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General Papers

A Comparison of Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria Incorporating Residual Stress Effects PDF
J. F. Flavenot, N. Skalii
A Crack Propagation-Based Effective Strain Criterion PDF
M. W. Brown, D. E. Buckthorpe
A Critical Depth Criterion for the Evaluation of Long Life Fatigue Strength under Multiaxial Loading and a Stress Gradient PDF
J. F. Flavenot, N. Skalii
A Multiaxial Fatigue Damage Parameter PDF
D. F. Socie, P. Kurath, J. Koch
Biaxial Constitutive Modelling and Testing of a Single Crystal Superalloy at Elevated Temperatures PDF
K. P. Walker, E. H. Jordan
Biaxial Fatigue of a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Composite. Part I—Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour PDF
E. W. Smith, K. J. Pascoe
Biaxial Fatigue of a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Composite. Part II—Failure Criteria for Fatigue and Fracture PDF
E. W. Smith, K. J. Pascoe
Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth under Biaxial Stresses PDF
R. Yuuki, E. Murakami, H. Kitagawa
Criterion for High-Cycle Fatigue Failure under Multiaxial Loading PDF
K. Dang Van, G. Cailletaud, J. F. Flavenot, A. le Douaron, H. P. Lieurade
Cyclic Deformation and Damage Structure in Inconel 718 PDF
D. W. Worthem, C. J. Altstetter, I. M. Robertson, D. F. Socie
Cyclic Strain Energy Density as a Criterion for Multiaxial Fatigue Failure PDF
F. Ellyin
Description and Modelling of Non-Proportional Effects in Cyclic Plasticity PDF
A. Benallal, G. Cailletaud, J. L. Chaboche, D. Marquis, D. Nouailhas, M. Rousset
Effects of Mode I and Mode IT Overloads on Subsequent Mode I Crack Growth in AISI4340 Steels PDF
H. Nayeb-Hashemi
Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Plates with Central Holes and Cracks under Biaxial Loading PDF
A. P. Kfouri
Elevated Temperature Out-of-Phase Fatigue Behaviour of a Stainless Steel PDF
R. M. Andrews, M. W. Brown
Estimating Multiaxial Elastic-Plastic Notch Stresses and Strains in Combined Loading PDF
M. Hoffman, T. Seeger, T. Seeger
Fatigue Crack Propagation under Complex Biaxial Stress Cycling PDF
H. X. Pei, M. W. Brown, K. J. Miller
Generalization of Fatigue Failure Criteria for Multiaxial Sinusoidal Loadings in the Range of Random Loadings PDF
E. Macha
Hydrostatic Pressure Effect on Life Prediction in Biaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue PDF
D. F. Lefebvre
Micromechanisms and Fatigue Performance of a Quenched and Tempered Steel under Tension plus Torsion Loading PDF
N. J. Hurd, P. E. Irving
Multiaxial Fatigue Behaviour of Sintered Steels under Combined In- and Out-of-Phase Bending and Torsion PDF
C. M. Sonsino, V. Grubisic
Multiaxial Fatigue of Anisotropic Carbon Steel Wire PDF
K. Mois, I. Verpoest, E. Aernoudt
Multiaxial High Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue in AISI 316 Welded ^ Structural Members and Life Predictions PDF
E. Manfredi, E. Vitale
On a New Multiaxial Fatigue Limit Criterion: Theory and Application PDF
K. Dang Van, B. Griveau, and O. Message
On Buckling and Deformation Modes of Tubes subject to Cyclic Plasticity PDF
P. Adkin, S. J. Harvey
Out-of-Phase Combined Bending and Torsion Fatigue of Steels PDF
S. B. Lee
Out-of-Phase Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Fracture Studies on 316 Stainless Steel PDF
E. R. de los Rios, R. M. Andrews, M. W. Brown, K. J. Miller
Predicting the Fatigue Life of Welds under Combined Bending and Torsion PDF
J -Y. Yung, F. V. Lawrence
Proportional Biaxial Tension Low-Cycle Fatigue in Inconel 718 PDF
D. L. Morrow, P. Kurath
Specimens for Investigating Biaxial Fracture and Fatigue Processes PDF
H. A. Richard
The Design and Development of a Multiaxial Test Machine for Polymeric Materials PDF
C. Sumner, C. Lawrence
The Design and Operation of a Test Facility for Temperature Cycling of Large Specimens PDF
R. Stegmeyer 
The Effect of Mean Stress on Biaxial Fatigue where the Stresses are Out-of-Phase and at Different Frequencies PDF
D. L. McDiarmid
The Effect of Mean Stress on Biaxial Fatigue where the Stresses are Out-of-Phase and at Different Frequencies PDF
D. L. McDiarmid
The Path and Amplitude Dependence of Cyclic Hardening of Type 304 Stainless Steel at Room Temperature PDF
E. Krempl, H. Lu
The Significance of Mode I Branch Cracks for Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold Behaviour PDF
L. P. Pook
The Thermal Fatigue Behaviour of a Thick-Walled Notched Hollow Cylinder PDF
K. Kussmaul, R. Stegmeyer