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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Advances in Simulation of Arbitrary 3D Crack Growth using FRANC3D NG PDF
P.A. Wawrzynek, B.J. Carter, A.R. Ingraffea
Crack Growth in Mil Annealed Ti-6AL-4V Structural Components PDF
S. Pitt, R Jones, B. Farahmand
Damage of Protective Coating Due to Unstable Engine Running PDF
M. Kianicová, S. Pospíšilová, M. Záhoran
Development and Validation of Fatigue Crack Growth and Lifing Methodologies Through Comprehensive Coupon and Component Testing Under Spectrum Loading Representative of P-3C PDF
K. Walker, E. Matricciani, W. Hu, J. Duthie
Fibre-Metal Laminates and Variable-Amplitude Loading PDF
S. U. Khan, R. C. Alderliesten, J. Schijne, R. Benedictus
Fracture Mechanics Modelling of Multiple Site Damage Scenarios PDF
Y. Bombardier, M. Liao, G. Renaud
A Physics-Based Understanding of Hold-Time Effects on Fatigue PDF
X.J. Wu
The UniGrow Fatigue Crack Growth Model for Spectrum Loading PDF
S. Mikheevskiy, G. Glinka
Simulation of Discrete-source Damage Propagation and Residual Strength of Aircraft Structures PDF
A.D. Spear, J.D. Hochhalter, A.R. Ingraffea
Heesuck Jung, R. Bell, X. Wang
Through-Life Assessment of Ductile Tearing under Low-Constraint PDF
V.P. Naumenko
Time-Dependent Fracture Mechanics Considerations in Titanium 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo at Elevated Temperatures PDF
D. E. Mills, T.S. Cook
About Accumulation Rules for Life Time Prediction under Variable Loading PDF
I.V. Namestnikova, S.E. Mikhailov

Analytical Models

Boundary value problems posed in terms of stress orientations for plane crack systems PDF
A.N. Galybin
Contact Interaction of Interlaminar Crack Faces under Harmonic Loading PDF
O.V.I.A. Guz1 Menshykov, I.A. Guz
Crack Growth in D6ac Steel Structural Components PDF
R. Jones, S. C. Forth
Crack theory with possible contact between the crack faces PDF
A.M. Khludnev
Cyclic Elasto-Plastic Fracture Diagram for a Specimen with Crack PDF
L.A. Sosnovskiy, A.V. Bogdanovich, S.S. Sherbakov
Elastic Analysis of Sinusoidal Cracks PDF
K. Fujimoto
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Plain Concrete using Incomplete Self-similarity PDF
S. Ray, J. M. Chandra Kishen
Improvement of Slice Synthesis Methodology to Estimate Stress Intensity Factor of an Embedded Crack in a finite body PDF
Koji GOTOH, Yukinobu NAGATA
Interaction of a Griffith Crack in a Three-Phase Circular Inclusion with two Imperfect Interfaces PDF
P.G. Park, L.J Sudak
Is the edge crack the most dangerous V-notch? PDF
A. Carpinteri, P. Cornetti, N. Pugno, A. Sapora
Leading Edge of a Hydraulic Fracture Crossing a Stress Boundary PDF
D. I. Garagash, A. Rohde, A. P. Bunge
Modeling of fatigue wear of a layered elastic foundation in contact with periodic system of dies PDF
I.G. Goryacheva1, E.V. Torskaya
Potential Energy of Two Collinear Cracks PDF
B.Y. Gommerstadt
Prediction of Ductile Fracture Toughness PDF
J.-S. Wang, G. B. Olson
Prediction of Fracture Energy of IN738LC Superalloy using Neural Networks PDF
Nafisa Bano, Atef Fahim, Michel Nganbe
Pre-fracture zone for the antiplane shear crack in structured material PDF
V.M. Kornev
Probabilistic Simulation for Nanocomposite Fracture PDF
Christos C. Chamis
Procedure to Estimate the Crack Resistance Curve from the Instrumented Charpy V–Notched Impact Test PDF
R. Chaouadia, J.L Puzzolante
Stress intensity factors and the weight function for an elliptical crack. PDF
E. , Atroshchenko, S. Potapenko, G. Glinka
Unification of the Theories for Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue PDF
G.R. Engelhardt, D. D. Macdonald
Unified Representation and Evaluation of the Strength Hypotheses PDF
V.A. Kolupaev, A. Bolchoun, H. Altenbach

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

Grain Boundary Motion Assisted via Displacement Cascades in bcc Fe PDF
C. Campana, K.P. Boyle, R.E. Miller
A Framework for Continuum-Atomistic Simulations of Crack Tip Plasticity PDF
R. Gracie, T. Belytschko
A Method for Combining Experimentation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Improve Cohesive Zone Models for Metallic Microstructures PDF
J.D. Hochhalter, E. H. Glaessgen, A. R. Ingraffea, W. A. Aquino
A Theoretical Description of the Structure of the Nonlinear Zone in the Vicinity of theTip of a Dynamic Mode I Crack PDF
Eran Bouchbinder, Ariel Livne, Jay Fineberg
Atomic Mechanisms of Structural Reconstruction of FCC Metallic Nanowires in the Process of Tension Deformation PDF
M.D. Starostenkov, A.V. Yashin, N.V. Sinitca, E.A. Dudnik
Atomistic Simulations of Dislocation Nucleation PDF
M.A. Tschopp, D.L. McDowell
Constraining Dislocation Movement in Molecular Dynamics: Application to Crack-dislocation Interactions PDF
D. Tanguy
Dynamic fragmentation of single-walled carbon nanotubes induced by sonication PDF
H.B. Chew, K.-S. Kim
Effects of Temperature and Grain Size on the Properties of Copper Nanotwinned Structures PDF
I. Shabib, R.E. Miller
Thermal Conductivity of the Damaged Gold Nanowires PDF
Navin Kumar, Kishore Pochiraju
Elasticity and Strength of Nano-Fiber Reinforced Composites from First Principles PDF
M. ?erný, J. Pokluda
Fracture Between Self-Assembled Monolayers PDF
K. M. Liechti, M. Wakamatsu, B. Doynov, M. Y. Ngai, M.J. Krische
Fracture Toughness of Polycrystalline Tungsten Alloys PDF
B. Gludovatz, S. Wurster, A. Hoffmann, R. Pippan
Grain Boundary Motion Assisted via Displacement Cascades in bcc Fe PDF
C. Campana, K.P. Boyle, R.E. Miller
Atomic-scale Deformation Kinematics for Bicrystal Grain Boundaries under Shear Loading PDF
G.J. Tucker, D.L. McDowell, J.A. Zimmerman
Molecule Mechanics Simulation on the Deformation and Damage Process in POSS Nanocomposite PDF
Y. Sun, J. Li, F.L. Zeng
Size-Dependent Plasticity in Twinned Metal Nanowires PDF
F. Sansoz, C. Deng
Development Semi-Empirical Potentials Appropriate for Simulation of Mechanical Properties of Metallic Alloys PDF
M.I. Mendelev
Molecular Dynamics Study of Interfacial Cohesive Zone Law: Elastic Constant Effects PDF
X. W. Zhou, N. R. Moody, R. E. Jones, J. A. Zimmerman, E. D. Reedy
Multiscale Modeling of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Nanocrystalline Metals PDF
B. Shiari, R.E. Miller
Thermally-Activated Plasticity at the Atomic Scale PDF
D. Rodney
Thermal Conductivity of the Damaged Gold Nanowires PDF
Navin Kumar, Kishore Pochiraju

