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General Papers

A J estimation scheme and its application to low cycle fatigue crack growth PDF
G. G. Chell, R. C. McClung, Y.-D. Lee
A new material model and its application to fracture analysis in fiber pull-out tests PDF
R. V. Goldstein, E. Lyamina, S. Alexandrov
A possible explanation of size effect in fatigue strength of metals PDF
A. Carpinteri, A. Landini, A. Spagnoli
A study of hydrogen embrittlement in automotive fastener steels PDF
B. Lonyuk, R. op, D. N. Hanlon, S. van der Zwaag, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker
A study of mode II fracture toughness test standardisation of metals PDF
T. Tamilselvan, K. W. Lo, Y. B. Gong, M. O. Lai
A toughness study of the weld heat affected zone of a modified 9Cr-1Mo steel PDF
A. Moitra, K. Laha, R. P. Sreenivasan, S. L. Mannan
A variational principle for finite transformation gradient plasticity to model ductile fracture PDF
E. Lorentz, V. Cano
About the connection between the characteristics of the LCF and FCG PDF
G. Nagy, J. Lukacs
An integrated multiscale computation model to link atomic and continuum approaches PDF
Y. Liu
Analysis of fracture mechanics and fatigue behaviour for EC(T) specimen PDF
J. Z. Liu, X. R. Wu, B. R. Hu, L. F. Wang
Analysis of subsonic interfacial fracture using strain gages in an isotropic-orthotropic biomaterial PDF
V. Ricci, K. H. Lee, A. Shukla, V. Chalivendra
Analysis of the process zone ahead of a crack tip PDF
J. Lemaitre
Anti-plane shear crack growth in piezoceramics: change of electric field and displacement direction PDF
B. Liu, S. Y. Cheng, Z. F. Song, W. F. Ren
Application of ultrasonic peening to improving fatigue properties of welded joints PDF
H. Lixing, W. Dongpo, S. Yufeng, C. Jungmei
Asymptotic fields at a crack-tip in flat paltes PDF
J. Li
Asymtotic Mode III and Mode E Crack Tip Solutions in Ferroelectric Materials PDF
C. Landis
Bifurcation assessment of mixed mode crack in elastic-plastic materials PDF
X. B. Zhang, J. Li, N. Recho
Brittle fracture of hard soil - soft rock materials PDF
K. W. Lo, T. Tamilselvan, L. Yu
Characterisation of crack toughness behaviour of unfilled and filled elastomers PDF
W. Grellmann, K. Reincke, R. Lach, G. Heinrich
Cohesive and adhesive fracture under nanoscale contacts: Environmental and microstructural effects PDF
N. I. Tymiak, A. Daugela, M. Li, T. J. Wyrobek, W. W. Gerberich
Cohesive-zone modeling of debond growth at adhesively bonded interfaces in aggressive environments PDF
S. Roy, K. M. Liechti
Computational modelling of residual stress effects on crack initiation and growth in ductile materials PDF
N. P. O'Dowd, Y. Lei, P. S. May, G. A. Webster
Continuum models with ruptured/restored microstructure PDF
A. I. Leonov
Corrosion-fatigue performance of die cast magnesium alloys PDF
W. G. Ferguson, W. Liu, J. MacCulloch
Crack initiation behavior of piezoelectric ceramic: electro-mechanical interaction PDF
B. Liu, Z. F. Song, G. C. Sih
Crack velocity dependent toughness in rate dependent materials PDF
C. M. Landis, T. Pardoen, J. W. Hutchinson
Cyclic thermal loading of ceramic matrix composites: constitutive models and design strategies PDF
A. C. F. Cocks, M. E. Booker, F. A. Leckie
Damage initiation and evolution in a heterogeneous material PDF
C. Liu, M. G. Stout, B. W. Asay
Development and validation of a robust fracture mechanics methodology for damage tolerance of rotorcraft PDF
S.N. Atluri, G. Nikishkov, D. Le, C. Harrsion, M. F. Kanninen
