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General Papers

Multiple cracking in thermal fatigue. PDF
A. Fissolo, B. Marini
Experimental statistical analysis of scatter in fatigue crack growth life under stationary random loading. PDF
B. Moreno, J. Zapatero, J. Domínguez
The stress intensity factor for small cracks at micronotches under torsion. PDF
S. Beretta, Y. Murakami
Crack branching and threshold conditions of small cracks in biaxial fatigue. PDF
Y. Murakami, K. Takahashi
A review of highcycle fatigue models under nonproportional loadings PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha
Fatigue limit of nodular cast iron containing casting defects. PDF
Y. Nadot, J. Mendez, N. Ranganathan, A. S. Beranger
Fatigue surface cracks in cast iron with nodular graphite. PDF
M. Schleicher, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Fatigue crack propagation in FeAl and TiAl alloys as influenced by environment and temperature. PDF
A. Tonneau, G. Henaff, C. Mabru, J. Petit
Thermal ageing and anisotropy effects on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of duplex stainless steels. PDF
A. Mateo, N. Ramirez, L. Llanes, Y. Houbaert, M. Anglada
Improvement of fatigue strength and fracture surface morphology of hard shotpeened type 316L steel. PDF
Y. Ochi, K. Masaki
Weight function method for determination of critical plane position under multiaxial loading. PDF
R. Brighenti, A. Carpinteri, E. Macha, A. Spagnoli
Effect of baseline loading on fatigue crack growth retardation due to an overload. PDF
X. Decoopman, A. imad, M. NaitAbdelaziz, G. Mesmacque
Fatigue strength and fatigue crack initiation of steel notched plates under cyclic and random loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, A. Ohta, N. Suzuki, Y. Maeda
Low cycle fatigue behaviour and lifetime prediction of a SiC particulate reinforced aluminium alloy at elevated temperatures. PDF
A. Jung, H. J. Maier, H.J. Christ
Creep fatigue crack growth of semielliptical defect in austenitic stainless steel plates. PDF
F. Curtit, L. Laiarinandrasana, B. Drubrav, B. Martelet
Fatigue crack initiation in a ferritic-martensitic steel under irradiated and unirradiated conditions. PDF
J. Bertsch, A. Moslang,, H. Riesch-Oppermann
Modelling of the strain rate effect on the lifetime of austenitic steels under 399 cyclic loading at the high temperatures. PDF
A. G. Gulenko, B. Z. Margolin
Creep-fatigue crack growth modelling based on local and global approaches for 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
L. Laiarinandrasana, R. Piques, J. P. Polvora, B. Martelet
Influence of temperature on fatigue microcracks kinetics in a titanium alloy. PDF
S. Mailly, J. Mendez
Modelling the fracture behaviour of CMCs. PDF
A. MartinMeizoso, J. M. MartinezEsnaola, M. R. Elizalde, I. Puente, M. Fuentes
Method for investigation of the longterm fracture and reliability of brittle materials. PDF
V. A. Osadchuk, A. M. Margolin, R. M. Kushnir, M. M. Nykolyshyn
Effect of temperature and strain rate on the interfacial sliding stress of a GCMC. PDF
I. Puente, M. R. Elizalde, J. M. Sánchez, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. M. Martinez-Esnaola
Investigations towards J-R curves independence of the specimen size PDF
A. Neimitz, R. Molasy
A local approach to cleavage fracture of A508 steel. PDF
A. Rossoll, C. Berdin, P. Forget, C. Prioul, B. Marini
Modelling of the ductile to brittle transition of a low alloy steel. PDF
S. Carassou, S. Renevey, B. Marini, A. Pineau
The effect of section size on the transition fracture toughness of a silicon killed CMn plate steel. PDF
R. H. Priest, R. Moskovic
Brittle fracture of duplex stainless steels. PDF
T. J. Marrow
Fracture study of human bones by optical methods. PDF
M. Konsta-Gdoutos, E. E. Gdouto, D. D. Raltopoulos, J. Meissner
The fracture resistance of bimaterial copper-stainless steel interfaces with three-point bend configuration. PDF
