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General Papers

A review of highcycle fatigue models under nonproportional loadings PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha
Thermal ageing and anisotropy effects on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of duplex stainless steels. PDF
A. Mateo, N. Ramirez, L. Llanes, Y. Houbaert, M. Anglada
Crack propagation prediction of practical fatigue defects using a crack shape following technique. PDF
X. B. Lin, R. A. Smith
A high magnification Moiré interferometer for microstructural strain field analysis. PDF
F. A. La Porta, J. M. Huntley, T. E. Chung, R. Faulkner
High temperature mechanical testing: review and future directions. PDF
M. S. Loveday, R. P. Skelton
Low cycle fatigue strength of high temperature welded joints: an efficient method to predict the life of austenitic 316L(N) weldments. PDF
L. Le Ber, C. Sainte Catherine, N. Waeckel, M. Turbat
Creep fatigue crack growth of semielliptical defect in austenitic stainless steel plates. PDF
F. Curtit, L. Laiarinandrasana, B. Drubrav, B. Martelet
Creep behaviour of a Ti6A14V alloy in different heat treating conditions. PDF
F. J. Seco, F. Zapirain, F. Penalba, A. M. lrisarri
Modelling of microstructural creep damage in welded joints of 316 stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, V. Lezaud, R. Piques
High temperature fatigue crack growth behaviour of the UDIMET 720 Li alloy. PDF
G. Onofrio, V. Lupinc
Creep-fatigue crack growth modelling based on local and global approaches for 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
L. Laiarinandrasana, R. Piques, J. P. Polvora, B. Martelet
IDENT 1D Identification of material constitutive parameters. PDF
L. Le Ber, E. Champain, L. Nicolas, C. Sainte Catherine
Experimental setup for dynamic fracture of materials at high temperature. PDF
L. Guillaumat, F. Coilombet, J. L. Lataillade
Fracture resistance of YTZP materials: influence of microstructure. PDF
D. Casellas, L. Llanes,, M. Anglada
Development of Batdorfs approach for multiaxial fracture of ceramics. PDF
W.S. Lei, W. Dahl
Tests of full scale structural members for the verification of annex C, to Eurocode 32. PDF
B. Kalinowski, P. Langenberg, W. Dahl, G. Stotzel, N. Stranghoner, G. Sedlacek
The fracture resistance of bimaterial copper-stainless steel interfaces with three-point bend configuration. PDF
A. Laukkanen, P. KarjalainenRoikonen, P. Moilanen, S. Tahtinen
Kinetics of damage accumulation in a material at high strains. PDF
A. A. Lebedev, N. G. Chausov, I. O. Boginich
Numerical method for determination of the mixed mode crack behaviour 951 in elastic-plastic materials. PDF
J. Li, X. B. Zhang, N. Recho
Two and three-dimensional effects in the simulation of wide plate tests. PDF
I. C. Howard, Z. H. Li, D. P. G. Lidbury, A. M. Othman, R. Patel, A. H. Sherry, J. Simpson
Crack tip fields in coarse two phase materials under creep loading conditions. PDF
C. Broeckmann, O. Liisebrink
Numerical approach for the prediction of fatigue crack growth in microelectronics solder joints. PDF
K. Kaminishi, M. lino, M. Taneda
Environmental aspects of the sustained-load cracking in a mill annealed titanium alloy. PDF
Y. N. Lenets, A. H. Rosenberger, T. Nicholas
Electrochemical approach to the development of a simulating physiological environment for strength evaluation of hard tissue replacement materials PDF
B. J. Lee, J. Komotori, M. Shimizu
Instrumented impact testing of sub-size Charpy-V notch specimens: final results of the ESIS TC5 round-robin PDF
E. Lucon
Dynamic fracture mechanics testing of the HSLA steel PDF
Z. Radakovic, G. B. Lenkey, A. Sedmak
The “Small Punch” technique for evaluating quasi non-destructively the mechanical properties of steels PDF
V. Bicego, E. Lucon, C. Sampietri
Acoustic emissions in epoxy adhesive dynamic peel specimens containing interfacial layers PDF
H. Taylor, W. C. Law, J. P. E. Pyykko, D. L. Chadwick, R. E. Davis
Effect of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a Ti-6Al-4V/SiC composite material PDF
F. Galvez, J. Rodriguez, P. Poza, J. Llorca, L. Ocafla, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes
Effect of loading rate on the fracture mechanics characteristics of E420-C high strength steel PDF
G. B. Lenkey
Study of the temperature effect on the matrix cracking in carbon/epoxy cross-ply laminates under cyclic loading PDF
N. Khemiri, L. Michel, F. Lachaud, E. Ramahefarison
Thermofluctuational approach to fracture of filled elastomers PDF
A. L. Svistkov, L. A. Komar, S. N. Lebedev
A general micromechanical approach to the study of the near-surface buckling in fibrous composites PDF
Yu. N. Lapusta
Slow crack growth in a MDPE: mechanical behaviour and long term creep failure predictions PDF
H. Ben Hadj Hamouda, R. Piques, N. Billon, L. Laiarinandrasana, P. Blouet
Loading rate dependence of fracture properties for engineering plastics PDF
Z. Major,, R. W. Lang