Computational Mechanics

Breast Implants Failure: Correlation of Explanted Implants Properties and Patient’s Clinical Data PDF
S. Farè, M.C. Tanzi, A. Pennati, G. Catanuto, A. Spano, M. Nava, S. Bertoldi
Characterization of Explanted Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves and Correlation with Patients' Clinical Data PDF
M.F. Brunella, G. Bruschi, S. Farè
Electrochemical Deposition of Calcium Phosphate for Implant Osseointegration and Drug Release PDF
L. De Nardo, D. Pedretti, A. Cigada, R. Chiesa
Electromagnetically Stimulated SAOS-2 Osteoblasts inside a Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffold in Vitro PDF
L. Fassina, L. Visai, E. Saino, M.S. Sbarra, G. Magenes
Fracture Toughness of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Artificial Bone Tissue PDF
K. PourAkbar Saffar, N. JamilPour, G. Rouhi, A. Raeisi Najafi, A.R. Arshi, L. Sudak
Strength Evaluation of Borosilicate Glass Coated with Thin Ceramic Films by Radio-Frequency Sputtering PDF
Toshihiko Hoshide, Masato Hirano
Micromechanics of fracture in nacre from mollusk shells PDF
F. Barthelat, R. Rabiei
Mode of failure of a biomaterial composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering using synchrotron micro-tomography and finite element analysis PDF
J.L. Milan, C. Sandino, S. Midderhoff, L. Marques, J.A. Planell, D. Lacroix
Notch Sensitivity and Fracture Resistance of Non-woven Felts PDF
A. Ridruejo, C. González, J. LLorca
Notch-Tip Strain Fields in an Aluminum Sheet with Serrated Plasticity PDF
W. Tong, Y. Xuan
Numerical Estimation of Crack Behaviour and Apparent Fracture Toughness of Layered Composites with Strong Interfaces PDF
L. Šestáková, L. Náhlík, P. Huta?
Relationships Among Microstructural Features and Crack Propagation in Osteonal Bone Identified Using Finite Element Analysis PDF
E.K. Oneida, M.C.H van der Meulen, A.R. Ingraffea
Strategies Combining Cells and Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering PDF
E. Saino, L. Fassina, V. Maliardi, M.S. Sbarra, M.G. Cusella De Angelis, G. Magenes, F. Benazzo, L. Visai
Structural characterization of chitosan-grafted polyurethanes PDF
P. Petrini, G. Bianchi, C. Perrino, S. Bozzini, M.C. Tanzi
Yield surface of a fibre network: A first way to explore the process of rupture of biological tissues PDF
M. Coret, T. Chaise
A Continuum Phase Field Model for Fracture PDF
R. Müller, C. Kuhn

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

A coupled finite element - discrete element approach for a fine estimation of the crack pattern in concrete subjected to THM loading PDF
A. Delaplace, B. Bary, G. Kwimang
A coupled two-scale computational approach for masonry out-of-plane failure PDF
T.J. Massart, B.C.N. Mercatoris
A loading-rate dependent cohesive model to simulate concrete fracture PDF
R.C. Yu, A.L. Rosa, G. Ruiz, J.L.A.O. Sousa
An Experimental test for cracking concrete under controlled conditions PDF
C. Boulay, S. Dal Pont, A. Delaplace, H. Delahousse, J-L. Tailhan
Damage Quantification of Concrete Surface Layers by Semi-Variogram Analysis PDF
Tetsuya Suzuki, Masao Aoki, Masayasu Ohtsu
Discussion on relationship between fracture energy and fractured area of concrete-to-concrete surfaces PDF
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama
Effect of the loading rate on the fracture behavior of high-strength concrete PDF
G. Ruiz, X.X. Zhang, R.C. Yu, J.R. del Viso, R. Porras, E. Poveda
Fatigue and fracture parameters of various glass fiber cement based composites PDF
S. Seitl1, Z. Kersner, V. Bilek, Z. Knesl
Fracture and Slow Crack Characteristics of Nuclear Grade Graphite using the Double Torsion Beam Technique PDF
T.H. Becker, R.B. Tait
Influence of aggregate size and fraction on shrinkage induced micro-cracking of mortar and concrete PDF
Peter Grassl, Hong S. Wong, Nick R. Buenfeld

Constraints Effects

A Modified Weibull Stress Model for Cleavage Fracture that Incorporates Threshold Toughness PDF
T.L. Anderson, B.D. Rose
Account of mismatching effect based on constraint in welded joints and fracture toughness predication PDF
Zhong- An Chen, Guang- Zhi Li, Yuh J. Chao, Jing Zeng
Constraint Effect in Fracture – What Is It? PDF
Yuh J. Chao, Poh-Sang Lam
Effect of Constraint on Stretch Zone Width and Fracture Toughness of Structural Steels PDF
N. Narasaiah, M. Tarafder, S. Sivaprasad, S. Tarafder
Effect of Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior by Cohesive Zone Modeling PDF
X.B. Ren, Z.L. Zhang, B. Nyhus
Effect of specimen crack depth and thickness on Initiation Fracture Behaviour of Highly Ductile Low Carbon Steels PDF
Sandeep Bansal, S. K. Nath, P.K. Ghosh, S. Ray
Effect of Specimen Geometry on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Threshold Region PDF
P. Huta?, S. Seitl, T. Kruml
Effective Experimental Measurement and Constraint Quantification of J-R Curves for X80 Pipeline Steel ∀ PDF
X.K. Zhu, B.N. Leis, G. Shen, W.R. Tyson
Estimation of Constraint under Cyclic Loading on Cracked Components PDF
M. Madia, S. Beretta
Fracture behaviour of 2024 aluminium alloy with discreet 1D residual stress fields PDF
D. T. Asquith, Y. H. Tai, J. R. Yates
In and out-of-plane constraint measures. Uniform description PDF
A. Neimitz, M. Graba
Three-dimensional constraint theory:Bridge the gap from laboratory material tests to fatigue fracture of engineering structures PDF
Wanlin Guo, Peishi Yu, Zhenbo Yu Yu
On the T-stress and its influence on the constraint due to specimen thickness and crack length under mode-I loading PDF
A. Fernández-Canteli, J. Fernández Sáez, D. Fernández Zúñiga
R-Curve Modelling with Constraint Effect PDF
D.W. Zhou, W.G. Xu Xu, S.D. Smith Smith
Strain Constraint of Circumferentially Notched Tensile Specimens for the Alternative Fracture Toughness Evaluation PDF
K. Kasaba, A. Nishimura, N. Kazamaki
The Effect of Out-of-Plane Loading on the Fracture of Aluminium 2024 PDF
M. Mostafavi, D.J. Smith, M.J. Pavier
The Effect of T-stress on Crack Tip Plastic Zones under Mixed Mode Loading Conditions PDF
Qays Nazarali, Xin Wang, Robert Bell
The Effects of Loading History and Crack Geometry on Time-Dependent Fatigue Crack Growth at Elevated to High Temperatures PDF
F. Ma, D. Lehmann, T. Morrison
Susceptibility of Steels containing Cr, Ni, and Mo in H2S Environments PDF
Mimoun Elboujdaini

