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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Advances in Simulation of Arbitrary 3D Crack Growth using FRANC3D NG PDF
P.A. Wawrzynek, B.J. Carter, A.R. Ingraffea
Simulation of Discrete-source Damage Propagation and Residual Strength of Aircraft Structures PDF
A.D. Spear, J.D. Hochhalter, A.R. Ingraffea

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

A Method for Combining Experimentation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Improve Cohesive Zone Models for Metallic Microstructures PDF
J.D. Hochhalter, E. H. Glaessgen, A. R. Ingraffea, W. A. Aquino

Computational Mechanics

Relationships Among Microstructural Features and Crack Propagation in Osteonal Bone Identified Using Finite Element Analysis PDF
E.K. Oneida, M.C.H van der Meulen, A.R. Ingraffea

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

Discussion on relationship between fracture energy and fractured area of concrete-to-concrete surfaces PDF
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

A Novel Fracture Mechanics Approach to Determine the Threshold Stress Intensity Factor in Corrosive Environment PDF
Sarvesh Pal, R.K. Singh Raman, R.N. Ibrahim
Creep Fracture and Grain Structure of Pure ECAP Aluminum and Copper PDF
I. Saxl, V. Skleni?ka Skleni?ka, L. Ilucová, M. Svoboda, P. Král, J. Dvo?ák
Durability Investigation of Patch-Repaired Reinforced Concrete PDF
H. Saricimen, M. Shameem1, M. Maslehuddin, M. Ibrahim, M.S. Barry
Effect of surface condition on the chloride-induced depassivation of rebar in concrete PDF
P. Ghods, O. B. Isgor, G. McRae, G. P. Gu, J. Li

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

Modelling and numerical simulation of orthogonal metal cutting by chip formation and breaking using Thermo-elasto-visco-plastic constitutive equations fully coupled with ductile damage. PDF
Mazen Issa, Carl Labergère, Kkémais Saanouni, Alain Rassineux
Stochastic Framework for Predicting Microstructurally Small Fatigue Life of AA 7075-T651 PDF
J.E. Bozek, M.G. Veilleux, J.D. Hochhalter, P.A. Wawrzynek, A.R. Ingraffea

Failure Analysis

A Study of Fracture Features and Fracture Toughness on CT Tests with Some Structural Glued-Laminated Timber PDF
W. Kambe, Y. Iijima


Effects of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Friction Stir Welded 2198-T8 and 2195-T8 Al-Li Alloy Joints PDF
Y.E. MA, P. E. Irving, T Fischer, X. Zhang, G. Servetti
Fatigue Strength and Fracture Surface Morphology in Ultra-fine Grained Ferritic Stainless Steels PDF
R. Ebara, Y. Matsumura, K. Kishi, Y. Ishibashi
Katsuyuki IGUCHI, Naoya TADA, Ichiro SHIMIZU, Kouji IWASAKI
On the Early Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in the High Cycle Regime PDF
S. Ishihara, A. J. McEvily
Study of Crack Propagation by Infrared Thermography during Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime PDF
N. Ranc, L. Illoul, D. Wagner, P. C. Paris, C. Bathias

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen Exposure Effect on Tensile Strength of High Strength steel Sharp Notched Specimen PDF
Yuichi Suzuki, Hisatake Itoga, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
Temperature Dependences of Age-hardening Austenitic Steels Mechanical Properties in Gaseous Hydrogen PDF
A.I. Balitskii, L.M. Ivaskevich, V.M. Mochulskyi

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Fatigue and fracture toughness properties of large-bloom mixed-microstructure heat-treated steels PDF
D. Firrao, P. Matteis, P. Russo Spena, G.M.M. Mortarino, G. Silva, B. Rivolta, R. Gerosa, M.R. Pinasco, M.G. Ienco, M. Fabbreschi