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General Papers

Fracture mechanics analyses of the slip-side joggle regions of wing-leading edge panels PDF
Ivatury S. Raju, Norman F. Knight, Jr., Kyongchan Song, Dawn R. Phillips
Fatigue behavior of aluminum foam sandwich panels PDF
C. Casavola, F. Renzoni
Design and experimental characterization of a 350 W high temperature PEM fuel cell stack PDF ()
Nicola Zuliani, Robert Radu, Rodolfo Taccani
The AISI H11 creep-fatigue behaviour: an innovative experimental design PDF ()
B. Reggiani, L. Donati, L. Tomesani
Nanocrystalline cobalt-phosphorous alloy plating for replacement of hard chromium PDF ()
Katarzyna Rymer, Andrzej Przywóski
Determination of the true stress-strain curve for steel sheets, used in cold-drawing machining, by means of experimental tests and Yun Ling theoretical model PDF ()
M. Labanti, E. Monno, G. Raiteri, M. Scafe?, D. Trestini, M. Villa, R. Morsiani, A. Coglitore
Characterization of duplex steels through analysis of image-based on co-occurence matrix (GLCM) PDF ()
F. R. Renzetti, L. Zortea
Mechanical and microstructural properties of linear friction welded Al-based metal matrix composites PDF ()
F. Rotundo, L. Ceschini, A. Morri, G.L. Garagnani, M. Merlin

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