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General Papers

Stand and preliminary testing results on disc-shape hardwood specimens obtained with video image correlation method PDF
Botond Gálfi, János Száva, Lajos Borbás, József Szalai, Katalin Harangus
Crack propagation in micro-chevron-test samples of direct bonded wafers PDF
Klaus Vogel, Alexey Shaporin, Dirk Wuensch, Detlef Billep
Nonlinear modeling and experimental evaluation of fluid-filled soft pads for robotic hands PDF ()
Giovanni Berselli, Gabriele Vassura
Mechanical characterization of orthotropic materials with speckle interferometry and numerical optimization PDF ()
C. Barile, C. Casavola, G. Pappalettera, C. Pappalettera
Optical measuring system for equibiaxial test of hyperelastic rubber-like materials PDF ()
Attila Bojtos, Abraham Dr. Gyorgy
Loading force reconstruction and impact location identification for unidirectional carbon/epoxy wide beam PDF ()
T. Kroupa, J. Bartosek, R. Zemcik
How to harmonize design and production process in modern boatbulding PDF ()
Marco Biot, Renato Fioretti
Mechanical and structural properties of porcine coronary arteries PDF ()
M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa, R. Be?dzin?ski, P. Kuropka, M. Pfanhauser
Injuries of previously stent stabilized left ventricular pacemaker lead during simulated lead extraction PDF ()
Romola Laczko?, Tibor Bala?zs, Eszter Bogna?r, Ja?nos Ginsztler
Strain-stress analysis of the new type composite hip joint endoprostheses PDF ()
A. Morawska-Chocho, B. Szaraniec, K. Migacz, J. Chopek, M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa
Analysis of short glass fibre orientation in samples from a PA6.6 GF35 car clutch pedal PDF ()
S. Scozzese, F. Cosmi, A. Bernasconi

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