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General Papers

2D and 3D Simulation of Ductile Crack Propagation by Plastic Collapse of Micro-ligaments PDF
Geralf Hütter, Lutz Zybell, Uwe Mühlich, Meinhard Kuna
A multi-scale brittle fracture modelling for irradiated RPV materials PDF
Victoria Shvetsova, Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko
A new interpretation of the loading path effect in high cycle fatigue via numerical simulation of polycrystalline aggregate PDF
Raphaël Guerchais, Camille Robert, Franck Morel, Nicolas Saintier, Thierry Palin-Luc
A new SEM in-situ fatigue testing apparatus and its application for evaluation of damage at higher load cycles PDF
Johannes Reiser, Ch. Motz, Reinhard Pippan, Ch. Guster
A New Technique for Enhancement of Fatigue Life of Bolt-nut Connections PDF
Gholam Hossein Majzoobi, Farzad Farahi
An experimental study of the disc-jaw relative displacement along the contact length in a standardized Brazilian disc test using 3D DIC PDF
Stavros Kourkoulis, Evangelia Ganniari-Papageorgiou, Panagiotis Chatzistergos, Christos Markides
An Experimentally Based Characterization of Solar Cell Structure Defects by Means of Noise and Optical Activities Analysis PDF
Robert Macku, Pavel Koktavy
Analysis of micro-mechanical damage in tool steels coupling fracture mechanics and acoustic emission PDF
Ingrid Picas, Eva Martínez-González, Daniel Casellas, Jordi Romeu
Analysis of the mesoscopic high cycle fatigue strength of FCC metals with polycrystalline plasticity and extreme value probability methods PDF
Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier, Camille Robert, Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel
Application of thermo-elastic dislocation on a cracked layer under temperature field PDF
Mohammad Ravandi, Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi, Shahriyar Fariborz
Aspect ratio evolution in corrosion-fatigue cracking of high strength steel bars PDF
Jesus Toribio, J.C. Matos, B. González, J. Escuadra
Big disasters analysis in problems of technical systems safety PDF
Nikolay Makhutov
Changes in the SSRT Plasticity Parameters of Low-Carbon Steel with Polarization Potential in Carbonate-Bicarbonate Solution PDF
Sviatoslav Hirnyj, Michael J. McNallan
Characterization of the microstructure, strain rate dependent material and fracture toughness behavior of a high strength Fe85Cr4Mo4.9V2.1W2.7C1.4 steel PDF
Markus Ruessel, Stefan Martin, Lutz Krüger, Wolfgang Kreuzer
Chessboard-like buckling modes of plates on elastic foundation PDF
Stanislava Kashtanova, Nikita Fedorovich Morozov, Petr Evgen'evich Tovstik
Comparison of the Size-Independent Fracture Energy of Concrete Obtained by Two Main Experimental Methods PDF
Hector Cifuentes, Maria Alcalde, Fernando Medina
Contact strength of solids with periodic relief under partial frictional slip PDF
Irina Goryacheva, N.I. Malanchuk, K.A. Martynyak, Kostyantyn Chumak
Crack propagation criterion for a pre-stressed elastic composite subjected by tangential forces PDF
Eduard-Marius Craciun, Adrian Rabaea, Liviu Marsavina, Ionel Nicolae, Erol Carjali
Damage amplification due to singularly interacting nearby microcracks and cavities PDF
Xanthippi Markenscoff, Cristian Dascalu
Damage evolutions in sinter powder metals PDF
Huang Yuan, Songyun Ma, M. Schneider
Damage extension and failure of polyurethane foams through bands of deformation PDF
Dragos-Alexandru Apostol, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Emanoil Linul, Liviu Marsavina
