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General Papers

028 A novel approach for estimation of crack paths in Fibre Metal Laminates PDF
M. Gupta, R.C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus, Amedeo Manuello Bertetto
034 Fatigue Crack Paths in the VHCF-regime of 100Cr6 PDF
P. Grad, E. Kerscher
036 Effect of Pre-stressing on the Growth Direction of Surface Cracks in Ultrafine Grained Copper PDF
K. Kamil, M. Goto, S. Z. Han, K. Euh, T. Yakushiji, Y. Tatsukawa
044 Crack paths propagation under Mode II fracture in concrete composites containing fly-ash additive PDF
G. L. Golewski, P. Golewski, T. Sadowski
047 A statistical evaluation of micro-crack initiation and growth in thermally cut structural elements PDF
M. Šori, S. Glodež, U. Fevžer
050 Direction of the Maximum Variance of the Resolved Shear Stress and Orientation of Stage I Crack Paths PDF
L. Susmel, R. Tovo, Yuebibg Li, Zengliang Gao
056 Modelling of Crack Path Evolution in Round Bars under Cyclic Tension and Bending PDF
J. Toribio, J. C. Matos, B. González, J. Escuadra
057 Role of Pearlitic and Spheroiditic Microstructure in FatigueCrack Paths PDF
J. Toribio, B. González, J. C. Matos, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
058 Analysis of Failure Paths in Steel Bolted Connections PDF
J. Toribio, B. González, J. C. Matos, F. J. Ayaso
Cracking of Nanofilm-based Devices for Electrochemical Energetics PDF
B. Bozzini, M. Boniardi, A. Gianoncelli, B. Kaulich, C. Mele, M. Prasciolu, G. Scarselli, M. Kiskinova
110 Some numerical assessments on intergranular crack propagation in polycrystals. Application to ?-TiAl PDF
D. Geoffroy, J. Crépin, E. Héripré, A. Roos
Optical and Infrared Vision Non-Destructive Techniques: Integration as a means for the Defects Detection on Impacted Composite Materials PDF
A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, M. Genest, D. Paoletti, S. Rott, E. Talmy, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, X. Maldague
119 Microstructure and Loading Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Paths in Engineering Alloys PDF
Anastasios G. Gavras, Diana A. Lados, A.V. Mukhortova
148 Crack orientation in a complete contact fretting-fatigue problem PDF
E. Giner*, M. Sabsabi, P. Dasí, F. J. Fuenmayor, N Herzig
156 On the crack path in a structure of non uniform stiffness PDF
M. Grasso, A. De Iorio, F. Penta, G.P. Pucillo
160 Towards a probabilistic concept of the Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram PDF
Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, Roberto Brighenti, Enrique Castillo, D.G. Pankratov, G. Gray, M. Zocher
164 Crack paths in a superalloy in aged condition PDF
F. Kuhn, F. Zeismann, A. Brückner-Foit, K. Kadau, P. Gravett