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General Papers

Evidence of piezonuclear fission reactions: Neutron emissions, microchemical analysis, geological transformations PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello
Damage tolerance analysis of aircraft reinforced panels PDF
F. Carta, A. Pirondi
Fatigue behavior of aluminum foam sandwich panels PDF
C. Casavola, F. Renzoni
Degraded and non-degraded mooring ropes jackets: a comparative study of wearing behavior PDF
B. P. Lucas, P. P. Lucas, F. E. G. Chimisso
Yarn-on-yarn abrasion behavior for polyester, with and without marine finish, used in offshore mooring ropes PDF
S. S. Soares, V. Fortuna, F. E. G. Chimisso
Experimental study of friction in aluminium bolted joints PDF
D. Croccolo, A. Freddi, M. De Agostinis, N. Vincenzi
Material and manufacturing issues of a laser ranged satellite PDF ()
C. Vendittozzi, F. Felli, A. Paolozzi, I. Ciufolini
Creep comparative behavior of HMPE (high modulus polyethylene) multifilaments when submitted to changing conditions of temperature and load PDF ()
L. E. N. Caldeira, P. P. Lucas, F. E. G. Chimisso
Mechanical characterization of hybrid welded titanium joints PDF ()
C. Casavola, V. Giordano, C. Pappalettere
Determination of the true stress-strain curve for steel sheets, used in cold-drawing machining, by means of experimental tests and Yun Ling theoretical model PDF ()
M. Labanti, E. Monno, G. Raiteri, M. Scafe?, D. Trestini, M. Villa, R. Morsiani, A. Coglitore
Non-uniform residual stress fields on sintered materials PDF ()
C. Casavola, C. Pappalettere, F. Tursi
Mechanical characterization of orthotropic materials with speckle interferometry and numerical optimization PDF ()
C. Barile, C. Casavola, G. Pappalettera, C. Pappalettera
Synthetic ropes jackets made of polyester and high modulus polyethylene (HMPE): comparison of abrasion wearing behavior. PDF ()
M. A. Pereira, F. E. G. Chimisso
Mechanical and microstructural properties of linear friction welded Al-based metal matrix composites PDF ()
F. Rotundo, L. Ceschini, A. Morri, G.L. Garagnani, M. Merlin
Acoustic emission based damage analysis of pultruded glass fiber reinforced materials PDF ()
D. Crivell
Applied methodology to design a machine to test the strength of offshore synthetic mooring ropes PDF ()
A. Goncalves, F. E. G. Chimisso
Strain-stress analysis of the new type composite hip joint endoprostheses PDF ()
A. Morawska-Chocho, B. Szaraniec, K. Migacz, J. Chopek, M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa
Knot strenght in fishing nets: testing a new device developed at POLICAB PDF ()
Vini?cius Wrubel, Cla?udio A. Kucharski, F. E. G. Chimisso
Analysis of short glass fibre orientation in samples from a PA6.6 GF35 car clutch pedal PDF ()
S. Scozzese, F. Cosmi, A. Bernasconi

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