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General Papers

An overview on fatigue problems in the car industry. PDF
A. Bignonnet
The stress intensity factor for small cracks at micronotches under torsion. PDF
S. Beretta, Y. Murakami
Short fatigue crack propagation from notches in N18 Ni based superalloy. PDF
F. Sansoz, B. Brethes, A. Pineau
A study of multiaxial fatigue damage accumulation in carbon steel. PDF
D. K. Suker, M. W. Brown, J. R. Yates, U. S. Fernando
Fatigue limit of nodular cast iron containing casting defects. PDF
Y. Nadot, J. Mendez, N. Ranganathan, A. S. Beranger
Fatigue surface cracks in cast iron with nodular graphite. PDF
M. Schleicher, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Fatigue crack growth in round bars under rotary bending. PDF
R. Brighenti, A. Carpinteri, G. Filippini, A. Spagnoli
Prediction of the evaluation of semielliptical defect shape during crack propagation. PDF
T. Boukharouba, K. Azouaoui, J. Gilgert, G. Pluvinage
Weight function method for determination of critical plane position under multiaxial loading. PDF
R. Brighenti, A. Carpinteri, E. Macha, A. Spagnoli
The influence of retained austenite on short fatigue crack growth in case carburized steel. PDF
V. F. da Silva, O. R. Crnkovic, W. W. Bose Filho, D. Spinelli
Fatigue crack initiation stage in polycrystalline copper. PDF
H. Alush, A. Bussiba, Y. Katz
Effect on inclusions on gigacycle fatigue of a nickel base alloy. PDF
C. Bathias, J. Bonis
Mechanism map of U72ULi superalloy at 650°C. PDF
J. Tong, J. Byrne
Modelling of microstructural creep damage in welded joints of 316 stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, V. Lezaud, R. Piques
Fatigue crack initiation in a ferritic-martensitic steel under irradiated and unirradiated conditions. PDF
J. Bertsch, A. Moslang,, H. Riesch-Oppermann
Lifetime prediction under cyclic loading for a class of elasto-viscoplastic damaged model. PDF
S. Bezzina
Fracture toughness and work of fracture of SiCfibre glass matrix composite aged in nonoxidising atmosphere. PDF
I. Dlouhy, M. Reinisch, B. Vlach, A. R. Boccaccini
Progress towards a unified structural integrity assessment procedure the SINTAP project. PDF
A.C. Bannister, S. E. Webster, M. Koiak, R. A. Ainsworth, K. Wallin, J. Y. Barthelemy
Fracture toughness estimation methodology within the SINTAP project. PDF
K. Wallin, A. C. Bannister, P. Nevasmaa
New welding residual stresses compendium incorporated into the SINTAP structural integrity assessment procedure. PDF
A. Stacey, J. Y. Barthelemy
A local approach to cleavage fracture of A508 steel. PDF
A. Rossoll, C. Berdin, P. Forget, C. Prioul, B. Marini
Fracture toughness evaluation using circumferentially cracked cylindrical specimens. PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker
Anisotropic ductile rupture. PDF
A. A. Benzerga, J. Besson, R. Batisse, A. Pineau
Damage kinetics in ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron. PDF
C. Guillemer-Neel,, X. Feaugas, V. Bobet, M. Clavel
Application of local approach to the cleavage fracture behaviour of F82Hmod ferritic-martensitic structural steel. PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, E. Diegele, A. Brückner-Foit
Local approach of fracture in gray cast iron. PDF
V. Vasauskas,, S. Baskutis
Fracture mechanics methods for residual stress evaluation in plane problems. PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, F. Di Puccio
Fracture toughness of thin nodular cast iron. PDF
M. Janssen, H. Boone
Microstructural effects on damage mechanics in constructional steel. PDF
U. Achenbach, S. Klingbeil, U. Prahl, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Influence of metallurgical parameters on the fracture toughness of stainless steel welds. PDF
P. Ould, P. Balladon
Kinetics of damage accumulation in a material at high strains. PDF
A. A. Lebedev, N. G. Chausov, I. O. Boginich
Two models of ductile fracture in contest: porous metal plasticity and cohesive elements. PDF
T. Siegmund, G. Bernauer, W. Brocks
Analog of deltac model for elasto-plastic piecewise-homogeneous plates and shells with cracks. PDF
R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn, R. A. Bodnar
Notches and kinked cracks in materials with general anisotropy. PDF
C. Blanco, J. M. MartinezEsnaola, C. Atkinson
Stress intensity factors for oblique edge crack under travelling load. PDF
M. Beghini, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Crack tip fields in coarse two phase materials under creep loading conditions. PDF
C. Broeckmann, O. Liisebrink
Competition between sensitisation and environmentally induced grain boundary damage in 304 stainless steel. PDF
K. Wolski, A. Harabasz, M. Biscondi, T. Magnin
A mechanical approach to the prediction of stress corrosion crack initiation of alloy 600. PDF
G. Barbier, P. Bystricky
EAC of austenite in hot water crevices measured by rising displacement test method PDF
A. Brozova, K. Splichal
The “Small Punch” technique for evaluating quasi non-destructively the mechanical properties of steels PDF
V. Bicego, E. Lucon, C. Sampietri
Comparison of dynamic and static environmentally assisted cracking test methods for aluminium alloys PDF
M. G. Burns, D. Sarchamy, L. Schra, R. Braun
Influence of post weld heat treatment on the HAZ toughness of a C-Mn microalloyed steel PDF
V. L. O. Brito, H. J. C. Voorwald, N. Neves, L. F. G. Souza, J. M. A. Arneiro
Investigations of the warm prestress effect by the precracked instrumented Charpy tests PDF
H. Blumenauer, B. Eichler, J. Ude
High rate deformation behaviour during explosion loading of steel PDF
G. Pape, A. Bakker
The evolution of an ISO standard for the mode I delamination toughness of laminates PDF
B. R. K. Blackman, A. J. Brunner, P. Davies
Modelling fracture in aluminium based metal matrix composites using a statistical approach PDF
K. M. Mussert, M. Janssen, A. Bakker, S. van der Zwaag
On the mode II testing of carbon-fibre polymer composites PDF
B. R. K. Blackman, J. G. Williams
Effect of cure on the impact behaviour of an epoxy resin. PDF
B. Ellis, M. S. Found, J. R. Bell
Mode I fracture toughness testing of fibre-reinforced polymer composites: unidirectional versus cross-ply lay-up PDF
B. R. K. Blackman, A. J. Brunner
Slow crack growth in a MDPE: mechanical behaviour and long term creep failure predictions PDF
H. Ben Hadj Hamouda, R. Piques, N. Billon, L. Laiarinandrasana, P. Blouet
Shear fatigue failure of reinforced concrete elements without shear reinforcement PDF
M. Schlalli, E. Briihwiler
Damage modeling of refractory concrete under thermal solicitations PDF
C. Andrieux, P. Boisse, Y. Dutheillet, V. Gabis, A. Gasser