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General Papers

An overview of failure mechanisms in creep PDF
G. W. Greenwood
Effect of a small blind hole on the fatigue strength of heattreated steel plain specimens in NACL solution. PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, N. Kawagoishi
Prediction of the evaluation of semielliptical defect shape during crack propagation. PDF
T. Boukharouba, K. Azouaoui, J. Gilgert, G. Pluvinage
Fatigue strength of material at the weld toe in the presence of surface microdefects. PDF
V. Gliha
Modelling the effect of micropores on the fatigue life of AA7050 aluminium alloy thick plates. PDF
J. C. Ehrstrôm, D. Roy,, M. Garghouri, R. Fougères
Modelling of the strain rate effect on the lifetime of austenitic steels under 399 cyclic loading at the high temperatures. PDF
A. G. Gulenko, B. Z. Margolin
The influence of service and manufacturing defects on cyclic life of gas turbine engine blades. PDF
B. A. Gryaznov, Yu. S. Nalimov, G. V. Tsyban'ov
Low cycle fatigue of platinum aluminide coated MARM002 nickelbase superalloy in a sulphidizing atmosphere at 870°C. PDF
G. Govender, E. Aghion, N. Comins
Experimental setup for dynamic fracture of materials at high temperature. PDF
L. Guillaumat, F. Coilombet, J. L. Lataillade
Point contact fatigue in polycrystalline alumina. PDF
J L. Henshall, M.O. Guillou, R. M. Hooper
Subcritical crack growth in three engineering ceramics under biaxial conditions. PDF
L. Guerra Rosa, J. Cruz Fernandes, I. Alexandrine Duarte
Modeling of crack system formation in a ceramic disk under a thermoshock. PDF
R. V. Goldstein, N. M. Osipenko
Determination of the float glass fracture toughness with notched specimen, microstatistical approach. PDF
H. Gouair, Z. Azari, A. Kifani, G. Pluvinage
Contribution to the development of a J estimation scheme for circumferential throughwall cracks in pipes. PDF
Ph. Gilles
Damage kinetics in ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron. PDF
C. Guillemer-Neel,, X. Feaugas, V. Bobet, M. Clavel
Fracture study of human bones by optical methods. PDF
M. Konsta-Gdoutos, E. E. Gdouto, D. D. Raltopoulos, J. Meissner
A mechanism of 3-D crack growth and splitting in biaxial compression. PDF
E. Sahouryeh, A. V. Dyskin, L. N. Germanovich
Ductile tearing of thin sheets: a comparison of three plane stress toughness characterisation parameters. PDF
A. Galarza, A. Martín Meizoso, J. M. Martínez Esnaola, J. Gil Sevillano
Probabilistic model for fracture toughness prediction. PDF
U. Z. Margolin, A. G. Gulenko, V. A. Shvetsova
Crack behaviour analysis in the heat affected zone of microalloyed steels. PDF
K. Geric, S. Sedmak
A numerical model to analyze the effect of hydrogen on ductile fracture behaviour. PDF
M. A. Astiz, J. A. Alvarez, F. Guttierrez-Solana
Study of ductile fracture of austenitic stainless steels by local approach. PDF
C. Geney, S. Degallaix-Moreuil, Y. Desplanques, T. Millot
Fish eye formation in A508.3 and 18MND5 steels after hydrogen charging PDF
J. Sojka, M. Sozanska, J. Galland, L. Hyspecka, M. Tvrdy
Effect of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a Ti-6Al-4V/SiC composite material PDF
F. Galvez, J. Rodriguez, P. Poza, J. Llorca, L. Ocafla, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes
Experimental study of the dynamics of rapid crack propagation in plastic pipes PDF
S. Hillmansen, C. J. Greenshields, A. Ivankovic
Fracture behaviour of polypropylene copolymers - influence of interparticle distance and temperature PDF
W. Grellmann, G. H. Michler, S. Seidler, K. Jung, I. Kotter, M. Gahleitner, J. Fiebig
On two approaches to compressive fracture problems PDF
I. A. Guz
The scatter of strength in composite materials arising from their structural nonuniformity PDF
L. A. Golotina, V. V. Moshev
Damage modeling of refractory concrete under thermal solicitations PDF
C. Andrieux, P. Boisse, Y. Dutheillet, V. Gabis, A. Gasser
Damage process analysis in concrete under compression PDF
M. Pavisic, K. Geric