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General Papers

Effects of microstructure on very-high-cycle fatigue crack initiation and life scatter for a high strength steel PDF
Zhengqiang Lei, Youshi Hong, Jijia Xie
Effect of yttrium content on the ultra-high cycle fatigue behavior of Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloys PDF
Daokui Xu, Enhou Han
Development of classical boundary element analysis of fracture mechanics in gradient materials PDF
Quentin Z.Q. Yue Quentin Z.Q. Yue, Hong Tian Xiao
Finite Element Simulation of Interfacial Fracture between Fe3C and α-Fe Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Taolong Xu, Xiangguo Zeng, Anlin Yao
Mechanics Mechanism of Re-fracturing in Inclusion Reservoirs PDF
Xue Shifeng Xue Shifeng, Chen Xinmin, Han Zhongying
Analysis and residual strength prediction for multiple site damage in aircraft structures by using weight function method PDF
X.R. Wu, W. Xu, H. Wang
A fracture-based model of periodic-arrayed indentation for rock cutting PDF
Yu Jun Xie, Bo Yang Xiang, Xiao Zhi Hu
Theoretical Analysis of Effects of Confining Pressure on the Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Brazilian Disk PDF
Jigang Xu, Shiming Dong, Zhenlin Wang
Flat-tipped Indentation Fracture Mechanics PDF
Xiaozhi Hu, Yujun Xie
A Stabilized Sequential Coupling Algorithm for Hydro-mechanical Systems using Reproducing Kernel Particle Method PDF
Yongning XIE, Gang WANG
Numerical Modeling on the Stress-Strain Response and Fracture of Modeled Recycled Aggregate Concrete PDF
Wengui Li, Jianzhuang Xiao, David J. Corr
Stress state dependent failure loci of a talc-filled polypropylene material under static loading and dynamic loading PDF
Shaoting Lin, Yong Xia, Chin-Hsu Lin
CTOD fracture toughness assessment method of High-strength steel based on BS7910 PDF
Ziyu Xia, Zhangmu Miao, Tao Ma
Fatigue delamination growth of composite laminates with fiber bridging: Theory and simulation PDF
Lei Peng, Jifeng Xu
A fracture-mechanics-based non-local damage model for crack prediction in brittle materials PDF
Zhang Xiao-Bing, Li Jia
Electrification of Glass by Fracture PDF
Li Xie, Dewen Sun, Jun Zhou
Effect of interfacial defect on surface crack behavior of an air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating PDF
Xu Rong, Zhang Weixu, Fa Xueling
Anti-plane problem of a lip-shape crack in one-dimensional hexagonal quasi-crystal materials PDF
Jing Yu, JunHong Guo, YongMing Xing
Study on damage tolerance properties of fiber metal laminates PDF
Yu E Ma, Zhongchun Xia, Shuang Yun
A experimental study of I-II-III mixed mode crack fracture of rock under different temperature PDF
Li-yun LI, Zhi-qiang XU, Ming-xiu LI
Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Coke Drum Materials PDF
Jie Chen, Zihui Xia
Accuracy of Acoustic Emission Localization for Masonry Structures Monitoring PDF
Jie Xu, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri
Equivalent dynamic mechanical properties of grid cylindrical structure PDF
Lin Xiao-hu, Gao Xuan
Estimation of Wheel/Rail Contact Forces Based on an Inverse Technique PDF
Tao Zhu, Shoune Xiao
The damage evolution of 2D-Woven-C/SiC composite under tension loading PDF
Min-ge Duan, Fei Xu
Numerical simulations of thermo-electro-magnetic phenomena in YBCO films subjected to strains PDF
Jing Xia, You-He Zhou
Numerical Analysis of KI of Semi-elliptical Surface Crack in X80 Steel Plate Strengthened with FRP under Tensile Load PDF
Zheng Xiaohong, Huang Peiyan
Stress Concentration based on Non-linear Motion Equations and its Application for Non-destructive Detection of Plate PDF
Jianhua Xiao, Jingjing Wang
Analysis of Failure Waves with an Elasto-statistical-brittle Model PDF
Zhijie Jiang, Mengfen Xia
Fracture problem of the thin superconducting strip with transverse crack PDF
Cun Xue, An He
Fracture behaviors of thin superconducting films with field-dependent critical current density PDF
An He, Cun Xue
Physical mechanisms of magnetostriction or electrostriction induced interfacial fracture in a bi-layered multiferroic smart composite PDF
Hao Zhao, Tao Xiong
Fractional-order Modeling of Linear Viscoelastic Creep in Hami Melon PDF
Zheng Xu, Wen Chen
AWeight Function for Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Burst Test Specimens PDF
Steven X. Xu, Douglas A. Scarth
Fracture behavior of thin aluminum films on soft substrate PDF
Dan Wu, Huimin Xie