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General Papers

A comparison of the mechanical properties of Fe-Cr-Si-B metallic glass wires and HT steel wires PDF
J. A. Verduzco, R. J. Hand, H. A. Davies
A crack and a debonding initiation from a circular rigid inclusion under uniform tension or compression PDF
N. Hasebe, Y. Yamamoto
A lifing procedure to predict life for shot-peened cast components subjected to high cycle fatigue PDF
I. Chantier, V. Bobet-Denier, F. Hild
A method for determining the CTOD at cracking initiation - application to the characterization of the fracture toughness of copper PDF
T. Pardoen
A new normalized characterizing fatigue function PDF
D.G. Angelova
A predictive law to address creep damage in welded joints of 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, R. Piques, A. F. Gourgues, A. Pineau
A reference stress based cod estimation in LBB analysis PDF
Yun-Jae Kim, P J Budden
A simple damage model for ductile crack growth and transferability of R-curves PDF
C.E. Turner
A simple method to evaluate statistical cyclic fatigue strength in ceramics PDF
Takeshi Ogawa
A study on the fatigue behaviour of damaged welded joints repaired by hammer peening PDF
V. Infante, C. M. Branco
A transferring law based on a single parameter characterization of slow-stable crack extension PDF
V.P. Naumenko
Accurate determination of the fracture toughness at low temperature by ultrasonic means PDF
Daniel De Vadder, Nicolas Roubier
Advances in predicting the nucleation of fretting fatigue cracks PDF
R. W. Neu, D. R. Swalla, J. A. Pape
Aging effects and fracture mechanical lifetime modelling of pressurized poly(ethylene) pipes PDF
R.W. Lang, G. Pinter, A. Stern
An extended model for the growth and coalescence of void - application to fracture toughness prediction PDF
T. Pardoen, J.W. Hutchinson
An investigation of methods of estimating crack driving force for defects in or near welds PDF
M C Smith, M R Goldthorpe, P J Bouchard, P Prottey
Analysis of Low-Cycle Fatigue at Notches in a Single Crystal Superalloy at High Temperature PDF
P. Boubidi, R. Sievert
Analytical and numerical modelling of failure of ceramic/metal panels due to ballistic impact PDF
V. Sánchez Gálvez
Anisotropic cylindrical shell with surface crack PDF
R.M. Kushnir, M.M. Nykolyshyn, L.M. Sen’kiv
Application of cohesive model to dynamic ductile fracture tests PDF
G. Berardo, P. Salvini, M. Di Biagio
Approximate evaluation of directional toughness in cold drawn pearlitic steels PDF
J. Toribio, A. Valiente
Assessment of the contribution of plastic strain gradient effects to the fatigue threshold of ductile materials PDF
E.A. Bonifaz, J.M. Martínez-Esnaola, I. Ocaña, J. Gil-Sevillano
Averaging of the diffraction waves in composites with random structures by generalized self-consistent method PDF
A.A. Pan’kov
Brittle-to-tough transition in toughened polypropylene copolymers PDF
W. Grellmann, S. Seidler, I. Kotter
Character of stress failure of high-strength concrete determined by acoustic emission method PDF
J. Hola, J. Pedziwiatr, D. StyS
Characterization of sub micron mechanical behavior and fracture processes of polymers and biomaterials PDF
L.A. Pruitt
Comparison studies of R-curves for fatigue and tear cracks in a thin aluminium plate PDF
V.P. Naumenko, G.S. Volkov, A.G. Atkins
Comparison, by electrochemical measurements, of the microbiologically induced corrosion behavior in stainless steels PDF
J. I. Pastor Manso; F. Montero Ortego, J. Izquierdo Gómez
Constraint effect and fracture of mismatched weld joints PDF
E. Ranatowski
Constraint effect on environmentally assisted cracking of the austenite steel 08Kh18N10T in the concentrated solutions at 270°C PDF
Anna Brosová, Karel Šplíchal, Zdenìk Fiala
Constraint effects and modeling under general loading conditions PDF
A. Laukkanen
Contact fatigue propagation of deep defects in railway wheels PDF
S. Beretta, G. Donzella, R. Roberti, A. Ghidini
