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General Papers

Improvement of fatigue strength and fracture surface morphology of hard shotpeened type 316L steel. PDF
Y. Ochi, K. Masaki
Assessment of the period to fatigue macrocrack initiation near stress concentrators. PDF
O. P. Ostash, E. M. Kostyk
Fatigue strength and fatigue crack initiation of steel notched plates under cyclic and random loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, A. Ohta, N. Suzuki, Y. Maeda
Some aspects of small fatigue cracks under variable stress ratios. PDF
H. K. Kotoguchi, T. Wakasugi, H. Okamoto
Fatigue strength of ionnitrided steel at elevated temperature. PDF
A. Onuki, Y. Numazaki
High temperature fatigue crack growth behaviour of the UDIMET 720 Li alloy. PDF
G. Onofrio, V. Lupinc
Modeling of crack system formation in a ceramic disk under a thermoshock. PDF
R. V. Goldstein, N. M. Osipenko
Method for investigation of the longterm fracture and reliability of brittle materials. PDF
V. A. Osadchuk, A. M. Margolin, R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn
Transferability of planestress R-Curves: effects of specimen size and crack length. PDF
V. P. Naumenko, O. Kolednik, N. P. O'Dowd, G. S. Volkov, A. I. Semenets
Influence of metallurgical parameters on the fracture toughness of stainless steel welds. PDF
P. Ould, P. Balladon
Two and three-dimensional effects in the simulation of wide plate tests. PDF
I. C. Howard, Z. H. Li, D. P. G. Lidbury, A. M. Othman, R. Patel, A. H. Sherry, J. Simpson
Study on the process of intrusion formation using crystalline FEM analysis. PDF
N. Osawa, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto
Hydrogen assisted cracking of high-strength steels for civil engineering purposes. PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero
Corrosion fatigue at notches in high strength aluminium alloy PDF
E. M. Kostyk, O. P. Ostash, I. R. Makoviychuk, R. V. Chepil
Effect of specimen size and hydrogen exposure condition on KiH test PDF
N. Ohtsuka, Y. Shindo, H. Yamada
Effect of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a Ti-6Al-4V/SiC composite material PDF
F. Galvez, J. Rodriguez, P. Poza, J. Llorca, L. Ocafla, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes