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General Papers

A pipeline approach to developing virtual tests for composite materials PDF
Brian Cox, Hrishikesh Bale, Matthew Blacklock
Fracture criteria for piezoelectric ceramics PDF
Leslie Banks-Sills
Is there a threshold for PSB formation in iron PDF
Chong Wang, Danièle Wagner, Qingyuan Wang, Claude Bathias
Evaluation of an ultrasonic device to test fretting-fatigue in very high cycle regime PDF
Pedro Filgueiras, Claude Bathias, Ernani Palma
Very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) behavior of structured Al 2024 thin sheets PDF
Sebastian Stille, Tilmann Beck, Lorenz Singheiser
Very high cycle fatigue strength of a high strength steel under sea water corrosion PDF
Palin-Luc Thierry, Claude Bathias
Defect induced scaling in gigacycle fatigue PDF
Vladimir Oborin, Mickail Bannikov, Oleg Naimark
Finite element modeling of the coupling between thermal dissipation and fish-eye crack growth in very high cycle fatigue regime PDF
Laurent Gallimard, Quan H. Nguyen, Claude Bathias
Microplasticity, microdamage, microcracking in ultrasonic fatigue PDF
C. Bathias, D. Field, S. Antolovich, P.C. Paris
NUmerical investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale PDF
Christopher Bohnert, Sabine M Weygand, Nicola J. Schmitt
Solidification Cracking of IN 718 TIG Welds PDF
Myriam Brochu, Alexis Chiocca, Rafael Navalon-Cabanes
Mechanical properties of lattice truss structures made of a selective laser melted superalloy PDF
Håkan Brodin, Jonas Saarimäki
Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in a Welded Cruciform Joint under Biaxial Stresses PDF
Xiang Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Rui Bao
Ultrasonic Spot Welding of Lightweight Alloys PDF
V.K. Patel, S.D. Bhole, D.L. Chen
Fibre Bridging and Crack Tip Shielding in Glare: Numerical and Experimental Validation PDF
Sunil Bhat
Short/Small Crack Model Development for Aircraft Structural Life Assessment PDF
Min Liao, Guillaume Renaud, Yan Bombardier
Improvement of crack-tip stress series with Padé approximants PDF
Gaëtan Hello, Mabrouk Ben-Tahar, Jean-Marc Roelandt
Multi-scale modeling and diffraction-based characterization of elastic behaviour of human enamel PDF
Tan Sui, Michael A. Sandholzer, Nikolaos Baimpas
Modelling Damage in Nuclear Graphite PDF
Thorsten Becker, James Marrow
Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue cracks in the weld of a CA6NM stainless steel PDF
Alexandre Trudel, Myriam Brochu, Martin Lévesque
Cutting zone temperature and specific cutting energy measurements and evaluation in machining metals PDF
Y. Yifrach, U. Ben-Hanan
Simulation of Damage and Crack Propagation in Three-Point Bending Asphalt Concrete Beam PDF
Guowei Zeng, Xinhua Yang, Fan Bai
Effect of Characteristic Specifications on Fracture Toughness of Asphalt Concrete Materials PDF
Hamid Behbahani, MohammadReza. M. Aliha, Hassan Fazaeli
Recent developments in brittle and quasi-brittle failure assessment of graphite by means of SED approach PDF
Filippo Berto, Paolo Lazzarin, M.R. Ayatollahi
Experimental study of heat dissipation process into fatigue crack tip in titanium alloys. PDF
M.V. Bannikov, A.I. Terekhina, A.Y. Fedorova
A coupled stress and energy model for mixed-mode cracking of adhesive joints PDF
Philipp Weißgraeber, Wilfried Becker
Plastic factor of front face compact tension specimens PDF
Modeling of Strain Localization and Failure in Vanadium under Quasistatic Loading PDF
Anastasia Kostina, Yuriy Bayandin, Oleg Plekhov
Thermomechanical fatigue life of a TBC – comparison of computed and measured behaviour of delamination cracks PDF
Sören Sjöström, Håkan Brodin, Magnus Jinnestrand
General laws of multiple fracture at static, cyclic and dynamic loading PDF
Luidmila R. Botvina
An Advanced Damage Percolation Model of Ductile Fracture PDF
Cliff Butcher, Zengtao Chen, Michael Worswick
Introduction of a reverse simulation approach to identify the fatigue SIF crack arrest threshold from fretting cracking experiments PDF
Alix de Pannemaecker, Siegfried Fouvry, Jean-Yves Buffière
The Effects of Hydrogen on Mechanical Properties of Ni-base Alloys under the Static and Cyclic Loading PDF
