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General Papers

005 Small Crack Propagation in Multiaxial Notch Fatigue PDF
K. Tanaka
036 Effect of Pre-stressing on the Growth Direction of Surface Cracks in Ultrafine Grained Copper PDF
K. Kamil, M. Goto, S. Z. Han, K. Euh, T. Yakushiji, Y. Tatsukawa
050 Direction of the Maximum Variance of the Resolved Shear Stress and Orientation of Stage I Crack Paths PDF
L. Susmel, R. Tovo, Yuebibg Li, Zengliang Gao
056 Modelling of Crack Path Evolution in Round Bars under Cyclic Tension and Bending PDF
J. Toribio, J. C. Matos, B. González, J. Escuadra
057 Role of Pearlitic and Spheroiditic Microstructure in FatigueCrack Paths PDF
J. Toribio, B. González, J. C. Matos, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
058 Analysis of Failure Paths in Steel Bolted Connections PDF
J. Toribio, B. González, J. C. Matos, F. J. Ayaso
Experimental investigation of fatigue crack propagation in 2xxx aluminum alloy with local yield strength gradient at the crack path PDF
A. Tzamtzis, A.T. Kermanidis
086 Fatigue Crack Growth Path of 2324-T39 Aluminium Alloy under Constant-Amplitude and Spectrum Tension Loading PDF
BAO Rui, ZHANG Ting, FEI Binjun
090 Infrared Study of Heat Dissipation under Fatigue Crack Propagation PDF
O. Plekhov, M. Bannikov, A. Terekhina, A. Fedorova
Optical and Infrared Vision Non-Destructive Techniques: Integration as a means for the Defects Detection on Impacted Composite Materials PDF
A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, M. Genest, D. Paoletti, S. Rott, E. Talmy, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, X. Maldague
141 Numerical Stability of Plane Crack Paths under Mode I Loading Conditions PDF
Rayk Thumser
143 Three-dimensional stress distributions ahead of sharply radiused V-notches in finite thick plates PDF
Michele Zappalorto, Paolo Lazzarin, Helen Tuch, Sergey Kobenko
158 Crack Growth Evolution from a Notch PDF
C. Navarro, J. Vázquez and J. Domínguez, O.V. Tkachyov, A.K. Yakunin
167 Low cycle fatigue of pseudoelastic NiTi alloys PDF
C. Maletta, E. Sgambitterra, F. Furgiuele, R. Casati, A. Tuissi