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Temperature Dependences of Age-hardening Austenitic Steels Mechanical Properties in Gaseous Hydrogen
A.I. Balitskii, L.M. Ivaskevich, V.M. Mochulskyi

Last modified: 2013-05-07


In resent years much attention has been given to the problems of interaction of hydrogen
with structural materials [1–4]. This is explained, on the one hand, by realization of specific
projects and programs of alternative energetic and, on the other hand, by a desire to formulate
scientific principles of elimination of factors leaning to hydrogen degradation of metals. Despite
numerous theoretical generalizations in this direction, the experimental estimation of properties
under conditions maximally similar to service ones is the most reliable method for the
determination of the susceptibility of structural materials to hydrogen degradation.
The aim of present work was to investigate the influence of high-pressure hydrogen in
temperature range 293 – 1073 K on the ultimate strength and plasticity (tensile test properties),
low-cycle durability, static and cyclic crack resistance of 05Kh12N23T3MR and
10Kh15N27T3B2MR steels, which hardened mainly by an intermetallic γ′-phase of the type

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