Digital Repository, CP2012

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Experimental investigation of fatigue crack propagation in 2xxx aluminum alloy with local yield strength gradient at the crack path
A. Tzamtzis, A.T. Kermanidis

Last modified: 2013-03-06



The effect of controlled overaging on fatigue crack propagation (Stage II) of clad aluminum alloy 2024-T3 was studied experimentally. Two types of heat treatment were utilized resulting a) in local uniform reduction of yield strength and b) in local yield strength gradient at the crack path. Precracked specimens were subjected to cyclic loading to assess the influence of the induced yield strength profile at the crack path due to overaging on fatigue crack propagation. The crack propagation behavior was compared with crack growth data resulting from reference T3 material. The experimental results have shown that uniform strength reduction enhances the fatigue crack propagation at intermediate ΔΚ values compared to the reference material. On the contrary, in material with yield strength profile in the form of gradient, crack growth rates were slightly higher with respect to the reference material behavior. The experimental analysis performed presents useful experimental data of material damage tolerance behavior under cyclic loading at structural regions with local variations of yield strength.

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