Correlation between Charpy-V and sub-size Charpy tests results for an un-irradiated low alloy RPV ferritic steel PDF
R. Schill, P. Forget, C. Sainte Catherine
Correlation between interfacial state of plasma CVD coated TiN film/substrate and pinhole defect ratio evaluation by CPCD method PDF
Yuji Kimura', Tatsuya Shirato
Crack initiation behaviour of PP-materials PDF
S. Seidler, T. Koch, I. Kotter, W. Grellmann
Crack interaction mechanism of pre-split rock blasting PDF
A. V. Dyskin, A. N. Galybin
Cracked beam element applied to fatigue damage identification of steel bridges PDF
E.P. de Deus, U. Peil
Creep and fatigue crack growth in PE-HD pipe grades - effect of test temperature and R-ratio PDF
G. Pinter, W. Balika, R.W. Lang
Creep behaviour of a cast rene 41 superalloy PDF
G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri
Critical phenomenon in hydrogen assisted cracking in high strength steel PDF
H. Yatabe, K. Yamada
Damage formation of a 2304 duplex stainless steel under hot working conditions PDF
A. Piñol-Juez, A. Iza-Mendia, I. Gutiérrez
Damage mechanisms and fracture behaviour of thermally-aged duplex stainless steel: modelling of the fracture toughness using local approach PDF
P. Lamagnère, A. Hazarabedian, D. Guérin, J. Reuchet, B. Marini
Damage resistance and micromechanical analysis of ultra high performance concrete. PDF
G. Orange, P. Acker, J. Dugat
Debonding of an interface when a crack approaches perpendicularly to it PDF
Jia Li
Defect tolerant design of an helicopter tail rotor shaft
S. Beretta, M. Giglio
Determination of Fracture Mechanics Characteristic Values in the Toughness Transition Range PDF
F. Otremba, U. Eisele, H. Silcher, J. Schiedermaier
Development of edge cracks in rolling bodies PDF
V.V. Panasyuk, O.P. Datsyshyn
Development of environment controllable micro mechanical testing machine and the influence of vacuum on fracture and fatigue in aramid single fiber PDF
K. Minoshima, Y. Maekawa, K. Komai
Developments in inverse analysis for in-situ flaw detection in composite material structures PDF
A.D. Nurse, J.M. Huntley, D.C. Panni, J.N. Petzing, P.J. Sherratt, J.R. Tyrer
Different CDM-models and their ability to describe the damage development at ductile fracture of steel PDF
R. Schiffmann, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Ductile crack growth in structural steels of EUROCODE 3 PDF
J. M. Flores, A. Valiente, M. Elices
Duplex S-N curve characteristics and subsurface fatigue crack initiation behaviour in high carbon-chromium bearing steel PDF
K. Shiozawa, L. T. Lu, S. Ishihara
Dynamic compression testing of metallic materials - ESIS progress towards a european standard PDF
A. Doig, H. Taylor
Effect of Cu content on thermomechanical fatigue properties and total available strain energy of Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy PDF
H. Takaku, T. Sakuma, U. Iwata, Y. Ochi
Effect of fatigue pre-loading on mixed-mode stress corrosion cracking in high-strength steel PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero, V. Kharin
Effect of grinding on the fatigue strength of a bearing steel in the super long-life field PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, T. Sakai, N. Kawagoishi
Effect of humidiy on long fatigue life more than 107 cycles in high strength steel PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji, T. Shimizu
Effect of inclusions and dissolved hydrogen on the fracture toughness of pipeline steels PDF
J.M. Hallen, J.L. González, J. Hernández, F Hernández-Lagos
Effect of non-metallic inclusions on crack propagation and fatigue life of steel PDF
I.P. Volchok, A.E. Vilniansky
Effect of specimen geometry on dynamic fracture toughness of 15H2MFA reactor pressure vessel steel PDF
Gy. B. Lenkey, L. Tóth
Effect of specimen thickness and stress ratio on fatigue crack growth after a single overload cycle on structural steel PDF
M. Skorupa, A. Skorupa, J. Schijve, T. Machniewicz, P. Korbut
Effect of temperature and strain rate on the cyclic plasticity mechanisms of an interstitial free steel - comparison with ultra high purity iron PDF
