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General Papers

Stand and preliminary testing results on disc-shape hardwood specimens obtained with video image correlation method PDF
Botond Gálfi, János Száva, Lajos Borbás, József Szalai, Katalin Harangus
Fracture mechanics analyses of the slip-side joggle regions of wing-leading edge panels PDF
Ivatury S. Raju, Norman F. Knight, Jr., Kyongchan Song, Dawn R. Phillips
Crack propagation in micro-chevron-test samples of direct bonded wafers PDF
Klaus Vogel, Alexey Shaporin, Dirk Wuensch, Detlef Billep
Yarn-on-yarn abrasion behavior for polyester, with and without marine finish, used in offshore mooring ropes PDF
S. S. Soares, V. Fortuna, F. E. G. Chimisso
The use of thermoelasticity and photoelasticity to investigate the mechanical properties of polymeric materials PDF ()
A. Sciuccati
Determination of the true stress-strain curve for steel sheets, used in cold-drawing machining, by means of experimental tests and Yun Ling theoretical model PDF ()
M. Labanti, E. Monno, G. Raiteri, M. Scafe?, D. Trestini, M. Villa, R. Morsiani, A. Coglitore
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of composite/metal clamped joint PDF ()
R. Kottner, A. Stekl, R. Zemcik
Strain-stress analysis of the new type composite hip joint endoprostheses PDF ()
A. Morawska-Chocho, B. Szaraniec, K. Migacz, J. Chopek, M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa
Analysis of short glass fibre orientation in samples from a PA6.6 GF35 car clutch pedal PDF ()
S. Scozzese, F. Cosmi, A. Bernasconi

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