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

A Novel Fracture Mechanics Approach to Determine the Threshold Stress Intensity Factor in Corrosive Environment PDF
Sarvesh Pal, R.K. Singh Raman, R.N. Ibrahim
Cohesive zone model for intergranular environmental and stress assisted failure and analysis of slow crack growth in ceramic polycrystals PDF
M. Romero de la Osa, R. Estevez, C. Olagnon, J. Chevalier, C. Tallaron
Creep Fracture and Grain Structure of Pure ECAP Aluminum and Copper PDF
I. Saxl, V. Skleni?ka Skleni?ka, L. Ilucová, M. Svoboda, P. Král, J. Dvo?ák
Durability Investigation of Patch-Repaired Reinforced Concrete PDF
H. Saricimen, M. Shameem1, M. Maslehuddin, M. Ibrahim, M.S. Barry
Effect of surface condition on the chloride-induced depassivation of rebar in concrete PDF
P. Ghods, O. B. Isgor, G. McRae, G. P. Gu, J. Li
Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth of Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass PDF
Y. Nakai, Y. Yoshioka
Grain Boundary Engineering to Control the Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking of Pipeline Steel PDF
M.A. Arafin, J.A. Szpunar
Imaging Autoclave Development for In-Situ Optical Measurement of High Temperature Aqueous Corrosion Processes PDF
P. M. Wood, J. A. Duff, T. J. Marrow
Stress corrosion cracking of oil and gas pipelines PDF
Wayne Zheng
Structural Disintegration of Al 2024 Rolled Plates in a Marine Environment: Effect of Morphological Parameters of the Microstructure PDF
J. Stolarz, G. Blanc
Study of Liquid Metal Embrittlement of steels by EBSD PDF
T. Auger, L. Medina-Almazan, C. Rey, P. Bompard, D. Gorse
Transition from Pits to Cracks in Pipeline Steel in Near-Neutral pH Solution PDF
B. Fang, R.L. Eadie2 Eadie, M. Elboujdaini, W. Chen

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

Solid 3D vs Plane Stress Shell Formulations of Anisotropic Non Normal Plasticity with Damage for Sheet Metal Forming PDF
H. Badreddine, K. Saanouni
A Cohesive-Frictional Interface Model with Frictional Properties Degradation PDF
G. Borino, B. Failla, F. Parrinello
A Consistent Anisotropic Brittle Damage Model Based on Kinking Elliptical Microcracks PDF
K. Molla-Abbasi, H. Schuette
A micromechanics based model for ductile damage in multiphase and composite metallic alloys combining extended Gurson and homogenization theories PDF
C. Teko?lu, T. Pardoen
A Micromechanics-based Ductile Damage Model Incorporating Plastic Anisotropy and Void Shape Effects PDF
A. A. Benzerga, S.M. Keralavarma
A multi-scale methodology to model damage, deformation and ignition of highly-filled energetic materials PDF
G. Vivier, H. Trumel, F. Hild
A stress-triaxiality-dependent damage model and fracture criterion for aluminum alloys PDF
M. Brünig, S. Gerke, D. Albrecht
A study of the cluster effect on fatigue crack initiation PDF
Y. Guilhem, G. Cailletaud, S. Basseville, F. Curtit, J.M Stéphan
Analysis of Damage in Metallic Materials by X-ray Tomography PDF
A. Bareggi, E. Maire, M. Giton, O. Bouaziz, M. Dimichiel
Anisotropic and Unilateral Damage Application to Concrete PDF
Y. Labadi, O. Bélaidi Chabane Chaouche, NE. Hannachi
Assessment of load history effects on ductile initiation fracture PDF
A.P. Jivkov, J.K. Sharples, P.J. Budden
Characterization and modeling of ductile rupture with relationship of microstructures in 2198 Al-Li alloy for aeronautic application PDF
Jianqiang CHEN, Jacques BESSON, Yazid MADI
Comparison of Quantitative Damage Characterization Methodologies PDF
J.P.M. Hoefnagels, C.C. Tasan, L.C.N. Louws, M.G.D. Geers
Damage and fracture mechanisms in Ti-LCB and Ti-555 alloys : Micromechanical testing and modeling PDF
P. Dufour, N. Clément, A. Lenain, T. Pardoen, P.J. Jacques
Damage measurements after creep tests on samples of HP-40 alloys modified with a low level addition of Nb PDF
R. Voicu, J. Lacaze, E. Andrieu, D. Poquillon, J. Furtado
Damage of TWIP Steels for Automotive Application PDF
J. Lorthios, A.F. Gourgues, P. Cugy, C. Scott
Damage Percolation Modeling of Void Nucleation in Aluminum Alloy Sheet PDF
C.J. Butcher, Z.T. Chen
Dwell-Fatigue in Near Alpha Titanium Alloys: a Multiscale, Interdisciplinary Challenge PDF
P. Bocher, F. Bridier, L. Toubal, N. Boutanai, E. Uta, N. Gey, M. Humbert
Effect of Crack-Crazing Patterns Interactions on Energy Release Rates PDF
H. Seddiki, M. Chabaat
Effect of Crack-Crazing Patterns Interactions on Energy Release Rates PDF
H. Seddiki, M. Chabaat
Effect of Particle Size on Fracture Toughness of Polymer Composites PDF
Bernd Lauke
Effect of the Lode Parameter on Ductile Fracture
X. Gao, T. Zhang, C. Roe, M. Hayden
Elastic Field of an Elliptical Inhomogeneity with Polynomial Eigenstrains in Orthotropic Media PDF
C.K. Chan, G.H. Nie
Experimental and computational analysis of toughness anisotropy in an AA2139 Al-alloy for aerospace applications PDF
T.F. Morgeneyer, J. Besson, H. Proudhon, M.J. Starink, I. Sinclair
Experimental and numerical investigation of the eect of o-fault damage on dynamic earthquake rupture propagation PDF
H. S. Bhat, R. L. Biegel, A. J. Rosakis, C. G. Sammis
Explicit Use of the Matrix Yield Condition for Restricting Damage-plasticity in Porous Materials PDF
R. Souchet
Finite–Element Analyses of Combined Void Shape and Plastic Anisotropy Effects in Ductile Fracture PDF
A. A. Benzerga, S. M. Keralavarma
Influence of Slip Localization on Crack Initiation at the Grain Scale PDF
M. Sauzay
Mechanics of Growth and Coalescence of Preexisting Voids PDF
T. Jodlowski, J. Giovanola
Mechanistic Study of Delamination Fracture in Al-Li Alloy C458 (2099) PDF
W. A. Tayon, R. E. Crooks, M. S. Domack, J. A. Wagner
Modelling and numerical simulation of orthogonal metal cutting by chip formation and breaking using Thermo-elasto-visco-plastic constitutive equations fully coupled with ductile damage. PDF
Mazen Issa, Carl Labergère, Kkémais Saanouni, Alain Rassineux
S. Dartois, C. Nadot-Martin, D. Halm, M. Gueguen, A. Dragon, A. Fanget
Multiscale modeling of the competition between intergranular and transgranular ductile fracture in Al alloys PDF
F. Scheyvaerts, P.R. Onck, Y. Bréchet, T. Pardoen
Non-local ductile damage implementation using three field low order tetrahedral element PDF
H.R. Javani, R.H.J. Peerlings, M.G.D. Geers
Plastic Strain Hardening Effect on Ductile Fracture Resistance PDF
P. A. Eikrem, Z.L. Zhang, E. Østby, B. Nyhus
Stochastic Framework for Predicting Microstructurally Small Fatigue Life of AA 7075-T651 PDF
J.E. Bozek, M.G. Veilleux, J.D. Hochhalter, P.A. Wawrzynek, A.R. Ingraffea
Strain localization analysis deduced from a large strain elasticplastic self-consistent model for multiphase steels PDF
G. Franz, F. Abed-Meraim, T. Ben Zineb, X. Lemoine, M. Berveiller
Stress distribution in carbides of spheroidised steel using a polycrystalline modeling PDF
Saeid Rezaee, Clotilde Berdin
The Role of Mg in Void Formation during Plastic Deformation of AA6016 Aluminium Alloys PDF
O. León-García, R. Petrov, L.A.I. Kestens

