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General Papers

A Comparison of Different Methods for Determination of Elastic-Plastic R-Curves PDF
H.-J. Kaiser
A Comparison of Mode III and Mode I Toughness in Quenched and Tempered Steels PDF
N. J. Hurd, P. E. Irving
An Elastic-Plastic Crack Growth Analysis Using the J-Integral Concept PDF
J. K. Musuva, J. C. Radon
Correlation between Thickness and Crack Length as a Means of Achieving Plane Strain Conditions PDF
P. M. S. T. de Castro, J. Spurrier, P. Hancock
Crack Edge Instability - A Criterion for Safe Crack Propagation Limit in Thin Sheets PDF
B. K. Parida
Crack Initiation and Growth in Stainless Steel Tubes Under Thermal Shocks PDF
J. Bernard, L. Lamain, G. Verzeletti
Current Aspects of Crack Growth Under Monotonic Loading PDF
D. A. Curry, J. F. Knott
Determining the Defect Tolerance of Structures Failing by Ductile Crack Growth PDF
G. G. Chell, I. Milne
Direct Observation at a Sharp Crack Tip Vicinity in Hydrogenerated Austenitic Stainless Steel PDF
Y. Katz, H. Mathias, S. Nadiv
Effect of Specimen Size on Fracture Toughness in the Ductile Brittle Transition Region of Steel PDF
D. Munz, H. P. Keller
Evaluation of Defects in Welds for Brittle and Ductile Failure Modes PDF
R. Fleissig, A. Schopper, R. Steinbuch, R. Wellein
Evaluation of the J-Integral by Analytical and Finite Element Methods PDF
M. H. Bleackley, A. R. Luxmoore, J. Sump
Experimental and Theoretical Study of Cracks in Mixed Mode Conditions PDF
P. Jodin, G. Pluvinage, G. Loubignac, D. Serres
Experimental Investigations of the Path Independence of the J-Integral for Large Plastic Zones PDF
Th. Muller, D. Gross, D. Gross
Fatigue of Ti-6Al-4V with a Widmanstatten Microstructure PDF
R. Brown
Fatigue Studies of a High Strength Age Hardening Wrought Cu-Ni Alloy PDF
T. V. Duggan, C. Dimbylow, R. Jones
Finite Element Method and its Application to Two- and Three- Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Fracture Toughness Specimens PDF
E. Keim, W. Schmitt
Fracture Mechanics in the Elastic-Plastic Regime PDF
G. G. Chell
Fracture Toughness of Nitrogen Strengthened Austenitic Steels at 4K PDF
H. Krauth, A. Nyilas
Introduction to Session Nine: Thin Sheet Fracture Mechanics PDF
K.-H. Schwalbe
J-Integral Measurements with Ceramic Materials at High Temperatures PDF
K. Kromp, R. F. Pabst
Load Cycling of Cracked Plates in Tension PDF
C. M. Branco, J. Saldanha Peres
Methods for Predicting Residual Strength of Thin-Walled Components PDF
W. Geier, K. Heckel, M. Klehr
Microcracking in Cast Irons PDF
G. Zambelli
Micromechanisms of Fatigue Fracture PDF
B. I. Verkin, N. M. Grinberg
Micromechanisms of Subcritical Crack Growth of Partially- Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ) PDF
Li-shing Li, R. F. Pabst
R- Curves Evaluation for Centre Cracked Panels PDF
K.-H. Schwalbe, W. Setz
Resistance to Ductile Tearing of a Structural Steel in Three and Four Point Bending PDF
G. Green, A. A. Willoughby
Sizing of Spot Welds by Elastic/Plastic Analysis PDF
R. A. Smith
Some Experience in R-Curve Technique PDF
W. Oberparleiter, X.J. Kurth
Stable Growth of a Penny-Shaped Crack Subjected to Thermal Load PDF
M. P. Wnuk
The Crack Tip Opening Displacement of Semi-Elliptical Surface Cracks in Tensile Plates PDF
G. Prantl, M. Prodan
The Description of Shape Development of 2 Dimensional (Semi)-Elliptic Surface Defects Using a Maximum Compliance Increase Hypothesis for Defect Growth PDF
H. C. van Elst, J. W. Tichler
The Effect of Secondary Hardening on the Fracture Toughness of a Bainitic Microstructure PDF
H. Kotilainen?
The Effect of Triaxiality on Ductile-Cleavage Transitions in a Pressure Vessel Steel PDF
I. Milne, D. A. Curry
The Geometry Dependence and Significance of Maximum Load Toughness Values PDF
O. L. Towers, S. J. Garwood
The Influence of Fracture Mode Transition on the Compliance of Thin Section Fracture Specimens PDF
D. Rhodes, L. E. Culver, J. C. Radon
The Influence of Plastic Deformation on Crack Propagation in Sodium Chloride PDF
M. Breucker, R. Steinbrech
The Significance of Mode X Branch Cracks for Combined Mode Failure PDF
L. P. Pook
The Stress Intensity Factors for Griffith Crack(s) in an Orthotropic Strip in the Presence of Asymmetrical Body Forces PDF
P. S. Kushwaha
Three-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of V-Notched Bars and Biaxial Loaded Through- Cracked Panels PDF
H.-H. Erbe
Three-Dimensional Elasto-Plastic FEM Calculations of CT Specimens with Special View of Investigating the Influence of Specimen Thickness on Plastic Zone Size PDF
J. Redmer, W. Dahl
Two Dimensional Fe-calculations of Cracked X6CrNil8l1 Weldments Stretched Monotonically to Limit Load PDF
B. Ruttenauer
Use of the R-Curve for Design with Contained Yield PDF
C. E. Turner
Vacuum Effect on Fatigue Crack Propagation at Low Rate PDF
J. Petit, N. Ranganathan, J. de Fouquet
Fracture Mechanics in the Elastic-Plastic Regime
G. G. Chell