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General Papers

2D and 3D Simulation of Ductile Crack Propagation by Plastic Collapse of Micro-ligaments PDF
Geralf Hütter, Lutz Zybell, Uwe Mühlich, Meinhard Kuna
Acoustic and Magnetoacoustic Emission during Deformation of Steel PDF
Bohdan Klym, Valentin Skalsky, Roman Basarab, Sviatoslav Hirnyj
Analysis of the mesoscopic high cycle fatigue strength of FCC metals with polycrystalline plasticity and extreme value probability methods PDF
Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier, Camille Robert, Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel
Application of Magnetoacoustic Emission for Detection of Hydrogen Electrolytically Absorbed by Steel PDF
Yevhen Pochapskyy, Zinoviy Nazarchuk, Valentin Skalsky, Sviatoslav Hirnyj
Changes in the SSRT Plasticity Parameters of Low-Carbon Steel with Polarization Potential in Carbonate-Bicarbonate Solution PDF
Sviatoslav Hirnyj, Michael J. McNallan
Constraint analysis of Curved Wide Plate specimens PDF
Matthias Verstraete, Wim De Waele, Stijn Hertelé, Rudi Denys
Deformation and Fracture of Crosslinked Polystyrene particles PDF
Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang, H. Kristiansen
Dependence of microtextural orientation on applied fatigue loading in shot-peened aluminium PDF
David Asquith, Andrew Wilson, S. Hasan
Determination of Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range of Mode II Fatigue Crack Propagation with Improved Experimental Method PDF
Minjian Liu, Shigeru Hamada
Determination of opening mode stress intensity factor in edge cracked specimen by means of digital shearography PDF
Danial Ghahremani, Ali Gallehdari, Saeid Hadidi-Moud
Ductile Fracture of 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy PDF
Seyed Farhad Hosseini, Saeid Hadidimoud
Ductile to Brittle Transition in Magnesium Alloy with a Crack PDF
Toshiyuki Ishina, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
Effect of Hole Size on the Fracture of Graphene Nanomesh PDF
H. Y. Zhang, J.Y. Wu, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Effect of hydrogenating environment on crack growth and fractographic peculiarities of the RPV steel PDF
Myroslava Hredil, Oleksandra Student
Enhancement of local approach models for assessment of cleavage fracture considering micro mechanical aspects PDF
Volker Hardenacke, Jörg Hohe, Valérie Friedmann, Dieter Siegele
Evaluation of joint defects on FSW of Mg alloy using statistical method PDF
Takuya Kinoshita, K. Hayashi, Shigeru Hamada, I. Shigematsu, Hiroshi Noguchi
Evaluation of the fatigue strength of multiphase pump components under corrosive conditions using a short crack fracture mechanics approach PDF
Jochen Hoehbusch, Sebastian Bucher, Henning Haensel, Jan Scholten
Fatigue Behaviour of Al2618-Al203 and AlA359-SiC Metal Matrix Composites PDF
Dimitrios Myriounis, S. Hasan
Fracture kinetics of aluminum alloys sheets by taking into the account the pulsing load PDF
Mykola Chausov, Volodymyr Hutsaylyuk, Elena Zasymchuk, Andriy Pylypenko
Fracture of light alloys with structured surface layers under dynamic loadings PDF
Vladimir Skripnyak, Evgeniya Skripnyak, N.V. Skripnyak, L.W. Meyer, N Herzig
Mechanical behaviour and fracture analysis of the T91 martensitic steel in liquid sodium environment PDF
Ouadie Hamdane, Jean-Bernard Vogt, Ingrid Proriol Serre
Micromechanically motivated damage model for brittle materials under thermal shock PDF
Dimitri Henneberg, Andreas Ricoeur
On the modelling of slant fracture in metal sheet structures PDF
Ingo Scheider, Jörn Mosler, Norbert Huber
Phase-Field Modelling of Stress Corrosion PDF
Per Stahle, Eskil Hansen
Relation between fatigue crack initiation and structure in pearlitic steel PDF
Tomoya Fujisawa, D. Sasaki, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
Simulation of crack propagation using hybrid Trefftz method based on a strip-yield crack-tip plasticity model for automotive crash applications PDF
Karlheinz Kunter, Thomas Heubrandtner, Reinhard Pippan
Stress analysis around a through crack in a thin copper film using molecular dynamics PDF
Dan Johansson, Per Hansson, S. Melin
System MAE-1L for Magnetoacoustic Emission Diagnostics of Structural Materials PDF
Yevhen Pochapskyy, Sviatoslav Hirnyj, Bohdan Klym, Valentin Skalsky, Sergey Builo
The Effect of Electrolytically Absorbed Hydrogen on Young's Modulus of Structural Steel PDF
Sviatoslav Hirnyj, Valentin Skalsky
The Effect of Prestrain on Fatigue Property of Precipitation Strengthening Stainless Steel SUH660 PDF
Hao Wu, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
The standardized Brazilian disc test as a contact problem: Quantifying the friction at the disc-jaw interface PDF
Stavros Kourkoulis, Christos Markides, John Hemsley