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Durability Investigation of Patch-Repaired Reinforced Concrete
H. Saricimen, M. Shameem1, M. Maslehuddin, M. Ibrahim, M.S. Barry

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Effect of a pre-packaged non-shrinkage cementitious grout on
corrosion of patch repaired reinforced concrete was investigated in laboratory and
For laboratory study, reinforced concrete specimens were monitored for
corrosion, under accelerated and freely corroding conditions. Corrosion activity
on freely corroding steel bars in reinforced concrete specimens in the laboratory
and corrosion of steel bars in the repaired concrete slabs in the field were
monitored by measuring corrosion potential of the steel bars against Cu/CuSO4
reference electrode. In accelerated corrosion, the steel bar was imposed +4V
anodic potential to accelerate the corrosion of the steel bars in the concrete
specimens, and corresponding current was plotted against time to determine the
time-to-cracking for the specimens.
The results showed that repair materials provided higher protection to steel
against corrosion compared to normal concrete. The reinforcing steel within the
repaired zone was more cathodic to the rest of steel in the original concrete.

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