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General Papers

2D and 3D self-affine crack propagation on aluminium alloys PDF
M. Hinojosa, E. I. Morales, X. Guerrero, U. Ortiz, J. Aldaco
2D simulation of tensile behavior of fiber-reinforced brittle matrix composites with weak interface PDF
S. Ochiai, S. Kimura, M. Tanaka, M. Hojo
A limit equilibrium of quasibrittle materials with thin inclusions PDF
M. M. Stadnyk, I. Y. Horbachevskyy
A study of hydrogen embrittlement in automotive fastener steels PDF
B. Lonyuk, R. op, D. N. Hanlon, S. van der Zwaag, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker
Ab initio study of generalized stacking fault energies in magnesium PDF
T. Uesugi, M. Kohyama, M. Kohzu, K. Higashi
An extended void growth model for ductile failure - assessment for non radial loadings and application to fracture toughness prediction PDF
T. Pardoen, J. W. Hutchinson, L. Cousin-Cornet
Analysis of environmental effects using the unified approach for fatigue crack growth PDF
K. Sadananda, R. L. Holtz, A. K. Vasudevan
Analysis of fracture mechanics and fatigue behaviour for EC(T) specimen PDF
J. Z. Liu, X. R. Wu, B. R. Hu, L. F. Wang
Betonite pellets mechanical properties variation caused by oily waste inclusion PDF
E. A. de Carvalho, G. P. Sousa, J. N. F. Holanda
Characterisation of crack toughness behaviour of unfilled and filled elastomers PDF
W. Grellmann, K. Reincke, R. Lach, G. Heinrich
Co-planar crack interaction in cleaved MICA PDF
J.C. Hill, S.J. Bennison, P.A. Klein, A. Jagota, S. Saigal
Comparison of measured fracture toughness and size-independent fracture toughness for concrete PDF
J. H. Hanson, A. R. Ingraffea
Continum and atomistric studies of intersonic and supersonic crack propogation PDF
H. Gao, Y. Huang, F. F. Abraham
Crack velocity dependent toughness in rate dependent materials PDF
C. M. Landis, T. Pardoen, J. W. Hutchinson
Creep damage analysis of short cracks using a narrow notch specimen made from a Ni-base superaloy at 700°C PDF
T. H. Hyde, A. A. Becker, W. Sun
Determining load history effects on HCF crack growth thresholds PDF
M. A. Moshier, T. Nicholas, B. M. Hillbery
Development and validation of a robust fracture mechanics methodology for damage tolerance of rotorcraft PDF
S.N. Atluri, G. Nikishkov, D. Le, C. Harrsion, M. F. Kanninen
Double cohesive zone model and prediction of micro-scratch testing along solid surface PDF
M. Zhao, Y. Wei, J. W. Hutchinson
Ductile tearing of interacting surface breaking defects PDF
B. Bezensek, J. Hancock
Effect of bridging ligaments upon crack kinking in graded interfaces PDF
M. Hoffman, L. Kidson, C. Deneke
Effect of the size of surface defects on the fatigue strength of shot peened springs PDF
B. Vargas-Arista, J. L. Gonzalez, J. M. Hallen, A. J. McEvily
Effects of dynamic strain ageing in J-R fracture resistance of SA516-Gr.70 piping steels PDF
J. H. Yoon, B. S. Lee, J. H. Hong
Effects of noble gas environments on fatigue crack growth in titanium alloys PDF
M. Shimojo, R. Kusama, M. Otsubo, Y. Higo
Effects of static stress on anodic polarization behavior of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe alloy PDF
N. Hyakutake, M. Takagaki, J. Komotori, A. Ogawa, K. Minakawa
Effects of stress ratio on striation formation under cyclic loading conditions in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) PDF
C. Ishiyama, K. Kobayashi, T. Asai, Y. Higo
Environmental effects on crack growth in continuous fiber SiC-composites PDF
C. H. Henager
Evaluation of thermal and elastic properties for solid surfaces using transient reflecting grating method PDF
K. Katayama, Q. Shen, A. Harata, T. Sawada
Experimental investigation on the influence of surface engineering on thermal fatigue of a hot work tool steel PDF
A. Persson, J. Bergstrom, C. Burman, S. Hogmark
Experimental study on the effect of plastic constraint on ductile tearing PDF
Q.-F. Li, L. Li, S.-l. Yang, P. Long, X.-T. Han, H.-G. Cao
Fatigue and fracture behaviour of a laser heat treated martensitic high-nitrogen steel PDF
M. Heitkemper, C. Bohne, A. Pyzalla, A. Fischer
Fatigue and fracture properties of CO-FE at 150°C PDF
E. Guglielmino, V. Filardi, S. Harris, T. Hyde
Fatigue behaviour of a micro-sized austenitic stainless steel with fine grains PDF