Failure Analysis

3D crack network during the scratching of a polymer: comparison between experimental results and localized multigrid X-FEM PDF
M.C Baietto Dubourg, J. Rannou, A. Gravouil, H. Pelletier, C. Gauthier, R. Schirrer
A Study of Crack Paths of Two-dimensional Multi-fibre Microcomposites PDF
T. Zeng, D. Fang, S . Yan, Y. Guo
A Study of Fracture Features and Fracture Toughness on CT Tests with Some Structural Glued-Laminated Timber PDF
W. Kambe, Y. Iijima
AWhole-Structure Approach to the Influence of Residual Stress on Fracture PDF
C.J. Aird, D.J. Smith
Actual Processes and Researches at Eurocopter on Failure Investigation of Metallic and Composite Parts PDF
E. Greco, J.P. Charles, O. Molinas
Adhesively Bonded Joints Composed of Wooden Load-Bearing Elements PDF
M. Lehmann, T. Vallée, T. Tannert, M. Brunner
Cohesive modeling of ductile dynamic failure of pressurized metallic structures PDF
O. R. van der Meulen, J. Mediavilla Varas, J. Weerheijm, F. Soetens
CZM Application to Failure Study of Brazed Joints: Parameters Determination PDF
M. Karimi Ghovanlou, H. Jahed, A. Khajepour
Damage Calculations in Whole Evolving Process Actualized for the Materials Behaviors of Structure with Cracks to Use Software Technique PDF
Yu Yangui, Bi Baoxiang, Ma Yanghui, Xu Feng, Pan Yuelong
A. El-Batahgy, G. Fathy, M. Amin
Diagnostics Cracks in Gears with Wavelet Analysis PDF
Ales Belsak, Joze Flasker
Effect of Various Shearing Conditions on the Rod Shearing Quality for Large Nuts PDF
G. Y. Tzou, T. M. Wu, M. Z. Yeh
Examination of Fatigue Crack Origins in Aircraft Turbine Blades Using Serial Sectioning Techniques PDF
Sylvie Dionne, Tim Lang, Jian Li
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Fatigue Failure of Composite Helicopter Main Rotor Hub PDF
M. Giglio, A. Manes, F. Viganò
Failure Behaviour of Textile Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Made of Hybrid Yarns - I: Probabilistically Based Damage Models PDF
W. Hufenbach, M. Gude, R. Böhm, M. Thieme
Failure behaviour of textile reinforced thermoplastic composites made of hybrid yarns - II: Experimental and numerical studies PDF
W. Hufenbach, M. Gude, M. Thieme, R. Böhm
Failure Investigations of Cracked Spherical Bearings in Aircraft PDF
X. Wu, A. Bourgeois
Fractographic Analysis of the Effects of Combined Natural Weathering and Seawater on the Performance of GFRE Pipes PDF
N. Merah, S. Nizamuddin, Z. Khan, F. Al-Sulaiman, M. Mehdi
Hydrogen Induced Cracking Analysis of a Pressure Vessel Made of SA 516 Grade 70 Steel by the Use of Phased Array Technology PDF
M. Farzam, P. Malekinejad, M. Khorashadizadeh
Interfacial Failure Mechanism of 316LSS Diffusion Bonded Joints PDF
Shu Xin Li, Fu Zhen Xuan, Shan Tung Tu, Shu Rong Yu
Mechanism of damage, fracture and toughening of TiAl alloys PDF
R. Cao, J. H.Chen
Numerical Study of Effects of Superimposed Pressure on Fracture PDF
P.D. Wu, J.D. Embury, D.J. Lloyd
Investigation of Heat Affected and Phase Transformation of Sorbite to Troostite on Decreasing Fracture Toughness of Cold Rolls PDF
Ali Akbar Mottahedi, Mahdi Mottahedi
The Intensity of Singularity of Residual Thermal Stresses at A Vertex in Three-Dimensional Bonded Structures PDF
H. Koguchi, T. Taniguchi