Damaged welded pipes for oil and gas rigs exposed to internal pressure - failure estimation PDF
Marko Rakin, Miodrag Arsi?, Živ?e Šarko?evi?, Bojan Medjo, Aleksandar Sedmak
Determining the condition of material for tension bar bucket wheel excavator operating under dynamic working conditions PDF
Darko Danicic, Tasko Maneski, Dragan Ignjatovic, Slobodan Mitrovic
Development of a FE-based fracture mechanical method for fatigue life assessment of double-submerged welded pipelines considering residual stresses and local microstructures PDF
Bernd Maier, B. Oberwinkler, R. Tichy, W. Ecker
Development of High-Performance Electric Strain Gage for High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas Use PDF
Takashi Matsuo, Hiroaki Furukawa, Katsuo Seki, Kiyoaki Shimizu, Shogo Watanabe, Saburo Matsuoka
Development of ideas about graded nature of material deformation affected by network of thermal fatigue cracks PDF
Sergey Panin, Pavlo Maruschak, Pavel Lyubutin, Igor Konovalenko
Diffusive Hydrogen Distribution Simulation on Microstructure Scale in High Strength Weld Metal Containing Retained Austenite PDF
Yoshiki Mikami, Noriyoshi Kubota, Masahito Mochizuki
Discrete simulation of defect flows and fragmentation of 2D interfaces under contact interaction PDF
Dmitry Moiseenko, Sergey Panin, Elena Iriskina, Pavel Maksimov, Stanislav Kupriyanov, Irina Goryacheva
Domain failure assessment diagrams as tool for defect assessment of gas pipes PDF
Guy Pluvinage, J. Capelle, C. Schmitt, M. Mouwakeh
Effect of aqueous corrosion on the high cycle fatigue strength of a martensitic stainless steel PDF
Mohamed El May, Thierry Palin-Luc, Nicolas Saintier, O. Devos
Effect of Microstructure on the Fracture Toughness of Polycrstalline Diamond and Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride PDF
Declan Carolan, Declan McNamara, Patricia Alveen, Neal Murphy, Alojz Ivankovic
Effect of surface layer depth on fatigue life of carburized steel and analysis of fracture process PDF
Stepan Major, L. Jakl
Electromagnetic effects in loaded marble PDF
Alexander Zakupin, Virginia Mubassarova, Boris Borovsky, G.S. Kachesova
Experimental and expected fatigue fracture plane according to variance and cumulative damage methods under multiaxial loading PDF
Zbigniew Marciniak, Dariusz Rozumek, Ewald Macha
Experimental and numerical investigation of fracturing mechanism in concrete using deflagration agent PDF
Kazuma Moriya, Daisuke Fukuda, Katsuhiko Kaneko, Katsuya Sasaki, Ryo Sakamoto
Experimental and numerical study of Fracture mechanisms in UO2 nuclear fuel PDF
Jean-Marie Gatt, J. Sercombe, I. Aubrun, J-C. Ménard
Experimental Fracture Assessment Diagram by Ultimate Crack Resistance PDF
Evgeny Morozov, M. Zakharov, A. Bulatova
Experimental studies on fundamental mechanisms leading to fatigue crack initiation PDF
Jiri Man, Miroslav Valtr, Martin Petrenec, Jiri Dluhos, Karel Obrtlík, Jaroslav Polak
Experimental und numerical investigations of ductile failure behavior in the ferritic steel PDF
Pawel Kucharczyk, Sebastian Münstermann
Failure Criteria for Wood Under Multiaxial Loading PDF
Antonio Martin-Meizoso
Fatigue and cracking behaviour of austenitic CrNiMo and CrMnN steels in chloride containing environment at elevated temperature PDF
Clemens Vichytil, Gregor Mori, Reinhard Pippan, Michael Panzenböck, Rainer Fluch
Fatigue Behaviour of Al2618-Al203 and AlA359-SiC Metal Matrix Composites PDF
Dimitrios Myriounis, S. Hasan
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Drawn Filled NiTiNol Wires for Medical Applications PDF
Stepan Major, P. Vlach, P. Trudi?
