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General Papers

000 Review of fatigue crack growth under non-proportional loading PDF
M. Vormwald, P. Zerres
015 Sn and Ti influence in bending cracks path in hot dip galvanizing coatings PDF
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, S. Natali, L. Zortea
051 A procedure for evaluating the crack propagation taking into account the material plastic behaviour PDF
A. Rossetti, P. Zerres, M. Vormwald
053 The effect of residual stresses on crack shape in polymer pipes PDF
P. Hutar, M. Ševcík, M. Zouhar, L. Náhlík, J. Kucera
124 NURBS-based geometric fracture growth representation PDF
A. Paluszny, R. W. Zimmerman, H. Unal, M. Elmas
128 Characteristics of Crack Interior Initiation and Early Growth Originated from Inclusion for Very-High-Cycle Fatigue of High Strength Steels PDF
Youshi Hong, Zhengqiang Lei, Chengqi Sun, Aiguo Zhao
143 Three-dimensional stress distributions ahead of sharply radiused V-notches in finite thick plates PDF
Michele Zappalorto, Paolo Lazzarin, Helen Tuch, Sergey Kobenko
145 Effect of Initial Geometric Misalignments of the Circular Notched Bar Specimen on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior PDF
I. Kim, Y.J. Zhao, B.-H. Choi, J. M. Lee
146 Determination of the cyclic plastic zone using ECCI-Technique PDF
Jürgen Bär, Volodymyr Hutsaylyuk, Elena Zasymchuk, Andriy Pylypenko
160 Towards a probabilistic concept of the Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram PDF
Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, Roberto Brighenti, Enrique Castillo, D.G. Pankratov, G. Gray, M. Zocher
164 Crack paths in a superalloy in aged condition PDF
F. Kuhn, F. Zeismann, A. Brückner-Foit, K. Kadau, P. Gravett