3D Analysis of Short Fatigue Crack Propagation in a Beta Ti alloy: Effect of the Local Crystallographic Orientation PDF
M. Herbig, J-Y. Buffière, W. Ludwig, E.M. Lauridsen, A. King
3D Characterisation of Short Fatigue Crack in Ti 6246 PDF
S. Birosca, F. A. Garcia-Pastor, M. Karadge, J.Y. Buffiere, M. Preuss
A Damage Examination Method by C-Scan on CFRP Laminate PDF
H. S. Chen, W. C. Chen, S. F. Hwang
A modified approach for multiaxial fatigue damage prediction PDF
A. Ganjidoust, M Shariyat
Analysis of Short Crack Growth for Two Representative Light Metals PDF
B. Oberwinkler, C. Oberwinkler, S. Redik, H. Leitner
Analysis of Shot Peening Influence on Short Crack Fatigue Threshold of Nitrided Steels PDF
I. Fernández Pariente, S. Bagheri Fard, M. Guagliano
Anisotropic High Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Related Crack Initiation mechanisms in forged steel PDF
E. Pessard, F. Morel, A. Morel, D. Bellett
Assessment of Environmental Effect on the Closure-Free Threshold Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) Range PDF
T. Meshii, M. Tsuji
Characterization of Subgrains for Ferritic Heat-Resisting Steels with Different Creep-Fatigue Susceptibility PDF
Masao Hayakawa, Megumi Kimura, Kazuo Kobayashi
Cohesive fracture modelling of overload e®ects in fatigue PDF
V. R. Krishnan, K. D. Papoulia
Crack Growth Rate Behaviour and Microstructural Features of Incoloy 800H under Fatigue and Creep-fatigue Conditions PDF
D.Y. Seo, J. Tsang, R. Kearsey, W.J. Yang, K.S. Cho, J.H. Lee, P. Au
Crack growth-based multiaxial fatigue life prediction PDF
Zizi Lu, Yongming Liu
Cyclic Fracture Behaviour of Brazed Martensitic Stainless Steel Joints PDF
Hans-Jakob Schindler, Christian Leinenbach, Tanya Baser
Damping of Flexible Structures with PEO Coating PDF
C.X. Wong, D. Asquith, Y.H. Tai, A. L. Yerokhin, J. A. Rongong, J.R. Yates
Decrease in Fatigue Crack Initiation Life by Irreversible Hydrogen in Cold Drawn Eutectoid Steel PDF
M. Nakatani, M. Sakihara, K. Minoshima
Development of Crack Growth Rate at Multiple Overloads PDF
J. Steinbock, H.-J. Gudladt
Dissipation and mean stress effect in HCF and LCF PDF
E. Charkaluk, A. Constantinescu
Dwell-fatigue life of a near-alpha titanium alloy and ultrasonic measurement correlation PDF
L. Toubal, P. Bocher, A. Moreau
Effect of Deformation-Induced Martensite on the Fatigue Behavior of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels PDF
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Effect of Friction Stir Processing on the Fatigue Behaviour of Cast Aluminium Alloy PDF
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Effect of mean stress on short crack growth and fatigue life in austenitic-ferritic duplex steel PDF
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Effect of Plastic Deformation of Artificial Wedges on Fatigue Crack Closure PDF
D.L. Chen
Effect of short crack on closure behavior in a 304L austenitic stainless steel PDF
K. Vor, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, C. Gardin, J. Petit
Effect of Shot and Laser Peening on SAE 1010 Steel Tubes with a Transverse Center Weld Subjected to Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading PDF
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Effect of Surface Finish on Fatigue of Stainless Steels PDF
S. Al-Shahrani, T.J. Marrow
Effect of tempering temperature on very high cycle fatigue properties of high strength steel PDF
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Effective Strain-Fatigue Life of Dual Phase 590 Steel PDF
M. El-Zeghayar, T. Topper, J. Bonnen, R. Sohmshetty
Effects of Earthquake Loads and Absorbed Hydrogen on the Fatigue Strength Reduction of Notched Component PDF
Y. Kondo, T. Yamanouchi
Effects of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Friction Stir Welded 2198-T8 and 2195-T8 Al-Li Alloy Joints PDF
Y.E. MA, P. E. Irving, T Fischer, X. Zhang, G. Servetti
Analysis of Fracture Data of Conductive Cracks in Lead Zirconate Titanate PIC 151 Ceramics with the Charge-free Zone Model PDF
Tong Yi Zhang
Estimating the fatigue behaviour of welded joints PDF
L.F. Jaureguizahar, M.D. Chapetti
Evaluation of Local Stress and Strain State at Notch Root by Means of a New Method Valid for Multiaxial Random Loadings PDF
T. Herbland, G. Cailletaud, S. Quilici
Evaluation of the Effect of Surface Roughness on Crack Initiation Life PDF
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Experimental estimation of fatigue crack growth rate and study of stress ratio effect in thin aluminium alloy plates PDF
A.R. Shahani, H. Moayeri Kashani, M. Rastegar, M. Botshekanan Dehkordi
Experimental Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors along Three Dimensional Crack Fronts during Fatigue Tests PDF
J. Réthoré, N. Limodin, J.-Y. Buffi`eres, A. Gravouil, F. Hild, S. Roux
Fatigue analysis of large slewing bearing using strain-life approach PDF
R. Poto?nik, J. Flašker, S. Glodež
Fatigue Behavior of Vinyl Ester Polymer and Effects of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforcement PDF
A. Plaseied, A. Fatemi
Fatigue Behaviour of DLC Coated Die Material PDF
K. Maruchi, Y. Uematsu, K. Tokaji
Fatigue Crack Branching Behavior in Dual Phase Material PDF
Guocai Chai, Ru Lin Peng, Karel Slamecka, Sten Johansson
Fatigue Cracking Behavior in Aluminum 7050 PDF
Min Hui Huang, Min Liao, Jerzy A. Szpunar
Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of P/M Soft Magnetic Material with a High-resistance Surface Layer PDF
R. Tanegashima, H. Akebono, M. Kato, A. Sugeta
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Evaluation in a Turbine Disc after Spin Rig Testing PDF
W. Beres, D. Dudzinski, A. Murzionak
Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance of Nanocrystalline Copper PDF
R.K. Rajgarhia, A. Saxena, C. Jackson
Fatigue crack propagation in two dimensional lattice spring models PDF
T.M Guozden, E.A. Jagla
Y. Nadot
Fatigue Life Assessment of a Novel Mobile Phone Hinge PDF
K.-C. Liao, W.-C. Lin
Fatigue Life Calculation of Metastable Austenitic Steels PDF
M. Smaga, F. Walther, D. Eifler
Fatigue Life of Components with Two Types of Defects PDF
K. Karlén, M. Olsson, G. Härkegård
Fatigue Life Prediction of Corroded Specimen PDF
Y. Xiang, Y. Liu
Fatigue of Stiffened Panels with Multiple Interacting Cracks – an Experimental and Numerical Simulation Analysis PDF
Z. Bozic, H. Wolf, D. Semenski, V. Bitunjac
Fatigue Resistance of Hot-dip Galvanized Hot-rolled and High- Silicon TRIP Steel PDF
S. Aden-Ali, A. Chamat, J. Gilgert, E. Petit, S. Dominiak, L. Schmitt, M. Gilles, Z. Azari
Fatigue Strength and Fracture Surface Morphology in Ultra-fine Grained Ferritic Stainless Steels PDF
R. Ebara, Y. Matsumura, K. Kishi, Y. Ishibashi
Fracture mechanisms due to Fatigue, Creep and Environmental damage in titanium alloys PDF
M.T. Whittaker, W.J. Evans, W Harrison
High-cycle fatigue behaviour of a pultruded composite material used in structural applications. PDF
C. Colombo, M. guagliano, L. Vergani
High-Cycle Fatigue Properties of Ni-Baced Alloy718 and Iron-Baced A286 Supperalloys at Elevated-Temperature PDF
K. Kobayashi, M. Hayakawa, M. Kimura
High-Temperature Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of 17-4 PH Stainless Steels at Various Load Ratios PDF
C.-K. Lin, K.-C. Hsu
In situ three dimensional monitoring and modelling of small corner cracks in airframe Al alloys PDF
H. Proudhon, A. Moffat, J.-Y. Buffière, I. Sinclair
Influence of Grain Size and Aging on Fatigue Behavior of AZ-type Magnesium Alloys PDF
N. Ono, Y. Nishimura
Influence of microstructural barriers on short fatigue crack growth PDF
M. Marx, W. Schäf, H. Vehoff
In-situ fatigue test of A36-steel PDF
K. Yamagiwa, D. W. Hoeppner
In-situ Observation of Damage Mechanisms by Digital Image Correlation during Tension and Low Cycle Fatigue of Magnesium alloys PDF
A.A. Khan, T.J. Marrow
Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behaviour of IN738LC PDF
S. Yandt, D.Y. Seo, P. Au, J. Beddoes
A generalized dimensional analysis approach to fatigue crack growth PDF
M. Ciavarella, M. Paggi, A. Carpinteri
Lifetime Modelling of Fatigue Crack Initiation from Casting Defects PDF
M. Geuffrard, L. Rémy, A. Köster
Loading-Frequency Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of a Low Carbon Steel in Hydrogen Gas Environment PDF
H. Nishikawa, Y. Oda, H. Noguchi
Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Extruded Magnesium Alloys PDF
K. Shiozawa, M. Nagai, T. Kaminashi
On the Concept of Fatigue Crack Arrest by Bonding a Composite Patch PDF
F. Ellyin
Mechanisms of Fatigue Failure of Nickel-Base Alloys at Room and Elevated Temperatures in the Very High Cycle Regime PDF
M. Zimmermann, C. Stöcker, H.-J. Christ
Katsuyuki IGUCHI, Naoya TADA, Ichiro SHIMIZU, Kouji IWASAKI
Observation of Fretting Fatigue Cracks by Micro Computed Tomography with Synchrotron Radiation PDF
D. Shiozawa, Y. Nakai, T. Kurimura, K. Kajiwara
On Some Trends Associated with Stage II Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Metals PDF
Tawfik M. Ahmed, Desmond Tromans
On the Early Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in the High Cycle Regime PDF
S. Ishihara, A. J. McEvily
Practical Advantages of the Local Strain Energy Approach for Fatigue Strength Assessments of Welded Joints PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin, M. Zappalorto, F.J. Gómez
Predicting Fatigue Lives of Carburized Steels Based on Residual Stress Profiles and Microstructural Influences PDF
K.O. Findley, G. Krauss, D.K. Matlock
Quantitative and qualitative study on the cracking in Ti-6Al-4V material under fretting-fatigue solicitations. PDF
J. Meriaux, S. Fouvry, K. Kubiak, J-A. Ruiz-Sabariego, B. Bonnet
Replacement Decision Of Bridge Girder Of A Working EOT Crane Based On Fatigue Life Calculation PDF
P. V. Joshi, Dr S.K. Dhagat, M. D. Gnanavel
Residual Stress Estimation of Welded Tubular K-joints under Fatigue Loads PDF
C. Acevedo, A. Nussbaumer
Short crack and near threshold fatigue behaviour of Al-Si casting alloys PDF
A.J. Moffat, B.G. Mellor, I. Sinclair, P.A.S. Reed
Short cracks at notches and fatigue life prediction under mode I and mode III loadings PDF
Y. Verreman, H. Guo
Shot Peening Effects on Fatigue Life PDF
A. Plumtree
Simulation of stage I short crack propagation in an austenitic-ferritic duplex steel PDF
P. Köster, H. Knobbe, C.-P. Fritzen, H.-J. Christ, U. Krupp
Slip Localization and Dislocation Structure at Early Stages of Fatigue Damage in Austenitic Stainless Steel (316L) PDF
A. Weidner, J. Man, W. Skrotzki, J. Polák
Small Fatigue Crack Behavior and Life Prediction of Pre-Corroded 2024-T62 Aluminum Alloy PDF
J.Z. Liu, B. Chen, X.B. Ye, B.R. Hu, C.F. Ding
Some Considerations on the Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation in Structural Materials PDF
M. V. Pereira, F.A. Darwish, A. F. Camarão, S. H. Motta
Strength Evaluation of Spot Weld in Fatigue Using Double-Cup Specimen PDF
E. Nakayama, M. Miyahara, H. Fujimoto, Y. Hirose, K. Fukui, T. Kitamura
Stress Analysis and Fatigue of Weldments PDF
A.B. Chattopadhyay, G. Glinka, S. Malik
Study of Crack Propagation by Infrared Thermography during Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime PDF
N. Ranc, L. Illoul, D. Wagner, P. C. Paris, C. Bathias
Surface Relief Evolution in 316L Steel Fatigued at Depressed and Elevated Temperatures PDF
J. Man, M. Petrenec, P. Klapetek, K. Obrtlík, J. Polák
The Effect of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Initiation in Ti-6Al-4V PDF
A.L. Pilchak, A. Bhattacharjee, R.E.A. Williams, J.C. Williams
The influence of ageing on fatigue and fracture-related material parameters for an aluminum cast alloy PDF
A. Leitgeb, H.-P. Gänser, R. Ehart, J. Fröschl, W. Eichlseder
The Influence of Temperature on Crack Growth in Fibre Metal Laminates PDF
C.D. Rans, R.C. Alderliesten
Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior and Lifetime Prediction of Niobium-added Ferritic Stainless Steel PDF
J.G. Jung, Y.J. Oh, W.D. Choi, W.J. Yang
Three-dimensional study of fatigue crack propagation using synchrotron X-ray microtomography PDF
N. Limodin, J.Y. Buffière, J. Réthoré, F. Hild, S. Roux, W. Ludwig
Time Dependent Fatigue Fractures of Titanium Alloys PDF
M.T. Whittaker, W.J. Evans, W Harrison
Understanding Crack Size Effects during Fatigue of Extrinsically Toughened Materials PDF
J. J. Kruzic