Dynamic compressive behavior of closed-cell aluminum foams PDF
J. Lankford, A. Nicholls, K. Dannemann
Dynamic fracture testing using charpy instrumented pendulum PDF
Z. Radakovic, D. Radakovic, G. B. Lenkey, V. Grabulov, A. Sedmak
Effect of crack orientation and welding process on J-integral values PDF
Q. Li, L. Li, S.-S. Yang, S.-L. Yang, S.-T. Yin
Effects of dynamic strain ageing in J-R fracture resistance of SA516-Gr.70 piping steels PDF
J. H. Yoon, B. S. Lee, J. H. Hong
Effects of heterogeneity on the strength of 3D composites PDF
S. Mahesh, S. Leigh Phoenix, I. J. Beyerlien
Experimental study on the effect of plastic constraint on ductile tearing PDF
Q.-F. Li, L. Li, S.-l. Yang, P. Long, X.-T. Han, H.-G. Cao
Experimental-numerical analysis of mechanisms of damage initiation in tool steels PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder
Fatigue behaviours of a martensitic compressor valve stainless steel with small amount of retained austenite PDF
G. Chai, S. Olsson, P. Liu, T. Larsson
Fatigue crack growth in ferroelectrics driven by cyclic electronic loading PDF
D. Fang, B. Liu, Z. hang, K. C. Hwang
Fatigue crack initiation (FCI) life prediction for a flat plate with a central hole PDF
T.-L. Teng, C.-C. Liang, P.-H. Chang
Fatigue crack propagation limit curves for metallic and non-metallic materials PDF
J. Lukacs
First principles molecular dynamics calculation on the tensile strength of Ai grain boundary PDF
G. H. Lu, M. Kohyama, R. Yamamoto
Fluid-structure interaction related aspects during the grouting of cracks in concrete PDF
H. N. Linsbauer
Fracture and fatigue behaviour of toughened DRA, AI-Be, and bulk metallic glass composites PDF
J. J. Lewandowski, J. Larose, S. Solv'yev
Fracture behaviour of a fibre-bridged crack PDF
X. Zhang, H.-Y. Liu, Y.-W. Mai
Fracture behaviour of blends consisting of asymmetric styrene/butadiene block copolymers PDF
R. Adhikari, R. Lach, G. H. Michler, R. Weidisch, W. Grellmann
Fracture criterion for piezoelectric materials with defects based on energy density theory PDF
A. K. Soh, D. Fang, K. L. Lee
Fracture of concrete cylinders subjected to torsion PDF
G. Lilliu, J. G. M. van Mier
Fracture of thermal sprayed nanostructured coatings PDF
M. Gell, L. Shaw, E. Jordan, H. Luo, D. Goberman
Growth of fatigue cracks from cold expanded holes PDF
M. J. Pavier, A.A. Garcia-Granada, V. D. Lacarac, D. J. Smith
High speed debonding and frictional sliding in composite systems: experimental observations and numerical simulation PDF
J. Lambros, X. Bi, P. H. Geubelle
Hydrogen effects on the localization of plastic deformation at a crack tip: implications for fracture PDF
P. Sofronis, Y. Liang
Influence coefficients to calculate stress intensity factors for an elliptical crack in a plate PDF
P. Le Delliou, B. Barthelet
Influence of residual stress on ductile crack initiation and growth in dissimilar metal weld joints PDF
A. Sherry, D. Lidbury, D. Beardsmore
Interfacial adhesion and crack initiation at metal/ceramic interface PDF
S. X. Mao, M. Z. Li
Interfacial force microscopy studies of y-APS on glass and SI02 PDF
K. M. Liechti, K. C. Vajapeyajula, M. Wang, H. Cabibil, H. Celio, J. M. White
Introduction of the hamiltonain system into the asymptotic analysis in fracture mechanics PDF
J. Li
Micromechanics based approach to the damage and ultimate failure of brittle matrix composites PDF
J. Lamon
Mode-I delamination characterisation of cross-ply fibre-metal laminates PDF
J. Laliberte, P. V. Straznicky, C. Poon
Modelling of size effects on fracture in the brittle-to-ductile transition regime PDF