Fatigue Damage of Nitinol Stents in Simulated Physiological Solution PDF
P. Vlach, Stepan Major, M. Musil, L. Jakl
Force dipole asymptotic for a pore with a crack emanating from it in a compressed elastic material for diagnostics PDF
Anna Mischenko
Fractographic aspects of al-alloy-sicp metal matrix composite subjected to static, dynamic and cyclic mechanical loading PDF
Jose Tarpani, Omar Maluf, Jeferson Oliveira, Bruno Seraphim
Fracture mechanics model for predicting fracture strength of metallic alloys containing large second phase particles PDF
Uwe Zerbst, Mauro Madia
Fracture mechanics parameters of narrow notches by experimental local displacement measurements PDF
Sviatoslav Eleonsky, Yury Matvienko, Igor Odintsev, Vladimir Pisarev
Fracture mechanisms and structural integrity assessment of equipments for NPP with different types of reactors PDF
George Karzov, Boris Margolin
Fracture of light alloys with structured surface layers under dynamic loadings PDF
Vladimir Skripnyak, Evgeniya Skripnyak, N.V. Skripnyak, L.W. Meyer, N Herzig
Fracture of thin coatings based on multi-component oxides in friction contact PDF
Elena Torskaya, Alexey Morozov, Alexey Mezrin, Boris Sachek, Vyacheslav Sakharov, Nikolay Frolov
Harmonic testing of wells with a vertical fracture PDF
Petr Morozov
Hydrogen embrittlement: the microscopic mechanism in fatigue and fracture PDF
Yukitaka Murakami
Improvement of fatigue performance by residual stresses: a fracture mechanics approach PDF
Jürgen Maierhofer, Reinhard Pippan, Hans-Peter Gänser
Influence of dynamic strain ageing on damage in austenitic stainless steels PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai, Sten Johansson, Johan Moverare
Influence of sudden load changes on the fatigue crack propagation in cold drawn prestressing steel PDF
Jesus Toribio, B. González, J.C. Matos, F. Ayaso
Intergranular microcracking due to anisotropic thermal expansion in calcite marbles PDF
Andrea Spagnoli, Anna Maria Ferrero, Maria Rita Migliazza
Intergrated Evaluation Method for Fatigue Limit of Notched Steel with DKth Value PDF
Takahiro Matsueda, Hiroshi Noguchi
Investigation of Irradiation Creep of Steels and Alloys in Experiments with Gas-Pressurized Specimens in BOR-60 Reactor PDF
Victor Neustroev, S.V. Belozerov, Ye.I. Makarov
J-Resistance curve of X60 steel using SE(T) specimens by elastic compliance and potential drop methods PDF
André Carvalho, Juliana Martins, Roberto Piovatto, Waldek Bose Filho
Loading influence on the local strain fields of an interface crack in a DCB sandwich composite PDF
Matei-Constantin Miron, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Zoltan Major, Catalin Picu
Mechanical comparison of two types of fixation for Ludloff Oblique First Metatarsal Osteotomy under cyclic loading PDF
Athanasios Mitousoudis, Panagiotis Chatzistergos, Emmanouil Stamatis, Stavros Kourkoulis
Mechanisms of Degradation and Brittle Fracture of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Under Longterm Operation PDF
Ya. I. Shtrombach, Boris Gurovich, Evgenia Kuleshova, D.A. Maltsev, S.V. Fedotova, A.S. Frolov
Mesomechanics of fatigue crack propagation as a non-linear wave process PDF
Victor Panin, Dmitry Moiseenko, Tamara Elsukova, Yulia Popkova
Microstructural influence on fatigue crack growth PDF
Michael Marx, Wolfgang Schaef, Tao Qian
Migration of pores as a mechanism of systems of high porosity bands formation in the unconsolidated sedimentary rocks PDF
Shamil Mukhamediev, D.A. Ul’kin
Mixed mode crack growth conditions – critical plane approaches PDF
Krzysztof Mróz, Z. Mróz, K. Doli?ski
Modelling the dynamic response of fibre metal laminates subjected to blast loading PDF
Constantinos Soutis, Galal Mohamed
Non-destructive Characterization of Micro-sized Defects in the Solar Cell Structure PDF
Nadezda Bogatyreva, Robert Macku
Notch Fracture Mechanics Approaches in an Analysis of Notch-like Defects PDF
Yury Matvienko
Numerical Prediction of Crack Path in Pre-Cracked Rocks under Uniaxial Compression PDF
Mohammad Fatehi Marji, Amin Manouchehrian, Mohsen Mohebbi
Observation and quantification of three-dimensional crack propagation in poly-granular graphite PDF
James Marrow, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Samual McDonald, Paul Mummery