A. Daniélou, M. Robillard, J. Stolarz, T. Magnin
Effective stress intensity factor and contact stress for partially closed oblique edge cracks PDF
M . Beghinil, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Effects of diffuse cracking around a cohesive crack PDF
I. Arbilla, J. Planas, G.V. Guinea, M. Elices
Effects of forming process on fatigue performance of wheel centre discs PDF
P.J. Mc Grath, D.G. Hattingh, M.N. James, A. Els-Botes
Effects of geometry and material on the energy dissipation rate PDF
W. Brocks, Th. Siegmund
Effects of loading rate and specimen configuration on the ductile-brittle transition in poly(propylene) PDF
Z. Major, R.W. Lang
Effects of microstructure on fatigue short crack behaviour in multiphase materials PDF
J. Stolarz, N. Baffie, O. Madelaine-Dupuich
Energy dissipation rate as a fracture analysis tool PDF
J. D. G. Sumpter
Estimation of stress intensity factors with considering crack surface contact PDF
X. B. Lin
Estimation of the crack growth resistance and endurance of hard tungsten carbide-cobalt alloy products PDF
A. Voldemarov
Estimation of the resistance against stable crack initiation and unstable crack propagation using R-curves and stability assessment diagrams in ductile polymeric abs-materials PDF
R. Lach, W. Grellmann
Estimation of the total life in fretting fatigue with spherical contact PDF
Carlos Navarro, Jaime Domínguez
Evaluation and development of simplified methods of analysis of the integrity of cracked redundant structures PDF
C. Gallo, M. González-Posada, I. Gorrochategui, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
Evaluation of cyclic plastic deformation by nano -indentation PDF
H. Sakamoto, N. Ueda
Evaluation of fatigue life data by normalising procedures PDF
E. Castillo, M. López-Aenlle, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández-Canteli
Evaluation of notched fatigue strength of oxide dispersion strengthening copper alloy PDF
N. Kawagoishi, Q. Chen, K. Shimana, H. Nisitani, M. Goto, E. Kondo
Evaluation of the deformation of polyamide materials under tension using laser extensometry PDF
C. Bierögel, T. Fahnert, W. Grellmann
Experimental analysis of fatigue crack growth life under random loading PDF
B. Moreno, J. Zapatero, J. Domínguez
Experimental and numerical investigations of the failure behaviour of components by application of fracture and damage mechanics PDF
W. Baer, D. Klingbeil
Experimental investigation of fracture toughness parameters in quenched and tempered, and in austempered 65 Si 7 steel PDF
D. Pustaic, F. Cajner, ?. Dobi
Experimental investigation of the local deformation processes in joints under cyclic loading by traditional methods of fatigue testing PDF
A.V. Pankov, Yu.A. Svirsky
Experimental method to increase the loading capability of glass-fibre reinforced composite tubes PDF
H. Teodorescu-Draghicescu, I. Goia, D. Rosu, C. Birtu, F. Teodorescu-Draghicescu
Extending the fatigue life of aerospace materials by surface engineering PDF
E.R. de los Rios, M. Trull, A. Levers
Failure mechanisms in fatigue of fibre glass reinforced polyamide 6.6 PDF
J.A. Casado, F. Gutiérrez-Solana, J.A. Polanco, I. Carrascal
Fatigue and monotonic properties of an interstitial free steel sheet PDF
M. T. Milan, D. Spinelli, W. W. Bose
Fatigue behaviour of a thick plate of aluminium alloy 7475 PDF
M. Lorente, G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri, M. San Martín, L.M. Plaza
Fatigue crack growth at high temperature in the PM nickel base superalloy UDIMET 720 L1 PDF
C.M. Branco, F. Santos, J. Byrne
Fatigue crack growth threshold conditions for small notches PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, J. Dominguez
Fatigue crack propagation in structural steel after overloading cycles PDF
M. S. Ramos, M. Pereira, S. H. Motta
Fatigue crack propagation of laser welded butt joints PDF
A. Minagi, K. Tokaji
Fatigue crack propagation perpendicular to an interface: the effect of plastic mismatch PDF
