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General Papers

Fracture mechanics analyses of the slip-side joggle regions of wing-leading edge panels PDF
Ivatury S. Raju, Norman F. Knight, Jr., Kyongchan Song, Dawn R. Phillips
Micromodel for failure analysis of textile composites PDF
R. Zem?ík, K. Kunc, T. Kroupa, R. Kottner, P. Janda
Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behaviour PDF ()
D. Kytyr, T. Doktor, O. Jirousek, P. Zla mal, D. Pokorny
Assessment of pore size distribution using image analysis PDF ()
T. Doktor, D. Kytyr, J. Valach, O. Jirousek
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of composite/metal clamped joint PDF ()
R. Kottner, A. Stekl, R. Zemcik
Loading force reconstruction and impact location identification for unidirectional carbon/epoxy wide beam PDF ()
T. Kroupa, J. Bartosek, R. Zemcik
The mechanical properties of fibres and yarns in different group of animals PDF ()
Magorzata Zak, Magdalena Kobielarz
Mechanical and structural properties of porcine coronary arteries PDF ()
M. Bartkowiak-Jowsa, R. Be?dzin?ski, P. Kuropka, M. Pfanhauser
Analysis of spine’s transpedicular stabilizer PDF ()
M. Kiel, J. Marciniak
Influence of the carbon dioxide emissions on selected mechanical properties of wood PDF ()
Jozsef Garab, Zsolt Karacsonyi, Antal Kannar
Knot strenght in fishing nets: testing a new device developed at POLICAB PDF ()
Vini?cius Wrubel, Cla?udio A. Kucharski, F. E. G. Chimisso

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