Fracture Processes and Reliability In Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Geophysics & Tectonics, Fracture Of Membranes

A Hybrid FDM-BIEM Approach for Earthquake Dynamic Rupture Simulation PDF
N. Kame, H. Aochi
A method to improve the reliability and the fatigue life of power device substrates PDF
S. Pietranico, S. Pommier, S. Lefebvre, S. Pattofatto
Basalt Columns and Crack Formation during Directional Drying of Colloidal Suspensions in Capillary Tubes PDF
V. Lazarus, G. Gauthier, L. Pauchard, C. Maurini, C. Valdivia
Characterization of the Failure Behavior of Printed Circuit Boards under Dynamic Loading Conditions PDF
P. F. Fuchs, Z. Major, R.W. Lang
Characterizing Fracture Energy of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Using a Knife Slit Test PDF
K.A. Patankar, Y. Li, D.A. Dillard, S.W. Case, M.W. Ellis, Y. Lai, C. Gittleman, M. Budinski
Crack and delamination Risk Evaluation in low-k BEol PDF
J. Auersperg, D. Vogel, M.U. Lehr, M. Grillberger, B. Michel
Detection and analysis of fracture initiation in microelectronic packages using methods of digital speckle correlation and fiber Bragg grating PDF
Hua Lu, Ming Zhou, Xijia Gu
Determination of Copper/EMC Interface Fracture Toughness during Manufacturing, Moisture Preconditioning and Solder Reflow Process of Semiconductor Packages PDF
M.H. Shirangi, W.H. Müller, B. Michel
Fracture Behaviour of Cracked Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Materials (FGPMs) PDF
Z. Yan, Y. Jiang
Fracture Initiation Toughness and Propagation Toughness of Laurentian Granite Rock PDF
F. Lu, R. Chen, L. Lu, K. Xia
Fracture Modeling of Interface Junctions on the Base of Multiscale Crack Bridging Concept PDF
M. Perelmuter
Fracture toughness measurement of thin nanoporous films on stiff substrates PDF
D.J. Morris, R.F. Cook
Supershear Rupture Propagation in a Monolithic Medium PDF
K. Uenishi
Multi scale insights into deformation/environment interaction affecting the mechanical behaviorSignificant efforts have been invested into deformation/hydrogen interaction affecting the mechanical response. By adopting a material approach, elasticplastic PDF
Yosef Katz
On fracture mechanism of granite saturated with water PDF
E.E. Damaskinskaya, A.G. Kadomtsev, V.S. Kuksenko
On the mechanics of buckling–delamination in compliant laminates PDF
R. H. J. Peerlings, E. D. Kleijne, E. van Veenendaal, P. C. P. Bouten
On the study of wire cutting of starch gels PDF
C. Gamonpilas, M. Charalambides, J.G. Williams, P.J. Dooling, S.R. Gibbon
Study on the Effect of Moisture and Elevated Temperature on the Fracture Properties of Visco Elastic Polymers PDF
H. Walter, H. Shirangi, E. Dermitzaki, B. Wunderle, B. Michel