R. Pippan, K. Flechsig, F.O. Riemelmoser, H.P. Brantner
Fatigue failure analysis of fan blade of D-L8 engine of “RUSLAN” aircraft PDF
A. A. Shaniavski
Fatigue failure assessment under multiaxial loading PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli
Fatigue failure by flow-induced vibration PDF
Y. Murakami, M. Inoue, A. Sueoka, S. Odahara, M. Kobayashi, N. Fujiwara
Fatigue life of cast irons GGG40, GGG60 and GTS45 under combined random tension with torsion PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha, A. Nieslony, A. Muller
Fatigue life prediction of Natural Rubber components under uniaxial and multiaxial loading PDF
N. Saintier, G. Cailletaud, R. Piques
Fatigue lifetime of a silica filled rubber. Application to a SBR shoe sole under bending. PDF
A. Robisson, F. Laraba-Abbès, L. Laïarinandrasana, R. Piques, J.L. Chaverot
Fatigue of high strength materials: some critical problems of fracture mechanics PDF
O. M. Romaniv
Fatigue strength prediction of ductile irons subjected to combined loading PDF
M. Endo
FEM-Based Fatigue Endurance Evaluation of Engineering Components under Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Loading PDF
M. de Freitas, B. Li, J.L.T. Santos
Finite element analysis of fatigue crack growth threshold testing techniques PDF
S. R. Daniewicz, J. D. Skinner
Finite element analysis of plasticity-induced crack closure for inclined cracks PDF
L.-W. Wei, M N James
Finite Element Analysis of the Interaction of Hydrogen Induced Stepwise Cracks PDF
V.J. Cortés Suárez, J.L. González Velázquez, J.M. Hallen López, J.G. Reséndiz Robles
Finite element modelling of a smooth tensile specimen and a compact tension specimen with the Gurson-Tveergard-Needleman and Rousselier micromechanical models PDF
C. Poussard, D. Miannay, C. Sainte Catherine
Finite element simulations of Charpy-V and sub-size Charpy tests for a low alloy RPV ferritic steel PDF
C. Sainte Catherine, N. Hourdequin, P. Galon, P. Forget
Fractal characterization of concrete damage in the strain-softening regime PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Stefano Invernizzi
Fractographic analysis of fatigue failure in the superlong life regime of n > 107 cycles PDF
Yukitaka Murakami, Toru Ueda, Tetsushi Nomoto
Fractographic evidence and statistical inference for the cleavage fracture modelling of F82Hmod low activation steel PDF
H. Riesch-Opperman, M. Walter
Fractographic study of two damage tolerant aluminium alloys PDF
A.M. Irisarri, G. Atxaga
Fracture behavior of cemented carbides: a fracture mechanics analysis PDF
L. Llanes, Y. Torres, B. Casas, D. Casellas, F. Marimon
Fracture mechanical behaviour of plasma-sprayed coatings PDF
H.P. Brantner, R. Pippan, W. Prantl, S. Bertini, O. Lacroix
Fracture mechanics properties of materials of reactor pressure vessel of WWER 440 PDF
D. Lauerová, M. Brumovský
Fracture mechanics testing of magnesium alloy ingots and die castings PDF
E. Schick, D. Regener
Fracture mechanisms of eutectic crystals processed by directional solidification PDF
J. Y. Pastor, P. Poza, J. LLorca
Fracture of a high strength steel containing U-notches PDF
F.J. Gómez, M. Elices, A. Valiente
Fracture process under tension deformation observing using computer simulation method PDF
N. Y. Gorge, M. D. Starostenkov
Fracture properties of concrete under cryogenic conditions PDF
C. Rocco, J. Planas, G.V. Guinea, M. Elices
Fracture resistance and failure characteristics of AISI 304 / SA508 bimetallic weld in ductile regime PDF
P. Nevasmaa, A. Laukkanen, U. Ehrnstén
Fracture toughness of an aluminium alloy matrix composite PDF
A. García-Romero, A.M. Irisarri, M. Anglada
Fracture toughness of ceramics using the SEVNB method; round robin PDF
J. Kübler
Fracture toughness of high-chromium white cast iron in relation to the primary carbide morphology PDF
M. Janssen, M.B. van Leeuwen, M.F. Mendes de Leon
Fracture variability of yttria-stabilized zirconia PDF
D. Casellas, J. Alcalá, L. Llanes, M. Anglada