Alexander Balitskii, Lyubomir Ivaskevich, Volodimir Mochulskyi
Modeling of deformation and failure behavior of dissimilar resistance spot welded joints under shear, axial and combined loading conditions PDF
Sebastian Burget, Silke Sommer
Creep-fatigue interaction model for crack growth of nickel-based superalloys with high temperature dwell time PDF
Hongqin Yang, Rui Bao, Jiazhen Zhang
Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue cracks in the weld of a CA6NM stainless steel PDF
Alexandre Trudel, Myriam Brochu, Martin Lévesque
Evaluation of resistance to fatigue due to thermal shock in ceramic facade coating system PDF
Yina F. M. Moscoso, Anderson S. Barbosa, João B. Uchôa
Rotating Bending Fatigue Tests of PH-42 steel Plasma Nitrided PDF
José Divo Bressan, Daniel Kohls
Study of Stored Energy Evolution at Fatigue Crack Tip Based on Infrared Data PDF
Anastasia Fedorova, Michael Bannikov, Oleg Plekhov
Fatigue life and initiation mechanisms in wrought Inconel 718 DA for different microstructures PDF
Meriem Abikchi, Thomas Billot, Jerome Crepin
Effect of Levels of Residual Stress at Notch on Fatigue Crack Growth PDF
M. Benachour, M. Dahaoui, N. Benachour
Application of a non local fatigue stress gradient- weigth function approach to predict the crack nucleation risk induced by Fretting Fatigue PDF
Siegfried Fouvry, Bruno Berthel
High Cycle Fatigue Simulation using Multi-temporal Scale Method coupled with Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
Dong Qian, Sagar Bhamare
Impact Fatigue Life Prediction of the Wind Tunnel Balance PDF
Ding CHEN, JunHui Bu, FengJing SHEN
Marcos F. Odorczyk, José D. Bressan, Luiz C. Fontana
Experimental investigations on the crack growth behavior in graded ferritic martensitic steel PDF
Tobias Stein, Frank Zeismann, Angelika Brückner-Foit
Multiscale strain investigation of stressed carbon fiber reinforced composites based on data of strain gauging, digital image correlation, acoustic emission PDF
Sergey Panin, Mikhail Burkov
Mechanical testing of a selective laser melted superalloy PDF
Håkan Brodin, Olov Andersson
Experimental requirements of small and large scale dynamic fracture mechanics testing PDF
Wolfram Baer
Coupled fracture mode associated with anti-plane loading of cracks and notches PDF
Filippo Berto, Paolo Lazzarin
Interaction between an Annular Crack and the Imperfect Interface in Magnetoelectroelastic Layers PDF
Yansong Li, Longjiang Bian
Investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale PDF
Nicola J. Schmitt, Christoph Bohnert
The Mechanical Fracture Characterization of Non-Linear Flexible Ceramics Using Digital Image Correlation PDF
Younes Belrhiti, Ion Octavian Pop
Initiation and Interaction of a Pulse Beam of Xenon Ions with an Obstacle PDF
Vladimir A. Bratov, Sergei I. Fedoseenko
Improved Exploitation of High-strength Steels in Pressure Vessel Design by Simulations Based on Damage Mechanics PDF
Victoria Brinnel, Christian Schruff
Grain size dependence of the yield stress for metals at quasistatic and dynamic loadings PDF
Elijah N. Borodin, Alexander E. Mayer
Evolution of perturbations of temperature and dislocation density at high-rate shear deformation of pure metals and alloys PDF
Alexander E. Mayer, Elijah N. Borodin
Assessment of damage and long-term strenght of polyethylene PDF
P-Y Ben Jar
Exploring the contributions of variable network structure on rubber elasticity using model silicone elastomers PDF
Anju R. Babu, Namrata Gundiah
Isolation of Contributions of Residual Stress andWeldMicrostructure to Fatigue Crack Growth Rates inWelds PDF
Rui Bao, Ning Tang
Experimental Validation of the Relationship between Parameters of 3P-Weibull Distributions Based in JC or KJC PDF
Juan E. Perez Ipiña, Carlos Berejnoi
Mechanics of Gelatin and Elastin based hydrogels as Tissue Engineered Constructs PDF
Achu G. Byju, Ankur Kulkarni
Intermittency in brittle cracks: Model experiment in artificial rocks PDF
Jonathan Barés, Lamine Hattali
Understanding the evolution of mechanical properties under irradiation in nuclear glasses via experiments PDF
Marina Barlet, J.-M. Delaye