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General Papers

A Comparison of Different Methods for Determination of Elastic-Plastic R-Curves PDF
H.-J. Kaiser
Current Aspects of Crack Growth Under Monotonic Loading PDF
D. A. Curry, J. F. Knott
Direct Observation at a Sharp Crack Tip Vicinity in Hydrogenerated Austenitic Stainless Steel PDF
Y. Katz, H. Mathias, S. Nadiv
Effect of Specimen Size on Fracture Toughness in the Ductile Brittle Transition Region of Steel PDF
D. Munz, H. P. Keller
Finite Element Method and its Application to Two- and Three- Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Fracture Toughness Specimens PDF
E. Keim, W. Schmitt
Fracture Toughness of Nitrogen Strengthened Austenitic Steels at 4K PDF
H. Krauth, A. Nyilas
J-Integral Measurements with Ceramic Materials at High Temperatures PDF
K. Kromp, R. F. Pabst
Methods for Predicting Residual Strength of Thin-Walled Components PDF
W. Geier, K. Heckel, M. Klehr
Some Experience in R-Curve Technique PDF
W. Oberparleiter, X.J. Kurth
The Effect of Secondary Hardening on the Fracture Toughness of a Bainitic Microstructure PDF
H. Kotilainen?
The Stress Intensity Factors for Griffith Crack(s) in an Orthotropic Strip in the Presence of Asymmetrical Body Forces PDF
P. S. Kushwaha