A. Laukkanen, P. KarjalainenRoikonen, P. Moilanen, S. Tahtinen
Ductile tearing of thin sheets: a comparison of three plane stress toughness characterisation parameters. PDF
A. Galarza, A. Martín Meizoso, J. M. Martínez Esnaola, J. Gil Sevillano
Probabilistic model for fracture toughness prediction. PDF
U. Z. Margolin, A. G. Gulenko, V. A. Shvetsova
A comparison of geometrical parameter and Gurson's model approaches to simulations of ductile fracture in pipelines. PDF
A. Corigliano, G. Maier, S. Mariani
The influence of defects on intergranular fracture in polycrystalline materials at low temperatures. PDF
P. E. J. Flewitt, G. E. Smith, R. Moskovic, A. G. Crocker
A comparative study of the Rice & Tracey and Rousselier models in the analysis of the ductile tearing. PDF
J. Wilsius, A. Imad, M. Nait Abdelaziz, G. Mesmacque, C. Eripret
A numerical method to simulate ductile crack growth. PDF
S. Marie, S. Chapuliot
Analysis of failure loadings at contact of anisotropic and isotropic half-planes with local surface recess-type flaws. PDF
A. A. Kryshtafovych, R. M. Martynyak, R. M. Shvets
Notches and kinked cracks in materials with general anisotropy. PDF
C. Blanco, J. M. MartinezEsnaola, C. Atkinson
Stress intensity factors for a semielliptical crack under various stress distribution. PDF
S. Pommier, C. Sakae, Y. Murakami
Study of ductile fracture of austenitic stainless steels by local approach. PDF
C. Geney, S. Degallaix-Moreuil, Y. Desplanques, T. Millot
FE-simulation of crack growth using damage parameter and cohesive surface concept. PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, O. Mintchev, S. Schmauder
Prediction of fatigue crack growth under complex loading with the software system FRANC/FAM. PDF
H. A. Richard, B. May, M. Schollmann
Competition between sensitisation and environmentally induced grain boundary damage in 304 stainless steel. PDF
K. Wolski, A. Harabasz, M. Biscondi, T. Magnin
Formation and characteristics of quasi-cleavage crack in hydrogen damaged low strength steel. PDF
Y. Nakatani, H. Matsuoka, K. Yamada
Corrosion fatigue at notches in high strength aluminium alloy PDF
E. M. Kostyk, O. P. Ostash, I. R. Makoviychuk, R. V. Chepil
Numerical simulations of hydrogen/dislocation interactions at a stress corrosion crack tip PDF
J.-Ph. Chateau, A. Paret, D. Delafosse, Th. Magnin
Modelling of the effect of irradiation on Charpy impact properties of steels PDF
R. Moskovic
Effect of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a Ti-6Al-4V/SiC composite material PDF
F. Galvez, J. Rodriguez, P. Poza, J. Llorca, L. Ocafla, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes
Modelling fracture in aluminium based metal matrix composites using a statistical approach PDF
K. M. Mussert, M. Janssen, A. Bakker, S. van der Zwaag
Effect of particle size on the fracture behaviour of aluminium hydroxide filled polypropylene PDF
J. I. Velasco, C. Morhain, M. LI. Maspoch, O. O. Santana
Study of the temperature effect on the matrix cracking in carbon/epoxy cross-ply laminates under cyclic loading PDF
N. Khemiri, L. Michel, F. Lachaud, E. Ramahefarison
The essential work of fracture of polyolefinic films PDF
M. LI. Maspoch, D. Ferrer, O. O. Santana, J. I. Velasco
Characterisation of fracture behaviour at low strain rate of PC/ ABS blends PDF
O. O. Santana, A. B. Martinez, J. I. Velasco, M. LI. Maspoch
Fracture behaviour of polypropylene copolymers - influence of interparticle distance and temperature PDF
W. Grellmann, G. H. Michler, S. Seidler, K. Jung, I. Kotter, M. Gahleitner, J. Fiebig
The scatter of strength in composite materials arising from their structural nonuniformity PDF
L. A. Golotina, V. V. Moshev
Loading rate dependence of fracture properties for engineering plastics PDF
Z. Major,, R. W. Lang
Experimental and numerical investigations on crack development in a concrete slab subjected to thermal shock PDF
V. Mechtcberine, H. S. Miiller