High cycle fatigue of ion nitrided 40Cr steel specimens PDF
D.S. Tchankov, D.I. Dimitrov
Hot corrosion and fracture of nickel–base superalloys PDF
S.B. Belikov, A.D. Boval, D.D. Denisov
Hydrogen assisted cracking of cold drawn eutectoid steel for civil engineering structures PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero
Identification method for marks on fracture surfaces and case study (failure of propeller blade of exhaust gas ventilator) PDF
P. Sajdl
Implementation of coalescence criteria into the GTN model application to work-hardening ductile materials PDF
J. Chambert, Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
Improvement of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance by cyclic pre-straining in 316L austenitic stainless steel in boiling MgCl2 solution – importance of the pre-deformation mode. PDF
I. de Curiere, B. Bayle, T. Magnin
Improving stress corrosion cracking life of components by shot peening PDF
Juan Thieuleux
In situ observation on localized corrosion morphology of tin thin film coating by electrochemical AFM PDF
Michio Ohata, Yuji Kimura
Influence of different surface effects on the nucleation of microcracks PDF
M. Sauzay, P. Gilormini, P. Coorevits
Influence of loading speed on tensile strength characteristics of high tensile steel PDF
S.M. Yang, H.Y. Kang, H.S. Kim, J.H. Song, J.M. Park
Influence of microstructure on cleavage fracture initiation micromechanisms in steels PDF
A. Echeverría-Zubiría, M.A. Linaza, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Influence of pulsed laser beam hardening on the fatigue limit of the steel 42CrMo4 PDF
T. Hosenfeldt, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Influence of the aggregate-matrix interface on the fracture behaviour of concrete PDF
G.V. Guinea, K. El-Sayed, C.G. Rocco, M. Elices, J. Planas
Influence of the sample thickness on the essential specific work of fracture PDF
A. Monsalve, F. Alcorta, D. Celentano
Influence of thermal ageing on fatigue crack growth behaviour in cast duplex stainless steels PDF
V. Calonne, A.F. Gourgues, A. Pineau
Instabilities in fracture and deformation of polymer materials PDF
G.M. Kerch
Integrity of cast components containing inhomogeneities PDF
Y. Nadot, D. Bertheau, V. Denier, J. Mendez
Intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) susceptibility of Inconel X-750: state of the art PDF
B. Remartínez, J.I. Pastor, J. Santamaría
Inverse analysis of a box-section composite beam with impact damage PDF
P.J. Sherratt, D.C. Panni, A.D. Nurse
Investigation on the Fracture Behaviour of Laser Beam Welded Wide Plates PDF
M. Koçak, S. Riekehr, Y-J. Kim, J. dos Santos
Investigations into the influence of the mechanical conditions at the crack tip on SCC test results PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, W. Dietzel
Investigations of rail fractures at vienna underground and measures to reduce them PDF
G. Valenta, T. Varga, F. Loibnegger
Kinematic and kinetic events on rough sliding crack surfaces in contact PDF
M. M. I. Hammouda
Limit equilibrium of a curvilinear crack with the partial frictional contact of its surfaces PDF
R. V. Goldstein, A. V. Andreev, Yu. V. Zhitnikov
Load interaction effects in high temperature fatigue and dwell crack growth PDF
P. Heuler, E. Affeldt, R.J.H. Wanhill
Local fracture behaviour and crack tip deformation in metal foams PDF
C. Motz, R. Pippan
Local parameters susceptibility checkup using fracture toughness data PDF
V. Kozák, A. Novák
Local variations in yield strength – a possible means for enhancing the fracture resistance of structural components PDF
O. Kolednik
Long life fatigue properties of ferrite-pearlitic ductile cast iron with shot-peening treatment PDF
Yasuo Ochi, Takeshi Sekino, Takashi Matsumura
Long-term fracture of an aging transversally-isotropic composite with a circular crack under stationary loading PDF
A. A. Kaminsky, G. V. Gavrilov
Mathematical model of subcritical creep crack growth PDF
V.I. Astafiev, V.V. Bondarenko