On applicability of Hall-Petch law in metals PDF
Olga Ignatova, Andru Malyshev, D. Petrova, V. Raevsky, M. Tkachenko
On fracture toughness of polyurethane foams PDF
Liviu Marsavina, Emanoil Linul, Tomasz Sadowski, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Marcin Knec, Dragos-Alexandru Apostol
On modelling of fluid-driven fracture branching in jointed rocks PDF
Alexander Galybin, Shamil Mukhamediev
On the modelling of slant fracture in metal sheet structures PDF
Ingo Scheider, Jörn Mosler, Norbert Huber
Physical and mechanical modeling of fracture and prediction of fracture strain and fracture toughness for irradiated austenitic steels PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Sorokin
Piezonuclear Reactions: Neutrons and Transmutations by Ultrasonic Stress of Iron Bars PDF
Fabio Cardone, Roberto Mignani, Andrea Petrucci
Prediction of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures PDF
Rachid Mehaddene, Mohamed Kadri
Prediction of the neutron irradiation effect on the creep-rupture properties on the basis of physical-and-mechanical modeling of fracture process PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko, Andrey Buchatsky
Real and Virtual Fracture Tests on Welding Lines of Injection Molded Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers PDF
Zoltan Major, M. Miron, M. Reiter, T. Adachi
Reliability and Robustness of Wheelchairs under Impact Loading PDF
A. Mimaroglu, I. K. Yilmazcoban, H. Unal, M. Elmas
Sensitivity analysis of the staircase method to determine the fatigue limit PDF
Maria Carmen Blanco del Prado, Antonio Martin-Meizoso
Simulation of mechanical loading by cylindrical indenter of “ceramic coating — polycrystalline metallic substrate” composition PDF
Dmitry Moiseenko, Sergey Panin, Pavel Maksimov, Elena Iriskina, Irina Goryacheva
Space distribution of damage at early stage of spall fracture in copper PDF
I.N. Kondrokhina, Olga Ignatova, A.M. Podurets, Andru Malyshev
Strength factors for glass foam PDF
Olga Kazmina, Boris Semukhin, A.V. Mukhortova
Stress analysis around a through crack in a thin copper film using molecular dynamics PDF
Dan Johansson, Per Hansson, S. Melin
Structural Integrity Assessment of Thick Wall Pipes under Biaxial Loading PDF
Diya zohdi ratib Arafah, Mauro Madia, Stefano Beretta, Mihaela Cristea
Structural materials sciences in problems of life time and safety of technical systems PDF
Vladimir Moskvichev
Study of the Dependence of Effective Compliances of a Plane with an Array of Circular Holes on Array Parameters PDF
Vyacheslav Mokryakov
Temperature Dependence of Fracture Behavior of Rubbers for Rapid Gas Decompression PDF
Bernd Schrittesser, G. Pinter, Zoltan Major
Tensile and fatigue crack growth properties of high strength stainless steel with high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement in 100 MPa hydrogen gas PDF
Akihiro Orita, Takashi Matsuo, Saburo Matsuoka, Yukitaka Murakami
The Calculation in whole Process Rate Realized with Two of Type Variable under symmetrical cycle for Elastic-Plastic Materials Behavior PDF
Yangui Yu, Yanghui Ma
The Effect of Ferrite Embrittlement in Duplex Steel on Fatigue Crack Propagation from the Low (LCF) to the Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) Regime PDF
Maria Cecilia Marinelli, Alexander Giertler, Jitendra Sahu, Iris Alvarez, Ulrich Krupp
The effect of grain size on crack propagation in a ferritic steel PDF
Sunthar Mahalingam, Peter Flewitt
The effect of mechanical heterogeneity on finite element numerical evaluation of J-integral for cracked weld joints PDF
Egor Moskvichev
The Effects of Notch Radius on the Master Failure Curve of the SENB Specimens PDF
Hadj Meliani Mohammed, Z. Azari, Guy Pluvinage, Yury Matvienko
The flux effect on radiation embrittlement of WWER RPV materials PDF
Elena Yurchenko, Boris Margolin, A.M. Morozov, N.E. Pirogova
The Philosophy of Constraint Correction by the Global Approach PDF
Hadj Meliani Mohammed, Z. Azari, Guy Pluvinage, Yury Matvienko, Taoufik Boukharouba
The standardized Brazilian disc test as a contact problem: Quantifying the friction at the disc-jaw interface PDF
Stavros Kourkoulis, Christos Markides, John Hemsley
Wrinkling-induced fracture of biological membranes under stress PDF
Lev Panin, Alexey Panin, Pavel Mokrushnikov, Anna Khokhlova