G. P. Zhang, K. Takashima, M. Shimojo, Y. Higo
Fatigue crack growth behaviour of micro-sized specimens prepared from amorphous alloy thin films PDF
K. Takashima, Y. Higo, M. V. Swain
Fatigue crack growth in ferroelectrics driven by cyclic electronic loading PDF
D. Fang, B. Liu, Z. hang, K. C. Hwang
Fatigue crack initiation and propagation from reinforcement fiber ends for Ti-alloy matrix composites PDF
K. Hirano, S. Miyake, H. Yoshida
Fatigue life extension of austenitic stainless steel using nano-sized-martensites formed at intersections of dislocations PDF
T. Inamura, M. Shimojo, K. Takashima, Y. Higo
Fatigue reliability evaluation and fracture analysis at elevated temperature related to safety guarantee of industrial use Pt alloy PDF
S. Hitomi, H. Suzuki, M. Nakamura
FEM simulation of mixed mode crack propagation induced by hydraulic fracturing PDF
K. Sato, M. Itaoka, T. Hashida
First-principle and classical molecular dynamics study on tensile and shear strength of silicon nitride PDF
S. Ogata, H. Kitagawa, N. Hirosaki
Flow and fracture of free-standing metallic thin films and multilayers PDF
F. Spaepen, H. Huang
Fracture behaviour of injection moldings with weld line PDF
H. Hamada, K. Yamada, K. Tomari
Fracture mechanics characterisation of epoxy resins by means of mini-compact-tension-specimens PDF
C. Bierogel, H. Walter, W. Grellmann, H. Henning, B. Michel
Fracture mechanisms for SiC fibers and SiC/SiC composites under stress-rupture conditions at high temperatures PDF
J. A. Di Carlo, H. M. Yun, J. B. Hurst
Fracture toughness of polymer interfaces: From the molecular to the continuum scale PDF
C. Creton, E. J. Kramer, H. R. Brown, C. Y. Hui
Fracture toughness tests for micro-sized specimens PDF
K. Takashima, Y. Ichikawa, Y. Higo, M. V. Swa
Hydrogen induced crack growth rate in steel plates under uniaxial stress PDF
J. L. Gonzalez, R. Ramirez, J. M. Hallen
In search of a parameter for fretting fatigue PDF
T. Nicholas, A. Hutson, S. Olson, N. Ashbaugh
In vitro bioactive functional and fracture strength of biomaterial in a simulated body fluid PDF
N. Hisamori, A. Nozue, M. Aizawa, H. Suemasu
In-situ characterization of matrix response to fiber fractures PDF
J.C. Hanan, I.J. Beyerlein, E. Ustundag, G.A. Swift, B. Clausen, D.W. Brown
Inelastic cyclic stress-strain response in silicon-nitride ceramics at elevated temperatures PDF
K. Hatanaka, K. Oshita, Y. Ishiga, H. Toyama
Inelastic cyclic stress-strain response in silicon-nitride ceramics at elevated temperatures PDF
K. Hatanaka, K. Oshita, Y. Ishiga, H. Toyama
Mechanical behavior and electrical resistance change in carbon particle dispersed plastic composite PDF
D.-Y. Song, Y. Hirata, N. Takeda
Mechanical properties of tungsten fiber reinforced Ti-6A1-4V alloy by HIP fabrication PDF
S. Y. Son, S. Nishida, N. Hattori, K. Hayashi, K. Nakano
Mechnical behaviour and electrical resistance change in carbon particle dispersed plastic composite PDF
D.-Y. Song, Y. Hirata, N. Takeda
Model of mechanics for fiber reinforced Ti alloy matrix composites under thermomechanical loading PDF
L.-S. Niu, Q.-Y. Hu, H.-J. Shi, C. Robin
Modeling of residual stress effects using eigenstrain PDF
M. R. Hill
Modelling of damage evolution equation of PZT ceramics and its application to crack growth analysis PDF
M. Mizuno, Y. Honda, H. Kato
Modified electrochemical emission spectroscopy (MEES) as NDT method of detection of SCC of metallic alloys PDF
K. Habib
Multi-scale fatigue of As-cast lightweight structural metals PDF
K. Gall, M. Horstemeyer, D. L. McDowell, J. Fan, N. Yang
New type steel having superior brittle crack arrestibility and its application to improve structural integrity PDF
T. Ishikawa, T. Inoue, Y. Hagiwara, H. Yajima
Notch effect of micro polycrystalline silicon cantilever PDF
S. Hamada, S. Tani, M. Horikawa, H. Otani, M. Tsugai, E. Yosikawa
Numerical simulation of the surface fatigue crack growth using VCE method PDF
T. Nishioka, Q. Hu, T. Fujimoto
Numerical simulations of dynamic interfacial fracture phenomena PDF
T. Nishioka, Q. Hu, T. Fujimoto
Numerical, experimental, nondestructive, and image analyses of damage; progression in cast A356 aluminium notch tensile bars PDF
