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Hydrogen Exposure Effect on Tensile Strength of High Strength steel Sharp Notched Specimen
Yuichi Suzuki, Hisatake Itoga, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi

Last modified: 2013-05-07


Recently, hydrogen energy is expected a next energy of fossil fuels and several
products which use hydrogen energy are developed. For example, the
development of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen automobiles are advanced, and
many parts of these products and infrastructure installations of hydrogen supply;
pipe lying and storage tank are manufactured from a variety of steels. Steels cause
hydrogen embrittlement, especially, high strength steels exhibit high hydrogen
embrittlement susceptibility [1-2]. Although many researches have been studied
to understand hydrogen embrittlement [3-5], it is not yet satisfactorily understood.
In order to use high strength steel in hydrogen environment, the effect of
hydrogen to high strength steel were discussed.

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