steel with small amount of retained austenite PDF
G. Chai, S. Olsson, P. Liu, T. Larsson
Fatigue crack growth acceleration effects under helicopter loading spectra PDF
V. Zitounis, P. E. Irving, D. Matthew, R. Cook, S. Jenkins
Fatigue crack growth under simple variable amplitude load sequences PDF
L. P. Borrego, J. M. Ferreira, J. M. Costa
Fatigue crack initiation (FCI) life prediction for a flat plate with a central hole PDF
T.-L. Teng, C.-C. Liang, P.-H. Chang
Fatigue damage and compressive residual strength of a woven PMC subjected to cyclic hygrothermal conditioning PDF
M. G. Castelli, J. C. Thesken
Fatigue damage in advanced polymer matrix composites PDF
H. E. Carroll, T. J. Mathams, D. M. Knowles, A. J. Davies
Fatigue fracture plane direction assessment through the weight function method PDF
A. Carpinteri, A. Karolczuk, E. Macha
Fracture initiation and crack growth - cohesive zone modeling and stereoscopic measurements PDF
C. R. Chen, O. Kolednik, F. D. Fischer, I. Scheider, T. Siegmund, A. Tatschl
Fracture mechanics models for the analysis of composite materials with a nonlinear matrix PDF
A. Carpinteri, G. Ferro, G. Ventura
Fracture mechanism of a bainite steel in pre-cracked and notched specimens at low temperature PDF
C. Yan, O. H. Qin, J. H. Chen
Fracture of Ferritic Steels; the effects of the Ductile Brittle Transition on Carbides within the Plastic Zone PDF
M. D. Coates, S. G. Roberts
Fracture toughness of polymer interfaces: From the molecular to the continuum scale PDF
C. Creton, E. J. Kramer, H. R. Brown, C. Y. Hui
Functionally graded materials: effect of elastic heterogeneity on the toughness PDF
V. Cannillo, W. C. Carter
Improving the adhesion strength of PET/PMMA composite by radio frequency plasma treatment PDF
M. O. H. Cioffi, H. J. C. Vorwald
In-situ characterization of matrix response to fiber fractures PDF
J.C. Hanan, I.J. Beyerlein, E. Ustundag, G.A. Swift, B. Clausen, D.W. Brown
Initial cracks in saturated swelling soils PDF
V. Y. Chertkov
Interfacial force microscopy studies of y-APS on glass and SI02 PDF
K. M. Liechti, K. C. Vajapeyajula, M. Wang, H. Cabibil, H. Celio, J. M. White
Material response with cell method PDF
F. Cosmi
Microstructural features of short crack growth in a Beta-titanium Alloy PDF
U. Krupp, W. Floer, H.-J. Christ, A. Schick, C.-P. Fritzen
Modelling crack propagation: a phase field approach PDF
L. O. Eastgate, J. P. Sethna, M. Rauscher, C. R. Myers, C. S. Chen
Modelling of size effects on fracture in the brittle-to-ductile transition regime PDF
A. H. Sherry, D. P. Lidbury, D. C. Connors, A. R. Dowling
On fatigue limit of notched components PDF
M. D. Chapetti, T. Tagawa, T. Miyata
On size of quantum bag and cracking PDF
K. J. Cheng, S. Y. Cheng
On the essential work of fracture: Application to characterise thin polymer films fracture PDF
L. Cousin-Cornet, M. Nait Abdelaziz, C. C. Cazeneuve, G. Mesmacque
Predicting the fatigue-life of structural adhesive joints PDF
A. J. Kinloch, A. J. Curley, H. Hadavinia, A. C. Taylor
Qualification of cleavage fracture toughness on the basis of local fracture criterion approach PDF
T. Miyata, T. Tagawa, C. E. Chaves
Qualification of cleavage fracture toughness on the basis of local fracture criterion approach PDF
T. Miyata, T. Tagawa, C. Chaves
Quench cracking resistance of powder metallurgy superalloys PDF
K. M. Chang
Real-time speckle interferogram analysis and its application to sub-surface delamination crack detection in carbon fibre composites PDF
J. M. Huntley, C. R. Coggrave, Y. Shen
Resonance and crack propagation in prestressed orthotropic materials containing an inclined crack PDF
E. M. Craciun, E. Soos
Scientific support for the investigation of a helicopter collision PDF
K. P. Roberts, G. Clark
Self-consistent constitutive modeling of particle dispersed composite materials with micro-crack type damage PDF
M. Nakagaki, H. Chang, Y. Wu
Semi-weight function method of three dimensional problem in fracture mechanics PDF
L. Chuntu, M. Kaiping
Shape sensitivity and reliability analyses in nonlinear fracture mechanics PDF
G. Chen, S. Rahman
Simulation transverse fracturing of thin plastic sheet PDF
B. J. Carter, A. R. Ingraffea, Y.-H. Lai
Software methodologies for multiscale descriptions of defects, deformation and fracture PDF
C. Myers, C.-S. Chen, T. Cretegny, N. P. Bailey, A. J. Dolgert, L. O. Eastgate
Temperature and aging effects on ultimate bearing strength and fatigue of polymeric composite joints PDF
W. S. Johnson, W. A. Counts
Tensile and fatigue fracture of discontinuously reinforced aluminum alloys (DRA) PDF
N. Chawla, J. J. Williams, G. Piotrowski, R. Saha
The fracture toughness properties of large upset resistance stainless steel welds PDF
M. J. Morgan, S. L. West, W. R. Kanne Jr, G. K. Chapman
The role of particles in fatigue crack propagation of aluminium alloys PDF
Z. Z. Chen, K. Tokai, T. Horimoto
Universal bridging laws for cracks in creeping media PDF
B. Cox, N. Sridhar
Use of atomic force microscopy in assessing surface damage due to fatigue PDF
L. Cretegny, A. Saxena
Use of surface-treatment life extension methods for aircraft components PDF
Q. Liu, S.A. Barter, P. Baburamani, P. K. Sharp, G. Clark