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General Papers

002 Crazing, Crack Paths and Plastic Shielding in Fatigue of Polycarbonate PDF
M. N. James, Y Lu, C. J. Christopher, E. A. Patterson
038 On Coupled Fracture Modes and Three-Dimensional Fracture Mechanics PDF
A. Kotousov, P. Lazzarin
042 Brittle Failure of Inclined Key-hole Notches in Isostatic Graphite under in-Plane Mixed Mode Loading PDF
P. Lazzarin, F. Berto, M.R. Ayatollahi, Petr Belov, L. Kobetz
046 Fatigue crack nucleation at a stress concentration point PDF
D. Leguillon, S. Murer, Yeau-Ren Jeng
050 Direction of the Maximum Variance of the Resolved Shear Stress and Orientation of Stage I Crack Paths PDF
L. Susmel, R. Tovo, Yuebibg Li, Zengliang Gao
064 Crack Propagation Calculations in Aircraft Engines by Coupled FEM-DBEM Approach PDF
R. Citarella, M. Lepore, C. Caliani, M. Perrella, J.M. Prado
066 Validation of the numerical stress intensity factor calculation of surface cracks using crack propagation experiments PDF
J. Lebahn, H. Heyer, M. Sander
081 Mode-II and Mode-III Effects of Cyclic Crack Propagation in Specimens PDF
G. Dhondt, M. Schrade, Xin-Hai Li, Lars Östergren, Sten Johansson, Sören Sjöström
099 Fatigue crack initiation and early crack propagation in ultrafine-grained copper in high-cycle fatigue region PDF
L. Kunz1, P. Lukáš, L. Navrátilová
103 Second-Order Deformation of the Front of a Mode I Crack Propagating in a Heterogeneous Material PDF
J.B. Leblond, L. Ponson, M. Vasoya, Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel
109 Fatigue Crack Path Evaluation on Two Different Micro-Structures HC and BCC Under Multiaxial Loading PDF
L. Reis, V. Anes, B. Li, M. Freitas
111 Recent developments in textural fractography of fatigue fractures PDF
H. Lauschmann, Z. Sekerešová, F. Šiška, Yury Matvienko, Taoufik Boukharouba
119 Microstructure and Loading Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Paths in Engineering Alloys PDF
Anastasios G. Gavras, Diana A. Lados, A.V. Mukhortova
128 Characteristics of Crack Interior Initiation and Early Growth Originated from Inclusion for Very-High-Cycle Fatigue of High Strength Steels PDF
Youshi Hong, Zhengqiang Lei, Chengqi Sun, Aiguo Zhao
135 Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Heterogeneous Material PDF
Masanori Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Wada, Kazuhiro Suga, Yulong Li, Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
143 Three-dimensional stress distributions ahead of sharply radiused V-notches in finite thick plates PDF
Michele Zappalorto, Paolo Lazzarin, Helen Tuch, Sergey Kobenko
145 Effect of Initial Geometric Misalignments of the Circular Notched Bar Specimen on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior PDF
I. Kim, Y.J. Zhao, B.-H. Choi, J. M. Lee
u152 Effect of Temperature and Microstructure on Hot Ductility Properties of a Boron Steel PDF
A. Dimatteo, G. Lovicu, M. DeSanctis, R. Valentini