A. H. Sherry, D. P. Lidbury, D. C. Connors, A. R. Dowling
Near tip behaviour in a particulate composite material under constant strain rates including temperature and thickness effects PDF
C. T. Liu, C. W. Smith
New considerations and results on crack separation energy rated in elastic-plastic fracture mechanics PDF
Y. Wadier, E. Lorentz
Nonlinear fracture mechanics of delamination failure in a composite strengthened concrete beam PDF
C. K. Y. Leung, M. Klenke, W. K. Tung, H. C. Y. Luk
Numerical simulation of concrete failure in pull-out experiments PDF
P. Pivonka, R. Lackner, H. A. Mang
On the applicability of the essential work of fracture method to thick abs Se(b)-specimens PDF
P. Luna, E. Lievana, C. Bernal, P. Frontini, Y.-W. Mai
Prediction of fracture initiation at three-dimensional bimaterial interface corners: Application to butt-joints loaded in bending PDF
P. E. W. Labossiere, M. L. Dunn
Predictive model for the steady-state failure of adhesively-bonded joints with extensive plastic yielding PDF
T. Ferracin, T. Pardoen, F. Delannay, C. M. Landis, J. Y. Sener
Re-examination of over specified condition of stress intensity factor for multi-material wedges and junctions PDF
W.-C. Wang, S.-W. Lin
Residual stress in piezolectric thin film prepared by pulse laser beam ablation PDF
Y.C. Zhou, Z. Y. Yang, X. J. Zhang, J.Y. Li
Revisited energy criteria for interface crack deflection PDF
D. Leguillon, C. Lacroix, E. Martin
Scratch Testing and acoustic emission of nanostructured partially stabilized zirconia PDF
M. R. Gold, R. S. Lima, A. Kucuk, C. C. Berndt
Shear lag modelling of thermal stresses in unidirectional composites PDF
C. M. Landis
Simulation of adiabatic shear band propagations PDF
S. Li, W. K. Liu, A. J. Rosakis
Simulation transverse fracturing of thin plastic sheet PDF
B. J. Carter, A. R. Ingraffea, Y.-H. Lai
Stress analysis of beam-to-column connection for earthquake-resistance welded steel structure based on FEM PDF
Z. Yufeng, Y. Guochun, H. Lixing, Y. Xinqi, J. Hongyang
Stress corrosion cracking mechanism on the basis of the interaction model of dislocation and hydrogen around a crack tip PDF
A. T. Yokobori, J. C. Ha, T. Shoji, S. Taketomi, G. F. Li
Stress intensity factor of 3D plane cracks under mode I loading PDF
V. Lazarus
Study of effects of Notch-Tip and crack-tip Plasticity on Short Fatigue Crack Growth PDF
W. Li, X. Zhang, Y.-W. Mai, L. Ye
Study on crack-nucleating damage of hydraulic concrete PDF
Z. Lixiang, L. Qingbin, F. Bohao
The effect of constraint on the field of interface cracks between strength mismatched materials in elastic - perfectly plastic plane strain conditions PDF
K. Lowe, J. W. Hancock
The effect of thickness on the characterisation of crack tip opening angle for 2024-T351 aluminium alloy PDF
S. Mahmoud, K. Lease
The influence of lattice distortion region near the grain boundary on mechanical properties in nanocyrstalline materials PDF
X. Wang, J. Wang, J. Rifkin, D. Li
The tunnel-crack with a slightly wavy front under shear loading PDF
V. Lazarus, J.-B. Leblond
Thermal failure mechanism and threshold of SiC particula reinforced metal matrix composites PDF
Y. C. Zhou, S. G. Long, Z. P. Duan
Thermal-elastic-plastic coupled analyses of dynamic crack growth PDF
F. Xu, W. Guo, Y. Y. Liu
Three-dimensional mixed mode fracture on cement mortar PDF
K. Zhong, K. W. Lo, T. Tamilselvan
Use of surface-treatment life extension methods for aircraft components PDF
Q. Liu, S.A. Barter, P. Baburamani, P. K. Sharp, G. Clark