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General Papers

Fatigue limit of nodular cast iron containing casting defects. PDF
Y. Nadot, J. Mendez, N. Ranganathan, A. S. Beranger
Environmental effect on the growth of microstructurally small cracks in stainless steels. PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji
Effect of a small blind hole on the fatigue strength of heattreated steel plain specimens in NACL solution. PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, N. Kawagoishi
Application of microstructural fracture mechanics to shotpeened components. PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, E. R. de los Rios
Evaluation of fatigue strength of arbitrarily notched specimens with small defects based on linear notch mechanics. PDF
F. Takeno, H. Nisitani
Effect of baseline loading on fatigue crack growth retardation due to an overload. PDF
X. Decoopman, A. imad, M. NaitAbdelaziz, G. Mesmacque
Fatigue fracture of low alloy steel at ultrahighcycle region under elevated temperature condition. PDF
k. Kanazawa, S. Nishijima
Fatigue strength of ionnitrided steel at elevated temperature. PDF
A. Onuki, Y. Numazaki
The influence of service and manufacturing defects on cyclic life of gas turbine engine blades. PDF
B. A. Gryaznov, Yu. S. Nalimov, G. V. Tsyban'ov
IDENT 1D Identification of material constitutive parameters. PDF
L. Le Ber, E. Champain, L. Nicolas, C. Sainte Catherine
Method for investigation of the longterm fracture and reliability of brittle materials. PDF
V. A. Osadchuk, A. M. Margolin, R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn
Fracture toughness estimation methodology within the SINTAP project. PDF
K. Wallin, A. C. Bannister, P. Nevasmaa
Investigations towards J-R curves independence of the specimen size PDF
A. Neimitz, R. Molasy
Transferability of planestress R-Curves: effects of specimen size and crack length. PDF
V. P. Naumenko, O. Kolednik, N. P. O'Dowd, G. S. Volkov, A. I. Semenets
A comparative study of the Rice & Tracey and Rousselier models in the analysis of the ductile tearing. PDF
J. Wilsius, A. Imad, M. Nait Abdelaziz, G. Mesmacque, C. Eripret
Analog of deltac model for elasto-plastic piecewise-homogeneous plates and shells with cracks. PDF
R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn, R. A. Bodnar
A statistical model for coalescence of dispersed flaws. PDF
S. Ignatovich, F. F. Ninasivincha -Soto
Why and how the elastic response of an ideal crack is to be harmonized with that of an actual crack. PDF
V. P. Naumenko
Environmental aspects of the sustained-load cracking in a mill annealed titanium alloy. PDF
Y. N. Lenets, A. H. Rosenberger, T. Nicholas
Formation and characteristics of quasi-cleavage crack in hydrogen damaged low strength steel. PDF
Y. Nakatani, H. Matsuoka, K. Yamada
Thermocycling in hydrogen environment as simulation method of pipeline steam steel's damages. PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. Z. Student
Identification of corrosion-mechanical fracture mechanism of structural steels PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. T. Tsyrulnyk
Strain/strain-rate controlled and geometry/microstructure dependent dynamic material failure PDF
C. H. Nguyen
Influence of post weld heat treatment on the HAZ toughness of a C-Mn microalloyed steel PDF
V. L. O. Brito, H. J. C. Voorwald, N. Neves, L. F. G. Souza, J. M. A. Arneiro