Mean stress in long-life torsion fatigue PDF
G. Marquis
Mean stress, temperature and environment influences on near-threshold fatigue crack behavior of Ti6246. PDF
C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, Y. Chabanne, J. Petit, J.M. Olive
Mechanical strength and fracture of Sigma 1140+ SiC fibres PDF
C. González, J. LLorca
Mesomechanical simulation of crack propagation in real and quasi-real idealized microstructures of tool steels PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder
Micromechanical aspects of constraint effects in steel for containers of spent nuclear fuel PDF
I. Dlouhý, Z. Chlup
Micromechanical modeling of ductile tearing phenomena PDF
S. Mariani, A. Corigliano
Micro-mechanical modelling of ductile tearing resulting from a thermo-mechanical loading PDF
M.P. Valeta, C. Poussard, F. Zydownik, C. Sainte Catherine
Micromechanical view of failure of the matrix in compression in fibrous composite materials PDF
F. París, J. Contreras, J. C. del Caño
Micromechanisms of fracture in modern low carbon high strength steels PDF
T. Sturel, F. Hanus
Microstructural and mechanical properties of microalloyed steels processed to simulate thin slab casting and direct rolling conditions PDF
A. I. Fernández, P. Uranga, B. López, J. M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Modeling of ductile tearing of pipeline-steel wide plates PDF
J . Besson, F. Rivalin, M. Di Fant, A. Pineau
Modeling of the surface microcracking in polyethylene due to UV-degradation PDF
Ihor Skrypnyk, Jan Spoormaker, Natalia Bilyk
Modelling of a fatigue cumulative damage under random loading conditions PDF
J. Cacko
Modelling the mixed mode fracture of concrete PDF
J.C. Gálvez, D.A. Cendón, J. Planas, M. Elices
Multi-scale model of crack propagation in unidirectional metallic matrix composites PDF
J.F. Maire, P. Levasseur, P. Paulmier
Notch stress strain distribution in Charpy V specimen / experiments and modelling PDF
B. Tanguy, R. Piques, L. Laiarinandrasana, A. Pineau
Novel methods for determining true stress strain curves of weldments and homogenous materials PDF
Z. L. Zhang1, J. Ødegård, C. Thaulow
Numerical analyses of cracks in piezoelectric composite structures under electromechanical loading PDF
Matthias Scherzer, Meinhard Kuna
Numerical analysis of a mixed mode crack behavior in elastic-plastic materials PDF
X.B. Zhang, J. LI, N. Recho
Numerical determination of the dynamic key curves PDF
I. V. Rokach
Numerical modelling of cyclic stress-strain fields near a crack tip: the role of strain hardening PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Numerical modelling of the visco-plastic behaviour of a wide austenitic stainless steel cracked plate PDF
C. Poussard, L. Le Ber, C. Delaval, C. Sainte Catherine
Numerical simulation of ductile fracture initiation by application of Rice-Tracey void growth model PDF
M. Rakin, A. Sedmak, P. Matejic, M. Zrilic, S. Sedmak
Numerical study of fracture in glued wood specimen
Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
On acoustic regime at fracture of steel specimens after holding in corrosion medium PDF
L.R. Botvina, T.B. Petersen
On the correlation between the J-integral and the crack tip finite deformation PDF
J. Ruiz, A. Valiente, M. Elices
On the initial stages of corrosion fatigue emanating from smooth surface PDF
I. M. Dmytrakh, A. M. Syrotyuk, R. S. Hrabovskyi
On the need to consider the volumetric distribution of stresses for high cycle multiaxial fatigue strength prediction PDF
T. Palin-Luc, F. Morel
On the preferable initial crack length in fracture toughness testing using sub-sized bending specimens PDF
Hans-Jakob Schindler
On the use of photoelastic data to corroborate compliance measurements of fatigue crack closure
M. N. Pacey, M. N. James, E. A. Patterson
Orientational effects on fatigue crack growth rates in a forged disc of Inconel 718 superalloy PDF
S. Ponnelle, B. Brethes, A. Pineau
Phenomenological model of the specimen containing growing crack PDF