Glass, Inverse Problems, History of Fracture Mechnics And Fatigue, Ice Mechanics and IceStructures Interaction

An Effective Inverse Approach for Identifying an Impact Force Acting on CFRP Laminated Plates PDF
N. Hu, H. Fukunaga
Derivation of Electromigration Characteristic Constants of Metal Line Used in Electronic Devices PDF
K. Sasagawa, T. Gomyo, A. Kirita
Determination of Elastic-Plastic Properties of Metallic Thin Wires by Small-Span Bending Test PDF
H. Tohmyoh, M.A. Salam Akanda, H. Takeda, M. Saka
Estimating fatigue damage in a CFRP laminate with a hole using an embedded FBG sensor PDF
S. Yashiro, T. Okabe
Evolution of the Fabric Tensor in Amorphous Silica: Via Molecular Dynamics Simulations PDF
C.L. Rountree, M. Talamali, D. Vandembroucq, S. Roux, E. Bouchaud
Experimental Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Ice Slurry PDF
M. Boumaza
Fractal damage on glaciers of the Italian Alps PDF
B. Chiaia, B. Frigo
Glass Formation in Fe50-xCr15Mo14C15B6Mx (M= Y, Gd and x= 0,2) Bulk Metallic Glasses PDF
A. Bouchareb, R. Piccin, B. Bendjemil, M. Baricco
Hybrid Moiré Method for Three-dimensional Stress Analysis PDF
S. Ri, T. Numayama, M. Saka
Identification Method of Residual Stress Distribution in Butt-Welded Plate by Boundary Element Analysis (Experimental Examination) PDF
Y. Ohtake, S. Kubo
Indentation and Imprint Mapping for the Identification of Interface Properties in Film-Substrate Systems PDF
M. Bocciarelli, G. Bolzon
An Application of the Passive Electric Potential CT Method for Identification of Plural Delaminations in a Composite Material PDF
Shiro Kubo, Takahide Sakagam, Sayo Yamaguchi, Kensaku Nakatani
Why fibrous composites are tough PDF
A. Kelly, A.H. Cottrell
Mechanical eect of capillary forces in the crack tip of a DCDC specimen PDF
M. Ciccotti, G. Pallares, L. Ponson, A. Grimaldi, M. George
Suitable Contact Materials for Axial Load Application into Glass Edges PDF
Bernhard Weller, Stefan Reich, Jan Ebert

High Temperature & Creep

A Micromechanics Approach to Residual Life Assessment of Nickel-Based Superalloys PDF
H.C. Basoalto, A. Wisbey, J.W. Brooks
Creep Crack Assessment of Components at High Temperatures PDF
M. Speicher, A. Klenk, E. Roos, K. Maile
Creep damage by multiple cavity growth controlled by grain boundary diffusion PDF
Bernard Fedelich, Jack Owen
Creep Fracture Processes in Magnesium Metal Matrix Composites PDF
V. Skleni?ka, K. Kucha?ová, Milan Svoboda, I. Saxl
Effect of Multi-axial Stress on the Life of Creep Crack Growth for Welded Joint of P92 Steel PDF
R. Sugiura, A. T. Yokobori Jr, K. Suzuki, M. Tabuchi
Elevated Temperature Crack Growth Rate Model for Ni-base Superalloys PDF
J.L. Evans, A. Saxena
Evaluation of Type-IV Creep Damages in Thick Welded Joint for High Cr Steels PDF
M. Tabuchi, H. Hongo, T. Watanabe, K. Sawada, Y. Takahashi
High temperature mechanical strength and microstructural stability of advanced 9-12%Cr steels and ODS steels. PDF
B. Fournier, M. Salvi, C. Caës, J. Malaplate, F. Dalle, M. Sauzay, Y. de Carlan, A. Pineau
Influence of Hold Times on Fatigue Life and Fracture Behavior of Cast Superalloy INCONEL 713LC at 700°C PDF
K. Obrtlík, J. Man, M. Petrenec, J. Polák, T. Podrábský
Standards for Creep-Fatigue Crack Initiation and Crack Growth Testing of Metallic Materials PDF
B. Dogan, D. Gandy, A. Saxena
Microstructural Evolution and Life Evaluation during Creep/Rupture Process of a Single Crystal Superalloy PDF
H. C. Yu, Y. Li
Numerical Modelling of Creep Fracture Behaviour of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) PDF
I. Skozrit, Z. Tonkovi?
Superplastic Behavior of AISI 329 Duplex Stainless Steel at High Temperatures under Tensile Loading PDF
F. Taherkhani, J. Aghazadeh Mohandesi, E. Taherkhani
The Influence of the /’ Microstructure Stability on the Very High Temperature/Low Stress Non-isothermal Creep Behavior of a 4th Generation Single Crystal nickel-based Superalloy PDF
M. Arnoux, X. Milhet, J. Mendez, F. Vogel

Hydrogen Embrittlement

A Combined Applied Mechanics/Materials Science Approach Toward Quantifying the Role of Hydrogen on Material Degradation PDF
P. Sofronis, M. Dadfarnia, P. Novak, R. Yuan, B. Somerday, I.M. Robertson
A Transient Model of Hydrogen Induced Delamination PDF
L.N. Germanovich, A.V. Balueva
Atomistic study of hydrogen distributions around lattice defects and defect energies under hydrogen environment PDF
R. Matsumoto, S. Taketomi, N. Miyazaki
Cohesive zone model for hydrogen embrittlement in intergranular fracture and slow crack growth in Al 5xxx/7xxx alloys PDF
N. Benali, R. Estevez, D. Tanguy, D. Delafosse
Cold Cracking Delay Times for Single Pass Weld Metal PDF
R. Holdstock, N. Pussegoda, V. Semiga, D. Begg
Effect of Hydrogen Concentration on the Ultrasonic Propagation Properties in 304 Stainless Steel PDF
Yebo Lu, Wenbin Kan, Hongliang Pan
Effect of hydrogen pickup on fracture behaviour of stainless steels PDF
R.C. Prasad, S. Roychowdhury, V. Kain
Effects of Hydrogen on Passivity and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels PDF
B. T. Lu, Q. Yang, L. J. Qiao, L.P. Tian, L. Yu, J. L. Luo, Y.C. Lu
Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Magnesium Alloys PDF
W. Dietzel, M. Pfuff, N. Winzer, A. Atrens
Hydrogen Effect on Dislocation Emission from a Crack Tip in Alpha Iron PDF
S. Taketomi, R. Matsumoto, S. Matsumoto, N. Miyazaki
Hydrogen Exposure Effect on Tensile Strength of High Strength steel Sharp Notched Specimen PDF
Yuichi Suzuki, Hisatake Itoga, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
In-Situ Monitoring of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Ferritic Steel Pipelines PDF
F. M. Haggag
Microscopic Study on the Effect of Hydrogen on Deformation Process near Stage II Fatigue Crack Tip PDF
Y. Takahashi, M. Tanaka, K. Higashida, H. Noguchi
Microscopic study on the effect of hydrogen on fatigue crack growth process in a chromium-molybdenum steel PDF
Y. Takahashi, K. Yamaguchi, M. Shigenaga
Modeling of the processes of hydrogen absorption and hydrogen cracking of steels PDF
R.V. Goldstein, Yu.V. Zhitnikov
Near-tip Behavior of Ductile, Steady-State Crack Growth in a Hydrogen Charged Material PDF
R. H. Dodds Jr, J. C. Sobotka, P. Sofronis
Role of Hydrogen in Crack Growth in Pipeline steels Exposed to near Neutral pH Soil Environments PDF
W. Chen, Richard Kania, Bob Worthingham, S. Kariyawasam
Temperature Dependences of Age-hardening Austenitic Steels Mechanical Properties in Gaseous Hydrogen PDF
A.I. Balitskii, L.M. Ivaskevich, V.M. Mochulskyi
The Effect of Mechanical Factors on Hydrogen Diffusion and Concentration around a Crack Tip PDF
T. Ohmi, A. T. Yokobori Jr., K. Takei
Transient Hydrogen Diffusion Analyses of a Surface Crack in a Three-Dimensional Body PDF
N. Miyazaki, H. Kotake, R. Matsumoto, S. Taketomi