M. F. Horstemeyer, K. Gall, K. W. olan, A. aters, A. M. Gokhale, M. D. Dighe
On the fatigue crack tip driving force: Role of crack tip plasticity PDF
G. Glinka, R. L. Holtz, K. Sadananda, A. K. Vasudev
On the size scaling of cleavage toughness in the transition: A single variable experiment and model based analysis PDF
H. J. Rathbun, G. R. Odette, M. Y. He
Oxygen enhanced crack growth in nickel-base superalloys under sustained and fatigue loading PDF
R. Wei, Z.-F. Huang, C. Miller, G. W. Simmon
Plastically dominant / elastically dominant fatigue interaction PDF
Y. K. Wong, X. Z. Hu, M. P. Norton
Post-impact fatigue behavior of high temperature polymer matrix composites PDF
K. Hirano
Predicting the fatigue-life of structural adhesive joints PDF
A. J. Kinloch, A. J. Curley, H. Hadavinia, A. C. Taylor
Prediction for dry sliding wear in P/M alloy: A back-propogation ANN approach PDF
M. E. Haque, K. V. Sudhakar
Prediction of fatigue crack growth in martenistic high strength low alloy steels PDF
P. Hubner, G. Pusch
Rate and temperature dependence of the mechanical properties of cheddar cheese PDF
V. Imbeni, A. G. Atkins, G. Heronimidis, J. Yeo
Real-time speckle interferogram analysis and its application to sub-surface delamination crack detection in carbon fibre composites PDF
J. M. Huntley, C. R. Coggrave, Y. Shen
Relationship between Rockwell C hardness and inelastic material constants PDF
A. Hirano, M. Sakane, N. Hamada
Residual stress estimated by new empirical method and its correlation with strength in ceramics PDF
T. Hoshide, J. Abe
Short fatigue crack growth under multiaxial nonproportional loading PDF
J. Hoffmeyer, R. Doring, T. Seeger, M. Vormwald
Size effect of corrosion fatigue properties in micro-sized 304 austenitic stainless steel specimens PDF
Y. Mizutani, M. Shimojo, K. Takashima, Y. Higo
Spatial statistics of particle clusters and modelling of pitting corrosion PDF
D. Harlow, R. P. Wei
SQUID damage monitoring for austenitic stainless steel PDF
T. Suzuki, K. Hirano, T. Terawoto
Stress analysis of beam-to-column connection for earthquake-resistance welded steel structure based on FEM PDF
Z. Yufeng, Y. Guochun, H. Lixing, Y. Xinqi, J. Hongyang
Stress corrosion cracking mechanism on the basis of the interaction model of dislocation and hydrogen around a crack tip PDF
A. T. Yokobori, J. C. Ha, T. Shoji, S. Taketomi, G. F. Li
Stress singularities within the cellular core of a sandwich plate PDF
W. Becker, J. Hohe, S. Goswami
Temperature dependence of fracture toughness in a micro-sized Ni-P amorphous alloy PDF
R. Tarumi, M. Shimojo, K. Takashima, Y. Higo
The effect of constraint on the field of interface cracks between strength mismatched materials in elastic - perfectly plastic plane strain conditions PDF
K. Lowe, J. W. Hancock
The effect of residual stresses and strains on fatigue crack propagation: measurement and modelling PDF
D. Nowell, L .J. Fellows, D. A. Hills, Y. Xu
The effect of specimen thickness during fatigue PDF
F. A . eer, J. Zuidema, P. A. Houdijk
The load carrying-ability of PMMA flexural specimens with blunt notches PDF
A. J. Heidweiller
The mechanical behaviour and fracture of thin wall iron under quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions PDF
K. K. Schrems, J. A. Hawk, O. N. Dogan
The relationship between the median/radial and lateral cracks of vickers indents in soda-lime-silica-glass PDF
B. R. Whittle, R. J. Hand
The role of particles in fatigue crack propagation of aluminium alloys PDF
Z. Z. Chen, K. Tokai, T. Horimoto
The use of water-based epoxy resin coating for strengthening glass PDF
B. R. Whittle, R. J. Hand, B. Ellis
Thermal cycle fatigue behaviour on the dissimilar material joint PDF
Y. Fukuzawa, S. Nagasawa, S. Nishida, S. Hikotani
Thermal failure of thermal barrier ceramic coating PDF
Y. C. Zhou, T. Hashida
Thickness dependence of ductile tearing in thin aluminium plates - experiments and modelling PDF
T. Pardoen, F. Hachez
Ultra high temperature creep behavior for in-situ single crystal Al203/YAG oxide ceramic eutectic composites PDF
Y. Harada, T. Suzuki, K. Hirano
Validity requirement for the CNT small specimen testing procedure to evaluate fracture toughness PDF
J. W. H Price, A. Kotousov, B. Kerezsi