A. Neimitz
Phenomenological study of crack propagation in multidirectional stratified subjected to mode (I) PDF
A. Ahmed-Benyahia, A. Laksimi, T. Boukharouba, M.L. Benzeggagh
Plane boundary value problem posed on orientation of principal stresses on the crack surface PDF
A. N. Galybin
Prediction of crack growth under mode (I+II) cyclic loading PDF
T. Cala, B. Wasiluk, K. Golos, Z. Osinski
Prediction of cracking under thermal fatigue PDF
A. Fissolo, C. Robertson, V. Maillot, B. Marini
Prediction of notch-emanating crack initiation life in fatigue: effect of input parameters variation PDF
N. Gérard, N. Ranganathan, R. Leroy, O. Girard
Predictive fracture modelling in tough polyethylenes using experimentally measured cohesive zone traction curves PDF
K. C. Pandya, A. Ivankovic, J. G. Williams
Propagation of Surface Cracks Under Cyclic Loading PDF
T. Boudaoud, N. Ouali, A. Ahmed-Benyahia, T. Boukharouba
Quantification of Specimen Geometry Effects on the Master Curve and To Reference Temperature PDF
J.A. Joyce, R.L. Tregoning
Quantitative fractography by means of a new digital image analysis system PDF
O. Kolednik, S. Scherer, P. Schwarzböck, P. Werth
Relation between stress state and fracture resistance in mismatched weld joints. PDF
E. Ranatowski
Reliability of chevron notch technique for fracture toughness determination in glass composites reinforced by long fibres PDF
I. Dlouhý, M. Reinisch, A. R. Boccaccini
Resemblance between residual stress produced by shot peening and thermal stress by temperature distribution PDF
K. Kanazawa, T. Kamiyama
Results of a european round robin on the impact fracture toughness of plastics at high rates of loading PDF
W. Böhme
Safe damage fatigue criteria PDF
Yu. I. Ragozin, Yu. Ya. Antonov
SCC behaviour of pipeline microalloyed steels PDF
A. Cayón, C. Rodríguez, R. Lezcano, J.A. Alvarez, F.J. Belzunce, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
Simulation of thermomechanical behaviour of bimaterial containing an interface crack with rough faces PDF
A. Kryshtafovych, R. Martynyak, S. Nagalka
Small Crack under Cyclic and Static Loading PDF
V. V. Konovalov
Some developments in dymamic fracture mechanics PDF
S. de Luna, L. Rubio, J.L. Pérez-Castellanos, J. Fernández-Sáez, C. Navarro
Statistical fatigue properties of aluminum alloys based on the statistical aspect of crack initiation and propagation behaviors PDF
T. Sakai, k. Okada, I. Nishikawa, A. Sugeta, T. Shimokawa, S. Nishijima
Statistical model of roughness induced crack closure PDF
J. Pokluda, P. Sandera, J. Hornikova
STAU - a general-purpose tool for probabilistic reliability assessment of ceramic components under multiaxial loading PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, A. Brückner-Foit, C. Ziegler
Strength degradation of SiCfiber by hydro-thermal treatment and its application to the surface modification of SiC fiber PDF
Chikako Gomi, Ichiro Shiota, Yuji Kimura
Strength estimation of ceramic/metal joints with various interlayer thickness PDF
M. Takahashi, N. Okabe, X. Zhu, K. Kagawa
Stress-strain state at the vicinity of the crack tip in strength mis-match welded joint
F. Matejicek, N. Gubeljak, D. Kozak, M. Koçak
Study of the performance of a most probable point correction when applied to B -PFEM models in fatigue crack propagation PDF
J. A. Bea, A .B . Anel, and M . Doblaré
Study of the transfer of tensile forces by bond in eccentric reinforced concrete members PDF
J. Hola, J. Pedziwiatr, D. Stys
Study on constitutive model of cyclic hardening process PDF
N. Osawa, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto
Temperature dependence of the fracture behaviour of polypropylene films PDF
D. Ferrer-Balas, M.Ll. Maspoch, A.B. Martinez, E. Ching, R.K.Y. Li, Y-W. Mai
Tensile and diametrical compression tests of sigma SM1140+ fibres PDF
M. C. García-Leiva, I. Ocaña, J. M. Martínez-Esnaola, A. Martín-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes
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