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General Papers

002 Crazing, Crack Paths and Plastic Shielding in Fatigue of Polycarbonate PDF
M. N. James, Y Lu, C. J. Christopher, E. A. Patterson
003 Under cyclic loading, plastic dissipation in heat at the crack tip modifies the stress intensity factor PDF
N. Ranc, T. Palin-Luc, P. C. Paris, N. Saintier
004 Near-threshold behavior of mode II and III fatigue cracks in ferritic and austenitic steel PDF
Jaroslav Pokluda
027 Fatigue cracking in bifurcation area of titanium alloy at 20 kHz PDF
A. Nikitin, A. Shanyavskiy, T. Palin-Luc, C. Bathias
032 Micro cracking of Ceramic and Carbon and Fibres Acoustic Emission in Channel-Die Compressed Mg-Li and Mg-Al Alloys Matrix Composites PDF
A. Pawelek, S. Kúdela, Z. Ranachowski, A Piatkowski, S. Kúdela
037 Fatigue Endurance and Crack Propagation on Polymeric Material Under Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing PDF
G.M. Dominguez Almaraz, Dmitriy Konovalov, Vladimir Peleshko
054 Correlation between road public usage and experimental fatigue curves on brazed heat exchanger PDF
Anne-Gaëlle Villemiane, Josselin Paturaud, David Delaux, Aurélien Buteri
055 Relationship between Charpy Impact Energy and Notch Tip Position in Functionally Graded Steels PDF
H. Samareh Salavati Pour, Y. Alizadeh, F. Berto, M. Abolghasemzadeh
064 Crack Propagation Calculations in Aircraft Engines by Coupled FEM-DBEM Approach PDF
R. Citarella, M. Lepore, C. Caliani, M. Perrella, J.M. Prado
Cracking of Nanofilm-based Devices for Electrochemical Energetics PDF
B. Bozzini, M. Boniardi, A. Gianoncelli, B. Kaulich, C. Mele, M. Prasciolu, G. Scarselli, M. Kiskinova
090 Infrared Study of Heat Dissipation under Fatigue Crack Propagation PDF
O. Plekhov, M. Bannikov, A. Terekhina, A. Fedorova
100 Paths of Shear-mode Cracks in Ferritic and Austenitic Steel PDF
T. Vojtek, J. Pokluda
103 Second-Order Deformation of the Front of a Mode I Crack Propagating in a Heterogeneous Material PDF
J.B. Leblond, L. Ponson, M. Vasoya, Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel
106 Enriched fracture mechanics from discrete elements method PDF
E. Morice, S. Pommier, A. Delaplace
107 In-situ observation of initiation and propagation of (short) microstructural crack growth using a rotating bending machine PDF
P. Huter, M. Wohlfahrt, C. Oberwinkler, Vladimir Pisarev
112 Effect of notch depth and notch root radius on the J-integral in the plates made of functionally graded steel PDF
H. Monajjem, H. Samareh Salavati Pour, Y. Alizadeh
114 Modelling Crack Propagation in AGR Graphite Bricks in Code_Aster Using the eXtended Finite Element Method PDF
P. Martinuzzi, L. Pellet
Optical and Infrared Vision Non-Destructive Techniques: Integration as a means for the Defects Detection on Impacted Composite Materials PDF
A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, M. Genest, D. Paoletti, S. Rott, E. Talmy, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, X. Maldague
124 NURBS-based geometric fracture growth representation PDF
A. Paluszny, R. W. Zimmerman, H. Unal, M. Elmas
146 Determination of the cyclic plastic zone using ECCI-Technique PDF
Jürgen Bär, Volodymyr Hutsaylyuk, Elena Zasymchuk, Andriy Pylypenko
153 X-FEM based modelling of complex mixed mode fatigue crack propagation PDF
Hans Minnebo, Simon André, Marc Duflot, Thomas Pardoen, Eric Wyart
156 On the crack path in a structure of non uniform stiffness PDF
M. Grasso, A. De Iorio, F. Penta, G.P. Pucillo
160 Towards a probabilistic concept of the Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram PDF
Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, Roberto Brighenti, Enrique Castillo, D.G. Pankratov, G. Gray, M. Zocher
u012 Growth of a Doubly Periodic Array of Fatigue Cracks in Anisotropic Elastic Medium PDF
V. Bozhydarnyk, H. Sulym, Ia. Pasternak
u013 Crack Propagation in a Composite Laminated Plate under Bending PDF
Viktor Bozhydarnyk, Vasyl Shvabyuk, Iaroslav Pasternak, Volodymyr Shvabyuk