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General Papers

A lifing procedure to predict life for shot-peened cast components subjected to high cycle fatigue PDF
I. Chantier, V. Bobet-Denier, F. Hild
Correlation between Charpy-V and sub-size Charpy tests results for an un-irradiated low alloy RPV ferritic steel PDF
R. Schill, P. Forget, C. Sainte Catherine
Evaluation of fatigue life data by normalising procedures PDF
E. Castillo, M. López-Aenlle, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández-Canteli
Evaluation of notched fatigue strength of oxide dispersion strengthening copper alloy PDF
N. Kawagoishi, Q. Chen, K. Shimana, H. Nisitani, M. Goto, E. Kondo
Experimental investigation of fracture toughness parameters in quenched and tempered, and in austempered 65 Si 7 steel PDF
D. Pustaic, F. Cajner, ?. Dobi
Failure mechanisms in fatigue of fibre glass reinforced polyamide 6.6 PDF
J.A. Casado, F. Gutiérrez-Solana, J.A. Polanco, I. Carrascal
Fatigue failure assessment under multiaxial loading PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli
Fatigue life prediction of Natural Rubber components under uniaxial and multiaxial loading PDF
N. Saintier, G. Cailletaud, R. Piques
Fatigue lifetime of a silica filled rubber. Application to a SBR shoe sole under bending. PDF
A. Robisson, F. Laraba-Abbès, L. Laïarinandrasana, R. Piques, J.L. Chaverot
Finite element modelling of a smooth tensile specimen and a compact tension specimen with the Gurson-Tveergard-Needleman and Rousselier micromechanical models PDF
C. Poussard, D. Miannay, C. Sainte Catherine
Finite element simulations of Charpy-V and sub-size Charpy tests for a low alloy RPV ferritic steel PDF
C. Sainte Catherine, N. Hourdequin, P. Galon, P. Forget
Fractal characterization of concrete damage in the strain-softening regime PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Stefano Invernizzi
Fracture behavior of cemented carbides: a fracture mechanics analysis PDF
L. Llanes, Y. Torres, B. Casas, D. Casellas, F. Marimon
Fracture variability of yttria-stabilized zirconia PDF
D. Casellas, J. Alcalá, L. Llanes, M. Anglada
Implementation of coalescence criteria into the GTN model application to work-hardening ductile materials PDF
J. Chambert, Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
Improvement of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance by cyclic pre-straining in 316L austenitic stainless steel in boiling MgCl2 solution – importance of the pre-deformation mode. PDF
I. de Curiere, B. Bayle, T. Magnin
Influence of different surface effects on the nucleation of microcracks PDF
M. Sauzay, P. Gilormini, P. Coorevits
Influence of the sample thickness on the essential specific work of fracture PDF
A. Monsalve, F. Alcorta, D. Celentano
Influence of thermal ageing on fatigue crack growth behaviour in cast duplex stainless steels PDF
V. Calonne, A.F. Gourgues, A. Pineau
Mean stress, temperature and environment influences on near-threshold fatigue crack behavior of Ti6246. PDF
C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, Y. Chabanne, J. Petit, J.M. Olive
Micromechanical aspects of constraint effects in steel for containers of spent nuclear fuel PDF
I. Dlouhý, Z. Chlup
Micromechanical modeling of ductile tearing phenomena PDF
S. Mariani, A. Corigliano
Micro-mechanical modelling of ductile tearing resulting from a thermo-mechanical loading PDF
M.P. Valeta, C. Poussard, F. Zydownik, C. Sainte Catherine
Micromechanical view of failure of the matrix in compression in fibrous composite materials PDF
F. París, J. Contreras, J. C. del Caño
Modelling of a fatigue cumulative damage under random loading conditions PDF
J. Cacko
Modelling the mixed mode fracture of concrete PDF
J.C. Gálvez, D.A. Cendón, J. Planas, M. Elices
Numerical modelling of the visco-plastic behaviour of a wide austenitic stainless steel cracked plate PDF
C. Poussard, L. Le Ber, C. Delaval, C. Sainte Catherine
Prediction of crack growth under mode (I+II) cyclic loading PDF
T. Cala, B. Wasiluk, K. Golos, Z. Osinski
SCC behaviour of pipeline microalloyed steels PDF
A. Cayón, C. Rodríguez, R. Lezcano, J.A. Alvarez, F.J. Belzunce, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
Temperature dependence of the fracture behaviour of polypropylene films PDF
D. Ferrer-Balas, M.Ll. Maspoch, A.B. Martinez, E. Ching, R.K.Y. Li, Y-W. Mai