Impact & Dynamics

An Effect of Explosive Detonation Pressures on Fragmentation Characteristics of Explosive Fragmentation Munitions PDF
V.M. Gold, Y. Wu
Anomalous Behavior of Strength and Yield Limits under Short Pulse Loading. Possible Explanation of Embrittlement of Nuclear Constructional Materials Irradiated at Elevated Temperatures PDF
Yuri Petrov, Vladimir Bratov
Deformation and failure of a rolled homogeneous armour steel under dynamic mechanical loading in compression PDF
M.N Bassim, A.G. Odeshi, M. Bolduc
Describing the dynamic response of a ceramic: The search for universality in fragmentation statistics PDF
S. Levy, J.F. Molinari
Development of an Extended Compact Crack Arrest Specimen PDF
R.E. Link
Dynamic fracture behavior of high-strength concrete studied by means of a drop-weight impact machine PDF
X.X. Zhang, G. Ruiz, R.C. Yu, M. Tarifa
Dynamic Impact Behavior of 6061-T6 and 5083-H131 Aluminum alloys PDF
A.G Odeshi, M.N. Bassim, M. Bolduc
Fragmentation Efficiency of Comminution under High Velocity Impact PDF
S . Sadrai, J.A. Meech, D. Tromans
Impact fatigue damage of glass/epoxy plates predicted from three parameters model PDF
K. Azouaoui, S. Benmedakhene, A. Laksimi, Z. Azari, G. Pluvinage
Impacts on thin elastic sheets PDF
N. Vandenberghe, R. Vermorel, E. Villermaux
Incubation Time Based Description of Dynamic Fracture Processes PDF
A.V. Kashtanov
Micro-macro Analysis of the Notch Tip Radius and Loading Rate Dependences of the Dynamic Crack Initiation Toughness during a High Transient Dynamic crack Growth Experiment PDF
D. Grégoire, H. Maigre, R. Estevez, A. Combescure
Normalization Method and the Plasticity Function Form PDF
S. M. Graham
Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Fracture PDF
Vladimir Bratov, Yuri Petrov
Determination and definition of fracture toughness of dynamically loaded ductile cast iron PDF
H.-P. Winkler, R. Hüggenberg, A. Ludwig, G. Pusch, P. Trubitz
Stress-Wave Induced Fracture of Unidirectional Composites: An Experimental Study using Digital Image Correlation method PDF
Dongyeon Lee, Hareesh V. Tippur
The Study of Honeycomb Material Dynamic Mechanical Properties which Under Out-plane Impact Load PDF
ZOU Guangping, CHANG Zhongliang, LIANG Jun, LU Jie

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Compliant MEMS Device Actuation and Fracture PDF
Alex A. Volinsky, Ke Du, Craig Lusk
Deformation and Fracture of Nano-sculptured Thin Film PDF
T. Kitamura, T. Sumigawa
Development of a Methodology for Measurement of Mechanics Properties of Materials Used on the Microscale PDF
L. Banks-Sills, J. Shklovsky, S. Krylov, H. Bruck, V. Fourman, R. Eliasi
Effect of Dynamic Strain Aging on Fracture in Aluminum Alloy Sheet Materials AA5754 PDF
J. Kang, D.S. Wilkinson, A.J. Beaudoin, J.D. Embury, Raja K. Mishra
Effect of Sidewall Morphology on the Fracture and Fatigue Properties of Polysilicon Structural Films PDF
D. H. Alsem, B. L. Boyce, E. A. Stach, R. O. Ritchie
Experimental study of Portevin-Le Châtelier plastic instabilities by infrared pyrometry – Type A to type B transition PDF
D. Wagner, N. Ranc
Experimental verification of structural integrity for bellows as spacecraft components PDF
S. Kébreau, P. Cambrésy
Interfacial Fracture in Compliant Substrate Film Systems PDF
M. S. Kennedy, M. J. Cordill, J. Yeager, I. Rook, D. P. Adams, E. D. Reedy, J. A. Emerson, D. F. Bahr, N. R. Moody
Fatigue and fracture toughness properties of large-bloom mixed-microstructure heat-treated steels PDF
D. Firrao, P. Matteis, P. Russo Spena, G.M.M. Mortarino, G. Silva, B. Rivolta, R. Gerosa, M.R. Pinasco, M.G. Ienco, M. Fabbreschi
Fracture of Brittle Thin Films on Compliant Substrates PDF
Haixia Mei, Rui Huang
Size and Stress State Effects on Plasticity Mediated Brittle Fracture PDF
W.W. Gerberich, A.R. Beaber, D.D. Stauffer
Stress-Intensity Factor and Toughness Measurement at the Nanoscale using Confocal Raman Microscopy PDF
Robert F. Cook, Yvonne B. Gerbig, Jeroen Schoenmaker, Stephan J. Stranick
MEMS Piezoresistive Sensor for Monitoring Bond Integrity in Adhesively Bonded Patches PDF
H.H. Gharib, W.A. Moussa
Multi-layer metallic composites as strong electrode structures for MEMS PDF
D.F. Bahr, A. Bellou, N. Overman, H.M. Zbib
Near threshold fatigue crack PDF
S. Richard, C. Sarrazin Baudoux, J. Petit
Nucleation, growth and coalescence of voids in dual phase steels: from model microstructures to microstructure based modeling PDF
A.P. Pierman, C. Teko?lu, T. Pardoen, P.J. Jacques
Vantadori PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori
Strength Evaluation of Polycrystalline Silicon Structure Considering Sidewall Morphology PDF
S. Hamada, Y. Sugimoto
Stress intensity factors of a crack emanating from a cold expanded hole : Effects of edge distance ratio PDF
M. Arian Nik, M.R. Ayatollahi
Stress intensity factors of a crack emanating from a cold expanded hole : Effects of edge distance ratio PDF
M. Arian Nik, M.R. Ayatollahi
The Impact of Sidewall Roughness on the Macroscopic Strength of Polycrystalline Silicon PDF
J.W. Foulk III, B.L. Boyce, E.D. Reedy Jr.
Wear of Hadfield Austenitic Manganese Steel Casting PDF
J.O Agunsoye, S.A Balogun, D.E Esezobor, M Nganbe