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General Papers

A comparison of the mechanical properties of Fe-Cr-Si-B metallic glass wires and HT steel wires PDF
J. A. Verduzco, R. J. Hand, H. A. Davies
Accurate determination of the fracture toughness at low temperature by ultrasonic means PDF
Daniel De Vadder, Nicolas Roubier
Approximate evaluation of directional toughness in cold drawn pearlitic steels PDF
J. Toribio, A. Valiente
Comparison studies of R-curves for fatigue and tear cracks in a thin aluminium plate PDF
V.P. Naumenko, G.S. Volkov, A.G. Atkins
Ductile crack growth in structural steels of EUROCODE 3 PDF
J. M. Flores, A. Valiente, M. Elices
Effect of non-metallic inclusions on crack propagation and fatigue life of steel PDF
I.P. Volchok, A.E. Vilniansky
Estimation of the crack growth resistance and endurance of hard tungsten carbide-cobalt alloy products PDF
A. Voldemarov
Fatigue crack growth threshold conditions for small notches PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, J. Dominguez
Finite Element Analysis of the Interaction of Hydrogen Induced Stepwise Cracks PDF
V.J. Cortés Suárez, J.L. González Velázquez, J.M. Hallen López, J.G. Reséndiz Robles
Fracture of a high strength steel containing U-notches PDF
F.J. Gómez, M. Elices, A. Valiente
Implementation of coalescence criteria into the GTN model application to work-hardening ductile materials PDF
J. Chambert, Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
Investigations of rail fractures at vienna underground and measures to reduce them PDF
G. Valenta, T. Varga, F. Loibnegger
Micro-mechanical modelling of ductile tearing resulting from a thermo-mechanical loading PDF
M.P. Valeta, C. Poussard, F. Zydownik, C. Sainte Catherine
Numerical study of fracture in glued wood specimen
Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
On the correlation between the J-integral and the crack tip finite deformation PDF
J. Ruiz, A. Valiente, M. Elices
The accelerated DK fatigue crack growth test on AA 5083-H321 and similitude validation. PDF
Jan Zuidema, Saskia de Vries, Adirakhmantyo Hascaryantono